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Ground Floor Plan

Diagrams Second Floor Plan

3" Rigid Insullation

Steel Connecting Bracket W12x24 Steel Beam

1'-01" 2 111 2" 9.75" 2.25"




Finished Wood Panel Ceiling

12x12 Metal Panel Screen

Curtain Wall System

W12x24 Flat Truss

W12x24 Steel Beam C Channel Connector Finished Ceiling

Flat Truss

Designed By:Cierra Myers

In the design for the brewery at the intersection of 14th and Baltimore in the power and light district of Kansas City i let the site context inform the shape of the building. The shard angles of the upper volume respond to views and interactions of the surrounding context. On the ground plane the curves of the volumes encourage movement through the site. The sit itself becomes a interactive passageway into the power and light district.

Kansas City Brewery  

4th year studio project with studio teachers from BNIM