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The White Tiger



From Talk Show Host To Black Belt


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6 - news/Special Report Martial arts super Show las Vegas 2015

Presents 4 - Publisher’ s Message 6 - news/Special Report Martial arts super Show las Vegas 2015 14-news/1st innsbruck hall of honours 2015

20-the white tiger/ master rondy mackee

20-the white tiger/ master rondy mackee 30- teachings of the budha 34- john Kerwin, from talk show host to black belt 40-creative warrior academy/ justin cataldi 48- a travelling ronin/Martin Franshan 52-The Interview / debbie goodman 55-what is a ninja/hiroshi ikeda 62-martial arts directory

34- john Kerwin, from talk show host to black belt

PUBLISHER´S MESSAGE backround. If you read the history of taekwondo, the Hwarang Were you Learned WHO noblemen used martial arts to defend against attack Themselves. They had a code of honor. 1. Serve your lord 2. Serve your parents 3. Trust your friends 4. Never withdraw from battle 5. When taking a life, be selective The modern commandments of taekwondo stem from these. You Should Be Able to Recognize some similarities. 1. Be loyal to your country 2. Respect your parents 3. Be faithful to your spouse 4. Respect your siblings Hello friends of Martial Science. 5. Be loyal to your friends With this new edition of Martial Science Ma- 6. Respect Those older than you gazine I feel very identified by the two main 7. Respect your teachers articles that are about Taekwondo. Taekwondo 8. Never take life when it is not needed was my first martial art to practice, I started its 9. Have a strong spirit, or invincible spirit 10. Be loyal to your school practice at the young age of 5 years. 11. Always finish something you begin Certainly, there is not a martial art that teaches a kick as special as the Taekwondo way. Its pace, As you can see, loyalty and respect play a big flexibility, fluidity, speed and beauty make it an role in martial arts. effective and beautiful martial art. Modesty / Integrity, Accompanied by a doctrine based on respect, self-improvement, discipline and perseverance. This principle of taekwondo deals With With Thus creating a solid base in the formation of a people how you interact. May practitioner, strong body and mind can overcome the most Although to be a better fighter than his or her difficult obstacles. Opponent, They Should not boast about it. Should Maintain the practitioner himself and 1. Etiquette / Courtesy be honest and good, and humble himself ear2. Modesty ning respect. 3. Perseverance 4. Self-Control Perseverance, 5. Indomitable Spirit Etiquette / Courtesy Practitioners of taekwondo Should be very persistant in what They do. They Should ThemTaekwondo originated with a strong military selves challenge to self-improvement. Always


STRIVE to Improve your physical body as well as your mind. When do you start something, finish it. Go all the way. The rewards will be great. Self-Control, Self-control is a very valuable lesson to learn. Learning self control is beneficial in many ways. Mentally, if you are in control Then you will be in charge of your own life. But also, you will learn to controlling your temper, not get angry, be respectful in hard Situations, Among Others. Physically, you learn Control of your body. You will learn to throw a punch full force and stop an inch away from the target, as well as With kicks. You will learn to practice Effectively But Also safely, controlling the situation. Indomitable Spirit, The ultimate principle of taekwondo is possibly one of the most helpful. You learn to have a spirit That can not be beaten. When there is a tough situation, you can handle it and know you will be Able to handle it. This is Helpful in all parts of life. This principle end will help you to enjoy life and Everything That Comes With it.

Henry Binerfa | Publisher/CEO Martial Science Publications, LLC

Martial Science Magazine, Volume 4, Number four ISBN-13: 9781514356005 , is Published Bi-monthly, (February, April, June, August, October, and December) by Martial Science Publications LLC., Phone: (702)439-9071 Email:





Action star in the Chemist

Ip Man Lineage • Author of 5 books • Featured in 7 DVD’s • Movie Star



Hosted by “World’s Largest Martial Arts School” • 6



Special Report Martial Arts Super Show, Las Vegas 2015 Photos By: Henry Binerfa

Martial Science Magazine was at the Venetian Casino in las Vegas to 2015 Martial Arts SuperShow. The doors of this masterful event opened on Saturday 4th of July and the event ended on July 8. Four days of unforgettable experiences, encounters with legendary masters, and all in a wonderful environment surrounded by people who love and enjoy the martial arts. The opening ceremony was spectacular, Venetian Theater with a sold-out, An emotional moment was when the audience stood up in honor of the living legend Kevin Thompson. Paul Mitchell Karate Team, which witnessed a thrilling homage to An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes, in which received the Lifetime Achievement Award, also Walter Bond Keynote presentation and impeccable Team Paul Mitchell’s demonstrations, one of the moments most enjoyed by the public was when appeared a mysterious Ninja with a pink kimono that turned out to be the Master Ken. Flawless performance from Team Paul Mitchell Karate member: Jackson Rudolph 8

Master Ken demonstrating defense techniques with award An shu Stephen K. Hayes. As part of the show, the award ends shattered.

Walter Bond, at the opening ceremony

Jackson Rudolph

The audience at the Venetian Theater

An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes, receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award



Special Report Martial Arts Super Show, Las Vegas 2015 There was many people who wake up early in the morning to be with the living legend Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, presented his seminar as “An Early Morning Stretch”

But do not believe that it was all Stretch. Those who were present we could see the legendary left leg Wallace despite years remains fast and dangerous.


The team of Paul MItchell gave a seminar about “Drills and skills: Creative Forms, Bo staff and sparring” They were present: Chris Rappold (Founder Personal Best Karate), Caitlin Dechelle, Jackson Rudolph, Justin Ortiz, Tyler Weaver, Cass Sigmon and Damon Gilbert.



From left to right Don Rodrigues (co-founder and head coach of Team Paul Mitchell), Kevin Thompson (He was inducted into the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame in 1989) and Sensei Henry Binerfa (Publisher Martial Science Magazine)

Dana Abbott Owner of Samurai Sports & Inventor of ActionFlex. Photo taken in his seminar: Zero to Sixty: Learning Martial Methods


Special Report Martial Arts Super Show, Las Vegas 2015

Benny “The Jet“ Urquidez Undefeated Kickboxer Gave a seminar (Improving your Kickboxing skills) at the Century Training area

Stephen K. Hayes. He gave a master class about Ninja Vanishing Defense. Where he explained: Determined effortless defenses against aggressors are key to the ninja way of dealing with Danger.




1st INNSBRUCK HALL OF HONOURS 2015 The 1st Innsbruck Hall of Honours excelled all expectations. When Master Gregor Huss, promoter of the Munich Hall of Honours decided to found another Sports Award event his first choice was Innsbruck, this beautiful capitol of Tyrol in the austrian alps, famous for wintersports but not only. Quickly he could win austrian Legends of the art and Grandmaster Erhard Kellner from ZENTAI RYU HAK St. Pölten, Niederösterreich and Kung Fu Grandmaster Perry Zmugg from Graz, Steiermark for the komitee, followed by Master Ado Dulas, from Innsbruck. International Komitee members where US Legend GM Cynthia Rothrock, UK Worldchampion Master Emma Elmes and german Wushu Legend Sifu Serge Seguin and finaly Master Gregor Huss himself.

members and the Special guests, GM Samuel Kwok, the Wing Chun Legend and German female Kickbox Champion and Actress Anqi Nimbach as well as UK Fitness Queen Agata Dowding known as „I am a woman and I lift“. Then to all new inductees their awards where presented and after the official part was finished, everyone met at the Bar to let end this fantastic evening. And what did Cynthia Rothrock have to say? „fabulous. Great food, fantastic show„ she said and „ now Innsbruck is the place to be, after you have been to Munich!“ If you want to take part at anyone of these events (Munich Hall of Honours April 22/23,2016) and Innsbruck Hall of Honours (July 2, 2016) or maybe both, send your inquiry on:

Promotion for the Event started right after Munich Hall of Honours was over and within a few weeks the event was sold out. Grandmasters and Masters from all over Europe came to be among the founding members of this Innsbruck Sports Award. During the day there where fantastic seminars going on with some of the best martial arts experts and everyone participating was happy to learn and train with them. The modern bright hall was very well suitable for this kind of seminars and all participants were inspired. After a break dinner started at 6 p.m. At the restaurant next to the event hall. The food was excellent and the service outstanding. At about 8 o`clock everyone took their place at the event hall. The Lan Lung Wu Shu Xue Yung Team started the first Innsbruck Hall of Honours with the traditional lions dance. After this Gregor Huss welcomed the guest and then the showprogramm started. Internationaly known flutist Raphaèlle Zaneboni from France played three songs and was followed by NoGravity Team performance from Czechia, Lorenzo Achate Kata presentation from Romania. Then Hassan Yaakoubd`s Muay Thai traditional fight performance with Luca Luncasu and Nicole Quinzi from Italy. Grandmaster Sifu Serge Seguin showed a Chen TaijiQuan form at a extremely high level. The Team from Kampfsport Graz presented a fulminating show mixed tradtional kung fu, hapkido and jeet kune do with modern self defense. And finaly the Lan Lung Wu Shu Team aroused enthusiasm with a action loaded presentation. After a break Master Gregor Huss presented his komitee



Awarded of Munich Hall of Honours 2015

Jose Luis Montes G.

Bixi Kappeler

Greg Bienkowski

Pierre Van Bentum


Axel Nobbe

Todd Taganashi

Rene Gayk

Khetphet Phagmasay

Carl Cooper

Jurgen Kohler

Gianni Di Primio

Marc Engelhardt

Bianca Huss

Ivica Aleksovski

Tamara Tremmel

Madeleine Geiger

MOBI - Day

could be the different exercises not only perform, but made himself with, because - that’s the motto of the “MOBI” - day - course “Getting involved was explicitly allowed “:-). The kart track in front of the hall, with vehicles of karting Schleswig (Germany / Schleswig-Holstein) was, according to Heiko Jürgensen “so much visited, as in the past 4 years is not”. Entire 198 trips were done. “There was less than 5 minutes break, our driver had to alternate seamlessly, so much the rush this year was,” said the team of RSC North. Even the wheelchair parcours, cared for by the staff and students of Occupational Therapists School “school” Handewitt enjoyed great interest and the Taurus the bull-riding facility of “Oops The event outfitter in Satrup” threw off a total of 285 riders.

The MOBI - Day in Flensburg/ Germany is with a part of self-defense for people with disabilities / wheelchair users. Organizer Karl Grant is cooperating in this Part with the MAA-I. and the SOK. The Martial Arts Association - International represented by the MAA-I. Chairman Bernd Hoehle, Master Babak Saviz, Karsten Forester and Grandmaster Danny Koch supported this event actively.

The Wheel of Fortune, the “hot wire”, make-up the children and also the highest with 8.50 m climbing tower in Germany, operated by the DAV Flensburg, had large audiences. The extravagant recumbents the manufacturer “hare” were marveled and extensively test driven and the curling of SV Adelby front of the main entrance of the Firth Hall viewers made curious to learn more about this relatively unknown sport discipline. The team of Bequa Flensburg hosted as every year the visitors with cakes, ice cream, popcorn, coffee, cold drinks, etc., and in the hotel grounds there was grilled sausages, crepes, smoothies and other goodies.

In particular, the gymnastic and skill course, which was built and operated by the sports students from the University of Flensburg - prevailed hustle and bustle during the event. But the performances of the boxers of DGF Flensburg, the Capoeira Flensburg, the members of SoK Kampfkunstschule / School and the team led by Babak Philip Saviz around Holger Liedtke, Karsten Förster, Stefan Schmaltz and the team of Bernd Hoehle in different martial arts and self-defense for People with handicaps / wheelchairs were observed with great interest by the audience, and some of them AUGUST/2015


The information stands on the gallery of the delivery hall were focal point for sports and health products interested and on the hour had to be there speaking a little louder, because then Tom Miller Elvis Tribute Artist, Kay Christiansen, Anna Sophie and Julian Taylor from Eckernförde, Samuel - 2nd place in “The Voice Kids” 2015 and local hero Mike Kazmaier and his band gave their songs the best. The stage and musical art was this year from PMN Events - excellently mastered Ulf Dupke Event Production Team! At the booth of Floriansdorf KiEZ Frauensee our little guests were many others about the dangers of fire, the work of the fire brigade inform. As political guests were on site: State Secretary Rolf Fischer, Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Science and equality, Inge Krämer, Deputy City President Flensburg - and Simone Lange, a member of the Schleswig-Holstein Parliament / Member of Parliament for Flensburg. Our special thanks go next to the volunteer team of the Health Media geV all supporters as the city of Flensburg, as patron, the Flensburg professional fire brigade, the Red Cross and all the other hard-working hands, among others our tireless Benny treasure Wieckhorst and Gesi mouse Hansen - this year for the 5th time with it - without this, now the largest inclusion of sports, action and music event in Schleswig-Holstein had grown event would not be feasible.


Dragon Days with Don "The Dragon" Wilson

expressed thanks. For this special anniversary has Bernd Hoehle awarded Soke Thomanek a special award for 20 years Jido Kan. Special guest Don Wilson was also very enthusiastic about the "martial artist with Heart" Charity Initiative the MAA-I. Following was a meal and in the evening a party. Was crowned the jubilee with the street festival at Jido Kan Dojo. An unforgettable weekend!

To mark the 20 year anniversary of Jido Kan have Grand Master Michael Thomanek invitate to the "Dragon Days" with Don "The Dragon" Wilson. It was an inspiring weekend with a seminar, a party in the evening and a street festival on Sunday in which about 3,000 people were. The chairman of the MAA-I. Grandmaster Bernd Hoehle and the President of IBDF Grand Master Karl Wagner were invited as guests of honor. The seminar was led by the 11 times Kickboxing Worldchampion Don Wilson, Grand Master Hans-Juergen Eul, Grand Master Heinrich Bรถhmer, Grand Master Florian Hahn, Grandmaster Rainer Grytt (President of the German Jiu Jitsu Union) and Grandmaster Uwe Hasenbein. Was taught in a rotation system, so that each Budoka at each teacher could have lessons. Grandmaster Antonio Coelho, Sifu Erwin Timmers and Grand Master Ismail Koldere also attended as guests of honor at the seminar. Sensei Andrea Kelschebach then started even with a super MMF warm-up for all. In a special ceremony were Grand Master Michael Thomanek (Soke jujitsu Jido-Ryu) and the MAA-I. Chairman Bernd Hoehle made some honors and AUGUST/2015



The White Tiger Photos By: Jackie Miller Henry Binerfa


What motivated you to learn martial arts? I was working in advertising and marketing in Detroit, Michigan. Being a young girl in a big city and working late hours, I found myself to be an easy target for crime. Eventually becoming “fed up”, I asked the local police how I could obtain a gun for protection. They told me that was a bad idea. They explained that if I was not tough enough, confident enough, to actually use it, the next crime would definitely be by gun point because the bad guy would take my gun from me. I asked about pepper spray, they advised the same thing. The spray could be used against me. I decided to arm myself with something that no one could take away.

How was your experience training in Korea? I was already a 3rd degree black belt and instructor at my school back in Detroit. But I had no idea the level of training that would be involved in Korea. As a member of the professional martial arts team - the Korean Tigers, we spent 5 days a week training, 8 or 9 hours a day. We usually performed demos on the weekend. The first few hours were spent on the opening poomsae with an emphasis on perfect unison. The balance of the day was spent on jumps, kicks, self defense sets, tumbling, breaking and stamina training. After a while, I did not seem to have wrists or ankles, they were always swollen and as big as my arms and legs. The other members were extreme athletes, the stamina portion of the training was the most difficult for me. Often, I would have to bow out and lose my breakfast. I would always get a big stinging slap on the back with words of encouragement, “good! now you are ready for training!”. Sometimes

I would just have to focus and will myself not to pass out. Or at least, not to be the first one to pass out.

How did you earn the nickname of White Tiger? The team was called the Korean Tigers, with most of the 20-25 members being male college age students. Women were rare on the team. A caucasian woman was even rarer. I stood out. It started as a nickname by my teammates and then the media. It stuck, I liked it, and decided to call my school White Tiger when I returned back to the United States. I wanted to always be reminded of my teammates and the wonderful opportunity I experienced being part of the team.

What are the benefits of training in your School White Tiger? My school became almost an instant success. I was a student long before I became an instructor and long before I was a Tiger Team member. As a beginner stu22

I decided to arm myself with something that no one could take away. AUGUST/2015


dent, I loved my new activity, but there were some business aspects that I felt could have been improved. I kept mental notes, “someday, if I am in charge, I will do things a little differently”. As a high ranking student, I longed to learn more, but felt that level of training was not available to me. I was able to combine the best of both my worlds. The techniques we teach are authentic from Korea and at the same time cutting edge being taught at the Korean universities. That combined with customer service and business practices accommodating to Americans have made the perfect marriage of cultures and almost perfect school.

How is the program of White Tigers? My dream was to make a “Family Fitness Facility” something for everyone in the family. This is stemmed from a firm belief that everyone involved in martial arts will improve their lives physically, mentally and spiritually. Perhaps this is my effort to make a better world, by bettering the world around me. White Tiger truly has something for everyone. Tiger tots is for children as young as 2 and half years old. They are too young to earn Kukkiwon rank, but benefit from building confidence, self esteem, they learn to follow visual and verbal instruction. They learn about time and place. There is a time to speak up for yourself and a time to be quiet 24

and listen. Stars, stickers, high-fives and cheers from the audience are incredible motivators for our youngest students as they build life skills and get that head start before even starting kindergarten. Our Taekwondo program is for children, teens, adults and families. The Hapkido program is idea for teens, adults, law enforcement and military personnel. Our Lady Tigers program teaches specialized women’s self defense. This program is unique in that it teaches the use of every day items that may be used as weapons of self defense: a cell phone, ATM card, shoe, etc. Still haunted by the advice of the police officer decades ago, if these items were taken away by the bad guy, it is still just a shoe.

What are your new projects? Being known as the largest martial arts school in the world brings us a lot of attention and imitation. Local competitors are constantly repeating our offers, trying to replicate our programs and so on. I am not alone. Other school owners have experienced the same situation and have become very frustrated. I look at this as another opportunity. It keeps me on my toes. I am constantly improving our program, making it better and moving forward. Anything copied today is our old news. To keep our school on top, I stay very active in learning about new products, technology and services. In addition to traditional training on the mat, our students learn from online videos to practice at home, online flash cards for terminology, and interactive online quizzes and mobile applications. I keep our instructors on top by investing in their continued training. I want them always improving their skills. I send them to Korea and various locations for intensive training and host a wide variety of guest master instructors to teach at our school. I have stepped up my personal training by becoming a private student to the masters I look up to. One of these Grandmasters is Rick MoAUGUST/2015


neymaker from the Dragon Society International. His training in Martial Science, TCM and pressure points have enhanced by existing training. We have combined our seminars and are working on several projects together including the Master’s Series Seminars held at White Tiger. I studied Kung fu long ago and have been able to bring it back to by training as a private student of Sifu Samuel Kwok from the Ip Man lineage. His vast experience and training has been an amazing addition to my women’s self defense seminars and classes. Sifu Kwok has become an incredible mentor in my life, I am able to experience training again with the enthusiasm of a new student. In addition to expanding my martial arts skills, Sifu Kwok’s individual attention and dedication to his students is teaching me to be a better instructor. Not a new project, but an improved project is our Community Cares Program. This program benefits the At-Risk children in our community. In conjunction with the local Police department, who select the children at risk, we teach martial arts as an award for staying in school. Many of these children do not have adult supervision available for them after school and are at risk of making decisions that may negatively impact their lives. The participants love the martial arts training, strive in the structured environment and make good choices to stay in school to continue to be a member of the program. The program is fully funded by our traditional program’s Black Belt applicants. As part of their black belt testing process, they must contribute to their community. The students use their leadership skills to raise money for the donation to the program. I tell them if they learn how to kick, break and smash, they need to learn how to heal and re-build as well. The requirement is that they each raise a 26

minimum of $35, but they they do more than that. They do way more than that. They often raise thousands of dollars for their community. So the new part of this program is its growing success. Not only are the children - once at risk of dropping out of school - staying in school, doing well and graduating...the black belt applicants have raised far beyond their required amounts and so the program can afford for each graduate of the Community Cares Program to attend college on a full scholarship.

In her conference at Martial Arts Supershow. “Team Recruitment, Training and compensation�

Other personal projects include my Ladies Elite Competition Team and traveling to competitions with the team. We leave for the World Hanmadang in Korea in less than 2 weeks. I have also been put in a position by Kukkiwon to assist American school owners in obtaining legitimate World Taekwondo Federation Black Belt Certification. I struggled with this for years and hope I can be of assistance to school owners in need. I have a few movie offers on the table, a TV show opportunity, a book 75% written and many speaking engagements in the works. I want to do it all, but the students the school will always come first.

Well protected by the youth of White Tiger

Master Rondy Mackee practicing Wing Chun, with Grandmaster Samuel Kwok




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Teachings of the Budha The Fish and the Turtle “The Buddha and His Teachings” by Maha thera Narada.

The Fish and the Turtle (Is Nibbana Nothingness?) Once upon a time there was a fish. And just because it was a fish, it had lived all its life in the water and knew nothing whatever about anything else but water. And one day as it swam about in the lake where all its days had been spent, it happened to meet a turtle of its acquaintance who had just come back from a little excursion on the land. “Good day, Mr. Turtle!” said the fish. “I have not seen you for a long time. Where have you been?” “Oh”, said the turtle, “I have just been for a trip on dry land.” “On dry land!” exclaimed the fish. “What do you mean by on dry land? There is no dry land. I had never seen such a thing. Dry land is nothing.” “Well,” said the turtle good-naturedly. “If you want to think so, of course you may; there is no one who can hinder you. But that’s where I’ve been, all the same.” “Oh, come,” said the fish. “Try to talk sense. Just tell me now what is this land of yours like? Is it all wet?” “No, it is not wet,” said the turtle. “Is it nice and fresh and cool?” asked the fish. “No, it is not nice and fresh and cool,” the trutle replied. “Is it clear so that light can come through it?”

“No, it is not clear. Light cannot come through it.” “Is it soft and yielding, so that I can move my fins about in it and push my nose through it?” “No, it is not soft and yielding. You could not swim in it.” “Does it move or flow in streams?” “No, it neither moves nor flows in streams.” “Does it ever rise up into waves then, with white foams in them?” asked the fish, impatient at this string of Noes. “No!” replied the turtle, truthfully. “It never rises up into waves that I have seen.” “There now,” exclaimed the fish triumphantly. “Didn’t I tell you that this land of yours was just nothing? I have just asked, and you have answered me that it is neither wet nor cool, not clear nor soft and that it does not flow in streams nor rise up into waves. And if it isn’t a single one of these things what else is it but nothing? Don’t tell me.” “Well, well”, said the turtle, “If you are determined to think that dry land is nothing, I suppose you must just go on thinking so. But any one who knows what is water and what is land would say you were just a silly fish, for you think that anything you have never known is nothing just because you have never known it.” And with that the turtle turned away and, leaving the fish behind in its little pond of water, set out on another excursion over the dry land that was nothing.



Fine Art For Your Dojo Limited printing of all works on canvas, plexiglass, and aluminum. Precious works of art to decorate your martial arts school or home. Please send your request at:


O SENSEI MORIHEI UESHIBA Drawn in Corel Paint using a Wacom tablet, and finally retouched in photoshop. By: Henry Binerfa

CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY Each limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist. The signature and edition number verify the print as an authentic work of art from the artist. The total edition number is final, and once sold out no more will be made or sold. Our serious certificate of authenticity, or provenance, comes with every print and original you buy and verifies the work of art as an original bought from Author. Don’t lose it.



JoHN KERWIN, From Talk Show Host To Black Belt Photos By: Katja Bresch Jeff Otto Lucie’s Aleks


JHON KERWIN, From Talk Show Host To Black Belt I am a late night talk show host. In addition to entertaining television audiences and interviewing celebrity guests, I have a passion for the martial arts. I’ve always been interested in the martial arts. As a boy my mother didn’t have much money, yet after my badgering, she finally paid for karate lessons. However, she could not afford that expensive karate uniform. So every week, I’d go to karate classes wearing my pajamas. I’m not exaggerating this story. There were tough kids in class with uniforms with patches of big fists and swords. My uniform had little boats on it. You had the brown belts, the black belts…I was a flannel belt. Anyway, that was Shito Ryu Karate and the money ran out at green belt. In college, I studied Shotokan Karate and went to brown belt. A relatively minor injury led me to quit. That was a mistake. I became a spectator of the martial arts for many years until one day, I thought about what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life. Making people laugh has always been on the top of my list. But studying the martial arts was something that I wanted to revisit. I scoured the city, trying everything from Wing Chun to Aikido to Judo. I decided on Tae Kwon Do. I’m tall, 6’3” and kicking is great weapon if you are tall. And I liked the grandmaster. His name is Grandmaster Kim at Double Dragon Tae Kwon Do. Everybody in my world said that at 39 years old, I was way too old to start doing martial arts. And during the trial classes, I did notice that I was the oldest student in the dojang. But this was something that I really wanted. So I signed up. My first class was so overwhelming, I had to stop as I thought I would pass out– I was in such terrible shape. I even thought of quitting that first day. But I didn’t. The common adage is: “A black belt is a white belt who didn’t quit.” That stayed with me.

The multiple-award winning late night talk show “The John Kerwin Show” is taped live before a studio audience in Los Angeles. Since 2001 the show has featured prominent and memorable guests such as Bruce Dern, Brian McKnight, Tom Bergeron, Steve Wozniak, Antonio Sabato, Jr., Eric Roberts, and Cloris Leachman. AUGUST/2015


So I continued. And it was nice to have a TKD uniform. Wearing pajamas at 39 would have been weird, to say the least. Moving from white belt to yellow, purple, orange, green, brown, red – was a great journey. The toughest part was the minor injuries and twisted body parts. But I remembered my previous experience with an injury and vowed to not let that stop me. Becoming black belt meant more than just an achievement, it was a symbol of not giving up. I developed strong perseverance. And I lost fifty pounds going from white belt to black. The black belt testing was the greatest physical challenge of my life. And I was prepared, both mentally and physically. And the result was euphoric. I hope to encourage adults to study the martial arts. Ignore the naysayers. I am proof that it can be done, IF you have the desire and the will. I believe that I am a better person because of my martial arts study. I am more focused, more flexible, my posture is better and by losing so much weight, I’m healthier and happier. And, by the way, now when I go to sleep, all of my pajamas are black.

John with his Grandmaster Hyun Jin Kim (7th dan)

The John Kerwin Show is unique because it involves Kerwin drawing comedy from the studio audience. No written monologues, cue cards or Teleprompters – the comedy is almost totally spontaneous; even the celebrity interviews are done without a pre-interview as the show strives for natural moments rather than scripted material.

Evan Pantazi, These DVD’s are in a set curriculum and are taut in step by step process so you learn fully and to the highest level of skill! From level 1 to level 10 DVD’s are in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German Languages!

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JUSTIN CATALDI Photos By: Henry Binerfa




A. Ready position



B. Opponent attacks the head

C. Inside sweep position , using check hand to control weapon



D. Passing a punch to the outside

E. Switching to inside sweep attacking the body



F. From the body shot around the outside of arm to flip to the face

G. Going to throat and using a shoulder lock for takedown





A. Opponent stabs to midsection , I pass it and slash the arm at the same time


B. Keeping control of the knife hand I slash the throat


C. I setup my disarm


D. I strip away my opponents knife







B. Passing the attackers slash i hook the weapon hand in my arm, both elbowing the head and breaking the elbow at the same time .


A. I check and cut the arm with the knife C. Keeping the attacker bent over I strip his weapon



D. Simultaniously dropping my knee on his ankle or back of knee

E. Finishing him with a stab to the neck 44





A . A basic hubud or tapi tapi drill starting with a vertical jab


C. Trapping inward and down “pok”

B. Covering jab with other hand


D. Centerline punch/vertical jab “sow”



E. Now partner covers repeating the drill

F. And partner traps and punches back “pok sow” and the drill continues back and forth at a high rate of speed Sifu Justin Cataldi Nick Erdmann Jim Reynolds



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DVD CHI SAO REVEALED PART 1 AND PART 2 Gm. Samuel Kwok GM Samuel Kwok reveals it all. He is not holding back. Learn what to do and what not to do in Chi Sao. This video is like standing next to GM Samuel Kwok when he’s teaching all there is to know about Chi Sao. When you apply everything you learn in Part 1 and Part 2 of Chi Sao Revealed, nobody will be able to hit you again in Chi Sao! This is the way of GGM Ip Man. Learn the principles of Chi Sao. Learn what is important and especially learn what many do but what you absolutely shouldn’t do! This is filmed at the London Seminar in 2012 DVD THE KEYS TO SIU LIM TAO Gm. Samuel Kwok

It’s as if you would be in the class room with GM Samuel Kwok to learn the keys of Siu Lim Tao. Unlock the secrets of Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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A Travelling Ronin How to Engage Anyone: The Four Circle Method By: Martin “Travelling Ronin” Fransham How to Engage Anyone: The Four Circle Method “Hey Coach? How would I defend myself against this guy?” Questions like this can be heard in Martial Arts schools across the world. The reason it is asked over and over again because of the terrifying prospects of being forced into an engagement and not knowing how you should handle it. As a global traveller I have had the privilege to train with

the incredibly complex question of how to engage any opponent. In order to accomplish this I fell back on Occam’s Razor as a guide. I wanted to make as few assumptions as possible while raising my odds of success. You obviously can’t “beat” everyone but you can improve your ability to fight back. The Four Circle Method has three primary circles, Skill & Techniques, Strength and Speed. Surrounding these is the larger circle of Endurance. This enforces the mindset that none of the circles can exist without each other. For example, you cannot throw a punch without Strength or Speed or if you don’t have the endurance to lift your arm. Everything is connected but you can use more of one attribute over another.

The Four Circles comprise of three primary circles that overlap inside the larger circle of endurance. fantastic Martial Artists from coast to coast. While this has provided me with unique training opportunities it has also meant I am always working with different people, body types and styles. Consequently, very early into my travels I had to deal with 48

With a quick glance over your opponent you can make a series of snap judgements. Is my opponent stronger? Do I think they are quicker or more athletic? Does this person look to be more skilled or simply more proficient at their art? Based on this momentary information you now have a basis to engage your opponent or opponents. The goal is to get to balance point at the joining of all three circles. If you can then you will largely control the fight. Short of a lucky punch, which does happen, your opponent’s only hope is to wear you down with and hope that their conditioning will outlast yours. Simply put if you are stronger,

were rolling with an opponent you and using your speed you might be transitioning positions and forcing your opponent to deal with attacks from all sides. You also hold the advantage that by controlling two of the three primary circles you should be burning less energy by fighting in a more efficient manner. If you only control one of the circles then you are forced to acknowledge that you are burning more energy than your opponent. Should you only control the strength circle you can’t compete with fast slips and trading combinations. This would be a moment to return to your basics. When working in the strength circle think “heavy.” Big punches, elbows and knees are basic techniques that hit hard. If you were on the ground grinding your opponent with a strong mount or side control is another way to look at it.

You may need to make that snap judgement very fast. faster and more skilled than your opponent you should be able to successfully engage the opponent. However, realistically you will only control two or The more circles you control the less energy you even one of the circles. Smaller opponents will lineed to expend. kely be faster, while larger opponents will ofTEN have a strength advantage. It is hoped that in a real confrontation you will hold the edge in skill and The Skill & Technique Circle needs to be addrestechnique, yet once more, this isn’t always the case. sed as it is often over valued in many cases. There is plenty of evidence that shows “masters” losing Looking at the circles they tell you your best me- to someone that can hit hard and fast. If you only thod of engaging an opponent. If you are facing a control this circle beware the fighter with fast, heastronger opponent then you need to hit them with vy hands or the beast that just flattens you on the blisteringly fast techniques and technical combi- ground with a linebacker tackle. A snapping jab nations that change levels and work angles. If you and thunderous cross have ended many fights and AUGUST/2015


A Superman Punch is a great example of a more advanced technique to end a fight.

are among the first techniques you learn. Should you find yourself in this situation you need to pull out your more “advanced” tools. This could be the time to throw a rolling kneebar or spinning hook kick. The final circle that surrounds the three primary circles is the endurance circle. This is perhaps the most important circle of all. You might control a fight but if you can’t sustain your advantage the tide will shift against you. The example that comes to mind is Brock Lesnar versus Shane Carwin for the UFC Heavyweight Belt. Carwin spent the first five minutes demolishing Lesnar in every aspect of the match. However, out of energy, Lesnar rebounded in the second round and won the fight. His endu50

rance allowed him to continue despite being hopelessly overmatched at first. In conclusion, this strategy may not allow you to win every time but it will significantly raise your odds of success. Dog Brothers Martial Arts has a moniker that I like which goes, “Die Less Often.” It is impossible to always win but it is always possible to increase the likelihood of a favourable outcome.

By: Henry Binerfa



I didn’t get started in Martial Arts until I was almost 29-years old, although I’d been interested since I was a child. I was deeply influenced by the TV series “Kung Fu”. In the late ‘80’s, I’d been dating a local nightclub musician. He also had another “girlfriend” I was unaware of. She threatened me to stay away from him, or she was going to “knock my teeth down my throat”. That’s when I decided it was time to enroll in Martial Arts. I tried a month at a local Shotokan school, but it just didn’t seem to click with me. I then found a school that taught a “blended” style, but after a year-and-a-half or so, I found that I didn’t like some of the things that were going on in the school (Mostly having to do with Black Belt instructors taking advantage of the female students!). After picking up a book by Douglas Wong

THE 52

at a martial arts supply store, I set out to find an “authentic” Kung Fu School. I found John Cho’s Kung Fu Club at the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association/School of Confucius in a remote area of Fresno. We only trained 2 days during the week, and on Sunday mornings. A year later, John Cho opened a school that was much closer to my home, making it easier for me to train almost everyday. When John Cho held his Grand Opening, we invited all the other school owners in town. It was my “job” to invite Stuart Quan, as his dojo was right across the street from where I was working at the time. Stuart and I became friends, and he invited me to help teach the “Mind, Body, Spirit” program to the Boy’s & Girl’s club. I was immersed in Martial Arts at that time, studying Kung Fu

with John Cho, Tai Chi with Julin Chen, and Wu Shu with Quying Feng. WHAT DID YOU LIKE ABOUT MARTIAL ARTS? I loved martial arts for the art form. I seemed to perform best in weapons. WE ALL REMEMBER MARTIAL ARTS MANIA. HOW WAS WORKING ON THIS PROJECT? John Cho was invited to go to San Francisco to be a guest on Tat-Mau Wong’s Syndicated TV show “Kung Fu Theater”. I was one of the students selected to go along. This is where I got the idea for my TV show “Martial Arts Mania!” 20 years later! Eric Lee and Debbie Goodman at Tat -Mau Wong’s tournament, early 1990’s.

Debbie Goodman interviewing Douglas Wong at the Martial Arts History Museum for Martial Arts Mania.



YOU HAVE BEEN WITH VERY IMPORTANT MASTERS OF MARTIAL ARTS. WHICH ONE OF THIS MASTERS INFLUENCED YOU MOST? It’s hard to say who the most influential Master has been in my life, but I think that would have to be Douglas Wong, since it was his book that sent me in search of an authentic Kung Fu school, and not just a “McDojo”. WHY DO YOU THINK WOMEN SHOULD LEARN MARTIAL ARTS? I feel that all women should learn some form of Martial Arts for self-defense purposes. I took the “self-defense” classes that were offered in my High School PE classes. WHAT ARE YOUR NEW PROJECTS? My latest project is to work on self-defense instructional videos with Don “The Dragon” Wilson. Debbie Goodman and Don “the Dragon” Wilson

Sifu Grandmaster Eric Lee, Crystal Santos and Debbie Goodman


Debbie Goodman and Jeff Speakman


pan. People in those days called the Ninjas, Igamono or Kogamono. Iga and Koga are neighbors. Yet, the Iga Ninja groups were more famous and much larger than the Koga Ninja. According to “the Bansenshukai” (the Bible of the Ninjas, Ninja encyclopedia), It says Iga was the birthplace of Ninjas.

Ninja’s main work was to investigate the strengths and strategies of one’s enemies. It was very important to get the enemy’s information to their lord. By Hiroshi Ikeda So, usually the work was not to assassinate people, but to gather information. Of course, Iga Ninjas were also trained to destroy the weapons and castles, especially using fire power. Ninjas were far from assassins. How did the area of Iga come to train Ninja? First the Iga area was surrounded by mountains. And these conditions brought in extreme amount of fog all year round. During the Sengoku period, it was convenient for many samurais or lords who were beaten in battles to hide in Iga. So, it was very difficult to track down the hiding samurais or lords. During the 11th century, Todaiji temple, which was the biggest temples in those days, ruled the Iga territories. There were many groups against the rule of Todaiji. Todaiji called them “Kuroda no Akuto.” The terms “Kuroda no Akuto” came to mean Iga Ninja later. At that time, there was an intense battle between Todaiji temple and Kofukuji temple, which was the second biggest temples, for the territories of Iga. And Iga area was also the place of “Shugendo,” a remote mountainous religion where people received mysterious powers from God. And that Many Toraijin (Chinese or Korean immigrants who during these ancient times, introduced their high level culture to Japan) existed in Iga as the academics.

Historically, Ninjas were people with skills in spe- This was a perilous time, when no government rucial military techniques, active in the feudal days led Iga. That is to say, Iga was a very complicated of Japan. area. I will be telling Ninjas from the Iga area (now in Mie prefecture). And, Ninjas from the Koga area (now in Shiga prefecture) was also famous. These two areas had the most distinguished Ninjas in Ja-

In the process of destroying Shoen, (the Japanese old land system) the Iga samurais were mixed among those people who lived and hid in the area. And Iga Ninjas were completed at last. During AUGUST/2015


the Sengoku period, Iga Ninjas made their castles for the purpose of guarding Iga territories. It was during this perilous Sengoku time period that Iga Ninjas were essential as specialized soldiers. Almost all Iga Ninjas belonged to “Iga Sokoku-ikki” (an organization that Iga samurai and Iga Ninjas made against the enemies from other countries). Yet some groups had to betray in order to survive. In the battle of Tensho Iga no Ran in 1581, Iga Ninjas fought against Oda Nobunaga, who was strongest load and ruling Japan. Yet, Oda’s forces were so powerful and Iga Sokoku-ikki was eventually destroyed. The battle ended in only two weeks. Almost Iga area was completely burnt. After the collapse of Iga Sokoku-ikki, Some Iga Ninjas who escaped began preparing for their next battle, while other Iga Ninjas were hired by lords from other areas. Todo Tatora, the lord from Iga during 1608-1615, hired Chigachi Uneme, who was the boss of the strongest Iga Ninjas group. Chigachi was the relative of Hattori’s (the strongest and most famous Iga Ninja). Takatora gave his family honor and name, “Todo” to Uneme. Takatora announced to Iga Ninjas, that any who worked for other lords must return to Iga, otherwise, Takatora threatened to confiscate their lands and banish their wives and children from Iga. Takatora had a hatred of other Sengoku lords who hired Iga Ninjas. Later Takatora stationed Iga Ninjas as special soldiers to guard him as Igamono of the Todo Clan. After Tokugawa Ieyasu ruled Japan perfectly in 1615, Iga Ninja’s main work was not to fight in battles, but to guard the Todo Lord and investigate, in order to prevent rebellion against the Todo clan. The last highlighted incident of the Ninjas was that of the Iga Ninja, Sawamura, investigated Perry’s black ship when it visited Japan in 1853. This activity was the last work of the Iga Ninja. 56

HIROSHI IKEDA Hiroshi Ikeda is a Japanese school teacher from IGA. His great passion for over 20 years is the study of everything related to the Shinobi. It is therefore considered a “ninjologist” or a specialist in everything related to the ninja world, its history and culture. Also his other great passion is botany, so he knows many different plants whose properties were well known and used by the Shinobishu.

Awarded of Munich Hall of Honours 2015

Utz Gestmann

Ronny Haake

Elshan Hajizda

Roland Hosele

Nuhogullarindan Emre

Jennifer Klostermeier

Stephan Lange

Andre Scheiring

David Seguin

Dr. Quirin Zangl

Stefan Haiden

Nikki Ellen Treacy

Negapatan Hertz

Martin Kremser

Frank Siemons

Sophie Geraldine John



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