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PUSSER’S “NELSON’S BLOOD” 15-YEAR-OLD NAVY RUM Rum Pusser’s Rum Ltd. bottles, blends and distributes the original rum of the Royal Navy. The blend is made in accordance to Admiralty specifications. For over 300 years Great Britain’s Royal Navy issued a daily ration to the sailors on board ships. The ration was known as the “Tot” and its issue was one of the longest unbroken traditions in the history of the sea. The rum was a special blend called ‘Admiralty Rum” or “the Pusser’s Rum,” that term being a corruption of the word Purser (the officer responsible for the blending of the rum and distribution of the daily “Tot”). The aroma is a burst of classic Demerara with marmalade, marzipan, cinnamon and tobacco. Full and rounded on the body with notes of syrupy spice and fruit, leather, dried sultanas and soft oak. The finish is warm, smooth, long and memorable.

40% ABV | $59.99 MSRP | 96 points

JOHN WALKER & SONS ODYSSEY Scotch John Walker & Sons Odyssey stands proudly amongst the rarest of Scotch whisky blends in the House of Walker Portfolio. Developed by Master Blender Jim Beveridge using Sir Alexander Walker’s hand-written notes, it is a unique blend that captures the spirit of luxury and continues the House of Walker’s passion for whisky excellence through supreme craftsmanship, quality, heritage and innovation. This lavish blend successfully balances hints of fresh citrus, smooth honey, and creamy caramel flavors.

40% ABV $1,100.00 MSRP 97 Points

TEQUILA TAPATIO REPOSADO Tequila A true Mexican classic brand featuring 100% estate-grown blue agave, slow-roasted for 4 days before being fermented with the family’s 75-yearold wild yeast culture and then double-distilled in small copper pot stills and aged for 8 months in used American Oak barrels.

MALINALLI EXTRA ANEJO Tequila The agave used in this spirit is grown in the heart of Jalisco, making it special because of the volcanic soil in the region; resulting in abundant flora that gives the agave its unique herbaceous scent and flavor. Oak-influenced vanilla bean is rampant at the early in-mouth stage; plus, there is a modicum of green vegetable presence as the saltiness subsides. Big vanilla custard flavor is bolstered by green pepper (and oaky resins. Delightfully rich and creamy, without being syrupy. There’s a slight hint of smokiness in the aftertaste and adds a nice finishing touch.

The sweetness of cooked agave is dominant on the palate with herbal and peppery notes complimented by hints of caramel, cocoa, vanilla, and nuts. Very soft and smooth with a spicy finish.

40% ABV | $44.00 MSRP 93 Points

40% ABV | $95.00 MSRP | 94 Points LAGAVULIN 200TH ANNIVERSARY 8-YEAR AGED Scotch Treasured around the world as one of the most special Single Malt Whiskies, Lagavulin is celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2016. Famous for its majestic nose of Hebridean peat smoke, richly textured and complex flavors and its long, sweet and power-driven finish, it encapsulates the passion, heritage and skills that lie behind its crafting. Immediately soft on the nose, this expression begins with clean, faint hints of milk chocolate and lemon and then developing fragrant tea-scented smoke alongside nose-drying, maritime aromas, with subtle hints of cereal. The palate is magnificently full; sweet, smoky and warming with a growing smoky pungency. The transition is charred oak with notes of minty, dark chocolate. The finish is lovely, clean, very long and smoky. Smoothly, subtle minted smoke surrounds chocolate tannins, leaving a late drying note to emerge in time. It’s warming, soft and still smoky with water, not as long or intense now, yet still leaving the palate dry as sweet smoke lingers on the breath.

48% ABV | $64.99 MSRP | 93 Points

HORNITOS BLACK BARREL Tequila Hornitos Black Barrel goes through one of the most unique aging processes of any spirit. Black Barrel starts as a premium, aged Añejo (aged 12 months), then spends four months in deep charred oak barrels to give it rich, smoky flavor and a golden amber color. It spends an additional two months in specially toasted barrels for more depth and distinct complexity. Overall, it’s aged 18 months in three separate American Oak barrels to embark distinct and complex whiskey-like notes. Golden amber in color, the nose is floral with hints of almond. The body is full with a mild finish, leading a light smoky oaky taste, complemented by sweet agave and vanilla before the clean, slightly lingering finish.

40% ABV | $29.99 ABV 89 Points

GEORGE DICKEL RYE Whisky George Dickel Rye is a straight rye smallbatch whisky, offering a 95% rye mash bill. The rye used to produce George Dickel Rye Whisky comes from the best producers around. In order to provide consumers with the smoothest finish, George Dickel Rye is finished by chilling it to exact specifications before being charcoal mellowed. Featuring an Amber/Gold hue, the nose offers notes of unseeded rye bread with a distant grapefruit juiciness on the finish. Fruit notes present upon first taste and then finish with a long, composed spiciness.

45% ABV | $24.99 MSRP | 91 Points

BLADE & BOW WHISKEY Whiskey Blade and Bow is named after the two parts of a skeleton key – the blade shaft and the ornate bow handle – part of the iconic Five Keys symbol found throughout the Stitzel-Weller distillery. These keys represent the five steps of crafting bourbon – grains, yeast, fermentation, distillation and aging. These grew to symbolize the southern traditions of hospitality, warmth and enjoying the finer things in life. To this day, the five keys can be found throughout the distillery. Beginning with a soft nose reminiscent of fresh fruit, Blade & Bow rewards sippers with a delicious hint of dried apricot and ripe pear on entry before melting into a sweet roasted grain taste mid-palate. The finish includes notes of charred oak and warm winter spices.

45.5% ABV | $49.99 MSRP | 89 Points


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