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_on-going project PARIS+TEXAS Deriving from the mood set in Wim Wenders’ 1988 movie Paris,Texas, the collection connects two seemingly different worlds: an utopia of lawless Wild West and decadent Fin de Siecle, both disconnected from the outside world merged into one with the same mood of big blur. _1st year MA, individual project, on-going 2018 _showed at student’s show at Ljubljana Fashion Week, April 2018

RELATIONS The collection is homage to Patti Smith and is dealing with contrasts: soft, light and ambiguous vs. hard, heavy and significant. The main focus is based in material choice that emphasises the dichotomies. It creates tension and represents her nature nonchalant, free and raw, yet very romantic. _3rd year BA individual project, 2016 _showed at Depertment for Textile and Fashion design’s fashion show in Park Tivoli, Ljubljana, July 2016 _1st recognition award for young designers at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana, October 2016

‘VENIJA In this collection I explored my own transition and exprerience from sports, influence of sports on streetwear and vice-versa. Ephasising on Slovenian symbols I developed prints around them and applied them to garments heavily inspired by specialised sports clothing. _BA diploma project, individual project, June 2017 _recieved BA diploma with highest grade, Ljubljana, September 2017 _recieved Faculty Preseren prize award - highest recognition award from University of Ljubljana , Ljubljana, December 2017 _recieved 1st Prize at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana for perspective young designer, Ljubljana, October 2017

CIRCLES Starting point was a top, with a pattern consisting of only two full circles. With bringing more circles into this equation the result becomes more and more complex. The new pattern is made out of 5 full circles, creating diverse, 3-dimensional and geometric garment with a possibility of transformation. Inspired by Japanese patterns its aesthetics and main shape – circle, remain reminiscent of Japan. _2rd year BA individual project, 2016 _showed at Ljubljana Fashion Week, Ljubljana, April 2015

STILL-LIFE SWEATER CHAIR Sweater chair is frozen in time and creates tension between seemingly tactile, resilient and nonstable nature of a chosen textile and its own stability, solidness and functionality of a chair, night stand or a club table.With dipping sweater into epoxy resin I was able to control where the falling of the textile stoped. _3rd year BA individual project, 2016 _exhibited at Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana, June 2016 _exhibited at Heimtextil, Frankfurt with video, January 2017

Cilka Sadar Portfolio  
Cilka Sadar Portfolio