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May 26, 2011

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Last week’s question Should the U.S. continue to give tax breaks to oil companies? Why or why not? “Since a barrel of oil has fallen below $100 a barrel from a high of $114, have we seen a comparable drop in a gallon of gasoline? It’s still $3.99 where I live. “So many factors, we are told, affect the price of gas and oil. I think it’s high time the government intervene and get to the bottom of how they price gasoline.” R.H. “ABSOLUTELY NOT. I am a small business owner, I do not get tax breaks, and the oil companies report billions in profit, so what is good for the goose is good for the gander.” O.H.R. “This question is a real ‘red herring.’ The oil industry should be treated the same as every other industry, no better and no worse. It should get no advantage or disadvantage in comparison to any other industry. “If we unduly punish them, we will either send more of their production overseas, something I don’t think any of us want to see, or we will end up buying oil from countries like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, etc. Neither of those are good outcomes. “And bear in mind, a legitimate tax deduction for a business expense (like oil depletion) is not a ‘tax break.’” T.H. “Unfortunately the media and the public uses rhetoric (subsidies) that is biased against the oil companies. Those companies are being treated the same as manufacturers’ of other goods. They are not subsidies. “Accounting principles approved and accepted by the IRS allow all companies to deduct certain items that make up “the cost of goods sold.” Farmers get them too. “If we disallow certain costs for some then we should do that for all companies including manufacturer’s and farmers. Singling out oil companies because they are profitable is irrational. “The government ‘bailed out’ GM and Chrysler. Fairness? Why do we pay some farmers not to grow crops? Because it buys the politicians votes. “Money (capital) goes where it is treated best. Without capital you do not have capitalism. Without capitalism you do not create jobs. “Most career politicians could not run a corporation. If they could they would not be in government. Easy jobs do not pay much. Capital (money) is fleeing the USA because it can get better returns (profits) in other countries. Politicians are just pandering for votes. They always do. “The public is economically illiterate. Now high schools are being required to teach economics. A little late in my opinion.” J.S.D. “Politicians can spin anything! “John or Jane Doe is, apparently, not entitled to a good retirement pension or health care, but rich people and companies are entitled to all their benefits. “Oddly enough the Republican message that people should be responsible for themselves and their futures has great appeal to

Next question Who do you think should be or will be the GOP presidential candidate in 2012? Why? Send your answer to “” with Chatroom in the subject line. me. However, until it applies equally to all, which means no benefits to the rich and a minimum wage which allows someone to buy housing, food, clothing, transport, health insurance and save for children's education and retirement, that is about three times the current level, then we have to look to the tax system to redistribute benefits to those on the lower end of the income spectrum. “To quote a mentor of mine, ‘Ideas are 10 a penny, the profit lies in the implementation.’ The rich have an inflated view of their worth and ignore the fact that without the sweat of the masses, they would have nothing. “This country needs a redistribution of wealth, the question is simply which is the best way to do that. Whatever happens, charity to corporations should be ended.” D.R. “The original purpose of the tax breaks was to help oil companies defray the costly risks for finding oil in and around America. “We find our current government forbidding these companies to tap the reserves they've discovered in Alaska and off our shores. When our government finally makes up its mind whether it wants domestic oil over foreign oil we can determine if the tax breaks need further review.” R.V. “Of course not! They are making billions. Why do they need government charity?” E.M.S. “I can think of no reason why the U.S. would give tax breaks to oil companies and then watch as the American public pays $4 plus for a gallon of gasoline.” E.E.C. “Should the US continue to give tax breaks to oil companies? ABSOLUTELY! They provide two extremely valuable things for our economy: jobs, and fuel. We need both, and the less we have to rely on foreign oil, the better off we will be.” Bill B. “Entitlements come in all sizes. We homeowners have a few. Business has some. The farmers are oddly entitled. “As we tackle Congress specialinterest attachments and try to take back the ball from the Washington fat-cats, big-oil will have to cooperate, too. “If part of the solution is simple collection of taxes, would we all be willing to give up a couple of our own entitlements? If so, raising taxes on an already crushed America would not be required.” K.P.



N K Y. c o m

Think twice before littering

On Saturday, May 21, 13 teenagers and five adults from Main Street Baptist Church participated in Trash For Cash with the Campbell County Solid Waste Department. We cleaned up beer bottles, soda cans, fast food containers and other items along the road. We were taken aback by the beauty of Southern Campbell County and that made it even more confusing to see why people would trash such a beautiful treasure we have in the landscape we get to call home. I am sure our teenagers will think twice about ever throwing something out their window in the future. Thank you to the Solid Waste department for a way to earn money for our summer trips and help our environment at the same time. Wayne Deffinger Minister of Students Alexandria



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Trash for Cash

I recently participated in the trash for cash pickup that Campbell County Solid Waste holds in order for organizations to earn money. My senior class participated as a whole in order to raise money for our after graduation party known as “project grad”. We had approximately twenty-five volunteers. We divided and conquered by splitting up into two groups and each covering five miles of road around our school.

My view on litter is a kind of middle of the road approach. I do not think it is going to end the world but I think we should clean it up when we can. The biggest concern I had was the amount of beer bottles that were found empty lying on the side of the road. This means people were drinking while driving to the extent that we were able to fill about four garbage bags with nothing but beer bottles. Derek Mills Highland Heights

The Republican plan to address gas prices Record high gas prices are straining Kentuckians’ wallets, squeezing family budgets, and putting pressure on struggling businesses. Beyond the strain on the family budget, these high fuel costs pose a mortal threat to the economic rebound our country needs. High gas prices are a serious concern— and Kentuckians want solutions. Unfortunately, the answers coming from the Obama Administration and liberal Democrats in Washington are not serious. Their latest proposal is to raise taxes on American energy production. If you’re curious how that could possibly lower prices at the pump, you’ve got reason for suspicion. Even they admit it won’t. Here is what Democrat Finance Committee Chairman Senator Max Baucus had to say about their plan: “This is not going to change the price at the gasoline pump.” Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu added, “It will not reduce gasoline prices by one penny.” So their plan to raise taxes by $21 billion over 10 years on energy producers won’t do anything about the pain at the pump, but it will outsource energy jobs and make America more dependent on foreign oil. That’s not only my view; it’s also the view of the non-partisan Congressional Research Service, which concluded that the Democrats’ proposal would “likely increase foreign dependence.” So what are they doing about

gas prices again? President Obama and Washington Democrats’ record couldn’t be clearer. Over the last two years, the president’s administration has Sen. Mitch delayed, revoked, McConnell suspended, or canceled many Community energy developRecorder ment opportuniguest ties, hindering not columnist only greater energy production but also the much-needed jobs that would come with it. They’ve canceled dozens of leases, imposed a moratorium on energy exploration off the Gulf Coast, raised permit fees, or held up permits altogether in Alaska, the Rocky Mountain West, and offshore. As gas prices continue to climb, this Administration’s latest tax hike proposal is a frantic attempt to distract us from what can only be described as their war on energy production and the jobs that come with it. Fortunately, Republicans have an alternative proposal that actually seeks to boost domestic energy production. It’s a real solution to the nation’s problem of high gas prices and not enough jobs, not a tax increase that would just make things worse. The Republican plan would return American offshore energy

production to where it was before the Obama Administration clamped down on American energy. It would direct the federal government to continue with previously scheduled offshore lease sales in Virginia, Alaska and the Gulf. It would rip away the red tape that has hindered energy production by putting reasonable time limits on the review process for drilling permits. The Interior Department would have 30 days to review permit applications—to make a decision one way or the other—with two opportunities to extend that time period. The Republican plan would require the Interior Department to provide a reasonable rationale for rejecting a permit. It would provide for an expedited process to review questions about the process in court. This is a reasonable, commonsense plan that has been endorsed by job creators like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers. Addressing high gas prices, creating jobs, and lessening our dependence on foreign sources of oil are exactly what we should be working to accomplish in Washington. With $4-per-gallon gas, skyhigh unemployment, and instability in the Middle East, it’s far past time for the Democrats in Washington to explain why they’re not interested. Mitch McConnell is the Republican leader of the U.S. Senate.


Laying it out

Steve Oldfield, broadcast journalism teacher at Villa Madonna Academy, leads his students in a discussion of the storyboard they’ve created for an upcoming video project.

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“I dont think big corporations should get any special consideration on tax breaks that the average americam is not getting. I wonder how many other corporations are getting tax breaks we dont know about?” D.D.

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