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Stamp-.,lI" e I(ills II Persons At Coliseum Rock Concert Eleven people were killed' and eight At a pres:! conterence at otB trlc~ lor the concert, adding those figures fOU I' hours belore the gates we re canceling th e concert because he Several d led within ,bwoor three serlOU1dy Injured at .Rlverlront ColI - One poUce headquarters, Lt, Dale would bave to come from Coliseum opened, The Coliseum holds 16,000 thought the problem was Inside as m inutes, The whole o~currence tAok a human Menkhaus said two few doors were orrklals, "We wer,;!,l)'t over capacity lor concert events. Beu m Monday nl well !l.3 outside the coliseum; how - no more than Ml minutes. It's a:J:eal slamj)1!de thrOll ' iVa doors opened too late 1;0 handle the sellout or anything like tHat," said Shoner, "The crowd must have jammed e'Vcr. he dec ided against that when 'lad way,to go., belore the .ta.t1iWho rock . crowd, Coliseum ortlcJals would not the people up so tightly In lront thlj.t he learned the problem was outside, group con ~ert, Concertgoen Inside apparently POLICE OFFJCEKWalt,er Bruce. "We needed to get the dOors open comment on which doors were they just passed out. They dl<!n't The 'Hamllto opehed arid when, even lall down, They must have we re unaware 01 t he tragedy that who was ,'ali ti'ui' COliseu m, said the much e!l-rll"r," Menkhaua sa id, oHlc!Wlald the d The concert ptomoters. Electric jammed up so tight that they didn't had unfolded jUllt ol.ltslde the main vlctlms "were proQably stepped ,on gates . where the entrance ,,!,as and lell down; people just lell dO~ , male..~r and rour feIfi Il. A coroner'3 n,,"v SCflUEJlMAN, an usher at P'actory Concert3. based In Phila- get a,i Ya ir an!l just died, strewn wILh br ok,e!) gia s s , hats, 1 don't i!,now It they had been moved BpQkesma. n 3llld the agel< 01 the vlc - the main gate, '!1'ld the trou ble ap- de lphia , declined comment. A glove&, coats an4:beer cans, t in", ranged Tto.m 18 to the early pea red to start wb,~n bomeone threw 8pokuman rot' The Who said the CI~IN NATI SAFETY Director rrPu:t ,wlle!'ll, ,t hey lell. but most were T h e door s" are located on the a W'ay Iroriflthe door," 208, a bolU, at the il'lI.te and, broke the group hu II. booking In Burtalo Richard CasteUlnl, who responded A learn or clergYlTJen a,pcompa- tlqor's gla..~s, ." ~; " today, to , the COliseum,' said "apparently we s t Side of til e coliseum on th e flied"" oJ vlcUms thl'Olljlh the "The kids kept bre,ak~ll,g th.e gate Police Olflcer Dave Grawe said 'tl1l!re was such a.'large swell in the plata leveL Bruce said he saw several oodles" Ham il ton County morgue late Mon - - , !Tlore and more,.t Just coul(ln 't stop th e rUsh occurred between 7:30-8 , crowd' that there were some young , , A wltneSJ!, lsy D' Agostino, a Day- He sal d the bodies were prObably day night. [dentILy or the victim. them. They rushe<i the gaUl." ,-' p,m, Seats a.t the concert were both people who got caught up In 'th~ ton. Ohio, nurse, aald: "For some odd lound only arter the crowd passed W!UI to be role;!.8cd wmctlme todliy, M iLrk ShoneI', general manager reserved and open, pQllce and eon- swell and were suffocated or got reason peop le we r e compressed over them, completely (near the colise um ' The total" Du mbe r, Injured had 01 Cincinnati Tlcketton, woUld not ce r~goers Sa id, The qrOwclbea:an trample!!," !..L<W'-"':.l: LU.U'\:l<H!H!.l~ 1'!:!:L'1'2!'E¥ dl8Clolll! how many tickets were sold growing at3 p.m" pQllce sa!(l.:'~~arlY , ·'" \' Caatelllni ,said, he considered 'doors), Some made It. some didn't, ' (Continued ott''''ge .1\·2)

Taesday BIC.4,1978 Mostly sunny with the high t.w.tween45 and 50 and !ow tonight of about 3(}, Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday ,wl til a high Wedneway hi the middle or upper 50s, Chance ot precipitation today and tonlgM near U, Weather'map and details on Page A-8,

silile Notice how many. wysrun on , electricity nowadays, took lor the biggest bro'wnout 01 the year on Chrllitmu morning,

metra, Delay;,are 8oug,ht tor Beverly, Hills Supper CJuJ~J lre trial as Juror. are Seated, "Page V-5, It's a chee,~ul',urIi 'to books and study as Clnclnnat\1!cnools reopen, Page D-4-5,

Overdue,paychecks are prom ised Norwood empioyees today but without some prolnlsed benefits, Page D-2,

natian The t'TC charges cigarette Indust ry advertisements are undermining the effect of health warh1ngs on cigarette packages, Page A-II.

business Generat Electrlc'and rival Pratt & Whitney bid to llIl f'rench alrcralt engine contracts, Page C oB, »

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But Others Didn"t Care "Tragic" and "unbelievable" were among the adjectives used by some to describe the deaths 01 11 concertgoers killed at nlverlront Coliseum Monday night, - Others Interviewed during and after the concert appeared'o'ln,concerned, "People c011'llln't care, l ess," lamented Peggy Mathlew. 'i:t; of N.orwood, who was In line when ,\he massive crowd 01 tly attempted to break through a plazalevel col1Seum door. _ _ _ ~.. ,___ _ . - ':'There were 'broken OOttles all ' over the place," Mathlew 'Sald, "People w'e re kicking and shoving, They would rather see The Who than help someone who's dying, "They'd better not have another concert there ," Mathlew said, , CRIAG DeSAT,NICK, 22. Columbus,Ohlo, Said', "I don~t t h!nk many people.l,<now what happened," .',- " '.- ..... ' Persons leaving the concert at about 10 p,m:'Monday appeared apathetic vihen-talQ:oJ

• Who is T:hEf:w.t\o., pa-ge 0-1,

• Doors closed too long, Page 0·1. • Coliseum' s tiistory of concert

trouqles, Page'0-6.

lying on the- iiound, No one-did anything, No one cared:n -.:: ~-. .- :~~--:---~,.:.:.~. - .. ';.. --:.::-.;::-:.::::::::-~~ ..HTher~ was a_dead body lyingoil;the table with guts hang!~Lbll.t,'~ .~al<L:!!.!l other ma n who left the concert, "It was-gmss:'" As, ttiedoor burst and the crowd , surged through the coliseum: gates J;owarcLth'ecturnstIles, Michael and Barpa.ra Stre1!::oLWalnut HHlswere separated: , .O' "The crowd over on the other side seemed wilder," Barbara., 29, recalled:-" l-cu-u'i'd';see them cltmblng over 'g ates or :somethlng, There were kids 'up and over everything, t ll,,- n ..dea.ths.-.Otller~ocXC!uSed~blille·l/ -:T bere ..w!l8-a iot{)f-screa,n:tlng . and>yeUlng,';~. __ news. - ' -When' Ba.tbar_a5eacbed_tbe_tT,jtn~ll!~dl!e ., Many uninjured conc'ertgoers blamed, the . lone Of!\cer' be~'Sl!Outlng:"BaCl(' UP;eVei'Y ­ <IeiilJis and r(f"I'''drcTOW1lon--tlll!'~:n= body back up," s e said , HI trled'.to back :,up a dmission seatlhg (.In addition to reserved but most of thepeopliHrept'ptis'liIi'if;''T'C-''seating); In wh'lch fans must.. Vle-10f ,the best . FINALLY; THE St'teUS',2152Alpine;PIace, seats,-.- _ _ ",~:",~ reaChedeachotl1el''lrfi'FkleQ:t(netreat :~We .•, "We were al\ squlshed'," DeSatn1ck ,sald'ln .could see: bodies;' at-Ie:ast four-ot1;heni!on' the gescl'iQ~.n~~ro~~altjni)!:!!m~t()ILto

tIfe, COhOCrt, .. \Ite.....wel'lljJTItcttcatly -'t:ji.l1irtg



-- .

~I:Ybody wanl:J>;;-th·.get.~}r-l'h'ey~ were

geW.m;.L,OwdY":"sg}!l Jim

Camd-en,_16 , C()IJlmbusT ,=ho-w,as -~tarldlng withJ!.1r1elld_whe!l..Ui.~ D1~llJ~~g ";c,~v .. -'---Ca:m48l1,'SlttiRg,.~IS-.:In



Dea_th~_ _~Shocked~Some.,

foom at Gen~mLH{)splj;al" onJ1Is,kleIfd,..,temem :th b€'gatl' shlftlng-. lorwa - 0..." a ttempt.t;o.break dow.

~c"f ,: , , -



"!l~~~~k~?:f::an"iEWefe$Y~ irrg-them-mouth~W-ni-outll"t~scltat!on ,

try to revlve'them," ',O'__


.. _


-l'e,S&~aeat4lGkets,anc1.,.ge~""to'Jl!a;v~ ",, :: _

: r

e k1ds came running by with this t!:l~Ka;i:ms,. We ,saw ,ano.thel'.one, Qn


ey, a s s Irt,ott;:tl'-yln.g.cto:.brJng,


~: A-2


1:":I~~, ...,_R_I_T_Ue_:S~~a_Y_._De_C_.'4_,_·1..:.?__1fJ;...._ _ _~_ _ _ _~_ _ _ _ __

A-t L'east I J Killed At Concert « 'ontinued from Page A·I.)

Vi ctims we r e taken ·1)cj General, Mercy. Deaconess and. Goo(i Samarl tan Hospitals. Three 01 those Injured aj:1d listed In

f air c fJll(llt.lon

at . GQQ<l~S.amarl.tan ·

!,osplta r were Identified as :Todd VOlkman . 18 . Quallwood, Loveland; Diane Cubert. 20. 38~ Lory Dr" Erl,ftnger , Ky.; and Shawna Abbott, 20. 6584 Newbrldge. While Oa k. The Injured taken to Cnrlst Hosltal wer e William Taylor, Hamilton . Ohio, multiple a b rasions: Terry Thomas, Cen· !~"vJlJe. OhiO. Injured left f oot, and T l mot,hy Ileal. Columbus, Injured right h aneL

Treater] at General Hospital' were


~_ __

- . _ " : " '_ _ __

at a conc,ert In the coliSeum In Decembe(of 1975. . '

WITNESSES SAm that only one doo'r . John 'watts and Shane Renkel, both of ' at the main gate was opened'shortly beDayton. Ohio, and Cathy Calhoun, Clnfor~ the concert, a nd the crOWd, estl~ clnnatl. ' ." " mated in the thousands;nfshed for'- ' Dr; Alexander,emergency ward . r06m Ge.neml , Sai(l the vlC One concertgoer, John Limon, 35" Urns died of multiple contusions a n d FairbOrn, Ohio, said: "Why did they open hemorrhages. He said there Was "some ope door at a ·tlme when .thete were evidence of' tootprlnt- lIl1;e Injuries."· t housands ot people'out there?·, . lJlstrlct One police , meanwhile, Cindy Sash, 25, Kettering, said the • sough t \A) dlsco u rag~, worried parents concert was overSOld. "If you look at It, from going to ,the ctlUseum. "The re's you can see there'were more tickets sold nothing you can," one officer was ' than there were seats available." 1¥ oV(~rheard I.elllng a parent. "Just walt up Sash said she was In the crowd when ,,' ahd see If they come home. That's all it rushed t he main gate. Sl'le'sald she you can [10," . was knocked down ... It I hadn't been One of the callers Inclilded a pollee pulled up I would have been kUled , too." sergeantscekingtolr~arnlfllisdaughter 'B ut Glenn Rose, an usher, said: wer.e safe. ' "They aJwllYs,crash the gates. ThIs con The Who last appeared In Cincinnati cer!. I~n·t any different that1 any other." ."~_ _ ____ '"

___ ___ ---.: ______,

,_ _ _ --'1_ _ _ _' -


The Who's Violence Always Kept To Stage S.lnce the beginning ot,. their popularity, The ,Who' have been no strangers to vloiel).cei' liut until Monday In Clncltmatl the destruct ion had remained 'on the stage, part of the show. The 'bat\d cI!,me Into being In 1963, cut Its IIrst albumin 1005 and tu ned Into bona flde mega-stars In 1008 with the release "Tommy," the IIrst recorded rock opera. Since '68, the band has been among rock and roll 's royalt y. Originally, the band was Peter Townshend , Roger Daltrey, John Entwhlstle and Keith Moon. Moon died In September, 19'18, of causes related to drug abuse; his place WlUl \.!/.ken by drufnmer Jimmy Wlil lams. From the...v:ery beginning, The Who was neveMnown for Its re- . stralnt: Moon, tile drummer, tradl-: tlonally ended every lIhotv by kickIng his drums the rlaer and stomping them Into oblivion; lead guitarist Townshend never failed to end a concert without the complete destr\lctl on -of his guitar and ortert of the amps flanking the stage; lead s inger Roger Daltrey, primping and prancing In the finest Mlck Jagger style, wus slightly tamer- he Just twirled the m1kc around his head IUid dapgeroualy c10Be 1.0 nearly everyone "tse; IJu8slst Entwhlstle Just watched UIC, destruction. ap.d smirked' as I'he hank3 of <Jlect rlcal equipment went up In a flurry'of

Enquirer Phot O's




WHILE A General Hospital emergency room staffer checks unsuccessfully for ' signs of life in two victims of the Riverfr ont Coliseum stampede Monday night, the sell-out

. crowdinside the arena... r eaches In ecstacy for The Who.


nUT rr has Illwaynheen tl).e sound which has attracted the crowds.


It's a trnmendously large sound,: . More than one sclentist, In fac t, has measured til e soundslcvels at abbve t.he puln threshold. R ock ' n ' roll veterulllrgenerally agree that this Is the loudest of all hands, , But audiences love them, The band has never had a problem seUlng f(!cords or filling seats - wltnt;!!IS tile pile ked arenas I,he group ha's played In tor the lust to years, and the speed with which the tickets have·sold. .r . The Wh o, however, has drawn mixed reviews. f:;nquJI'er reviewer Clift Rade I nald , [ollowlng a J 915 performance at RI verfron t Coliseum, t ha t, the group attracted a dlscourwous crowd thllt booed tile preliminary acts. • Hadel sa id the crowd's ecstasy with the appearance Of the Who made t he Coliseum buzz " like a massi ve beehive." In B'ebruary, 1976, New YOI'·k 1'lmes writer John' Rockwell noted that while the HollIng S tones are tar bett er known by the general public , th e Wh o "Is largely regarded as one ot til e finest bands - If not the finest ban d - In the world " by young people and rock devotees.

TIlE WHO'S music has been a mainstay In the very transien t . 'World of rock, 'n ' roll, theIr a lbum , " My Generation," beIng considered a rock classic. ' T he group Is featured In. a 105m i nu t e movie biography of Itself enti tled, "The Kids Are Alrig h t ." . Radel described It la8t Nov. 23 as a melange ot film clIps tracing T he Wh o's h istory. "Anyone who would waste 80 much time and mon ey on a venture li ke this has on l y o ne thoug h t In mind," Radel wr ote , "torture."

.Rade l qu o t e s the gr o up ' s co rllp os er - gultar l st.Pete TO w-n -.' s h end as telling an In terviewer, "Our group h asn 't got any quali ty," The lates t Wh o concer t at th e Collseum Was a sellout 1'h h ou rs. after ticke ts went on sale last Sept, 28.

Coliseum Kept·Doors Closed Too Long~ Pulice-QfficerSays BY STEVEN R9SEN.E nquirer Reporter

Cincinna ti Police L t.' Dal e Men khaus came close to laying b l ~me for M oriday n ig ht's Riverfront ColISelmLt.l:a@Q,y._at.~a.)q;3!tp.m . press COn ference at DIstrict I. Som eone,wa lted tou'tong-to open the doo r s for t he sell-out crOWd, sa id Me nkhaus, who heads the 25officer coliseum detail, said, He did not say who m ad,e the d,e clslon . And Mayor J, Kenneth Blackwell told · ~eatlng policy Insured a "disorderly r\!M1~_tor.l!ho lce seats. , Blackwell, In hIs t/itrd'da y as the

'CIty':; youiige".t:lIraS!l:I=atd::--~-:-

"You have youngster.s-a nxlou.s-to. get choice seats," he said , "$omeJu:e..


at their bodies . , . and you Just h avC" amadeUsh. ' .'

:Eilqwe,.:PhO},;sy GERRY WOLTER MA::LQR,BL"'CK~~TMefiK!fau~feacr:t~~v'iflifog~:y---~....- -.·

d'iJrmg pr ess conference,

- - -. - ,


sucJ;i .!te.cIslons as when gates will be opei>:e:a::w:t-Yow-ds..

He said he wants to know who sets the pOlicies at concerts- cQIi se um ma n agement, t promoters or the priva:te security guards, Blackweil s-aidhe asked Safety Director Richard Caste llIni - whose so n was at the . concert - for a fuil repor t on 'the evening's events' and casualties,. Two- doo rs on the Riverfron t S tadium side or-the-Collseum were opened-'3<l -minutes before concert time, Menkh aus sa id . That's where the crush occurrea:-anatl1e- peopli <;lIed, -- Another4oo1'7,;n the secOl1O Streetstd"",lso-wa;s-opetr,ile-added. ~enkhaus g.ave ..thlschronologr.-=_ ~~nowing It was a selloiit, hls-{u}1tie tall was on duty.

. 7 p m ' M e mbers Of the crowd " I ask e d the safe ty d i re ct or" wne t'IreT-tie--conmdered- s h u t tlng' klckel! In S'ome-door ·giass. " We knew ~ht;:' we we~ e gotng to have a ptomenl: "His response waS, that In his Judg- _ _-1;;30 .Il.m.: Two doors on the 'west men~-th.a.t..1ll. ~~~ rtd'F'W€Te-upenetl--an~'"crOWlf· thing to Qo. I nere were about \8,000, surged in . fans In the"col1seui:IfllYtITen . - .--. - - - -- ~"--- -_...---'--_._----... ~----;" .·'.7:54- p~llL:;pcliCe found-th"-ttrst~ bodies a bout 15 feet from the doors" - MENKHAUS !\.GRE E D , s a y ing ,~ . tryin g to ca,?;celS·!:nnV hO l,:, o'U-ld on theplaia:-- . . have createiL a bsow tec£fuifiil . . J_ .. _~_ -- .s~tlm.e· after the· sctrertutett't ~~-:Sj{td-ne-also-w.ants.40. p'm -start- the eouced began Menkha\1s shliLt~cQhseum has. -kn ow about t h e City's liability for -collseUffi~WnW-atlir-authotit~ ilJjout 50 doors~ "They;sa

many as a manner of J:optrofling the crowd. • :'We needed to get the doors open much earUer" hesajd--- - __ 0. --

Menkhaus said It Is not up to poUee 1.0 set the opening time. The doors remained closed until 3<l '. 'minutes before snow time be cause The Who .arrive~· check their equipment'on stage, he said . "THE GROUP likes to do a sound test. " he said-. "My understanding Is


t hat the group (The Who) was later

than-usuaf.· ._, _ "The P!oblem _didn't £~.!!l:'- start untit tne doors were opened," he said,. putting. aslde _.e iH'ly I.eports some persons were cru'sfHfaagalfi:st closed doors. "Then they all started to-flU5h

mg. .



-. - - ' -

':It appeared the), (the victims)

reil in the push of th e croWd. Once they '@IL





"Selleral people said they walked right oqT of thein>l:lOes. Other peQpte dropped artic~es-m-e:lethffig-and couldn't retrieve them. ._ - - ~~e ' for~ ;1heir:.wajl -ol1.t pJ the croy;;d _to say people..w.ere...J».lng down" he said . uyJ~_c.o!!lrt:·tOJtrgt ll.1d. TIiFy-really wererrt E!qw.pped.:tc


and staff, '




t +

~ '[!,IE ClI\IQNr'ilfJ ENQUI RER/Tues~~Y';,pec. 4, 19:19

Deau., Not Trouble, New To Arena D~sordei:1r Crowds,

Police Citations SJ¥j wnedt4t Facility BY BOB ELKINS EnQt,Jirer Rcpor


In August, 1976, less.than a year alter R1verfroht Coliseum upened In September, 19'15, three of Its top officials were each charged with one coun t of fa ilure to comply with a law ful order ot the Clnclnnatl fire chief. E Orders agaInst the executives covered suc h thIngs as the locking and harr lng of exit doors durin g performances, overcrowded conditions a n d the blocking ot aisles and the use of matches and open !lames by spectators. A t an Elton J ohn concert t hat year, 15 pusQhs were arrested tor various misdemeanors, a nd charges Included 'failure to leave the pla,a level and disorder ly conduct. Si nc e tlJelt.~itere · have been minor Instances i)f Ja w vIOJal)j:ct]lll; d.pend lllg on-the 1,ype of crowd a~tracted by·tl!f IOil.tlJ red evcnt:Bu t no tutalltles f ccurred a t1I):il~IVi! rtront fac ili ty until Monday. . Ea rly o n::.~ t he city and Coliseum President I3 r lan H <;: ekin disagreed ov e r whuther t here should. be festival seating- where' there are no rcs.;rv,,,] seats, a" Heekln Inslsted --or reserved 3ellting. City offiCials said when sea ting Is "open," p ~ ople arr ive early to get th e best seuts, and whlla wa iting around, Borne drink or JJse drugs. Heek ln ~ al d (';3tlval· seating Js prefe rred by youths because It allows them to sit with friends who.dld not.ouy tlckets at th e sam e t,lme.

Orie glfard said testlval seating and the sale of too inany tickets make It almost Impossible for private 'pollce working there 'to make arrests on the arena floor during a rock concert beca1,lse the audience Is jammed together tightly and there are no aisles. ills a result of a city study, Coliseum ottlclals ,agreed tater that August to hlrll0!1-duty Cincinnati policemen during future events "offering a potential tor trouble" to patrol the area outside. ' In September, 1976: a Wash Ington Court House man, 20, charged with throwing a stone tha t struck a policeman In the back , was se n tenced to 180 days In the Community Correctional Institution, but Judge Norbert Nadel of Hamilton County Crim ina l Court suspended i 74 of the days an d cred ited t he m a n with fou r days already served. He placed him on a year's probation on condition he stay out ot CincinnatI. In the Ju ne 30, 1976, Flee twood Mac concert at the Coliseum, eight persons were Injured by fln,works; one person was a rrested for thr~l ng firewo rks at the July 22 Eagles concert. The lighting of tires at rock concerts Is a t.radltion with the rotk culture. It is t h e audience's way ot begging for en cores. The audience villi light mat;ehe~ , sparklers, and ligh ters wJth tour- foot fl ames. to urge an encore, H the perlormer does .not come out, they be(; ln lighting beer cU'ps , p,rograms, popcorn bgxes, even the aerosol tram hai r spray cans, says [" ire Ca pt. Ed Sch neuer. He ad ded that generally "the harder the rock , the more unru ly the crOWd,"

De bris a lter a concert !lIsa is a prol)lem. It took eight hours to clean the coliseum collcourse .t he two-day Elton J ohn concert In 1976, com pared to I !f; 'hours for an ordinary eve9-t. In l)e.~elTltie1"; 1976, at least nine person~ were arrested In a rock and bottle' throwing melee a

caplLclty crowd attend ing the concert ill REO Speedwagog. and Aerosmlth. Arrests continued to g r ow at River front '-Stadl uIf.1' At the Led Zeppelin concerts, April 19 and 20 , 1977, authorltl~s arr.!l.s~~,g 76 pe.rsf)ns. Damage to windows .and doors wa!~fest1mated at $800.

. Things q~leted doWn the second nlght'' lfier Cincinnati Poll!'!e assigned. 80m en thete; ,twlceA/lS many at the first. Other i vents also were schedtm!d Into the ra~ c lllty , but clippings do not Indicated unrul j;" crowds. These events ranged from a rodeo In December, 1976, to Bjorn Borg, Rod Laver and" Billy Marti n appear ing In Indoor tennis matches. After the Led Zeppelin had taken ott, a psychologist at the University 01 Cincinnati pointed out gate -crashing at a sold-out rock concert Is a "status thing" among the younge • Dr . Howard Lyman, asSOciate protessor of psychology, noted the bigger the standing ilr the rock group, the, more ot the gate crasller Is respected by timid tr lends who stayed '·l1ome. In May, 1978, Safety Dlrectr Richard Castelllni was asl5ed It the city had an anwswer to vafldal1sm at the Led Zeppelin ·concert. · , CastelJlnl said hIs plan ot operation Is keyed to the type of crowds expected. "Each plan can onlY be ettec tlve when we get enough lead time trom the IN>lnoter to set up our 'o peratlon," he said. It police know trquble occurred In anotner cUiy,.t.he approximate size of crowd-and what type of people Il.ttended the concert, they can Judge how manyoftlcers to have on hand. "It's just simply matter of having the right amount or force there,' CasteJllnl said.


ONE OF the iniured, II survivor of the stampede; is removed Irprrdhe scene


member's of 'fhe Cincinnati Police rescu e unit. .

Eruw1rer pho to BY GER RY W0LTER

A GLOVE and shOe. on t he ground beneath a Coliseum ticket·taker offer mute te stimony to the lr"ge dy that oc curred eafier .



All Deny Blame F or Tragedy BY MARTIN HOG~N JR; EnquIr..- R_ler

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In the crlm altlrm,.th of Monday nllht's RIverfront COll.Ieum tracedy in which U persollJ were kllled, no one woUld admit responsIbility tor the arena's clO3ed doors, but the two rock concat1.a lJeheliuled there thlll month were canceled. CIt, oftlclals al,o urled strict new ruJea for almllar future concerts aUhe taclllty. Promoters of The Who concert "categorically" denied Tuullday they had any control over the number of d.oorll Open betorll Of d.UJ1nr MondaJ night's anow. And Thomlll QquJd, attorney tor Electric Facf.!lry OOncerta, dllililned:

to comment on who haa tha.t rea· polllllblllty. HOWEVER, GOULD added. that he undel'lltood "a (ull complement

coliseum where patrons were ~heIlled In a 8tampede about

doors ... nine to II" was open at ~

Inuy,s belore the beginnIng or the concert.

Complete List 0 Coliseum Victims This Is a complete list of the victims who died In a atampede a, a. rock concert Monday evening at RIverfront CoIl.Ieum. . They were: . • Peter Bowes, 18, III Walnut St., wyomtnr. Ohio. • Tna Ladd, 24, 3441 Bend St.,


• DavId Joseph H,eck, 19,49 F'aren Dr., Highland Ht3., Ky. • Connie Burns, 18, 'M iamisburg, OhiO. • James Warmoth, 21, 4566 S. Dlxh! ltwY., Franklin Townahlp7 near MiddletoWn . • Bryan Wag~r, 17, 107 Tremont Ave., Fort Thorn . Ky.


Promo ten cancel remalnlnr collaeum (ock concet1.a lor uno Tuellday , aJI city urges st.nct new rules to .... ure publk: Alety at '!!'Vents there. Page Sol. .

J:oquir... Reporler

When a (Jreenlllll11 woman laW three or four bodIes on tll.erroumJ dutslde the collaeum, "That', when I got lIck. I couldn't t&lte It." Page B·2.



"I ACTUALLY leeI," Daltrey aaid , "like getting on a plane $td Juat keep golOg. l'lut I reel that would be letting rock 'n' roll down. . Rock 'n' roU has a good rllilord. The hlglll~l1t ' of moat 1t1c1i' nfes. I'm going to play tor thoae l1ltlda tonlaht (at the (Toup'a Tuellday concert 10 Buffalo).

Word spread quickly throulll ji'lnneytown HIgh School TnMda., morning that two l~year-old studerits,and a June graduate, were amonl the victim. of UM coliseum stampede. Pace B-1.

"There's all thIs talk about benetlts, but money won't buy anyone of them back," Daltrey II1ld, adding that no on_e from the group has contacted any ot the family members of the vlCWDS yet. The (TOUp does, lit said, fully Intend to contact each family. "I know they're going to !eel bitter, I hope they know anythIng we couloj have done to avert It, we would bave. I lust hope It won't stay with them."

1.II.ill I;'lre orrtclals argue that collaellm capacIty should be redUeed!>y. 4000 persons lor almoo every rO:ck" concert becauae no seatl should tie sold behind the atagearea. Page B·). -

Daltrey and his fellow playe18 knew nothing about the events outsIde the hall until the show was well under.way. ReferrIng to the (TOUP'S manager, Daltrey said', "He walIn't told until about, I thlOk, 8:45. It was his decIsIon not to atop the show. And I arree with him." If group members had. known about the deaths before the show began. however, there would have been no show. Daltrey, In tact, was outraged that such a question was even as.ked: "or courae we wouldn't. That's a stupId question. What do you thlnlt The WhO Is?"

tIIler.wl Anticipation for a concert soldout IWlt September among people Jammed together sparked the panic reaction, psycholOi1BtI observed. Pace B·4.

Security Is doubled at Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, where Tuesday's Who concert was sold out !Ive weeks ago In 90 minutes. PageB·3.

DALTREY'S OUTRAGE extends also to the handling or the concert Itself: "It's (festival seating) been goIng on for years and never been a problem betore. That hall had 50 exits an. I would guess 50 entrances as well. We know for a ra.ct..only three were open even thOU&h they tried to say today there were more.1"he whole-thing ¥as rldl.c ulou8 and totally Insane.

IIltra Computei'lzatlon OJ vemcle registrations ",111 mean close check on money, shorter lines. Page A-6.

ira. Iran makes new death threat agaln5t AmerIcan hoste,ces If the) refuse to "co-operate" at trIal, Page A-4.

inn. E-2 E-8 A -1 5

C-8-1(, [)"1-12 A -15


HORO~ - -



. .







MEMORIAL SERVICE: Lisa Blck, 18, Finney town, shields'the-flame of her candle frOl'n the wind as-she and a r1UfTlbei- of other youths tiokI a rnem<M"ilir serVice on Founfilln Square Tuesday night for those who died Monday night at Riverfront CoIIs~. The group, which mar~d from the coliseum to the square, had three friends among the 11 who died when the crowd stampeded at the entr~ to the coliseum.


~~-- - -

"The doors were to have opened at 7 and they opened at tour minutes past.. I don't see any reason for people acting Ilke anImals. The show started on time at 8 o'clock .... The band came on at 20 past, whIch Lm't bad at all." Stili, Dattrey .Isn't blan;llng anyone: "I don't thInk you can PIlIn.t. l\Il.y tlOge~_They liis1"trred-lO funiien'f,OOO Peollie IOto three doorways and.t.hat.-wlIlI mad." The Who, like filost. other. touring ba..ada;h as little control over the strIctly physIcal

ROGER OAt..TREY Isn't bIar\'IIng anyOAe.. evehtllt a hall. "It's outalde the group's control. Maybe we should make tl;l\l; one ot om ~rns in-t.fte..future .. . anything we can do to ever stop It..tmm bappenlng.a.galn,...w.e should__ I'm a father. I'Ye got a kid 15 yeans old, I let him go to concerts." DALTREY WOULD, -he emphas1zed, like very much to see that SuCh Ii. tfilng never even hall a chance to happen again. But he aIao feels the (TOUp'S hands are pretty much tied: ~~ can tmly de IIOmethlng if you have a say. We've never had an)' trouble In hatJ$ betore. Hardly ever do we e"en have any tIII~ tlChts. And It we do, we stop them. We played PonU6etMieh.) wtth1!&,tlQCUestnal seats, and. tIlere was not one bloody f!Jht. Not one person. B~~ ~'m a tatallSt. { -would play there. (RlVerf_ront 9Qt~l! . haY~ Happened at Ii tootb&ll game or a boxlni/ match."

U-eoold-bave ~~.Butl{

didn't. It happened 10 CInCinnati.

'76StndyRecommended Coliseum Reduce 'Festival Seating' "The' "COmmittee -furt~mmem1lJ-4liat tl1JLRJllertratlt CoIJseum mana~ment be granted-truHJee&:sa.ry time. to reduce 'Festival Seatlng'- events through an orderly process, rather than through some type ofoftlclBJ control or regulation."

~portjjtPUbll~-S.fetyStvdyT-e.m ,C·8 A-1 4 C-S, 6 F· l-l6 E-2 E-2 E"( E ·g


OD '.,0

BUFFALO, N.Y.-Roger Daltrey', lead-slnger 01 The Who, has a "clear "Con~lence - as tar as the band III concerned," but readily admltl to "a. total teellng 01 total helpleBllIleaa" about the tragic events of Monday at Riverfront Coliseum. . Aboard U.S. AI r tIIght 410 to Buttal<>, N,Y., Tuesday attern,oon', Daltrey, the other three members 01 the band - Pete!' Townsbend,lulld guitar, )ohn. Entwhllltie, bII.III, . and: Kenny Jones, drums-and The Who'~ entouracll';humberlng approximately 15, relived tile events or Monday evening; when 11 per~ons dlelt at Riverfront CoIlHum. "It's the worst thing thl!.t'l happen~ alnce Keith Moon died (In September, of drug related causes)," balkey said. ''I guea It round. kind of trite to say that lire hall to go on. I JlllIt hope to hell wI" can learn rometbblg so It doesn't all ~ to waste ..





For the moat part., U;1 n pel'llOJUI who were trttmpled to death outside RI.,errrom CollHum were avldroci. mualc '&mI: Pace B-2.


many uahersand tleket·takers wer9 ,on d,!:lty. In a. preliminary report to PoliCe Chief Myron J, t.t.t!eJ', Police Lt. De.le _enltba.UlJ. Wd that f.t 7 p.m: Monda, "theJ't a brJet d.laCuaslon ot the pocalblUty.t openIng more doors. HOWeVer, there were no • Karen Morrison, 15, 921i Wln8~' ,more tleket-talters a ...Uable then ... ray Ct., Finney town. • Jacqueline Eckerle, 15, 1117 W. Menkhau8 said he llIet wltb Seymour Ave., Flnneytowtl. Rlchard 'MOflan, col\ae1.ll.ll ollera• Walter Adams Jr., 22,100 tlons manatlllf, and Cal tevy, local McGregor, Trotwood, Ohio. promoter (or J:li!{:trlc P'actQry Con• steve Preston, 19,8815 Foun - certs, to c1tacruas the late' arrival of talnbleau Ter., Flnneytowll,. . The Who. • PI11lllp Klint Sil1def, 20, Wl'l . R.oae Marie Rd" Hunter area or .Franklin TownShip, Warren County. {Continued A-Z)

Who's Daltrey Feele Helpless., Guiltless

Plve palM.f .,",~lal ""et'I,e.f M..aday ai,lat'. ra&alllum •• st.-mpede Rln'f1'rent Collle,up belln. 00 ra,e B-l.llereare lOme of t"l! ItllhnCbtl:


John Tafaro, coll!eum publicity director, also refilled to say now many doors were open and who hall responsIbility for openIng the doors. Tafaro also would not say how


It ha;scbeen more than three years sInce. those

words were written, more ·than three years

-st-n ce--problems-assoe!ated -wi th- RIverfront

Coliseum rock concerts were ldentl!!ed.



recommendatIons? C-1 Mayor J ;'K'tmneth ·Blackwell, wllo was not -=--C·4a public of'lclal then, emerged, frotn a. meet._ .~1 mg with cIty admInistrators Tue3day sa.ytng.£: " ,·It was their opinion " . . th08e. recdmme~~

~:~~~-]j ;:'~i$i;~~~~~:

elly.morn-ing -tna&·t.!le stady team'S"])l'01f6slfIS'

"were Implemented:' A number 6LtIiilse recommendations had to 00 with entorcement ot the cIty's fire preventlori code. The assertIon that those .proposals were carried out Is disputed by Cin· clnnatl Fire FIghters Unlon PresIdent Forrl!st 1.. Buckley, among others. - < BUT RESERVED versus "tetllval" seating, which has emerged '8.S one of the key Issiies In _the Monday night tracedy that took 11 Jlv"es, was also examln.ed' by the st;udy team chaired tiy JamesIJ.Jester, then a CIty manager's in· tern and-now head of the cIty's highway malnteliance dlvlB10n. . L "The RiVerfront Coliseum management is ~~-a: reduction In-tlle--uSe-ut 'Festival Seatlilg,'" the study team reported II), October, 111'111: '.. • III tliaf.- same report, It made' the above recotllmebdaUorrthat 'collseum management '~be ,~ - tb~ necessary time to reduce ~ ,~I'--eyent.s tBrellglHm-orderly

J'"eflerh!'p"oTte'd. ""lliF'RTj~mt) members or the study team feel that the 1ssue of 'Festival ~at1ng' has now reached the stage where the merIts ot thl! aeaUng method must be clearly ldentltle'd," arid the team ie~uested or COliseum officials "a detalled eXPlanation o. the 'Fest.tval-Beat1ng' ~eeds for the Riverfront Collseum.~ '·The .feellng Is that non-ticket holders tend to feel that they have (Te0..t6 opporbmity -fpr ga1n1Dg -entranc-e to a 'general aAm1sslon' event, because of -the moae ca.suaI. e procedure and conflilllon or tbe ga'te rush," the report.saId;That observation, repuea couaeum 1"[=dent Brian E. neekln In a M~y:~~_wn,. ~~


net the teel4!g of_!huoll~1l!\I:! orf.Ily ot Um' coliseums we 'have ta.llte-d~Ifl1--tlre country.~

·IT WAS, however, the.r~untfot~ J. Mooney, Jt.,:D,!tJ.rllllUl..Ot' ~

Human · RelaJ.IoOSColil:Ql1SSlon (CHRC)..\S. chalrmaq ot·a CHI!,9 eomm1ttee · 1q~p~.m;, . IftC that trlllll'ered the review;_ ber, lll77, Mooney wrote:

~,- rilne month~aft.rr the

was dead. I didn't thInk I'II-makelir." , .' '~F'lald there ~t least .t ()t.i5f2Q


«'ontlnued {rom Page'A·1) MENKHAUS SAID "the doors could not be opened" until the rool<, group had GQmpl,e!;ed Its warm- ups ,.!ll\d sound checks, MenkhlLu8 ~a ld a crowd ~gan fOf.!)1tng as early as 1;30 p.m. Monday anct that by 5 p ..ffilO.more th\1n 1,000 pengns were gatl)Jred out.<lde the follscum .

Menlr.hau5 said I)y 6:30 I).m. "the

.'~.ol.e ntlaI 1 or problem~ was obvIous," ar~

a t 7:20 p.m. the firs t door wa.~ brolcen open by the crowd on the "e vim section" aIde of the arena.

6y tilts time, Menlth"aw; said, the c rowd out..~lde ~ad gniwn to 8,000 and the doors had no t opened. "To alleviate soine of the crush (I f l/lecrowd, the coliseum managem en t a nnounced on the outs ide public addrellll syatem not to push and tha t the doo,S on the north side were open ." '

Study Criti~

nJgnt's conc.e rt, tne yed festival seating t, 'meaning. n'fost?Qf on sold Qn a flr~t­ ed basis. Tlcketron otrlqlllis Clnclnn -5111<.1 10% .' e sellts wore. re~l!\yed with the reQ!.itJnlng 90% of·the"!lj:kets sold as general admlsst6u. Ta!aro said decision on the seat Ing sy~~rnls dl'termlned Jointly by the coliseum and tIle.pron~oter. "We work with them ... we work together." But Morgan said "the act and the promoter make that deCillion." SUNDAY N I GHT , The Who played before a sell-out crowd ai, P ittsburgh's CivIc Arena. Of the 17,000 tickets sold 1O'r that concert, only 1,700-2,000 (;eats were on a f1rste()m e, first-served basil!. "We got away from full festival scatlng be,cause of c ontrol pr on-

<ed Se(!tingMethod

f(:n ollnucd f«ftn P.~e A-I) "Obvtou3Iy. the promotentdli;e t he Irlea I)r f e~ t i val ffeatlng," added Springer. "Obvlou5ly, lI:s more lucrative." But the (:ollncUman alno said n othing Is Inherently' wronl( with that posltltll;l. Of nl()t\va.t\on, The responsibility to determln~ WheU'IIlT It 1.,~ n.pprOflrlal.e {or the public 3lI.fety lles with' t he city, he said. Wllt:TIIER 'TilE s budy t e am 's m (Jle urwqulvocal recomm~nd atl onJj were foll owc(\ I:; qllf'~tlon. '. "All illslc3 will be kept OplW UI)(I clear durin.:

[\Jao a n open

lerns." saId Jack MathIson, sales manager I or ' the facility ." And whenever we do a show with festival seating, It's never'more than 2,000." Tuesday nlgtlt'a .performance by The Who was In Buffalo's Memorial AudItorium with all seats reserved. The Brltlllh grol}p's last concert on It..~ U.s. tout 'Was aat for Dec. J7 at the Providence. R .I ., Civic Center, but civic center ortlclals canceled the pertomance Tuesday at· the request of Providence Mayor Vincent CIancI. . Today, Boston Mayor Ke vin White will decide whether to cancel a show In Boston darden next week. DIane Cubert, 20, Erlanger, Ky. , who .was Injured In the me Ieee, said tile "whole problem was tj1at only two doors were open. T hey ~,ould have known they had to havel!lnore doors open. ' "I w~ In the door. I thought, I

" vents," the study team dem!l.llfled In Its first report, dated ~UguRt 21, 1976_ At II:ast one city otn<:lal ackn()~ledg!ld Tuesday t h at that will be news to r,egUlar c()l~ um concertgocrs, An d 'li!uckley til! lI~ves n le vlolatlon5 go beyond that lll!rue: "It 18 no secret I,ha t, durIng any concert at the coliseum numerou~ vlotlltlons of l,he fire code arc openly committed and ,t hat the IQ-h\luse security tocce employed at t1H~ collBeum does little or nothing to! enforce the IIre ' codl!," he wrote In a leH er 1;0 I,hen-aetlng QHy Manager Martin P. Walsh .Jr: In Sel)l.ember of thIs year.

could t eel their feet move' buck,and rorth on on your' leg~_ 'Iwanted ..out so oad Qut .l couldn't move. I 'WWI pinned down on tl;le ground." . "

D,R. FRANJ<: P. Cleveland,Halllllton County coroner , said the H·per'iOns kllled I,n the' stamp1\~e "died from 'asphyxiation !l.fI~ __~08t of them h a d mInor InJuries,\, Cleve-, land saId tl1.e asphyxiation ~as·the result of t l!c victims' I;Jodles being compressed" by ,.t.he welll'ht of the others aoove. .J!!Ii', , . OffIcial coroner's rulings .wlll ." . ma de after blood and tissue te;~ are complel.e. Meanwhile, Taiaro saId 150 con. certs have been h e ld at th ~, Colls~:pm without tragedy. ' A nd CincinnatI Police Officer Charles Ross said rock ,patrons "always rush the doors. There's not much you can do aOout It. "Normally" he said, "they have four openings; twO. on one side and two on the other~'

"\\'11 .1.1 :\ \1

J. KF.\')'(:\(;

PLqid"lI( "Pub/is/'N

I J .K E FH :K \ ./('(' l'n'si(:,t;,;i Fciitor

T IIO\I,\S S. qFI'II :\HDT :r


II :\HH"Y'( 1.


,i SS<K'/M(' Edi;,,;"'0

Imb\\,:\I ~; V~ 1,,,'~id(,I1I -0pNatiol1S

J.\\II',;S I':. JEH<l\\' \ '/c(' Pr'esidt'nl - t1r1vt'(I/S/I1~ ~ ,

,,'.\( :'!'.I-:H

1'. St\:\ TFI , · Cir(,II /"Umj'})i('e/o( A OanrwU Newspaper

THE TRAGEDY Cin ad , , I ear ler~arnlng~ of th'{~ potential (\K H ~: po'WI' S of t hl' filvNl'ffJI:ll Coll " , II UI tr~i~ " d\ l l ll.,~('('d l,ilrOUJlll (ireater

(:III<·IlI~ l a.fI :vl (ifuj.ay nn.;hl.

£/lOS I!


lll' iln i IlwlIi h o('.('(! thi~l. the t.rutir"some· t",·.... \\ 1"1 1,1 tl lI'lI Ollt tl, b(~.k; s calaml -


By y.. ., t"rtlay wa., ,·I.'a r Illa t

IlIIJ r n I Ill-(,

however, it

lJad heen 110 mr~re UH(IJI tnarl' . EI('vf'1l w('n~ dell(I, nearly a II.

unll the coli~eulll managl'ment, a great deal coUld be accull1pli ~ lJed by clarifying t.hp definition of 'respectl vp resjJollslhU IUf's. The i:"lty, indeed, owes tile Gollsl'um; Its patrons 'and the people of Cincinnati a l:el'lil!:tn police protet:tlon, By the samp token, the col \l!e llm should reconsider Its til'kct-seHlng ~()Iicles. Management would beprUrJen\.. in considering the In c st.ullatlofl (if staggered ralls so tha t ticket lilH~s could be more cusHy be kept ord(~r ­ Iy.

" .. , The r:ollsc um: management tui~ a.1a'tgc ' inveslmel1t.m that facility. Cerlainly, the city is aPiJreeiuWve of this fact ilndcager forlttopayl)U. .

iloz~'llsf~ rlollsly InjllFl'd. th\nviunds of

', "HUlL the peop le oC Cincinnati have a f amlllf's, moreover, Iw.r1 been wbJr:('ted Car greater Investment In their chlldren, ·tt) a Illl.(ht of umeliey'~r1 t"rm (~nt. .. jn the cfty's .lirba ri rep'utation an!'! Its 1I"r~. (JIlIn i5tuk'1l/ly.

was a filsaslr:r of national iuu~nltude . a 'dlsaste r that r.)f!nulnqs ltlf: .lllos t searchin g f~J(alll irra ­ tiOll of all 'tile factors that eonverted what. shuuld have IJI~(~1l a ph~aslfrable '~ Vf'lHl\\( into:t niKtlt uf terror. ' j{fJf:k i;oneerts, wherever thllY have oceurri~d, h a v e posed .spc(;ial problems for thuse concf:rnec\ wlt.h publlr: fiUJl'ty ~ and sP9Gi.aJ.rcsponslhilll.ies for thei r sponsors, Thf)~e who ~\.tend . th.em ' jnclude al -

most hysterical devotees, and the immense popularity of most rock .I?erform ers has put a ~pec iar..pur{len ori concert promoters undlilw -'enforcement agen cies to take extra(irdina.ry .measures to cl'Jpe with any eventuality. Cincinnati had an earlier experience ii'l"the ·la~"s.ummer of 1976 when Riverfront Cofi:~eum was only a year old - that 'bu~ht to,trave alerted the coliseum's managers, the concert's promoters andpun!ii; officials ,generally of the specjal dangers that' accompany every rock performance, .particular when 50caliedJestival seating is a factor. Three years ago, the pi'o):llem was only lawlessness, :abusiveness and disruptive conduct. But the occasion was grave e-nough to have left. some sobering ·Ies~ sons in its wake.

ability ·to ~:ppeUI to a broad cross section of Greater (;lnr:1nrtaU's people. In short, then~ is just too much at'stake here for those Involved to Jlj a ke an ything less than a total effort to 'fInd and implement l:oITeetive m~a~ures . '·

In the days that 'followed, thereo:were

sOllie frantic consultations at CinCi nnati 'City Hall -· consultations that were presuinerJ. \.1) have ensured tile safety of fu-

tur!! rock conce r ts. Those £onsultations apparently_.e:am.~, to very little. Indeed, the first conc ll!$lon to be drawn from Monday n ight's events was that they had accomplished nothing at all. . Mayor Blackwell, only three' daYs In (JUke, was on the scene almost immedi-

ately Monday nlgh·t, and lJe was moving swiftly and forcefully yeste.rday to begin assembling and assessing the facts. We hope he_.will persevere in ways that his predecessors did not. Cinc4nnatians need t-o-lmow how adequately their police officers are trained to recognize the dangers that accompany the gathering of large, restive. impatient crowds. They need to know th e extenLto which the coliseum's mode of selling tickets contributed to the disaster. They need to know whether there is

. "There is no sound reasou" The .eIl- . an alternaTIve toChe practtce of praciiquirer observed in this space on Aug. 11, cally. encouraging the congregation of 1976, "to justify ,a ticket::selling procerock fans hours before the concert it.self. dure that encourages ~arlycol!gregati{jn on the stadium"·coliseum. plaza,Experience h,as sl10wn repeatedly that gatherings of this kind are open invita" tions to trouble. The consequences al-

Il-Iusfiri'var hiblyifi~gress-d"eifrtte= lion of both public and priil.te property.


They need to know these things and many others - notso niuefit&iden:: tHy the scope of the blame as to make certain that such calamities.'are averted - -


. __.·Cincinnat13.l1s,.a.+.e..n{)t- interested in ous personal injury as welL ' , 'fl.QY fresh exe'rcisesin window-dressing. 'Public safety is, after all, the most Uf" .' . ,.Jvi.we c,!)uld be done toma'ke gent priority of cHy ·gOvernment. It such events more- ortlerly an,d accept- ought to be a paramount concern also of able. In the talks that'hav"~ ..l;J,~e.!!. .~~!!.eQ:. ___t~.~sE; who appeal to the-p.!!..bll<;JQ)l.lJ.PROrt. uled between the ~ity adminIstration rock concerts.

CinC:innati PoliGe Lt. Dale 'Merikhau's,'head of the Riverfront Coliseum detail, says ,the fatal stampede arose from the-way ' d09rs 'a nd tickets ,Were handled ,M 'o nday nighf. Page B"5:


Three Deaths' Hit-Fi~;ejtownlligh Close-2fo""ome. I




PREDICT ION DEPARTMENT: We call look to r another e'lample a t " lock ing the barn door !lfter the horse 13 gone" Wh en ci ty Olllclalll revIew th . Rlverlront Coliseum tragedy that took 11 lI v e~. . , Many Pa3t concertJ; have cau3ed problems, bu t \,he compla int!! never r6isul\.ed ,I[\(~ omelal ac Llo n. HE I I DEAL! WILL! , Why mu. l d Ixa.,ler ~trlke to get action .

·:1 " IH<:IIIT'1I) Till-: 8C J£NES so.u rce , wtl O Is laml liar wllh · ~ec u r lty a ~ ttl" col 1" ' IJlII , Lell g /lie that In th e pa..Lpr(l/llo te r~ 0 1 " rn<:k shows" se t the ,budgeL (or pOlice secu rIty . The a mount 0 1 f;lull lli lowcd tor po lice protectio n was usually t)a.serl on th e trf)\J "I ~ the (:t roup h a d when playing ear ll " r perrOrtl19 J1ces In other c l tle~ .. 1T1,lle probl e ms were had. th,: hu<Jget wu., h lg ll If there we ':e rew problem s. the bll(lgct wa~ low . T ile 5fo>~ llrJ ty rorr e- could runge rrom ellS ll t to ;){)

E~en the guys crIed Tuesday 'a t Finney town HfghScbol)1. . Three or the 11 young persons killed In . the crush or the crowd a t T he Who concert Monday night were t rom the school. Two were 15-yoar-old sophomore glrls J acqueline Eckerle of 1117 W.. Seymour Ave. and Karen Morrison ot 9'25 Wln8rny Ct. The other !Jerson WII.a Stephen Preston, Ill, ot 8815 Fontalnblea u Ter'race, who wa~ graduated last June. Word spread last at the B~-.turJen t s ubu rban school, and the day Wall aOl1\ber. "I!:verybody WIUl u pset. It was the moat de pressing daY , ever. Guys were eve n crying," studen t Jane Rennegaroo said a t the end of t he day. "I'd talk to Jackie and Karen eve ry mornInl/: In t.he bathroom - I'd go In there to do homewor k aod st.Hr, and w~ 'd sn and talk about anytl1ing.' When I hea rd It, I couldn 't believe It. 1 tilQught, 1'11'1 not ' gOing to see them every morning any more . It's hard to be lh~ wl It could' happen to a cIWlsmate." SOPIIOMOItE JOANIE MOser said, "Walk Ing duwn the h alls, n obody was gettJng rowdy

• Profiles of,victims:, Page B-2. A lpt of people who d idn't even koow them were crying. . "The teachers ga ve U8 a choice, They said we could have class or talk about It. Most or us j u~wanted to go on ." Her own reaction upon hearing the news Tuesday morning was one 01 anger, she said . "It's three people from J'JnneyLown out of 22,000 people a t the concer , ' The two gl,ls were In her English eluss. "They we r e really nice. Jackie was on th e gymnasti CS team. T hey both liked mpste a \ot,:' she said. . . Jackie's aunt, Mary Eckerle, said Jacki e and Karen were clooe fr Iends who had gone to t he concert with two other girls a nd became separated In the c rowd. "This' was J u~~, her second rock concert." she said. "She WIUI a wondertul IItLle girl. Too PI! fee t, I guess.': her aunt suld. "Her mother a tather both worked, and 5h~ did everythJn a round the house. She took care of It, clea.»ed It. She couldn't do enough."

Concert 'Promoters Cancel Two Event~' Set For December, ', '

BY DAVE KRIEGER The two remalnlng rock cor1certl! 'sc heduled for Riverfront Coliseum th l ~ year were canceled -Tuesday a nd Mayor J . Kenneth Blacklll.e11 said tb,e city WOuld seek mandatory -reserved seating at llUUre ~e,vent.s _ there. . . Perhaps tll e key position M.Bumed by city .0f1lclals In the wake of Monday .nIght's tragedy, hO'fever, Will< that the commander of the police security detail at th e scene should h ave comp lete authority over crowd control. ' . ~"On e 01 the many- tragedies of last n igh t Is that somebody saw what was baJl~nlng, had the rig ht remedy, . .. and yet didn't believe be had authority, nor did the >H!Ople he was talklJ)g to belIeve he had autilOrlty to carry out 'what' miflht • have Saved those lives," said Councllman Gerald N . 8prlnger.

, ~ f )urce ad(1f~d


Ulo ~t

pulice la ki n'\, II. rock con ce rt Ill ake li ttle crtort to '

M, l ~n",pnt

I~NVORCE [.I QIJOl( Olt !JH U fJ VIOI,ATlON8 .• i,

ONE l' OI"'(,~: sou rce tOld, me t hat h e 1m.., \6n ~ recf)nHn endlitl that open seatlng for suc h eve l\~ sho u ld be sto pped . He prelllcls ttlUt Monday ', trag" (jy wlll ·resu lt in th ,~ city orderi n g only RE::;EHVE ::;F~A T sll les fo r s uch ,!vf"n L"I



f'IN·\LI.Y . I'M to ld UW.ta system that dnistlcll ily c ut down on "gate crashing and pushing" was Insta ll ed at th e coll seU'fh Iii. 19'1'/ . It ca lled for tWQ llohc eme" to be asSIgned to the nve eri tl'a'!, c e,~ to the coliseu m . No one without a. . tl l'ket was allowed to frntel ,he a rea. ThIS cu t down 0 11 probler'ns . . bu t. according t o my sou rce , We practice Wll.' d..ropperJ alter a few evt~ IlL' . REA::;ON: [T COST TOO MUCH IN POLIC E. P f\ Y!

" W i\I{N I NG UEI'ABT MET'lT' A nu m be r of area nH~[eh un W:i have bee n victims 01 a ban d 0 1

con fIdence swind le rs who make $19 on each transac tio n . Here's

how It works: • The swmdler starls with fo ur $20 bills. They take one corner

fro m each bill and carefu lly pastethem over the corners of a one dollar b Ill. • They then selec t a busy locatIOn and make a small purc hase. They pay for It with the made-over one do llar bill and the h urr ied clerk gives therll c h ange lor a $20. - The $20 bills with the wrn corners a re exchanged at a bank .[or a wb6Jf .pill :~, . -.- . ,

INGIDENTALL Y, ANO.TJIEIt scam belrig used In t he Tristate _ makes a quick 15%-proli t lor.he swIndler. , In this case the swindler buys -a stack of Canadian travelers checks. Because onhe difference in the money exc ~ange rate,he pays only 85 cenls In Amer.lcan money for each c:anadlan dollar value. Many area stores have 'been asked to cash them and in most cases the unsuspectin g clerk gives them the full value in American


.. II E WA S arts, theater and n;118~c7:Hts:vioI:~in-1Xltu~6;--- sc:hc~~~iBin l~aln;a,nrinlt~~~~glun~~~I~~U~~~ was exceptional," Votaw said. "I say ~e ment over , was an average student In academic matters, the deaths. "At this Ume the only thing we .can do Is but he more than compensated tor It with the be strong. Let y ourHhougltil! be w.lth the use 01 h is hands. "He was a quiet person, but not untyplcAl tam1l1es In th eir ti me Of grlfl!f," he ' told the of the average younk adult who likes to have 0. school.


INClIJI':NT,\LI. Y, OI'I' ·IH)'I·V wlto take a3sl~ nlll e ntIJ a t rork concerWs u ~u ally demand " ha zar\l ray." One source Bald . 11111,0,((1 pay tor a patro lllllln, I. $ 12 a n ' !lour A ponce ,u pcr.vl~or l1ei..l! T he


nOLI. Y WI£M~N. a v9catlomll.stude!'t '!!ood time. He was ,very much !LLterested In Irom Finney town' who was ?!lIltlng Steve's'- rock mUSic, and he IONed'9utdoor a.etivl'll'es." bouse Tuesday afternoon , -k1tew all ·three of ' stev~ wen t to the concert ~Ith !'Ilveral ~he young people and stopped to talk. about Irlends who -were were not Injured, Votaw them. said. - . , "Jackie was f~t a little girt She didn't F inney town High &:hool Prbclpal Roneven weigh roo pounds, She Wa3 little. I've , . aid Blngamon said he trIed to .l:Ul.I1dle tl1 e known ller a long time. Karen was very, very situation In a 'Iow-key manner ali the school! shy. I knew her just to say 'hi' to lier," to avoid upsetting the ~tudents fu rtper. She also knew Steve from school. "He's a . , • • gOOd person. He'd do anything lor anybody. ."I'M TRYING to keep It as cairn as I posslHis most Important thing was his f£lends. He bly can until school lets out, so wnen, the stuhad a lot or frlen(Js. I don't know anybody dents go hOrrle', t.hey can reflect on It," he said who didn't like him," Holly said. Tuesday afternoon. Steve's stepfather, David Votaw, said the "The kids we re very su·bdued. This I~ boy had been spendIng the t i me sin ce graduation doing odd jobs, mostly carpentry probably the mst time death had· ·touched, and painting, whlie he W8./! trying to malce up them this close ly. They're prepar,ed for theIr his mind about college and a career. He was older relatIves passing 'away, but this Is probdue to be~ln work soon doing re:rearch tor a ably the first Mme a contemporary",'Is gone. U's a tragic thing." h03Pltal.





II tlelaSide

Enqv4rer Reporter

COlflfJlaints AbOllt Concerts



Enquirer iNu~ tr " flon BY J ERR Y DOWLING

THE IRREGULA R shading on lhe above sketch Indka t es the part of lhe pedestri ~ plaza at Riverfront Colisel,lm where 11 pe r sons los11helr lives and a n\JlTlbi!r of olhers w~e iniured Monday in II human sta{T1pede at the coliseum doors. The main ct1.J~ took pl&e at the eigbt doors on the south side of. the main ticket entnmce.

Coliseum Ticket S'ales H~ld IIi Secret By Law'~ But the city ordinance governing such matters won't permit Volpe to tell anyone whether the numbers One membe r oC the Cincinnati city t]:le coliseum repor ls to him exceed ad mm istratlon has at his fingertips the city's own lim its on the number rlgures '.ha t , · ~" J d help determine of people who -can be accommodatho w ;:nuch, It " . , overcrowding ed at the coliseum. Volpe said he could not recall goes on at R ivedron t Coliseum for whether city fire or building offiany event. But th e law allows him to wlth- cials had eve r asked him about the hola t'1 at Information from the !lgures he rece ives at 'an y time In the I?ast, ~n.~lic . 0, ' c ity treasurer, Edwin Volpe <PI'''''''' s monthly reports on the BUT lW said, he .would commit a ! ,tl '1lt" .r of people paying to get In to cr lmln aT'vlolatlon If he divulged RI"eil ront .Coliseum as well as pay- such Information to the public or m(ml,;, f,,;ii-tlfe coliseuIlLunder~e ..the press_ cit~!'s .admlsslon tax.-Clnclnnati's ___ muIDi!J.p_a.l _ c.ode BY JIM DELANEY

Enquirer Inv e'!.1igative Report er

states that such ad m ission tax returns "shall be held co ntldentlal by the treasurer and a uditor and shall not be available for Inspection un less ordered by a court 01 compe tent lurlsldlctlon." Volpe 'Said Tuesday he was not sure what benefit there wou ld be In . the ligures anyway, s ince compHmentary tickets and private boxes u nder certain cond itions were not . subject t o the tax: He conceded thaHhe report does break down ticket sales by event. _ While Volpe was vague on any re~ quests he m ight have had In the past, he acknowledged that a member 01 the c ity administration requested the In!ormation from him Tuesday; But Volpe d'l.d not comply. He 5ald he would ask solicitor Thomas Luebbers whether :he was permitted under the ordInance to tell the unnamed- city official just how 'many paylng=Ctlstome~J:ie...coliseunL h1l.S had-for a glven ·event~,- --

to Police Lt. Dale J . Menkhaws' accountbf the events In a preliminary report to Police Chief Myron J . Lelstier. Menkhaus wh a headed th e securlt y detad, reported that "t h e potential lor problems WM obvious" by 6:30 p.m . But dlscuJ!8lons over the next hall- h our w1t.h Sgt. ·John Basham , co-ordinator 01 th e private security detail Inslde"the coliseum, and Cal Levy, the local· promoter, faUe d to result In an opening 01 the doors, Menkhaus reporteo. Canceled Tuesday were sched uled per[ormances of Blue Oyster Cult on Dec. 14 and Aerosmlth on Dec. 21. The promot er s , Belkin P rod~t1ons of Cleveland and Electrlc Facwry Concerts of Phlladelphla, respl)ctlvely, canceled tll.e ~--8.ccordlng to Blackwell. Electric Factory promoted Monday's catastrophic performance 01 The Who, Blackwell announced that City Manager Murray will

I. ~

, .....

• En tranc~ Tn ustt;;;, poSSlb)e at a, minimum of fJ1ree locations around the bUilding. • • The city, thro~gh tb" pollCl! comman der on .the sC,ime, w'I'JJ determlnenowmany (\ftlc~rs ate reql,l lred .for crowd control and call them In. , .' . , : • 'The polic e commander will have total a u thorlty _ o~et control, 'Includlng giving an 'order, for p.xanlple, to open th e dOOrs. • Building and l~re Inspecto(s wlll check t he collse!lm the alter~ , noon of an evening event. T h ose positions grew out 01 a series of meetings throughout ~he day , ln'CI,ud ln g city admlnl8tr(1):.Ors, membe rs of city cQjJncU and finally, late In th,e day , a.sesslon With Levy: coliseum President Brian E . Heekln , their a ttotneys and- top...c.I.ty- o t !1Clal!. . - -" .-.. - L E VY DECLINED comment as he Jelt the meeting, but a statement Issued by attorney Thomrur Gould , _said Elec tric Factory "deeply r egrets" wl1l4 happened prior to the concert and suppor13 the city'3 proposal for a trulk lorce. It a lso 'said the firm ."categorlcally denies that at an y time during or before T he Who concert It had any con trol over either, the number ot ushers or ticket take,s a vailable 'or the number ot doo'rs fQ be opened to concert goers prlo!, to or durlng th e concert." In his police report, ¥enkhau$ said, "There was a brief discussion o! the possibility of opening more doors. However, there were no more ticket takers a vailable to handle this." Blackwell said the coliseum and, local promoters accepted Invitatlons to be part of the task force. .. The consensus that.developeda.t clty halL throughout the day W-B:.lI th at several: factors combl'led to cause the tragedy_that toaIl.'ll J1ve~, THE RECOMMENDATION for

.::x;': ti'ifi'6'vrleCj's'Qe~~rv'tj'~e,detnc'en'ttvFocr'el[te{ri' a

events. Former Safety val seating" pollcy for m ost ot the Hen ry J. Sandman, now seats-fOr a large crowd _to gather head-Of securlty-at'the UI1lyersity of earlY· ' . ,- , Clricfuii.atl as pos1lF-::.-:::!nsappaTent," Blll.1:KWeU·:sa1d, ble chairman of the panel. "there Is a correspondence be,tween .';',' --~ .. --.--- . --'-,- ~ - -' festIval seating and pul5l fc 1!a:tetYJ BLACKWELLALSO said the city . and we cann'ot abdica te our ,res pon'1\1111, propose..seYeral-retorms to that slblUty to protect th e public IntertAsk force_ Because the .task force - e-st," A requirement that "~n'"" 'nT~ n will report back to the city, those tbem: • All seating will be reserved and there ' will be no' standlng- room;::':o';;n'"--';< the !loor. · . , , • Doors trrusl open at least 90 mlnutes;prlor te-s.llowtlme ~ - ~:...., - " ~ kf-_.' - . ' - ---~ -


Coliseum Cap,a city F~gurec .Too lI~ffieials S-a~

-- The -nre div-Islon 's'posltlonls ftia'e-ijecause '--l ;800numberaro:Und the stag~ Is-ei~eeded, re--, 510n made the polnt 'to a city task force on the no one wanls to sit In these seals with the gardless ot whether the rest of the buildlng Il5 coliseum ,w ,p.o il.vaJl, - " , . 1 ver th limit ' A le tte r Irom Safety Director Rlchaxd blocked view, the crowd merely spl Is onto the 0 e . . . . . ' ,. < c: Castelllni til an Am ..... r'Iey Villa ge resldenL !loor..oUhe collseumand Into,the aisles of the Ottier <!ocumenJ:s I,!d lcate that coliseum "'" Cincinnati fire officials have maintained for c6ncourse area. • ' management In the has used tp.e eJds!:- states tha·t 'tbe city fe lt that It was ,up to/the. some time that the total seatin g capacity of Fire' GapJJl: J . Schneuer; District 1 'com- _en~e ot.emptl' ~:ats to ~ay that there was no_ coliseum 1:0 eniorce SlJ.fety-codes.. "- , Rlver[ronS(ColiseJJm..~.llJlJ.lLb:!L.r!;IDl~QL_ mander 'of fire prevention, confirme<l.-over-:. _,. O-,ver.crow~n.g~-"",- ~", - _'-; 4,000 persons for most rock concerts. crowding, blockage of alsies and other vlola- .... '?SUCl.1 an .exa¥iiJlle otcurr~.r-,W.hen-WI!1Ia!n , ' ,.. _. Such a ' r~<!'!~tlon, which: re lates d irectly -t10ns have ':lCcuJ'rM .durlng - festival seating, Barrett, director of evenls for , the collSeum ~ ;~~b~:~',~rY;$:il!.~~$:m;~~~""'~~~~!!-l!~~~~ to the coliseum's festival seatm g policy, could and' cited examples- from_l he' -!Ire 11IvISlon!s '-'answered' a -complalnt-ot assls~nt, clty spllcl- - '_' have reduced the'crowd conslderably·Monday - violations file. -: ' . tor Ann :Tracey In earfii:T9'T6. Ji5IloWlhTUle evenlnj!,~hen ..! l__pe~s'?ns were fatally tram- ' The fire ' division allowed the review only last concert by The Who. _ . _ ,._ j5!eam tlie rusn to tHe ~ouseum entrance. after a pre-screenhlg of _llie docum ents by the' . I~ ! a..s sola out:'r-sarre~t'~~i~~~::~~~~it~~~~~~il~ _ ..3;.h~oJ:~(fu(lslon;:>~request,..t.o r.:1'.edllced~," clty.sollcltor's o Hlce~ - ---~ .. __ . , '_ ~~_ more than· 1,800 seats· be occtfp~!rncy .tor _~ertaln ~{) ck concer~, an _._ _ While the flr,e ~s ' . went unused." . the ~e-r:e n <>;1; con;!-a pparently' oft:en- vlOIlltea separate occupan- forcin g , cy for and partm BY JIM DELANEY and JIM GREENFIELD


THE; ClNCINNA TI ~QUIRER 1Wed~esday:Dec. 5,1919


Bus Passenger List Shrank For R-e turn Of Dayton Charter "w

E ARRIVED about 6:15, 6:20;' and parked on the plaza level near Hlvertront Stadium west of the coliDAYTON, Ohio - When C h uck seum . ' ~y people Just got off the coach HUnlJ ley took a head coun t, DC his charter-bus passenger~ near H1ver- .md wandered off (across the ramp ) front <,;:ollsc um Monday night, the toward the crowd, I just kind ot relaxed In tile coach arId all of a vef;(."I'an bu~ driIJcr (ounctcthree p'~r­ sudden all hell brok e loose, , , I SOIlS missIng. 1:ihortly· after Monday 'ber~arne guess It was·between 6:30 and 7, " It wasn 't"bu t a minute or t wo Tuesday, he learned why, that the plaza eame alive with resTwo were dead; one wa., Injured , Conn ie Burns , Ill , Mtarnlsl)urg, cue ellu~pnlent." At the time llewall unsure what married and the mother Of two, and waS Ila.ppenlng , but "you could tell Ptillip Kent Snyder, 2(), o f the Hun ter area ne a r Franklin, a lald-ofr there was a commotion at those two doors," wh ich he estimated were factory worker , were dead, ' T iley were killed .by the c ro w~ :!§;i>Qu t 000 to 6OO. lee t Iroli) hl3 parked . pus hlnK tt.s way toward the CoU' ,ll\t:;, Ta.V1mnm' said $he and abflut; six scum door, for The Whi) m(!k con", or seven other members 01 the ~ert. ' John Gury Watt-5, 22, Dayton, WlU! grou p "Just pushed our way out of til e crowd " at tile 'coUseu m en Inj ured and taken t o a Cinc innati trance, hospitaL . "We got Gut, ,uf It because 1 coultl PATTY TAVm,'NER, 25,a secren 't breat he, " Her IIroup then moved tary In Dayton, saId 51fe "more or arOlintl the cfoIlwd to the · wall Ilnd less" organl,.~d the trip, he r tlrst ef "eased ' around , '1, lIe cor ner"' tO the fort. ' , " doors and go t Inside, where they "The Idea of It wus for u~ to have a safe w~ of getti ng there 80 j,very." "met up \\11th r'JUf or rive others, '~J tlfdn' t I~now auythlng hap . body could have a gO(){j ttl"" arl(l not , have tn worry about. dl'lv lng lwme:' ' pened until I g{) t back t o the bus and found oul, th ree were missing,'" Ii was a Joi nt error,t a m.o ng frIends., Sf) lTl any people were II ( I N iJ U;~' REMEMIIEREll , " I g'Olng ," she aa J d , " Somebo d y dlrJn't llave alllY' pCflple come l;Ia<::k W tirought It up iind It kind or just lilY coach unti l the concert, ,vas w~n t t\}r-ough everybody," nver." ". " Sll.e met Burns abou t. u year ago lIut, iJe ~ftl'd, "a pOlice otflcer w id through a friend , b tl t didn't, know me there weT'~ II dead and I Snyder. to my people It., they startt;d W !liter Al)ou1, 28 persons climbed aboard ba,:k, Nobody In that conc!!r~ knew ' eh.e bus at q()ldmllu', In Moml ne, wtmt h\lppelU"d. '. Just outsid e of I)ayton, Tavcpner said, T.hc remainder I>oarde'd' at ", '''When w,'~ got loaded, I could only come tip with 32'j}eople,At th)8 ~, Howard Jolmson 's ai, 1-75 ,near Mid time, this fcllnw (Danny Burns) got dletown. rlml cOIlf:ernecl about hIs wife missMonday's :'deflnltely" wl.11 t)C t.he Ing, Another guy .ald his buddy was last rock conce rt Taveru""r will at III I, s l Il·g, An ,;1 anothe.r "al a his· telld, 'Tve b'een 1.0 aJ.ol. of tbem·. I'll buddy Wll3 ruisBlng too , never go th.rough that agaIn , "We locate1j''lne guy I.· eul fast "IT'S Tim wors t thI ng' I've "ver (WI.lLtl! ), He Wtl;'l ln the l1osp.ltal. . ~een, Very ~ense l eB3 and I wish lI, , Getting IlllformaUon IdJout 'never happened, . Snyder and CO I~nle Burns was more "I'll tell you what'). odd. Out 01 rurrlclll t , Ill,OOO ,peOple, three of tll~m.(Vic ­ tlms) were from one bus. You just "Tills rnorgue Is a horse or wouldn 't expect odds to be .IlkI' another color, They wouldn '!; tel l that.':. ,Jesus Ghrist anl'thlnl! over the teleHund.!ey , drIvin g bu&es lor years phone; we tr ied to reach them from and t.he . last four 'to ~Ix yeats lOr tlui ColW>u m by phone and on the Overlap\lio':>tages Co, 01 Dayton , had pollee phone, They wouldn't tell us nothjnl(~t good to say alJou t the 35 anythlilg, passengers, a , ou t 17-?7, he brought to Clncinna , from Dayton "Tin; POLICE: a greed to take the and Middletown, "for me fun," woman's husblwd and tw,Q ot he'r (unldentltled ),Jelw from the coach . "You hear a lo t of people talk to,.check " ., " the at tile . about these young people," Hundley, nw rgue, 56, sa l d . In a teleph one Interview H undley "nd ttl e other p~~en ­ TueSday, "but I hQVC never hauled a gers waltc(\- t';'r them to· return, nice r group In m y life . No l ou d Then, th'ey stacr<ed the IQnil drIve vu lgar tallt. noises, no roughness, back t.() Dayton , . "People are a l ways wlllln 'g to 100 k down young peoples' thro",'!!., Som etimes they have a rlght,to, But "Corning back. e''Ieryone was 80 this was an exceptlonal group.'" " , tom up . ;', no one wall Saying 'anyAl.though he watched the ColiC thIng." Hundley said, seum pandem9nJum, Hundley saW - "Like I said, I have never hauled he, didn't know 111/1 pus3engonnvere 11 nicer gro up In my lite, 1 want to victims of the stampede until after make sure everyone understands the ~oncert, . t.hat," BY MIKE TURMELL ErlQVtror Rtpor fer







Enquir..- photo BY GORDON MOR!OKA

DIANA c\~BERT, who is recovering from leg brlllses, Is visited at Gcod Samaritan Hospital 'T'uesda b bo i ' lucky 10 have survived the crush of-the crowd, at/the Who concert Monday night at Riverfront y nand Marty Stonely, Both say they ..... ere


Lucky Survivors Recall Night Of Terrfil' ·]JeopJe Were ,'Begging, For Their; Lives' BY KAREN GARLOCH E nquirer Reporkr

Diana Cuber!. and her b'oyfr!end, Marty'Stonely, were among tile many 'couple" sepa,rated 'by the Illoh stampeding Into Tlfe Who concert at Rlver~ front Coliseum Mon day nlght_ . . "1. thInk. that my boyfriend walked {1gj1t over top of me and didn't know it," said Mlss·t;utiert who was Interviewed Tuesday from her~ bed at Good Samaritan Hospital. She hopes to be release(j tod ay a fter treatment rot I!ig bru ises, . . The 2O-yeur-old Erlanger,Ky" woman recalled her terror at the bottow ohit pile of bOdies, "I LAID there at leaSt tor "15 W 20 m inutes, They were laying on me and·standlng on my legs, You could feel their teet'fnove back and forth on your legs, 1 wanted oU·t'""to bad but I couldn't move, I was pinned down oil the ground ," . Miss Cubert lost her' shoes, her socks nearly were.puJled orr and )1er'jeans and coat were tattered,· . . 'Flfla:lly, with ' her f r ee arms, she grabbed arms of two men Inside who W.0Fe able to 'yank her out of the crowd, "I didn't even want to go back to the crowd cause I was scared to death, 1 'dIdn't want to get shoved anymore. I found two shoes on the rIoor a nd I Jl,lst put them on," she said , "You just moved wherever the crowd went," said Miss Cubert, '

. "iT WAS disgusting," remarked 8tonely, a 24 year-old record store owner, ,"Whoever was the strongest stayed up. . "I went down about !lve'tlmes, You grab onto somebody and pull yourself up, It was IIk'e 5,000 PQunds ago:lnst you, I Wllll Ju&t'pra:ylng, '. .. ' "'I didn't think 1 wus gOlng'to get out alive , it wa's fri ghten ing," said the. bur ly' Dlxle HIgh . School graduate , . "It all happened In front of the door In plain view of thepe'ople who w o rk there," he said , shaking his head, "She had Iler arm around an ottlcer 'g' shoe an d he walked back In. It that's going to happen, you're not· going to get out alive, "I wus In the door (one or two t hat she ' said were open on t he west slde or ·the ~ol1seum). I thought I was dead. I dldh't think I'd make It" sald"MlI!S Cubert, a tile. clerk ror American Drugglllt.1nsurance Co, and a IlYI8 Uoyd High School graduate: " "People were passing out. People Just pIcked them up and pllllsed them over their Ileads to get them out," she said, "I don't blame the kids, They had no place to walk," added Miss tUbert, But she did lay some blame on tile people In charge of opening doors, "The whole problem was that only two dOOfS were open, They shOUld have known they had to have more doors open," she said, cheerfully answering questions from reporters and broadcasters at her bedside and on the telephone, '~l'm Just glad that I'm alive, I feel pretty good and I'm pretty lucky I made It," She's planning to stay away f.m m rock concerts, . OTHER SURVIVORS of the stampede that killed 11 had similar storIes to t.ell.

Terry Thomas, an 18-year- old Centerville H Igh &:hool senior. took his girlfriend, Gret.chen Vanderkooet, 15, for an evening tho.tended In the Christ HospItal emergency room, . "There was no crOWd. control or anythhlg· There were no pollee around thooe people, , : It was' Just Insane, .1 WGuid mver go back was reserved Seating," he said, . ,"My girlfriend , she'll, about ,5'2" couldn't breathe, ' : Thll!. big heft y guy cam~ puslling through·tJ1e croWd. picked her, up over Ols head 80 Bile could hreijttL 'He held her up tor five to 10 mInute.," said the youth who lives 2'/4 Tauber Dr, . "I lost both my sboes. people stepPed on my reet and knocked them' oil, There was glass on the concrete from broken beer bottlll;!, " "We had to fight our way out, I didn't even know abo u t my feet, 1 started walking away, leaving blot.clles of blood," said Thomas, who receJved (our. stitches In hlJ! lett foot.


. A Z&-YEAR·OI,D Forest Park youth, Mark WIUIIWlS, who' wall trapped IlllIlde the panIcking mob for about_40 minutes, said people lying on th~ concrete were "begging for the ir Uvea," "1 was all the wa y on the bottom on the cement , , ,People on the-bottom were yelling they were dying. I grabbed this' guy by the sh irt and said wake up, I slapped h im in the tace, He did ~ t move," said Williams, of 11889 Cedar Creek Dr, "The cmwd was swaying anti people started tailing before the door even broke, The crowd went righ t at first and them to the left and more feU. People were t.rlpplng over each other. There wasn 't anyplace Ul go becaWle the' people were backed up, The people In the back didn't know,"

'Sickening' Rock Fan lust Wanted To Leave But CouJdn'l BY PEGGY LAlliE Enqo)O''''' Repo<ter

She arrived just after 8 ·p ,m .--·a.nd thougllt the commotion around B.h:erlrQl).LCQJ~um..!l'_a~ dUl!. to a .rlght,~mOi:LiJiii:IDi

Ypung, Diverse Victims At Concert Had Love Of Ro~k Music.In Common

FO{d the most patt., they were rock music lans, ~oth~~~c.ertgoers and students, Some were , . . ' th t,\~e;ne thing they held In common ·is --tr:mPI:d ~a~:~ :IfP::r~~v~~~~ those IYtm:iday-mght-1n-a"Stampede--of-coocertsea::! anxious to hear a"a perfor mance by The ~a a 13rltlsh rock group, . .' . Thre . d th .~.~ _, ....H - .. JL ea § were mournec\ at .FInn eYe -=v..w.n Igh SchooL Karen Morrls0l\> 15, of 925 . ii\~17sr~ ~:,,;:-nd Jacqueline Eckerle, 15, of and steve ~fe~~~,Al~;"o;'~~· ~~~~:!.~ni~e:~ Terrace was a recent graduate I Tti~ other victims were' '

;• ..LI


--J' -. ' .

!!'..!!1e-:-. ;ll.~a~S



,!!L1,,~.dy'~ a gregarious young mall Who.E~Wyed_.Illuslc and loved the outdoors, according to his employer, . . ~~e ln~lvldual. and he wiII bJi_ sasely ml ss_ed here, sai d Tom Harrigan, owner o ~ a Dayton area auto dealership where Adams. was_onl! of the managers of a service depl!l'tment, " He was .an outdoorsman, He blked,oflroad. Into sports,aU ot them '.

H orlzOI'Is-for Youtl'is (WHYTprogtartr '-' . " Hammel des~rlbedJ,WHY as a pro'gram for bright students who want to branch out·and work In a particular field while In school Bowes, a senior; was selected for the program' :Jl.e.:.~use of his academic achievements. th 'i-became' acqllalnted"Wlth -h1m through e program, He had taken an Interest in the psychoIOiY ..llar..L!>LtJlJLPJogram., and was doing volunteer work at Longview Hospital " Hammel sald:- ----·--- . . . , . Hammel said a recent evaluation at .~.owes' wo rk at Longvlewr~~_<!l!.l.!D_'~e_xcellent and,very responslbre;n "I had, Just re.cently_n8.!ic.a conversation with BOW!!-'!._~~~t)l ~.w:~r.1< at Longvlew,He had talked with me aooutliliUdlng rapport and trust among patients and. how that'rap~ port and trust can be de~troyed And how you ha~ work to restore It," Hammel said. . . mrrm'et-satd--Bowes-hacf planned ·to maJos In psychology and had sen t applicat!on~ to.several Eastern colleges, . . He loved _music, particularly rock musl~ andpl~d a guitar, He had been rehearsing with a -rt'bup to give a concert for WHY. , " I guess I admired him because ~ev-en though he loved the rock music and the rock 1!LO'.Wdst-.he. Wli s tree enougll::W1thbl..:b' ms eJ' not to get Involved In the drug tratflc, I think he 'Was able ··to see the effects drugs had on = Ie In his wor~ at Long'£\e~IIlel

Connie Burns, '18. or MiamISburg, south of

-I)~'"~lr-j·- ~wa~s. the-4-a'M"t~-~

moU,e.! ortwo-'yomlg 'ett!:ldrerr, Bhe-and"'hel" h!lSliru;l<i,DaJm$' Bmns, we~eJ"~J35j'!1Mi!: adults f rom--th·~!ddletown a reas who traveled by. chatter Mon'~ aay:s conClfrt b Y::I'lRFWficr a:t"RtvetfrontCOn;.; seum, c . Dan -Burns &pt*rently -Was-"'separatetl {r6mhl", wUe In lfle cl'swd, Wnen ile:"get book to the bus, h1swite wain'tfhere: .. - -._o


~Otmle's -h:!!,,!':.a!l:d ·' ( -Dani ''''~-grung ~O\Ul~~l.l"'-J!-tllq.lla,ll~ a-wGta!IJI m IilW grOllJl~~&lI!I4:'~~ pGl~ ~~margu~~it-Gon~

the Grace BapU!!t Churcn, Phlllp, so. n of ML"'·ao-lnl....d..... Mlf-l~5~.·-iohty1lt Snyder, 446'1 ROse Marte Rd" In the H¢'lter a rea ot FranklIn Township, Warren ~nty, traveled to the rock concert Monday on a chartered bus, according to Ills father. , _ .!.~ WIl.SIl't knoWll It PhUip knew James warmoth, another victim trom the Franklin area. Ph1,Ilp's family never was notltled ott!claJlY-Ot blsdeath, his father said. "My wlte called a guy'that went with Phil to see If they had go~ten back yet," sald Mr, Snyder, . When asked 1(1115 son had carried Identification, Snyder said he did not know but did notthlnk'So, ' Bryan Wilgnef;T1;on07Tremont AveFort Thomas, Ky., wa'sa:'May ·graduate -01 Newport CatholIc High School and a freshman this se,!,ester at Northern Kentucky ~nlveJCsJU'."Ji:ell.ttended Tbe Who co~ wltliIjls. brother, Erich. 16, a .Luruor at New~rt c:athol1c, who was not j,njure,L . Jim Wagner, Bryan'S fat.her,reeaJled T!l.l!.!!d.ay ~luLt 0.!lly a few ween.E!gO (Nov, 10) Susan lJ1inrevy, 19, wh611'Vl!l:nfext'doot d!e{f' In a Newport craffie acclaent In Newport:


said to himself ¥onday n!l!:ht as"he watched

~k.v1slon ~rts or-the ~. Tften he ~9Rt!wted-a relatlW who ~til the I ~D

clnnatl'l?ollce Department., c_. . . " f - ." . .Wagner's worst tears-were-e'bnJlrined'- ' his son hadbeen-erj;l8bed latally,Shonlybefore mldnlgbt..Monda,y:,4IlIU!.I!i;!:c~...n W~~ Qer, Bryan's parents,. went 's orromuJ tOt Eit Ha~Uton County morgue kkfu!Mj" ' thelr~ son 5 body. ....~" --

James :'nModOreW~

-Mr ,




:e- .O


a rock concert, she added. Th e n Stephani.e Leach "saw three or rour bodies together (on .the ground ),they were.belngbeaten. OIl the chest and stuff,· '. . "That's when 1 got slck,.I..l:J:!ukI:: n'ttake It. "} started shaking, 1 ),new they were dead," the 21-year -old Greenhms resident said, "None of Wem had shoes Oil, some didn't have. &ockS,:thllk coats werim't--ther-e.y{)U~ould -tefl they'd been through hen.Jt_\Q9_~~~ ,there'd been a war there, . "The cops pushed WI In the front door," she said, not !mowing If the~ were private l!eCurlty guards or Cincinnati pollce·inen or even ushers, Insllie;-s-tte-and her girlfrIenda' -weren't-&l\owed-to-leave.-~ - '-.~.,--.­

"lwau>j!,;k, I wanted to leave and I was going to call Dad-to geVme:---:: "But. the cops pushed us back In and said no one was Jeavmg.Twas begging and everyUllng and he sa.ld, 'No.'.

"THE omY ,thing I could figure

Qvith !J.l.e~bodle& out.thefe;-t.hey-dkl~

v't wantpeople standing afQund, _ . ~~~~le ~~J:f!1ng, l: w~ crymg:-GtherJ!,-Fguess-they' were so hlghly4t;itnk, they ,were:kls&1ng and bl!ggID(f-rlibtthere. It;.was sU:kerrC Jng::'nley .. ere HkeaninWs:"c---' Ste1il1WlIe1ned .t o can'hetfather but."you collidn't; (e:t f6-vle-pllo~, .the cops were using them.:" __ ~ , o' !ns1de, .'.'peOpJe..jnst:~tltf!t~ snoved- around;__:mY coUldn't move. But_~!applng, they we~e baying'" &Dod time . I ~couldn't, be­ lIe,!e-~. Man, therewe£e If peopIe

:{;oli@~.m i,(){fioials"8~nec~S'il~Jit · (},lic!· Pr(). ssrti~Ie" ': E~lItB;re 1C:lla'~g·~s BY,MARIL XN DI,,"i::.ON e~'" Repor.... , __

..' ,

,'. .



mq,erfront Coll~m ortll!lals .' w\l 1 a,w}iilt ,tberesu.ltSk M Investigations In(l'the deaths ~ ror~maklng any c hangesln operating procedures, saId John Tafarcrf.coHsellm publici. ty dlreti.or. .Although TllJaw,.Jlrst said ,all ev:l:m t s a t the collSetim· wou ld be heJd as schedule(i;'two'rock concerUi were postponed laterln 'the day. : The Blue ~ Oyster Cult concert gcheduled !orD.eC' · H waH "P0 3t ij;)dhed until we ~can , . , survey the 81tuaUon a llttle''l'iette r and come up wi til an alternative date ." TafarO sUiLd. . It W8.ll a,!leclslon "made by many ·eQl>le.",.1' . a~arfi added' ..H. e would not " u:~ who".was volved In making decJ~ ik:irLProducUons, prort.l(l.l~W cert, would not •coinmenllr A "o.~ . Aer .p


Collslluli\ 1Il'tle' held as sched uled, Tatato said , -,

Thg, - . ,0!lI'dKILHor:ney, fo r wer:e(l)ece~y;·in:;br~er 'tode:tetT Electric t , 6bnc~.ffi!.s,a:ld he ~In_e ,who'",IL'I, oniluty:·... .' was un O,ViIis !elll>OIl~IJ:jI! ._ Seve?,~~!l;~to,@~t~9.r~s. gepe,aJ!y fO r tn'c ment oellie ' Aero~ are assigned !nsldetnecduseum;·(or smith c t the' deClslonwas tlYc'k 'conce1'tIi;"lfil?added"butthey In "hi( metit with Electric whlleavethe "bulli:Ung It.aaBlstaiii'e Factory: 0 ts," the proillbter of Is neededotitSlde> ' t hat event,' '~Johll , B8.lIham~l!ecurltYadVlser. to - , In the laSt four years, 'some 150 the -collse(mi; alsowollid not:'iia\y concerts have been held at the collIi. ow many guards were 'jon ,duey seum without anyone being killed . Monday .evenJng~ There w'ere ' ~rio In ttie rush Cor seats, TaCaro said, more (guards) ,than ttiere woilld be Andl'everythfng went very ,s moothfor any other sell-o'u t crowd." Iy Inside" the collseum ' Monda.y ~' Nelther Brian Heekln, ·presldeilt nlgtil,. " '.' ,.. , 0.1 the coll:seum, nor ' aU~DeW lttJr: i Tafaro ~ll.ld ~ecurlty ' guardB In- executive vice prii'sfdent; .would sIde the coliseum are hired by the comment. promoter, Outside, city proPerty, are Tafaro sAid coliseum officials the city police, he added .., ,';, "will reserve iilJy ,comment until the a !lnanela!' arrange- CIty 0.1 ClilclnnlJ..t l IlI ,!lnls,!le,1 with men t be tween thed ty and th e the oUI cia! h'iVeStiga . tlon .. . . A.n y promoter to help ,cover tne CQ,t or comments at this .t lme would be the city polltemenstatloned outside "specti\ll.tlon and , Inapproptlate," the coJlReum,,:rarato explained. Taral'oiiald . Olles Cflilbrldth; head ot the Cln Reportedly, only a lew.of the 18,clnnaL! Prl"'ate POlice Association, 000 rans at The Who concert _were ~w.hlc.h_fUui1stwa"i·Ua.r.ds-to.f--c.ol1. . a. w,a.r.• ..,Ot'::tM.,.tra.g~~-OlltlI9..-t'h~• 8e\lln: evenUiI~tdhe dl.d not know gate. iCc" . . ,'. "'" howman}r'oUlcers were asslgr:led ...>Thete :1s "no telllngcwhat ;l.t (, e Monday e-ven1ng . He relused to deaths}.-wlil do" fo future a~te' cheCkp,i y;'feco;rds . which he M id eriCfl, he .ald.

Genera' Admission:'A Way Of Life" ,

Cbicag'i) Promoter Says ' '.I·Qr.s·N'~·c 'c.ssary Prccau . . . ._ BY NANCY MAUTZ CHrCAOO - The phrase "I,( eneral ' adrnl •• lo,j" too k on tl rrlghtcmlng" /leW rneanlnl,( In Clnclnrrat! Tues"; day 8.ll city orrtclals attributed thC ' Iea~h of I I J)cr s()ns .at Hlvc rfron t · Co li se um to the 'non - reserved 8eatInl6 system at Ttle Who concert. . But Jerry Mlck ~ lson, who, as a p a rtrler In Jan1 l'·ro(fuc tl.ons . Iii Ch lcago'sblgges L promoter of rock c·onceri..'!" sees t he problem In a '.111 renint way . . Tile Wh(j 18 Il~McJuled to ILPpear ::Ja turday In ChIca go fo r a Perrorm a nce at the ~nternatlona l Am.p ltheater . : , ·Tlckets lor Thc'Who's Chlcugo concert were 30ld on II rC5erved ~eat ballls, but Mlckeleon has promoted general admissIon concer !.!! whICh attracted as many a~ 70,()Q() fane. ' "We do general adm~~51011 all th e lime," ~ 1\1d Mlckel30 n. "We do It lof a udiences o r 5.000. We did It When 70.000 people carne to see the Roiling S tones at: SoldIer FIeld In July, 1976. And we did It when 65,000 came to see (rock groups) Journey I);ild Santana In August. .,' "Ever ~Ince rock and roll started, genera l adml~alon h ll>l\ been the pOl fey ." he sald .- "It's a way of lift and I don't tll'ln k anything c a n ,ctlange It. even th ough reserved' seats ar ll:'low sold for-sorne con-

ce rts.


-"THE (;'IWGIAL thing 15 how you handle crowds like tha t," explained Mlcl<e l ~on; whollas been promoting

concerts without IncldentJor eight concede ' befor~l;l&hdi' he.emjJtlayears. "I ~an't say what went wrong . sIzed , .,."",.,'1"" ''' '''> :' In Cincinnati, because I wasn 't Jam Produetl()Jfs ;,~!~Gc oigarHze t here. All I can teU -you t.. what we IIneswil.ltfng t6e ri·(ei:C,. 'con'Cert fadQ.· clllty 'so shoving wHI:;'not; I~ad to ."we' alwa.ys follow certain rules," tram pling cU8to.m~r8.,::, Mickelson said . "There are precau"You Just ':.IUl~t·j)pen the doors Uons we always take with a general and hope to'have-any kind ot contro) unlellll Y'tI,. organIze tJle lines "a.tln1fMloni3now that we don't need t.o i;lLlI:e otherwise." lI11:e.that," Mickelson said. "" .Mlcke~on Illustrated hi! poInt IIUCKELSON"'ofOrEN uses pee r lltd~lIc1blng the crowd that attendgroup sec urHy/young security eU, the Rol!lng Stones concert In guards who otten wear. T-shirts. 1978. "They ' w,ere probably' even "But only as another precaution,;' more Intense' about getting through he said. "It's Just one more way ' to t1]?l}e doors than the fans In Clnclnrelieve the prell,$ure. Ihhe . giiytalk~ . nat! were," he,Bald. " . Ing to you Is your aKe, iIO that he can "B_ut we planned roOt. We adverput hlmse\t In youl:- ihoes, he's likely Used that .the doon were goIng. to to deal with you fn a tiuman way,"o: ._ open a t 8 a.m . ' the day of the .The Who's appearanc'elnoChlcac' (eVening) concert," Mlc~eLson said. 'go Is 'l.elflghil.ndl€d by · promoter "T hat's \Vhat we advertlaed, but 'we.' B ru ell ' Kapp of 'Ceiebrlltlan/Fllp had our own security ,there at 5 a .m . .Side. Kapp has 'added some security SUfe enough , out ot ."/0.000 people persQnnel ¥ ·a result ol'theClnclriwho Ilad bought t1$:ketal' 2n,OOO of 'hat! tragedy; b\1t does notantlclpate ~hem wereaJready there by 6,a.m . any special problemb, .'.' .' TUe single bIggest pr6blem with '''ruE PRESSURE was bUilding, 30 we dedded to open the doors two a generaLadmllllllori c6ncett Ili ;get" hours ear ly to take off the prellJlUfe. ling the people ~nto tlietheater In It had been one of our opUpns all an orderly fashloni Mlckelwll iJald." a long- to open early . cBefore a. concert, MlckeI8o.!." lfhws ®%to 70% of the ,security persoonel "You IllwaYlI have to have ways to r elea.Be the prclIl!ure," MlckelllOn 'Q.lltaH1e, where the lines ate. Fora, .added. "Tear t he tickets quIcker. c<Jncert 01. 70,000, that means, there Open more <;Ioors. Those big crowdwlll 'be"l50 or 200 securIty peopleoiit: are like teapots. If you let the presald,e.and another 100 Inslde~ ,: ·i.· · . : lIure build and build, the .lId Is Just . • For a crowd of2n,OOO, lie's likely ., going to blOW right oU. You 've W'lfave l20 securltyperson!leI. " a lways got to have ways to let the a I r ' "The malnthlng Is to .l!Ii3'pect the out somewhere," 'crowd, .. Mickelson said. "BOrne of Mic kelson 's ald .he~tells all hi s the people camped out over night perror mers that the...crowd comes before that Roiling Stones concert. first and, II thlngs"become tense People In that situation are goIng to Enquirer- pho to BY MICHAEL E. KEA·Tllfq. outsIde, the doors may have to open ge t upset.. Bitt that doesn't mean early. you shouldn't do general admIssIons FOR FRIENQS: Mike Niehaus, )7, left, aIld SaHy R igby, 17,trhihds of th ree persons killed Mohday at the "That means they rnil.~ not get a concerts. That Just fueans you have s ound check or a rehearsal, ·but to anticipate the problem and take coliseum, sort ~heir mak~shlf! 'si~ns nf prot est before io!ning 3bau\ J() Fiooeytown fflends in a candlelight vigil Tuesday nltJht In downto",!11 CinClnnatL One marcher's SIgn r ead;'''What could replace 11 live s?" these are points the group has to as many precautions as possIble."

Promoters Play It Safe In Buffalo With Extra Guards BY TOM BRINKMOELL ER

On e e l derly guard ou t.'!ld ~ ' l\n .obv iOusly unused dopr was' askN,'l( he wou ld h a ve been, placed tl ler~-ilJ I.h e ' Cincln p"t! con,,£r.t crowd '!I1~d no tpr'o dueed fataoll ti es. " 1\10 ,t wOo-ldn 't: ' he said , "I 'd' be i ns ide 'where His warm ,-T-l1:lg-'ls- re a:lty,'tcerrl:~ ble,"

E nquirer Rep0(1er

B U F F ALO. N.Y.-Approximate ly the same number of people who saw The Who play in Cin cinnati Monday night saw that same group here Tuesday. Offi cials estlmate d ' 17,250 people saw 'the' roc k group before 'a ca pacity crowd at Buffalo _Memorial Auditorium. --- ,Hut'-rrobody·dled In Buffalo, After II persons died at Monda y's rock con cert at Riverfront Colise ull'i, Buffalo. promoters or ,the Brms1iql:i'ilr't~'t's Tues day appear_~Le bolste red security forces a t ·Memorial Auditor ium. They also had a reserved-seat policy-a reature that many stunned- CincinnatI Qfflcials believe might have--reduced --thecondltlollstor tragedy Riverfront CoUseum. , - ' Among other thIngs, 'guards , In B.uCfalo wet.e "frIsking" everyone ~whO•.enteI:ecL1llr.Ihe c 'oncel:t .They sai d patron's always are, searched before a rock concert In Buffalo. _ The concert started at exactly 9:30 p.m. with fUm excerpts ffom The Who's .upcom Ing movie, "Quad~ fRphenia." Exactry '12 minutes later ttle' four-man band took. the stand. "You all, k now 'What happened. yesterday -'(MOpday)," lea_d . singer .RogetOaltrey told thecrowd . '''There was ·nothlng , We could ' do about'it. We .were totallY ·,shattered. We lost notof family yesterday and th is shOW Is for them." ,_F;.:),'L.I~.rJ, .ll:l.~..:p_e-"-f~d::-U)Jy. sfJ\~ty -g.U'a'FQ'CW.a'!Fannounced=oti ..~c Welnsteln;,'presldent of . Harvey & t'brky productlQnS;:'~--; :7" -, - - .- -ii-pe ne d unannounced ' at '1:30 lor "To assure The Who fans and the earlyarrlva]s. 2are}!_ts- ~q! ~!.~~~~~hav,: ' rH>-W::: ..::=BrlanIJ(jucette, '23, who-came In :nutrbl-etl-s-e-curlty;..-:ne sala.Hlsilrm among~t w,o busloads·{)f- W-h0'4'RJUt-- h is ';be'e~!iC-klng-roCKconcer.tsqn from 'rQrontO, .wlci~asked if l1e was£ .4,mloelght years. upset bywhatnappened M9'nday"ln ,.Il~ets · for the CIncinnati con-ClncinhatL. cert sold.out in .1:5, hO!1rs. , "No" he said. "I've been to , the Tlckets~f eor=T h e-=Who's- Bu.f1alg.,. \ROllin'g) Stones, ana seen people -concert sold so well tha!.a few: days killed ther e. But .1t you're' golng"to 'after they went· on ' sale, WeinsteIn have, general admission , 'Uuit'sthe' inoved the startIng time from 8 to.9 .pi:1c'e-yetrha:ve-i;u-pay/' Jl1ffetetiCes abounded bJ~tweeQ._ R:in: . the concertS here--ana a.~ Ctfic,lrinatt: "< . •



, .

-~ .

Street.'! ar,e .cleaJ:. b.u t t ner ~.1l.r.e piles of snow . sometimeS as hlg!~s six feet, around eve ry"OITlfd~IF' cllialng th'em'emorlal -a;udltori unl. Thus, theIacility outside has l lttl£,J oJtm3'01 a cro.w d s tandIng around. T he tem'pefat ure In tlle.clt)' w as 36~(jegrees,Imt:'It:;1V=cti~lH p, than th'at because 'of st roi)g g,lS1.a blo".lng onLake Erie, By 6 p,m, a number of persons ttie.d 1;0 t!eket<! f~6HJ It er.~ that 'fonned outslde 'one of. tJJ t rances, By'< P:45 il;l~~ weie all

Security guards.mpyed them; ng them thea;oo£s ,wQu ld n ot o[l.e:n ll ntil 8:30 p,m, ~


:. ~t, 7 P,ll.I" abou-:C1~

t I¥J de aUd iJiOrbtJ H1.. , p'e::er s ecurilJy. m e!l.-.J'!l w ltl:l q.ullh.,Qtnj t1! et..' brie t.Jr§! lobby, :rh~Y 'l'!e);l·t 6)lt'en, _ 0lIl:" j side 'aUditorium , and a nnounce<Ll f ' ,b ystanders 'dtd. no t ,have _ ' .et.s,

ftheY-<!MtH<l-kihe.n~"a;n d j f



,have tlck~t.'!;· Rthe g.ooIs 'wo un1l1!f;30 so garom-e".'1fel'~~ wapm. "

the CIncinnati tragedy trom ,ll ~Cin_nati was .a freal< acM'dell.t':SWell1 AT 7c30tpey opened '~ r.s Ug~­ stern, said. "It Was not due t:o aJac,K n.ou n ced ~ a,c~ ept tbo sg. ..,llO .. p;m. Mo.nday to 2:30 a,m. aljd .then resumed thenCa:t'7:3O'a:m:"Pu~ 0i: Jll efla re dn esc. l~ "'lI.tJ1' si 'a-p -:ll\!>..!e(t;upJ:o;Jlla1t o.d~ the.~el'jl n:>f.. · .. ~l'»ne_t-he!-,M:'::~Qncert, . 'weJn~a1'<M;hl!l1uIII1:le'r15fse=­ " Asifelfir tnl!''P.r,btilO.~~ --f'I4,fJFt<n!.i!¥, "i ~'1-.~i!ia:ges;Ae t tndfcate. howrpc~hcerts UlSl.iaJ',ly carlty))figple wo.slncre8.lle'dfrom 125 ting, a~lot :oTpf'e§Sure 'tobeef. up sew ' 2!;o.cTIfey .lnclal1eort:d~tyBurra:,:,­ .J!)irlty;"":-W.em;stelti 'repne~l:~~ ::tr~~ prlva te-"3eCurlty.- ~'an"'offers of assistance .frllm • .th.e Rggaro.i:ng~f-'l, S')Va1 .ea,t iRj( h e K\1ards Iii. .,.~form and ' sO:cal'~d­ _Butia.lO-Eo.I.Ice..aruL~or:s..ah. "peerse!!,Ilrltl" l!orce,:'. beefy young flee as·weH as oth er pOl.yeriitfla.f'J'ie,:" ,sa1Q;;,;I'!fao:lt InslrunixmS3! .sUle, 11 rrren-- whp")ook :Itke-the- c'oncettgoers" '~"Fwas-::told--someone-='lled':~h~ ",,!:r;kS"!ot:';,5gn:nr~pl.e, I~~ tme!~.!> bu t whose T -shirts. mark' thein as mayor and ,sugges\.fid 'Why' not.em;!'allJ¥.:"l;·f~fIR..,,!""Wfl:!i!-jft~~ Ubl.e;il1' the-el'gh:f. yean; we've se'cuJity worker§~ Youlig· petson's"at 'ce I- tti.e whole · tfiing ,tOn'l~ht2:..JJ1e a: ffi1!.J(.Q,ksa ld 'No, be.c~:aJJaoal£S _b :-,1::or:k:::COfV:f'.fL~'" J~~Qt? ~J; e,lld. to lis.ten .to cthem., -crcrprl1'ilSsrrgbt-n;rre-:,~romoters say. l ate to check th.elr sound equip: ment.


-,,---Rtverlien~m Jr6ld~ \feS~lval' WftOO


A,LTHOUGH'THE 'S;-u'dlenire'· ,bigAn ..arrJylQg::a.t~e;:!ro1'!g;ol!=­ se u'!!l . at --3 'p .'m'_ Moo"nl1lJ:'y"cd,§ , appare.I)tly were I1p,t\o~r:le.t!untll apo_l!t 7;p.m., il!-n _nota befQre ·~he c.o ni!ert ,wRS'W begIu, ..,2.,eJ.ncl:n.n,ati-PoJlce h'aus ·Sl;ctd- .t'b.ii-=G:lile


LAST-FRIDA Y~By:tf-alo"g;(WiLwfl teet of snow.

. verso-fis and' ha<!' ~~~"-c......

admll!!!lom. and.:teSetll~"Ior

tlte IQel!: coneert . •' .

. ,.








· ., ..... t-t I->A. V'-() i. I~ (r :h {

. i'.~ l' r '\lt i f"IH to, H. I. , C 'vu' Cen t er c&.nceJed "w ~· t l ~' t U h- 1j I it' t' F r un ee rt o f The .: ""sU, \ .1' t ti t' ' '' '1U~ 't of Providence Ma yor ~-'., u p ot ( ;·trWl . f-

III • I,ll ' ,,,,, B" ,lo n Mayor Ke v\l'l Whit" (h t



Ir1,," l;}th i ; \~,: t lt' U H"r to cancel a 'tou ·.I,·rlll1~ d t h,.. 'iune wt'p ~: a t -Bust,oIl



' .1. n:f":"

Ih,· ~' r« ,\ !I!''' W ·V "i how , l a~ t d at e u n th e up ,. ;., t~,~~r, W (1.!) it ....... Uon l.' ~" r ' ,; 'Llig I f, ( 'ha r )¥:'.., T {)() uu'y . the l'rovl ,P " f!1 f·r "< .· Y, '~"IJ UV I! d lre-rt u r , a ll ~'5ea.t.,; If ' ,';I, J. '"",'t'P- p '"erve(l Th;lt's the wa y if t J: 1 , ~'!w hullrJ.i Ill-( :-' c tHl '· ~' r t."'i. 'y\,~. '. f/P.. rj f'~ I.,.U\' a t \if.> atl n g t wo or t h n~e :.,. '.1..' ,Jill" I fl " 1,.'fOry rea~flH'i you had th{)~e


problerilS In Clm:innaU:" Toomey recaUed . "K l<Is {Tuwdlng up tfl th e door, push ing agnill st each othe r , waiting untll t h e last mln u tp to rush t. h ro ugh and grab t h e c,los,,,t. s('at -· t1m t would on ly lead to problems. N(I Vile was evel' Injure\!, at our gene ra l a d i'nlssloll s hows, hut to p'ftvent something frorn o(Turr lng In · t'I'I~ fut ure we stopped them ,"

TooM.: \, ""liSt\[).

"W!lIl t happer""l In Cinc innati was a n a wf u l, a wflll t.ragedy for eve ryon e, but m o~t " f a ll ," hp noted In a voice cracking with em ot.loll , "Cor th()~ e kids. What a way to go. y h"llrt goes out to thelrparenL,," Con cert.s with predominately gene r a l .HJmlsslon se.ttl!l!l; ar~e exception ra ther than the rule for t.hls leg 01 The Who's tour ,


The night before tragedy struck. outside Riverfront Coliseum , the B~ltsh group played Plttstmrgh's CivIc Arena, The bulldIng was filled I'll capacity , '. Of the .17,005 tickets available, only "be· tween 1,700 and 2,000 were festIval seatln.g, and those," said Jack Mathison, the ractnt y's sales and convention manager. 'were Just on the !loor. ' • "WI': GOT away from lull festival sep.tlng because of control problems," he added , "And wh enever we do a show with restlval seatlng,lt Is never more than 2,000." The Who p layed Buffalo Tuesday night. The city's Memorial AudItorium was sold out, all seats reserved , The 'same s ituation exists lor the band's concerts In Chicago, the Capitol Centre outside Baltlmare, the

New Haven Coliseum and Boston Garden .• . Only Pontiac, Mlch:s, SUverdome and the Spectrum In Philadelphia have general admission tickets, On Friday, 32,000 general admissIon t icket-holders will fill the Sllverslome , On De~ . 10 and II, Philadelphia's Spectrum Is ~pectlng ~ lull house or 80% general admissIon and...~% reserved seats. That breakdown Is the ' cl=t any at the 'ather places came to matchlng~ Rlverlront Coliseum 'S rlltlo ot 90% . general admission ana 10% r~setveil, M()NIlA Y EVENING'S tragic events wUl undoubtedly have far-reachlng ettects on the roc·k 'concert business. They have already causcd Gary Hanalema n , director of adm inistrative operations for the CapItol Centre, to rethink .. how we'll do festival

:;eating shQws, but," he emphaslzed,"we wlll stili continue to do them. We Just won't Clo 'those thll.t;W\I~..crea.te a buge-orowaprot>lem. For exaqlple,we old Fleetwood Mac. It was a huge show ana It went tine." . Philip Lashlnslr:y, a concert promoter working ·In elgh t cities, IncludIng Lexington, saw the deadly stampede ·Outslde ' the Q!lUIl!UlJUJnJ r er terms, • . "It has nothIng to do---;tthr Ock,';--he stated. "It Is an example of what can happen at a taclllty built for mass audiences. Something sImilar happened ' at soccer games In Brazil and Turkey. Wherever It Is, It,!,:an happen whenever a mass of people get together. It Is a pity and a tragic commentary on man's Inhumanity to man. Yet, I still CMl't believe someone would walk over 8,Omeone when they were down."

( :()ncertgoers IJeave Manners' -. -. -::'



-.IJack Home" I: ( U

I~ F


.- .


I r l'

... "

'," -1' '1 VIJ U Jl~: Tt l" r:ln's an" (UIL The wld l'-' 'I-' yt' r~ T I)tY 'fi h,.. l lJfHW ent U i t

· .' ~ I· rJ · f'J : U w 1w ..- r,; hr",Aa t.lJ ,' t tLt . Kla ;t,fJ'd j' ye~ an d ': • 1111 !Jtlf'r ~ nt ). p f.:F~d l

'T 1 · r",)'


/-; Ju,·pri.s 'flu"'y arl' J'f w k ]q 'lll';nl.

1.1// 1.fI


;fl ' !

'j ~ _~" ,

~If· ! h ldl ln"! ) f I r A W.f:!rlca . .' ... 1l-:'P Hi f 'II H']u u ul.1 TlH~Y live ln l·)ailas,

l.trt!:\ '; "'1,' Y(). k . N~w O rlf~au~ . Hput.Up. and Sa.n "r :ll' Y IJlw w t wrl' w'r roc k Is pl a.y'(~d he ~

;. ~ ·W . "~J

' 1 f~ J,!l;'~1


III I f 1\ I~ IJ' II fl fI' t.I,y B u t ·1.Il1m, ! wlt,her an' as · 'Il er,' " ', Tl j~ lr a WfI' I ~ ragg,, (l lltlll Nit Is t heIr ··,·· •. ' ..·I ' IT rut l} If'HI . ·rn lJ.r ll H~ r!i a r e ~iHrH! th ln g 1,0 p.o. ;J i ll'J!fH' Wlt.h Uu' 1.1 ) ranl-a,nd tlw p a l'f~n t.\.j. '1'1", ,"~f" \ ", f)'ppf'U o n Ufi a fJJlJJ,t,.eLof C UlJrSf ~ u.t u , ", k """ "r!. W',r~e thlng~ "fill /J a J'ven It

re , ""'I,,l Th" t l"r lslJee wi t h your rmrHe on It

• '>!

.' h t ,t rnu' Ttl" IJl g dru n k In th e next aWe Or ttll1t goo f "11th the a r5ell.a l ot ':'! ·'i ',' V. I II hts ('otit coulfl drll[) a IlmlA:h up his !'

' , ;, J I", ,, u;:l y

· .... t "

,~ (

,\f'l HI pVt! ryf)IH~ Irt th r- neigh bor hood to ~


t l'I')I')L! 1

J /IJ",!J1U V.

~'1tl'IVIlI ~ .

I'rL., kll'f' :-'

l' I r:·':.v{Jrk:")~' , . ' . . . 1\11 11 tlla!. (j OC' T1't Inel utl e the m Ullle, which Is th p u t a. ho r n hI your ea r n nd·a

'I d P JHilJy,h : ,,, tJ'j ~'

(,H yO !l r

\\ IT II

U P ~i.


dangers a n d the sad turn ot

" ."Ilh I tl a t 'lrai,sp lr ed Munda y night l,lIJtslde H~V f' rrr' H l t CrJ Jiseurrl ;rw one wuuld be 5urprl!:ied If

-r ,rrH' dav nwk-con ce rt. tic ket."i c a m e wlth the Irl",5'''i.:': ·WAIIN I N (; , CONCr:JlTGOING ·MAY BE

ifA;<;.1JIlJOl;S T O YOWl ift'A LTH.

..! "' I)u t'l n 't ohJe<:t ," Dick Wyma n said last , "'" Bil" k thi'n , Wym a ll wa ~ produc tion man ,1i4~'r f rH H 1Vpr f n Jn l C oH~ unl'5 e()nce rt pr'omoter. ! { I \ I~rl rqnt C(Hlcerts. Tu da y, he jS out of the UJu ~ k OU.,) pu rs u ing a sufer Une of work ~mJJ : n~ r f.'(Tf"(l tio n a l ve h1eles, I , -'flIP kid" nealll.e tha t," Wyman continued: ,t '


r1 , k,

"r wundlng

trlte - th at'~

lire. You

',,,h1 '~'J. lk Oll t on t he 5tre~ a!l d get hit by a car. \!l v U m, · V(IU . » llt 18,000 people.! n une plac'!, cer-

' ,~ J n rl", ~~ "-IJH· p.'a ',f:' ,~ " ~"t. · · - . ",


T \\ fl '\J(,IITS a gu ,13,300 p!'!uUre were In lJ!,t< I' I(,:'· r frflllt Coliseum: The ris ks ' " 'j. .t,ny p ru portlons. Ever yth ing after ' . :.:t .~ r ,u: t ! Jrl <;; lll.nHtcance,


Increas ed tltat touk

I ! dill ii"t mat",r t h at· hour, h aet been spent ;" "' ll" ~



• i l !",~H;W ·.\iilS

' e',· The Wh o

It ,lip Hilt mat ter that .sold out. It did not rnat.ter that the

n:""'· we nt orr without a h lte!!. It lild not mat.ter


pla yed lon g- two hours and lou d, ehest· n .llli n v, It ,lid !lo t m atter t hat everyone irl.,lde :w: i a I!;I) O<1 t iIne . W h at m llUered most was ' what could never

' w'

Enquirer Photo BY MICHAEL E. KEATING FAN S CROWD around the i;tage as T he Who perform Monday hight at Riverfront Coliseum after 11 persons dIed In the crush of the crowd

lIf' rf:>pl tJyp d -. . i 1 li ve ;;,

,Crowds Capable Qf Developing -U-wnPersQnalities,- Expert Says

OI.It~ the coliseum.

Lawyers Predict~ LegaI--Kamifica tions

gether, It's so easy .t o spark a panic reaction, Peop le ' lase theIr reasoning, lase their Judgment. It's iUsJ. like a keg of dynamite." . , While It Is more Ilkely for a crowd to pan ic In a confined area, Blellauskas said an outsIde crowd, like the one at RIverfront Coliseum, also can develop "a personality ot Its own." . "The group ltsel raeverops some soi'fOf'auior:phous persaoallty and IndIvIdual th i nking By' KARE N GARLOCH lee t a nd to t hin k," said B lella us kas, sound ing a lceases," f:- ~,q\ M'Q r Rf.!Dor ter mo~t Incred ulo us h lmsel! , "Th is wa s no t only "You see crowd behavior In Iran now. T he BY BARBARA REDDING ba r ba ric but a n imlll-lIke." I"'P f'f)p le f'(J~ I(jn ' t bell eve 1t. saddest part Is that we are Judging and we are " E nqulr..- Repor1e1' , T 1H' Y llear(! tr.e tlrst reports that 11 persons "J d on't know t h is grou p (The Who), but they . angry with them (Iran1ans) and It happens r ight U nrul y c rowd s a t r o c k concerts wpre t rampled to death getting Into The W h o rnu,~t be magnetizing -th ese youn g people," he here unde r our noses," said Biellauskas. acroSli the naUon are commonplace i-', r'k c Oll c ~rt Monday night, and they were In added, Smitson's clinic Is oUerlng free .crlJ;ls counbut apparently few l aw~ul ts have - ,Ta ilUy 1l'>fIi.fied, disgusted and angere<l, seling "{or parents of the dead teen-agers or anybeen f1led -against concert, h alt or Most of all . they were Incredulous. They body else• op.who was traumlttlzed by It." Dr. Wafte r Sm ltson, d irector of the Centrnl rock '0 roll promoters . ' askep why: Ps ychiatric Clln ic, a greed t hat excitement about Hamilton County Courthouse "Whe n many 'People get together, they beTHAT COULIl Include "people who witnessed r ecords revea l no Imlts agains t ~~~a~~er t contr ibuted t{) the pe rvers~ crowd' r , ,me s ubject to what is called 'crowd behavior,' " It and had a narrow .escape the1fiselves or work- owners ot 'Cmcinnatl's ·Ri¥ertront e xplained Dr. Vyta-utas B!ehauskas, a Xav ier 1!Tlrln the Coliseum whu-may-1t;.!'1;'!<t·-great-t:teal-of Coliseum rot InJU rIe S cauaeU by U,m e rSlty psychology professo.r. "They do all 11 1,. JHJ ULuer age ar e we so stlmU l atea as we guilt about what happened or policemen and r6vfdy c ro wds s i n c e t he AIllnai1 kltHis o f behavior ·whlch. If they'd think , the y are du ri ng th~ tee n years anfl the early adult ministers who helped at the scene." • l3 r others band Introd uced th e "" Iu lel !lot do. It is equal to lynchings during the years. The a n ticIpa tion 01 l.t (th€· -ca~rt ) has About 25 people contacted the clinic for help strueture to electrIc music I.n Sep.~a r l y pioneer days." been bu ilding since September (when It was sold Tuesday, he said . ., . . tember, 1975. "II you get all of t he wrong factors building ou t ), T h e degr ee of stimulation h ad been very "One of the thl!)!!S we' l earn~d from 'f h e But several lawyers interviewed up. then an unlikely event becomes. not too Immuch underestimated by the concert promoters," Beverly Hills (atl.ermath counseling) Is that Tuesday predIcted the ·trampllng Smitson said. [, cot)able," added "Unlvers ltY at Cinclnnnati psy· there are a number of secondary victims-On deaths or 11 persons at T h e Who cClOlogy prafessor·Dr. Howaril Lyman. . addition to those who are injured or killed}!' ·cancert M9n,day will ctlangeUlaL,. . "THEY '(THE FANS) are at all age- at which .. "'- "Al1mhetthlrrg W'iftearnell J5 that people who SOME .OF THOSE wrong-factols, he said, In-lffilfflaey-lS-S6erltlcal. They want to sit that close need help in coping· wIth a crisIs are very,senslA LAWSUIT Wed !il ~yton by a ci uded the late starting time a t the concert, the to t he performers. They're groping for Intimacy' t.ive about feeling t ha t they will be seen as a suburban Cinel.nnati woman ml:iLeness In opening doors, the Insufflcient numthey're .groplng for closeness; they're groping !o~ mental-healthpatlent:....We 'see' them as persons lured a t a··rock eonce.rt at Ha.z:a Idols," he added , . who suffered~ma," he-sald. - . - Sports Arena In 1m may sene as a t)~r ·of open doarsL.t!t.e sOlln!1s ot music somfng . __ Nevertheless, Smltson saId, "the potential is f rl)ffi the band warming up, . . ..• cA The service Is tree, and no formal reco rds are le~ . I.l?-!!I§..t ()[ 3.1J:I:tII.. ~~ always"ther e In.any " c-r6wd. You Jarri oeo·ille· to- ·keot. ne'safil:T1Ii''I.IHs8'72c 5804: · - ·· . _~!:.~m Monday's _··_ 'j i'J,liliw. biln~~il[lL~p'J!2~d,j<;ijgye 1!,l~£E y. ' .e natl ·a&t-orn-ey--who- repee·s ented Karen Spiegel, tI:te IS-year-Old Wyomlngwoman. Tuesday, he said a Montgomery "B-~GENE POLlC!NSKJ Jy walt at doors honrs--before-a:- -=<·We"ye-gcr~rs-to-tfie··1l.rel'la­ ~~~ 'na nceViIlIDe jiYopas'eawlt1'lTn ,'[Tew Augus~wa&-t.he ~qa1rust a~­ general admission concert Is to .and we try to preverit 'a bullliup at ~QIV"'leit Nt-wll-5f:tr-~e - .. , _ . . week" to .forbId-any "general admlsc seum fOql~.ages CllIlSlld by an unbegin , and glass door~ at each lacUislor:!". .oI "f~~tiva~ 5eaHfl~:'::'>.t.-:e-veflts anfone,poln t,'~Su~~~rlln saId . . INDI AN 'POLIS - Mare than·OO rock .z:ulY-J:(lCk. t;nrn"Vl,n'eerr shattered: by fans lllJlOl.lLlng more t1ian 6,1lO() persons, ~co~riSa year are-lw1d at two fluge "W~tesear -USUjilly,-tfJ,ose·-w1t-bsut.--tlck" ts,..they- .. .. ' -Market-Squarc·:a;ls-o-·h-as· ~'peer­ ai€:uas i tt: e, WIUl ltlos t----itekets--soid-- ---tH-E.-.(;.O.;>i'(;E-R-TS. -h~.-e~.hlch. satd-,-trylng tA:1~n81de.--.....:... ~ Jljif9I'l!_ . , group security personnel" (which OliiifilY typically ha·v e large ticket sales c.~_e way they had been sold ·for know it's ·Ufe ..:, vei'dkt".':In Ohio Both Ear l Summe~Hn, Market Summerlin saId has been descrlbe~ and y;eWeteuDa-\iletotoeate ·IlJ1Y th roughout cen tral Indiana-are . Square e·xecut lve director, and Dean ,~ ~~ tl:pus concert In' CinclnnatJ as "T~sh·tr t eQ:-musctemen") · w-ho Stm1tru-'V€ftll~'many\~~ --.hel d ' et.tbe r. at Mp.rk?f, Square Aref.l!l, . Phllllps, .executlva .d1rector of the move Into crowds .to break up any ,;ad- -a~rtJ l sed tor -e~teF,"SatEi they .lise a LI1st1Jrbarrces ami .8e,llel itIlY' cOfltrol '"IestWalseatl'fl:g,-' or as . general admlsslon concerts, or the combination of p~lv.a.t_e sec..l1ti.t y _the · tI(}w~the cfQwd, ~.saIf1:. The. t "Get th fast Indla-n/t Convention ami Exposition forces:'iIicludlri'j!: a ' special" grilU':p" ...Ioree...genefally woffi"l;tWll1llfffir"uf' .·<"ti'ntei', whlch eaen accommOdate up --:OOO·5eat." J:aJ.J.ed~'.!!l:~"'-and off·"C-es, to about 9,000 rock fans in so-cedled- ' ctu;ty clt;y.::mrlttem'en t9 ~an tTa" ~the-arena h e ..a.ld, ,.. .. . -.::-::::. .c_~ · '. -"festtva;heatlng;"-ffi-wll4cll-the .only se.£.~J..'!.~!IJ l are on the;1toor'.

H.oo:~i~r:~ :SayThey ~Iave Crowd Contr~l Answers <'


"Karen Spiegel wasn't the only one b urt In Dayton. But she ~ tbe on ly one Injured serl0U5ly enough and wh o beCame angry enough 1;0 fi ght It out In court," the lawyer said. -... --~. 'S plegel was knc:ickeddilwn and trampled when eager concertgoers surged Into th.e Dayton ar·ena to h ear Faghat, a rock group, Gehrig ljlld, But the CIrCUIrultances that cau.sed..seyeralll.gaments to be fum from Spiegel's right knee Were-differe n t lnrm those In clltClD.fiat1 Mondltiy, he added, . Festi val seating - as general admJ.ss1on, otten- onl y to stand, in the area In front ot thesta:ge-~ u.seJ1.!n~ J!9n~~.lQi1'ftlf(-1i of R lvetucmt , Collse~ said. ." . . . , .-:Mt),tle .,

,=-....-:{-__ _


BUT DAYTON arena officials' allowed Spiegel and some 1200 early arrivals to walt ·lnsl'de I.n a fiollitng


h.acL.hee.n...pronll,'!ed tbey w.ouRl. be ·fJl:eJIfiit1IJr6Wel:Urulldethe atena. It.741dn'.t w.orlr: . ' OUtstdICd:qors o~edflcsl. AS !iOOllAS those in-the ~g pen saw otheT.llnlSh~ lor sea1;S, thersUl'ged ou~6hhe' holding

11:«&; kflffie)EtRg Spt~l ' to:c~, ground,!d. ~. c-~ ..._

8pl,e-gel;wda1 atl-eshma.n. .at



she 'IqS-.a;ble'lo~l1fuii ~-qn~i;rleg, ~la"'~SIl!d .


we h ad

T I\!H ' t;y" V{ '!l{)l'E t("i t : Hi d tr w appei'J.r anee ot n f" !t~ ttt~r th!;tl" n~N e rv t!'d~

try GEORGE BECr.:H{ !1' j(rtr Fr R f!))<)fffM


Il en t jol:. "

by we t.:" not

m(,re th an

ush e f~ /ot, j;h e conee l'!'. IJol,n out, <lt1(j Hctu aliy m ple thfW prior show," Barte t l wrote. " Our ort$ta n Uy cleared th e a is les a n d

4ln d

h uc! ~

t-h cn wHite to Ba rre tt a: 8eC-

T r a(; ~y tl a ct or lgl.",dly eom plflin ed tha t apparen t overse Hing could vlolaLt:: Cln c \nnaU's con.u m er sales ord inan ce beca use " t h e consu mer no t 'rece lv lng what he Du r('.h D~ed. J a view a. c()'h ~ cert. , an d h.e [ca n n o t dQ w l.t tl t. he assu ran ce h e ~R safe." T he e xcha nge o f leUers were locau,(l

In a tllH I n U'H~' Of nt',! o f Oen J,tct N , 8pr \n w:r, wbo

t he c oLLse UII) a vnila ble to

w ent ('L t: til e rtld in, et)t.I' a rw ~ and Oil U l e


~j de

" TO

of the build ing.

AL LJi~V~A T (t

:;,nm {, o f the crtl ~l1

o! th e crowd , lil e coliseum lIlHJ1llgc m enl tU1 lJ olJ n¢ed on t he publi c (Ires., not. to 311 ri WIlt

a t. t il ls po in t to brl,lWi


st a d lunJ

· e,e~s~-sl'i~aI5ef!ting 'Jll~Dl, RENU A.-, lioids.

Enforcing Laws At Concerts IIEHINI) THE: SCENES: TWI)

mem tJcrs 0 1 the Regional Enf orc eme n t Narcotics Un it (ll ENU) spO ke at'a meeti ng IWlt Mon th an d were asked a question that Is now on t he IIlis or most 1'rl~t41te restd ent., .. . "Wh y dOC3I\ 't RENUenlorce th e d r !,~ Law.. ..u.t .f.OO




I . . A perllQ ' • ing' thnt meetlhg ge ni;s gave t wo rellJo:nd} .. tt:~:I1I"lJiIjderrn an ned an d III lIse c' -. ' on the pusher.' [md Sti p e roCk conccrWl . a t tract onl ti8er~ . • HEN U hal< he'un':ln8t rllcWd I)ot l l)·'''l.rD..'lS patron!fo r the - . '-otlsellm becau3u n brlngs . P! Ven ue In,Lo I,h e c i ty .


'11 Lives Lost.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Tile tollowing remarles on Monday 's tragedy a-t R i verfront Coliseum were delivered iiy Council m an Gerald N. Springer Wednesday at a meeting of Cincinnati City Councll. He spoke Moor the nine council members rose In unisan . to approve a. resolution mourning tl1l!,deinlJ~ onn:dncertgoers~ - ,


T/ I.E INS l'ANTOhI9 Lottery ",une' could lla ve st,arted out with It. big 10". Monday If the numbers t , 2. 3 we re drawn. The h unch be lWr., . elected. the date 1.<) lli9.k e the l rbel. ltw"~ the 12th .nion th an (j U1!nJ day. ' Had the numberG won, We payoff wou ldh been ut $1 . mJ)llon.: . 'th~ tot.IJ.l dlly'8 "ale

". There a~e ":o'~ommen·W.~3 t hat bring back 11 young lives .. . I didn't know any of the H.' .But, ihen agaln,lkli.ew the m all . . They lOved and cried and 'laughed and yelled and lel t.1onely and sometimes relt Insecure and sometimes aslltlley owned the worl~. I t Will! all ahead ofthem-,a me re step through the doorW·ay.,' But the (\oors wouldn't open.and they died In a crush. ." . No. People die ot tailing heart8, .colllding cars, tired gUns OJ.' falUng planes. They do not die In ·human stampedes. No. It can't be. e But.1t Ill. Incredibly, 1t, ls. Eleven yciuni ftve~ lost on tile way to . "Wlld" tor Lord knows why, Death vlslWl us all. It makes no value J!ldgments. The big, the . small, rich and.poor, even the good die young, but when It happens to 11 so young It constitutes lite's toughest punch In the nose. It cries out for eXpla.llatlon'- Why?- but Inevitably flllds none. ,---Surely, we wlll,react, There will be task forces and Investigations . We will lind out exac tly what . happened and do whatever ill necessary to see that It will never happen agaln_ We will leg lei ate Ij,galnst festival seating, which Invites crowds to come early and push In so as to get a good seat, and security and order at the concerts wlll be beefed up. Even though the coliseum Is privately owned and ope rated, we


Ineldent.IJ. Uy. Hurol dHeek ln, wtlO Il eads tile lott.ery In the Clnc lnrHlti distrIct, said It til solng t.JetWr t han expected. He aald the >l ·V/1\ger 1886 cen\.!! .. •



A TIMELY mC8Sal!'e comes [rom the ilndl!r80n Townsh ip ¥'Ire Department ... It say",. "Don 'l let the JINGLE lJiZLLS h ea rd In your d r iveway be those 01

a rlre en gin e."

T llOge puttl'1 ll' up tree" a'nd Chr lst.m;:L'S

d C'c()ra ~ ,l on s

sh o uld u se

fire ,Me l.y lIIaWr lal and be care(ul nat


our loa d e Jec;Lrte ou tle t.s.

.~ 1111,': on '.fi e subject of nre saf ety, I Ji.lgllt /lote there I.s an In creasIng number or complaints a bout subur ban t heaters not ' enf orctilgtlle 'NO SMOKING law •. One t heater hIlS the "no ."JlOk'lng" r e gul~tlon8 posWd on

n.s t jgaret.u~ n lachine.

update Dr. Clete B ulacll was slIpain tendent of We UtUe M ia mi Local SC/lOol District ill Mo/'i'OW for tllree stormy years. Dl, rlng Wa t period. vo/;ers de[ea ~ed several levies, and schools cl osed eariy - i n December, 1978- wllen fU ll ds rail Oll t. B ulach l eff, tile district last summer whe l i tile SCllool board declined to renew hIS con'tract.

Now su perin tenden t of schools In the New Lexington Gity School District In Perry County, near Lancaster , Bulach sa id this week h e~s "tickled to death " that Little Miami passed a live- m ill levy In ' Octobe r, ending flnanclal. woes ~here . "They can cert.IJ.lnly yse the money. I guess the public was finally convin ced of the need . ~' . Bulach sa id his n ew Job in New Lexington Is "'fantastic." "Th e district Is smaller t han Little Miami, but I have more to d o' because th is is ~ cIty district an d th ere is 'no coun ty supe rintendent," he sa id. "I also , was a ble to ch oose m y own supe rintendent, and he ' o.f a m an ." k~'pS' in,ojjch with Li ttle Mia mi news by subscribin g to a loca l newspaper, and often ret urn s to t he area to visit parents. He recently

• •

Lf)rd Knows Why~

OIlS.:RVA'I'ION RTMEN 'r: 8tJnator Edward I{enn eely 's s tatenltmts I\bout the Iran Ian crIs Is were untor t.unaW, to say th e le..."t . . If 'the .en a tor I ~ short on IMue:; to dl SCllU8 , I pe rhaps he can splmd some tl nle I exp la in in g detail •. of CI J AYPAQU I DDICK. J)~:I'I\



(J€ople were kllled In th e crush or ', ' Two l7~year-old ~:y omlng High opposlt!9n, ~ th,e ordlnances" .b.u t . ,\~J}E~~.~·~~~~,~' .a.s BY DA VEK~IEG,ER the crowd at a rock -concert Mondllo¥ ~chool 'Seniors orterei)' t helr help In"'" Republ1cans ur.ied :t.!!a,t C!,eclslons E nquir er; RCP9! ' ~r iCi~ .~ night at R1v;ertront Colls'mm. a statement to cou ncil Wednt$lay, not be made' ln ,haste. '!We ~o have Ca l\ln gtWi~ ]ss!les ai'li:Hnil', r rom , City Ma'nager Sylvestef' Murra Q1IServln g"they suttered !'the l&as or €lIne to make well-reasoned. ra..tlonMon da y night',· tragedy "above de~ .. confi rmed that the task 'rorce will lI."frlend" as a result or the tragedy. a.l decisions and, we" iliouJ'd do ,Uiat," ,j;!ate," cUyJ eJ!.ders called Wednesday be chaired by. .f orm,er c itySatetJl ;, Th~twOyout~;~ancy Perlfuah ,. Mlnorlty Le!i.!1eF 91!'Y Go 0}lClten: t o r ordlnat1tesbe.nnlng festi va l DIrector Henry J . Sandman, no V(;:. and' Fontalne Franti1\ were enrolled berge.rsald. , , • . • ' ... , . 30atlng at large arenllll and giving chle,! ot security at the University or In' 1iVlder HorIzons ro'r Youth, a: spi_: · Democra~~ a.n .cJ .· Chll.r~~ri t es . police t o t al. authority ove r crowd CincinnatI. el.a l academic ptoO<ram along 'with agreed."saY,.lng. tl:!&t pollee authgrlty control. 18 .. . I . " .. , . . ,,;. over crowd ' control and -an. end to; -year~ o d ~eter Bowes,. one· of . 11 · . restlval 'aeatlng "alJOve debate;'" . "THIS 'T ASKrorce will conduct a Mayor J. Kenneth Blackwell but tfill.t othei 'wtles Will be studied asked ' C it y Solicitor Tho m as A. thorough Investigation In!.1> the clr- concert goers. wbo lost their .lIvesln . .'. by the ty:k torce: " ... ;. 'v' . Luebbers to tla ve the ordinances cumstances and make re'Commen- the crush or people. ready by Tuesday, when council's (jatlons on ordinances and regula "The ~recent tragedy has engulr·· ". 'l'hougn CowlcllmanQhomas B. Law und Public Sarety Comml.ttee tlons required to assure th at th I S ed.t h e entire community," they said . . ' Brush observed that 't he' Q!lsslblltty. ' will h o ld the tlrst or two public tragedy Is nev6t!;repeated In Clncln- "We teel lt h as particularly been relt of.legllllating an end to test1vaJseat. hearings on them. . na tl ," Blackwell!laald. by the you ng citizens or this area." lng, which Is a genenil adrnfsslon Blaekwellsald city council would The ·panel w'lll com 1st or tewer ·arrangement 8..'1 opposed to reser,ved act on t hose proposals arter the t han a dozen members and will In. VICE MAYOR David S. Mann's seats, raised "ierioul! legal con ~ hearings. Public te. tlmony at tile elude young people tamlllar with lAw and Public Sarety Committee cerns" In the past, a well-Informed . two s(~ss l. on s will serve as the st.IJ.rt- City rocl!W concerts, Murray said, It will hold publiC hearlnll8 on the two city legal source said It can ~ done:. Ing poln l; to r aspectal t ash: !of/;e w ill not Include Riverfront, Co lI- proposed ordinances TueSday a t , 2 . In ve s tl ga t lon or crowd con trol 3eum otrlcla l s, rock con c ert p.m. and the following TueSday, ~ _ A " ,ITY ,a.~to rney saJd.l:b!l !fi!ln l:I3ue~ i'he added-. -,----_.--'--'" .. promotera- or'-c It·)' admlnlstratlve-·Dee. 1 8.8.t7·p,mi- -~.~ ' luch,jU1,ordlriance wlfl Th e !tctlo!l .torries alter 11 young pe rsonnel, t he manager said . No council members 'arl.l\olinced be to dlstlngu1l!h between small fa,

will place security as It errect8 public lIatety under the Jurl&llctlon ot the Cincinnati .PoUce'oepartment and they will have the authority to. order the dOOr!! opened, or to hold up a concert until the aisles are cleared, or to do .whatever else is necessary to alleiitatea . .. . .. " potentl:allY·f!a.nj'ertlUl\:lIlwfllololori.

. Cej'talhrY; ilnetfil~(iSl!en:l3 clear Just 36 hours after the tr~y,and,J;hat Is t hat It the , police had the authority tootder alJ.the.dool'll opened - regardless or what elae 'w MOfwasn't done the cfU.8h would have been'· . . averted and the liVes saved . . But 'b eyondall the~ things that we now know, that we will n()w do, two thlngll8tand out In my mtnd. F1rst,-that no matter how long we look tor aca(J€goatswhether it be the colLseum or the promoters or '])be Who oBhe . police or whomever ",:,nothlng Is going to bring thou 11 yOUl'ig j>e{!ple: back. And ~ond there Is a temptation lu'l IgIit-o'f lIuoh .. traged~ to WlUi'dtaw,to say no . more· COliseum, no.more crowd evenWli I don't bel1eve that,that Is the answer. We should not sh ut out the oUt8lde world . Wha.t makes a city a s(J€cial place 1l! the diversity ot people, culture; aq,and entertalnment , tha t It ottf/M1s lUi cltl.zens a nd Its vIBltors. The challenge Is not to 'turrrthls'all-ott;butTatherto- learn to live and learn and work and enjoy amo~ each othe r In an environment or safety and trust and c6mp8.S'!fon. Nobody died Monday night of a song or a band. They died beca.use in the chaos and the electriCity or the moment, we forgot to care about the human. beIng who was st.IJ.nding In rront of us. -GERALD N. SPRINGER

E-W... photo. BY NATA!,IE FOBES

, AN EMOTIONAL Gerald Springer mourns the deaths of the 11 concertgoers at Riverfront Coliseum.

Police see P,ossihility: Doo.l!s,~Op~~;, The

ticket' holders to sit on a first-come , t!rst-se rve ba.sls. • A requ i remen t that t icket holders be allowed to enter a c o llseum or concert h a ll at least one - ~'-'-~-"""hour"bdore' a (J€rformance. This is a st.IJ.ndardpractlce In t he Indust ry, .he said. • A requirement tha t the se raBY GEORGE BECKER cll ities have "suftlclent" entrances (or crowd control. . Enquire< Rep&t er "When a l arge crowd of young, The P'osslbllity was raised ,Wednespeople are crammed t ogeth er In a day that some doors were opened a t BY GEORGE S e CKER c9ngested area and-hear- what they belleY,e to be t h eir ravorlte per formers playing inside-or . a ru m or or that'- and knowing t hat it Is survlv- . al of the rTttest In the race to get a good seat, a ll ·~ tli.e ingredients for a ,~. stampede there," Aronoff said • . "If t·he ca Hse s c a n be clearly Identified through public hea£lngs, then t h e passage of rem edial legisla tion Is assured."

Aronoff ' Off To .'--' r CrQwd Bill

Cincinnati Enquirer coverage of the Who concert incident on Dec. 3, 1979  

Excerpts of three days of local coverage by Cincinnati Enquirer reporters and photographers in the wake of the Dec. 3, 1979 Who concert inci...

Cincinnati Enquirer coverage of the Who concert incident on Dec. 3, 1979  

Excerpts of three days of local coverage by Cincinnati Enquirer reporters and photographers in the wake of the Dec. 3, 1979 Who concert inci...