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Citizens Bank: Social Media Overdraft Fees Responses Last Update: January 25, 2012

Purpose Studiocom has conducted an audit of the Citizens Bank Facebook and Twitter pages to proactively create responses that speak to the consumer about issues or concerns over overdraft fees. The goal is to strengthen customer relationships and educate consumers on financial management with Citizens Bank products.

Social Media Comments The following are some actual comments/complaints happening in the social media space about overdraft fees at Citizens/Charter One:



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Competitors Below are examples of how competitors to Citizens/Charter One are responding to overdraft fees: Bank of America



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PNC Bank

On Facebook, PNC Bank directs the conversations offline as well as asks a question to gather more information. They also have a crafted response for issues posted to their page. TD Bank has a crafted response, but most of their complaints get lost in the Twitter timeline because they flood their feed replying to check-ins and other good feedback. In their crafted responses, they do not apologize, they ask for information of the person.

Proactive Approach To meet the issue of overdraft complaints, and help improve customers’ knowledge of money and account management, we can craft proactive posts to provide education. The posts will, through informative conversation and tips, help customers learn about the ways Citizens Bank can help them manage their accounts, and give them financial confidence. The .com has information, tips, data, and advice that can be leveraged in the creation of proactive posts that will help educate fans about financial management, and empower them to take control of their accounts with the tools Citizens Bank provides. The following list contains web pages that give information specific to overdraft fees, etc. We have identified sections within each page that would be best to repurpose in the social space, called those sections forward, and provided some example posts that can be crafted from the information. Webpage: What you should know about overdrafts  


Studiocom Inc.  2011 This page has a lot of information about how to avoid overdraft fees, with the following section providing some proactive, easy-to-follow information that can translate into “Money Management”-style post for social channels:

Example Post: Managing your money is an important task, as is checking your account balance on a daily basis. However, we all get busy and sometimes forget. Our online banking alerts can help you stay on track by alerting you when your account balance slips below a certain level. Set up your own alerts here: ( Webpage: Avoid overdraft fees The page focuses on more ways to avoid overdraft fees, but this content can be repurposed to craft posts that highlight financial responsibility and provide tips for better account and money management. By calling forward this information without mentioning “overdraft” wording, the posts can focus on educating customers, which can help them realize their financial goals.

Example Post:



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Financial Tune-Up Tip #XX: Remember to review all your account activity and statements to keep track of your finances. Don’t forget about automatic payments and electronic transactions when planning your budgets or making large purchases. Webpage: Online Banking, Mobile Alerts­‐banking/mobile-­‐alerts.aspx The sign-up page for mobile alerts contains good content for helping consumers keep up with their account with text message alerts. Encourage consumers to sign up for mobile alerts and stay connected to their balance at all times.

Example posts: Life is always moving. We understand the importance of staying connected to your finances. Sign up for mobile alerts to get account information when you want it, wherever you are. <link> Wondering how to keep up with your account balance when you are always on the go? Sign up for mobile alerts and receive text messages that put the answers at your fingertips. <link> Want to track your spending and make sure you are sticking to your budget? Check out our mobile alert options and sign up to receive text messages with the information you need to know to reach your goals. <link> Webpage: Budgeting This is a great resource for consumers to effectively manage their finances. The MoneyHelp Budget planner provides the consumer customized visuals of where they spend their money and creates a personalized recommendation for saving and budgeting. Example post: Looking for a better way to manage your spending? Visit our MoneyHelp Budget Planner and in just 15 minutes, get a better understanding of where your money is going and how to be a better saver. <link>

Response Approach Response Approach  


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Customers with overdraft fees are particularly irate and write highly emotional comments on the Citizens Bank social channels, often with inappropriate language. These types of customers are in the mindset of wanting their current problems to be fixed – they are not in the mindset of wanting to be educated about financial management/money products. While it is important to try to graduate complainers into educated customers, there are instances where the subject matter is sensitive and the complainer is too emotionally charged to solve this online. Probing for more information about the situation could lead the customer to give out sensitive account information in a public forum, which should be discouraged. In these instances the best practice is to move the conversation offline by acknowledging the problem of the overdraft fees the customer is experiencing and providing direct contact and immediate assistance/action. The most effective way to approach situations like these is to ensure they feel like their voice is being heard and that they are a valued customer. Regardless of whether the issue can be resolved to their expectations, providing quick and timely responses are an important strategy for customer retention. The act of responding in a sincere way to the person by expressing a genuine concern about their problem and a willingness and ability to help will also show other users that Citizens Bank is engaged and has a dedicated person on the other side of the screen – not just a list of generic customer service responses. Below are examples of actual customer complaints and recommended responses to help guide these types of conversations of the Facebook wall or Twitter stream and direct them to an experienced customer service representative/banker.

Recommended response: Hi Helane, Thank you for your open and honest feedback – we want to help solve your problem. Please email your name and best contact number to so that we may better assist you. Thanks!



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Recommended response: Hi Manny, We are sorry to read this. Please email us at with your full name and best contact number so one of our customer care experts can get in touch with you. We sincerely appreciate your business and want to help solve your situation. Thanks!

Recommended response: Hi Victoria, We’re very sorry to read this. Please email us at with the name on the account and the best number to contact you so one of our customer care experts can better assist you. To protect your privacy, we do not discuss personal banking issues on our Facebook wall. Thanks!

Recommended response: Hi Jessica, We are sorry to read about your experience. We would like to get you in touch with one of our customer care experts to help resolve this issue. Please email us at with the name on the account and the best number to reach you. To protect your privacy, we do not discuss personal details on our Facebook wall.



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Detailed Content Analysis  
Detailed Content Analysis  

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