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EXOTIC SMOKES: CHEROOTS RECENTLY, A FRIEND BROUGHT ME A TREAT FROM HIS TRAVELS ABROAD. These tiny green smokes from Myanmar called Cheroots. I have smoked many a stogie in my day, but I had never tried a Burmese Cheroot before. Naturally, I could not wait to light one of these babies up and give it a go! Eagerly, I went to my patio to examine (and smoke) this precious gift. The wrapper was unlike a traditional cigar, with a unique green hue. It almost appeared to be banana or grape leaf. I lit her up, inhaling the complex flavors. Unlike traditional premium cigars, this was light, herbal and even fresh. I was so surprised by its smooth draw and refreshing essence that I wanted to learn more about this style of cigar. I wanted know about the history and the lifestyle of the cheroot.

By Amanda Keeley Thurman

Photo by Nick Fox/shutterstock


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