Success stories of young european entrepreneurs

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“Aesthetic design and powerful functionality that fits all purposes” Chris Hills is a young professional who developed his business based within the City Campus of Nottingham Trent University. Max Medium is an innovative digital agency specialising in web design & web development, graphic & print design, and online marketing. The Max Medium team’s diversity of experience combined with their genuine and friendly approach guarantee that their clients receive a proficient and reliable service. They select techniques that fit the individual projects’ key purposes without surrendering design and style. By harmonising these principles during the design and build process, they have developed a reputation for delivering stylish, dynamic, functional solutions that communicate information in an effective and attractive way. They are an affable and highly skilled team and provide a consultative and hands-on service. Their focal point is on understanding the needs of their clients and working closely with them to ensure that the end result matches expectations. The majority of their work comes from repeat business and client referrals – “we think that is evidence to the quality of our work and the level of our customer service”, said Chris.

Chris Hills Entrepreneur’s name Chris Hills Entrepreneur’s e-mail Age range 25 - 30 years

What is the key to being successful as an entrepreneur? Never giving up. What would be the 3 best characteristics of an entrepreneur? Hard working, willing to change their mind, and open minded. What has been your biggest mistake as an entrepreneur? Underestimating time and money required to achieve our aims. What are the fundamentals that every entrepreneur should follow when starting a business? Get as much advice as possible, then ignore it and stick with your gut feeling. What are the learning lessons you came across as an entrepreneur? - Give 3 recommendations to would-be entrepreneurs Be nice to your bank manager, think long term and make sure you understand taxes before you pay yourself a generous salary.

Company’s name Max Medium LTD Company’s address Goldsmith Street Nottingham NG1 1BU (United Kingdom) Company’s website Business Launch 26/09/2009

What is the best thing about being an entrepreneur? The potential. 11