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SCENES FROM THE 325TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE NOLET FAMILY DISTILLERY >> OUR LIFE’S WORK 4-D cinematic projection on the De Nolet Windmill during the Nolet family 325th anniversary celebration. Photo by Ketel One Vodka.

How would you describe each of your sons’ roles in the business? I am extremely proud of the commitment and contributions my sons have made to the Nolet Family Distillery. Carl Jr. is the heart of Ketel One, “pounding the pavement” sharing the story of Ketel One Vodka and our family. He relocated to New York in 1992 to further expand the brand’s growing popularity. Since then, he has established long-lasting relationships that have contributed to Ketel One Vodka’s continued expansion in the United States. His industry knowledge, business expertise, and leadership have been integral to the brand’s growth.

Montecristo. An icon since 1935.

Bob is responsible for building the brand in Europe and beyond. Like his older brother Carl, Bob learned the art and science of the family distilling business and the techniques for making Ketel One Vodka while growing up in the Nolet Distillery. Bob is the soul of Ketel One, making sure that our quality is evidenced in every bottle before it leaves the distillery in Schiedam. From father to son for 11 generations, the craftsmanship of Ketel One continues through the family’s unwavering passion for crafting fine spirits.

A Chat with Carolus Nolet

>> Leon Bridges performs at the 325th Anniversary of the Nolet Family Distillery hosted by Ketel One Vodka. Photo by Michel Porro - Getty Images.

ht blueWe caught up with the spry, brig ily, and eyed 75-year old to talk about fam the future of Nolet’s Distillery.

Lucrecia Valdez Master Roller 36 years of experience

Was it based on interest or simply something you decided that Bob would become distiller and Carl the salesperson/ambassador of Ketel?

>> Diageo Chief Executive Office Ivan Menezes toasts to the 325th anniversary of the Nolet Family Distillery with a Ketel One Vodka martini. Photo by Ketel One Vodka.

I think they fell into these two roles naturally. My sons have a lot of knowledge and experience behind them, having learned our core family values developed by 11 generations of Nolets’ throughout their impressionable adulthood. They have worked in nearly every role at the Nolet Family Distillery, which has provided them with an intricate understanding of how to operate our distillery and create the beautiful liquid inside each bottle of Ketel One Vodka. Today both are involved in growing our company. Carl Jr. always had a knack for words, ever since he was a young boy. I always knew Carl Jr. would succeed in expanding the brand in the United States and Bob would do a great job meticulously overseeing the rest of the world. What accomplishment are you most proud

of and why?

>> Ketel One Vesper Martini cocktail kit on the dining room table at the Nolet Family Distillery 325th anniversary celebration. Photo by Ketel One Vodka.


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>> Proprietors LLC. mixologist Devon Tarby creating Ketel One Vodka cocktails at the Nolet Family Distillery 325th anniversary celebration. Photo by Michel Porro - Getty Images.


I am most proud my family’s future. My sons and I live our history every day. The passion from 11 generations of Nolets, father to son, distilling fine spirits for close to 325 years, has instilled an exciting opportunity for the future. WWW.CIGARANDSPIRITS.COM

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