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Approach Towards The Multiple Sclerosis Treatment: A Step Wise Method To Cure The Disease Multiple Sclerosis in a disease which is autoimmune in nature and leads to demyelination of the nerve cells of the central nervous system, which includes brain and spinal cord. There are many types of this disease but the most commonly occurring one is the "relapsing remitting" type. As the name suggests, this type of multiple sclerosis occurs in episodes. The signs and symptoms would appear and would disappear on their own. They may reappear depending upon the treatment taken or upon the individual. As such, there is no sure short cure for the disease but there are drugs and other remedies to cure the episodes and to lower down the effect of various signs and symptoms shown by the disease. The Multiple Sclerosis Treatment follows a step by step approach and the priority is to cure the acute attacks of the disease. For the same, corticosteroid administration is recommended. The patient is supposed to be hospitalizes as soon as he encounters the attack and high dose of corticosteroids should be given through intravenous route. This would greatly reduce the intensity of the attack. However the corticosteroid's affect does not last for long. Besides there are many side effects which are associated with the same. The most common side effect of administration of corticosteroids such as prednisolon is osteoporosis. It greatly affects the bones and lead to difficulty in walking and other movements. Next step of multiple sclerosis treatment would be to reduce the effect of the disease. Interferons have been the drugs of choice in case of multiple sclerosis. Amongst interferons, interferon - beta 1 a and interferon - beta 1 b are mainly prescribed for the MS Treatment of this disease. The other drugs which are given included in the therapy are Glatiramer , Natalizumab and Fingolimod and Mitoxantrone. To reduce the affects of the signs and symptoms caused by the disease, following measures are taken. Physical exercise is prescribed to the patient to overcome the difficulty in the performing day to day activities. This would lead to the movement in the joints and would prevent them from being stiff. There would also be reduction in the pain. For the treatment of muscle spasms, muscle relaxants are usually given to the patient. These include beclofen and tizanidine. Drungs like

Amantidine are prescribed to reduce the muscle fatigue. This would make the movements of the body even easier. Care should be taken about the diet as well. The patients should have a nutritive diet but at the same time should avoid foods which may lead to obesity or which may further worsen the symptoms of the disease.

Approach Towards The Multiple Sclerosis Treatment: A Step Wise Method To Cure The Disease  

Symptoms of MS - - Being an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, multiple sclerosis produces...

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