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Who are we? Cimcorp is a leading global supplier of turnkey automation for intralogistics that uses advanced robotics and software technologies. As well as being a manufacturer and integrator of pioneering material handling systems for the tire industry, we have also developed unique robotic solutions for order fulfillment and storage that are being used in the food & beverage, retail, e-commerce, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and postal services sectors. In addition, we offer comprehensive customer support services. With locations in Finland, Canada and the United States, Cimcorp Group has in excess of 400 employees and has supplied more than 2,500 logistics automation solutions in 40 countries across five continents. At Cimcorp we don’t fill vacancies; we solve our clients’ business challenges by sourcing the best people with the right mix of skills, experience and attitude.

40 years


delivered solutions

40 5 countries


The world looks different from here 40 years of experience brings confidence and the boldness to think in a new way. Although we work with passion on the challenges facing our customers, we never lose our sense of humor or forget the importance of good team spirit. We are not robots, even though we work with them! We believe that being different is an asset, and we are always seeking ways to enhance each employees’ experience. We understand the value of our employees and strive to maintain employee satisfaction and its contribution to productivity and quality services.

Why should you join our team? Cimcorp is an industry leader. Cimcorp offers development opportunities. Cimcorp provides exposure to international business. Cimcorp is full of travel opportunities. Cimcorp guarantees competitive compensation and incentive plans.

"Cimcorp has given me the opportunity and tools to develop and grow along with the company. I have worked on assignments in 24 countries and 44 cities. The only limits in the world are the ones drawn on the map." Heikki Malmi Head of Engineering, Technical Operations

"I’m lucky to work for a company that allows for a flexible work week and has an amazing atmosphere and culture created by the warm and honest people. Not a day goes by without laughter." Lori Vaughan Marketing Manager, North America

"Having great colleagues that I work tightly with on projects and having an engaging job is priceless." Juha Hiukka Senior Software Engineer

"At Cimcorp we embrace diversity. We set objectives and reach them through providing an autonomous and flexible environment to our staff. This leads to satisfied employees as well as increased productivity." Samantha Papakonstantino HR Coordinator


Where do you fit in? Cimcorp offers employment opportunities in the areas of: Applications Engineering

Human Resources


Customer Support



Electrical & Mechanical Shop

Materials Management

Software Integration

Engineering Design

Product Management

And more!

Financial Administration

Project Management


Our four C’s



Community-oriented We drive our own passion. We appreciate lean hierarchy, openness and a no-nonsense attitude. We are the heart of the company – talented and passionate, yet down to earth.


2 8

Creative We understand and respect each customer’s business. Thinking outside of the box allows us to create the simplest, most effective solutions. More out of less is our winning mantra.


Caring We are fast, flexible and fierce about solving our customers’ needs. Sometimes we may challenge a customer’s perspective, but that’s because we care. We use our competence and expertise for our customers’ best interest.


4 10

Conscientious Our roots are in the wild nature of the north; we appreciate the beauty of nature. We believe it is our responsibility both locally and globally to develop solutions that support sustainability and make the least environmental impact possible.


As the pioneers of automated solutions for intralogistics, we simplify our customers’ material flows. 11

Are you the next Cimcorper?


Begin employment with us?


Join us in building the future of intralogistics. Visit our company website at careers.cimcorp.com to view and apply to current opportunities.


For more information about recruitment in North America, please contact Human Resources at 905-643-9700 ext. 250 or humanresources_na@cimcorp.com. For career opportunities in Finland, contact hr@cimcorp.com.



 careers.cimcorp.com


 CimcorpOy / CimcorpNA  cimcorp-oy / cimcorp-north-america

1980’s 1976

Cimcorp purchases RMT Robotics.

Focused on improving our clients’ material flow.

Cimcorp is operated as part of Swisslog.

Cimcorp Oy was founded.

Developed first contacts in US markets.

We supplied our first project.

Japanese, family-owned company Muratec becomes owner of Cimcorp.

Profile for Cimcorp

Cimcorp – Recruitment  

Grow, flow and glow with Cimcorp! 40 years of experience brings confidence and the boldness to think in a new way. Although we work with p...

Cimcorp – Recruitment  

Grow, flow and glow with Cimcorp! 40 years of experience brings confidence and the boldness to think in a new way. Although we work with p...

Profile for cimcorp