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Remembrance day honors first-responders

Forest Park Fire Chief Alfie Jones talks to students Dieynaba Gassama, center, and Kimya West at the reception. THANKS TO TERESA CLEARY

Dave Clark, social studies teacher at Winton Woods Middle School, said recently that he is “stubbornly awakening to the reality that my students now are too young to remember the events of Sept. 11, 2001.” On that day, many in his classroom were only 1-yearold. To help his students understand the day’s impact, Clark and his fellow humanities teachers – Kathleen Barger, Lisa Giblin and Janna Frank – held the school’s first “Sept. 11 Day of Service and Remembrance” to honor the police, fire fighters and first responders in the communities that serve the Winton Woods district: Greenhills, Forest Park and Springfield Township. “The national Sept. 11 program espouses telling people thanks and performing good deeds to honor those we lost that day,” Clark said. “One part of our thank-you is Operation Goody Bag, where students decorate and fill goody bags for first responders, police, fire fighters, and members of the armed forces.” Clark said the students prepared around 150 bags that were filled with notes of thanks, poems, artwork, candy and snacks. At the reception, Winton Woods Middle School Principal Doug Sanker told those attending, “We wanted to honor the work you do every day on our behalf. We know it’s critical to our safety and the safety of our communities.” Barger said it was good for the students to be able to put a face with a job. “What you do is important every day,” she said. Clark said the students were excited for the opportunity to express their thanks to some local heroes. “I hope this is something we can continue and grow in years to come,” he added.

Kyla Lett shows off the bag she made for Operation Goody Bag. THANKS TO TERESA CLEARY

Shown at Winton Woods Middle School’s Day of Remembrance reception are, from left, Rose Baez, Greenhills Patrol Officer Andy Moore, Greenhills Police Chief Neil Ferdelman and Payton Mack. THANKS TO TERESA CLEARY

Principal Doug Sanker welcomes guests from Greenhills, Forest Park and Springfield Township to the school’s Sept. 11 Day of Remembrance. Standing with him is Taryn Phillips-Smith, who sang “The Star Spangled Banner.”THANKS TO TERESA CLEARY

Winton Woods student Jaylen Thompson thanks Greenhills first-responders Tim Gory and Lauren Geisen for their help and service to the community. Seen in the background are Greenhills Police Chief Neil Ferdelman and Forest Park Fire Chief Alfie Jones. THANKS TO TERESA CLEARY

Tatiana Quinto carries a box of goody bags for Greenhills Police Chief Neil Ferdelman to share back at the station. THANKS TO TERESA CLEARY

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