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How can we move from directing people to helping them grow? Greg Scheer’s story of mentoring and being mentored is a launching point for a discussion of how we can best grow those who are involved in our worship ministries for the good of God’s kingdom.

D22: Mentoring Worship Artists Greg Scheer 1. My story, part 1

2. Who are the mentors in your own life?

3. My story, part 2

4. What I’ve learned about mentoring worship artists: a. Give it away. b. Crowd/12/3 principle c. Be on the lookout for mentorees d. You don’t have to show them the way to do it, just one way e. It doesn’t need to be another class f.

Don’t underestimate the power of imparting vision through the back door

g. Experience before knowledge

5. The fruit of mentoring

Greg Scheer

Musical Mentoring by Greg Scheer  
Musical Mentoring by Greg Scheer  

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