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By Jason Brubaker


Best friends Abby Jones, left, of Cold Spring and Sydney Schroder, of Wilder, both 7, spend time together in Jones’ front yard Aug. 4.

Born to be best friends and just have fun together, Abby said. “We like to play the same things,” Abby said. The girls even created their own dance where they smack their hands together in unison in a move inspired by the basketball players John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins’ celebration moves from last season’s University of Kentucky basketball team. Despite being opposites, the girls have always been friends, Kristy said. Sydney doesn’t like school, and Abby does. Sydney is talkative, and Abby is quiet. The girls know each other so well they show up wearing the same outfits without having talked or text messaged about their plans, Heather said. “Sometimes we think they have a secret language,” Kristy said.


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Before they could crawl, 7-year-olds, Abby Jones of Cold Spring and Sydney Schroder of Wilder, were destined to be friends. The girls’ mothers, Heather Schroder and Kristy Jones, are close friends and their two 7-year-old daughters were born one week apart. Their families regularly vacation together, and the girls often have sleepovers at one another’s house. “She’s pretty much like my sister,” Sydney said. Sydney said she cried the entire school-day last year when she found out she wouldn’t be in the same classroom as Abby. Sydney said Abby never makes her mad. “I like her laugh,” Sydney said of Abby. “Her laugh makes me laugh.” They play soccer, basketball and softball together

2010 AllTech FEI World Equestrian Games

From Rome to Jerez de la Frontera to The Games will begin on Sept. 25 Aachen to ... and run through Oct. 10 at the Lexington? Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. When the General admission tickets will be $25, 2010 Alltech and will give guests access to the FEI World Horse Park grounds, Equine Village, Equestrian Alltech Experience Pavilion, trade G a m e s show and Kentucky Experience. begin at the Tickets for the eight discipline K e n t u c k y competitions, which include paraHorse Park in Lexing- dressage, reining, vaulting and ton on Sept. 25, it will endurance, will be sold separately and range in price from $25 - $140. mark the first time the For more information, including a Games have been held full schedule of competitions, visit outside of Europe since their inception in 1990. The Games will serve as the world championships for eight separate equestrian disciplines, and 62 countries will be represented in the events. “There’s definitely a sense of pride to know that people from all over the world will be here in Kentucky,” said Kristin Bednarski, a public relations assistant for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. “This is going to be huge, not just for the city, but for the entire state.” The Games are expected to draw more than 400,000 people over the 16-day event, which will offer not only the competitions, but also a trade show and family-friendly Equine Village. The village will include hand-on activities, demonstrations and a Kid Zone, complete with a pony petting area, mechanical cutting horse and even an old stagecoach. There will also be a special “Kentucky Experience,” where guests can sample bourbon, enjoy Bluegrass music, and learn about other unique aspects of Kentucky culture and tourism. John Long, CEO of the United Equestrian Foundation, said the Games are sure to attract a wide range of people, even those who aren’t familiar with equine competitions. “It’s kind of like people who don’t watch football enjoying the Super Bowl – the enormity of the event is part of what makes it fun,” he said. As the public relations coordinator for the Games, Louise Bowden agrees. She also said this so compelling to watch.” that for people Bowden said that preparing for the Games has been outside of the hard work, as temporary buildings, stadiums and equine industry, structures are being constructed all over the 1,200it’s easy to acre Horse Park in anticipation of the crowds. All of underestimate the horses for the Games, a number that could be close the significance to 800, will be stabled at the Horse Park, and there are and magnitude expected to be close to 6,000 volunteers on hand of the Games. throughout the games to help with various events. After all, not “It’s been a lot of work to get ready, and it’s pretty everyone knows hectic right now as it’s getting closer,” she said. “But what para-dresit’s also a lot of fun just to be a part of this.” sage is or how to Guests can purchase general admission tickets for score reining, $25 to have access to the Horse Park grounds, Equine and they may Village, trade show and Kentucky Experience, while not be able to tickets to each of the competitions are extra, with appreciate a prices ranging from $25 to $140 depending on the great driving event. performance. A full schedule of events and prices, as well as However, to the competitors, she said these Games are everything. directions and lodging information, is available at And if people are going to see an event for the first “In terms of the number of visitors and the revtime, why not watch the absolute best? “This is the pinnacle of competition for these ath- enue generated, this is going to be a historic event for letes – it’s like their World Cup,” she said. “This is as the state,” said Long. “The excitement is growing, and big as it gets for the athletes, and that’s what makes we just can’t wait for the Games to start.”

When the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games begin at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington on Sept. 25, it will mark the first time the Games have been held outside of Europe since their inception in 1990. The Games will serve as the world championships for eight separate equestrian disciplines, and 62 countries will be represented in the events.

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