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Bethel reverses candy toss ban ‘Official policy’ no longer for homecoming parade By Keith BieryGolick

Zachariah Florence, with Davey Tree Expert Co., applies a chemical product to the base of a maple tree along Lindale-Mt. Holly Road in Amelia to protect it against the Asian longhorned beetle.AMANDA DAVIDSON/STAFF

7,200 East Fork trees to be cut Officials trying to stop Asian longhorned beetle By Keith BieryGolick

BETHEL — Officials recently announced 7,200 more trees will be cut down in Clermont County because of the tree-killing Asian longhorned beetle. “At this time, no cutting will be done on any part of the 4,870-acre East Fork State Park,” according to a release from the federal and state departments of agriculture. But some residents in Bethel say that’s just lip service. “They had said to us that they weren’t removing trees in East Fork State Park. The way they were able to get out of straight lying to us is to designate the East Fork Lake Wildlife Area,” said Bill Skavarla, Bethel resident and member of the Asian Longhorned Beetle Citizen’s Cooperative. The tree removals will take place in a 55-acre area around portions of Sugar Tree Creek and Poplar Creek, southeast of Woodruff Road and north of state Route 125. “They’re in the wildlife area of the park trying to say ‘we’re protecting the park’ – bullshit,” Skavarla said. “All they’re doing is manipulating the public opinion. “In reality, they are cutting in the park, just in the area designated as a

Workers from Davey Tree Expert Co. in January clean up debris in Tate Township from trees they cut down. Bethel residents are worried about losing all of their trees because of the Asian longhorned beetle. JOHN SENEY/THE COMMUNITY PRESS This destructive pest, known as the Asian longhorned beetle, has the potential of devastating hardwood forests in North America if left unchecked. PROVIDED

wildlife area.” In Tate Township, infested trees have been found on several private properties near the edges of the 2,705-acre East Fork wildlife area,



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officials said. The federally owned property is leased by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The trees targeted for removal are “high-risk hosts.” Host trees are any of the 13 varieties in which the beetle can thrive, and include maple, birch, willow and

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BETHEL-TATE HOMECOMING PARADE » When: Friday, Oct. 4 at 6 p.m. » Where: It will start at the middle school, 649 W. Plane St.

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BETHEL — The residents of Bethel have been heard – throwing candy will not be banned at the homecoming parade. The village’s Safety Committee recently met and discussed the safety of throwing candy at parades, directing the police chief to require participants to hand out candy. After reports of these discussions became public, comAusman plaints from the community piled up and Village Council stepped away from the committee’s original decision. Council member and Safety Committee chairman Jeremiah Hembree brought up Hembree the original discussion by asking if candy was still allowed to be thrown. Police Chief Mark Planck responded: “I would like to get back to handing candy out because my biggest nightmare is a Planck small child getting run over. Every time I see candy being thrown people are not clearing their vehicles. It lands 2 feet from the tires and little kids in their glee just jump out there and grab at the candy. “One of these days somebody is going to get run over,” Planck said. Hembree also mentioned how sucker sticks can take out an eye because of how hard they are thrown. “How about we go back to handing out candy?” Planck said. The police chief, mayor, village administrator, fiscal officer and three council members were present at the meeting and no one voiced a dissenting opinion. While no legislation was passed, it was clear committee members did not want residents throwing candy. Mayor Alan Ausman even wanted to make sure school officials knew it was now the village’s “official policy.”

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