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5 Things You Didn't Know Your Swing Set Was Missing Component Playgrounds

As kids get older, many parents recognize the lack of challenge on the playground can thwart important outdoor play. Here are 5 things you didn't know your swing set was missing.

Buoy Ball Swing This amazing playground addition is a buoy ball swing attached to a trapeze bar. Kids of all ages and abilities can climb onto the ball; hold on the trapeze bar overhead and swing. The adjustable buoy ball swing is ideal for kids with autism, low muscle tone, hyperactivity and sensory processing disorder by encouraging the following physical development: Core Stability Motor Planning Hand Strengthening Balance Reaction Sensory Integration


Teeter Totter Rhythmic rocking back and forth with a friend is calming, stimulates the senses and encourages social development. A teeter totter allows kids of all ages and abilities to enjoy positive health benefits for cognitive performance with balance, core strengthening and important heavy muscle work. Kids with ADHD or those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder greatly benefit from teeter totter play. It turns out that the rhythm of a teeter totter provides: Self-Control Progress Boosted Attention, Focus and Concentration Calming Impression Decreased Distraction and Restlessness

Tire Swing 2/4

An updated version of the original tire swing, today's playground tire swing is a plastic molded donut that is a durable, light weight addition to outdoor fun with added safety. Kids love to swing, climb and spin alone or with a friend. Playing on a tire swing challenges balance encourages social interaction and provides excellent heavy muscle work. Outdoor play on the playground will give your kids great health benefits and stimulates their brains by releasing chemicals that help with attention and focus. It is recommended that kids get 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. What better way than to provide them with a tire swing in your own backyard?

Monkey Bars Monkey bars challenge different levels of physical ability for both elementary and middle school-aged kids. Swinging like a monkey from bar to bar is a fun strength-building activity. Along with improving body strength, coordination and balance, the monkey bars also help develop muscle tone, grasp and improve handwriting. Swinging hand-to-hand across monkey bars gives kids and adults a full upper body workout in only one minute. Moms and dads will be happy to learn these 3 monkey bar exercises to strengthen your grip, core and back: Monkey Bar Abs - Hanging from a single bar or the side, pull knees up to elbows for a great core workout. Beginners can simply tilt your pelvis up. A more advanced technique is a straight leg lift. Pull-Ups - Good old chin-ups are an excellent way to improve your grip, core and back strength. You can easily focus on strengthening back muscles by adjusting to a wide grip at varying levels. Side Swing - Swinging side to side, instead of back and forth is a basic movement that is actually easier for most people. Side swinging gives you a different plane of motion to work your core and lats. A more advanced method is to skip every other bar.

Picnic Table Whether you are watching the kids play and relaxing in the sun, having a fun picnic lunch or winding down at the end of the day, a picnic table gives both kids and parents a place to 3/4

rest for a while and enjoy the fresh air. There are so many valuable benefits your family can take advantage of with a picnic table addition to the playground: Encourages Conversation - Enjoy a place to sit and talk to your spouse or a friend while the kids play with a picnic table located closed to the playground. Picnic Lunch - Enjoy the fun of eating outdoors with your family for a picnic lunch or evening cookout. Outdoor activity is a great way to increase your kid’s appetite and eating outdoors encourages picky eaters to finish so they can return to the playground fun. Outside Learning - Being outside both stimulates and relaxes your school-aged kids. Homework or crafting outdoors is a great way to encourage kids' imagination and creativity. Take advantage of good weather and head outside to the picnic table. By allowing your kids to change up the monotony of homework, you can give your kids just the boost they need with fresh air and sunshine.

The Ultimate Playground Component Playgrounds understands that kids of every age and ability level benefit from outdoor play to improve self-confidence, encourage social interactions and develop vital physical and cognitive skills. We are proud to offer interesting, fun and safe playground equipment and accessories made of superior building materials to last for generations. Contact us today to find out about our high-quality, durable playground equipment or upgrade your existing playground to grow with your kids.


5 things you didnt know your swing set was missing  

Our swing sets can be assembled at home by someone with a do-it-yourself mentality who has basic technical skills.

5 things you didnt know your swing set was missing  

Our swing sets can be assembled at home by someone with a do-it-yourself mentality who has basic technical skills.