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- Bulimia Nervosa

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Bulimia Nervosa Bulimia Nervo sa is an Eat ing Disorder ident ified by recurrent episodes of binge eat ing followed by compensat ory behaviors, or behaviors designed t o “make up fo r� t he binge episode. While t he most recognizable of t hese behaviors is self-induced vomit ing, t here unfort unat ely are numerous ot her compensat ory behaviors associat ed wit h t his illness. Many individuals do not consider t hemselves t o have Bulimia Nervosa simply because t hey do not engage in self-induced vomit ing. However, Bulimia Nervosa feat ures a purging sub-t ype and a non-purging subt ype. Somet imes t he non-purging subt ype of Bulimia goes undiagnosed for a long t ime, because even t reat ment

professionals don’t realize t his dist inct ion. Bulimia Nervosa is also classified as a “severe” ment al disorder under ment al healt h parit y law.


effect s of t his illness are oft en subt le t o ident ify, but can be cat ast rophic and even fat al. One part of t he problem is t hat because individuals wit h Bulimia Nervosa oft en use behaviors in secrecy and may not appear drast ically underweight , t heir illness goes unnot iced by ot hers. The cumulat ive t oll t his t akes on a person over t ime is hard t o quant ify, but sufferers have shared in great det ail t he serious impact Bulimia Nervosa has on t heir lives. Once t he problem is recognized, healing can begin and sufferers can est ablish new pat t erns and replace bulimic behaviors wit h normal eat ing. The Cielo House Approach to Bulimia: Our approach t o Bulimia may be unique, but we have found it t o be very helpful. nut shell, co nquer yo ur binge fo o ds.

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We believe t hat t hings we resist persist and in

order t o regain cont rol over bulimic behaviors you can’t simply avoid t riggering foods for t he rest of your life. The combinat ion of safely consuming appropriat e quant it ies of “binge” foods and having t he 24-ho ur supervisio n t o int errupt eat ing disorder behavior can help people get out of t he cycle of Bulimia. Event ually, our client s learn t o enjoy t he foods t hey love in appropriat e quant it ies and oft en say t hey couldn’t imagine binging on t hose foods anymore.

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Eating Disorder Treatment In Belmont – Cielo House  
Eating Disorder Treatment In Belmont – Cielo House  

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