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The paper plane is the only icon associated with VOYAGE. This icon is only to be used in the set primary and secondary colours where Cool Gray 9 is replaced by black. This icon is used on packaging and promotional items. These icons may never overlap each other.

Brand in Application

Image Credits

Front and Back Cover Airplane In the Clouds, Credit: Avery Steadman, Unsplash. Located at: https://unsplash.com/ photos/8A64b5CPn-w

Front and Back Inside Cover Seashore During Golden Hour, Credit: Sean O, Unsplash. Located at: https://unsplash.com/photos/ KMn4VEeEPR8

Table of Contents Aerial Photography of Airliner, Credit: Ross Parmly, Unsplash. Located at: https://unsplash.com/photos/ rf6ywHVkrlY

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Page 17 & 21 Man Laying on Blue Hammock in Front of Waterfalls, Credit: Jeremy Bishop, Unsplash. Located at: https:// unsplash.com/photos/mQj1JmAk_54

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