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Issue 24 / November 2012

Straight from the Source Working with a single supplier for marketing services.

The Ciconi Substrate Guide Choosing materials for your mailings

Case Study: The Perse School

One of the UK’s leading independent schools

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November 2012 / Memo 24





4/5 Editor’s Note Looking back at 2012 and looking forward to 2013.

16 / 17 Short & Sweet Rob Glasper offers you a veritable potpourri of articles.

6/7/8 Case Study: The Perse School A chat with Eddie Copland, Development Director.

18 / 19 / 20 The Ciconi Substrate Guide Choosing materials for your mailings.

9 Coffee Break We have an extended coffee break for you this issue.

21 Competition A box of festive cheer up for grabs in our competition.



10 / 11 ExposĂŠ John Addis, our longest serving Production Assistant.

12 / 13 / 14 / 15 Straight from the Source Working with a single supplier for marketing services.


November 2012 / Memo 24

Ciconi Ltd Airfield Industrial Estate Warboys Huntingdon PE28 2SH T: 01487 823546 E: W: The small but perfectly formed print: Memo is researched, written, produced and printed by Ciconi ©2012 Ciconi Ltd. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without prior permission of the editor. Ciconi Ltd accept no responsibility for the views expressed by contributors to the magazine. Readers should consult their advisors before acting on any issue raised. Ciconi Ltd cannot take responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs or illustrations, or for errors in articles or advertisements in the magazine.

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Editor’s Note Now you see it …

012 arrived in the blink of an eye and is disappearing just as fast. There may still be just over a month to Christmas and then the new year, but it all seems to be happening a bit too quickly for comfort. Christmas seems to begin earlier every year. It’s good news for retailers, whose sales are driven by the major seasonal events. Their sophisticated managers know very well that the bottom line always benefits when the items on the shelves are a good fit for the festive occasion.


Christmas, however, is different. Now there’s not even a pretence of any seasonal ‘fit’: just about anything and everything is offered for sale. “Throw the whole lot in and hope most of it goes,” is the spirit in the planning department. It’s hardly a surprise that this attitude prevails, especially as we emerge from a double dip recession. Retailers will be more than eager to make the most of any potential Christmas sales benefit, and for myself I wish them every success. For customers, however, Christmas is not yet a total sell-out. For many it remains a reminder of a great and

BE SAFE. BE SECURE. BE SURE. MULTI-LAYER DATA PROTECTION Data Loss Prevention wonderful hope in the person of Jesus Christ, whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas. So, as head teachers prepare for each school’s nativity performances and the attendant out-takes as Joseph fluffs his lines and Mary drops baby Jesus; as turkeys are fed enormous amounts of whatever they eat to make them fat; and as shops are filled with all manner of Christmas fare, here’s hoping our mailboxes will be stuffed with last-minute marketing campaigns! We can at least take comfort in the knowledge that while 2012 has whizzed past with unseemly haste and 2013 is rushing to greet us, the Christmas message remains the same: ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men’. We at Ciconi second this statement with a really big thank-you to our longstanding customers who have been working with us for many years. You are much appreciated. To the new customers who started to use Ciconi this year, thank you for your custom. We are delighted to have so many of you on board.

Full Disk and USB Encryption Antivirus IT Asset Management Application Control Employee Awareness Citrix and VMware Support Unified Administration Forensic Reporting also as Managed Service in the cloud

Telephone 01223 655 236 | Email Trial version. Download now! WWW.DRIVELOCK.COM

Thank you all.


November 2012 / Memo 24


November 2012 / Memo 24

Case Study The Perse School

iconi has worked with many leading academic institutions in Cambridge and Oxford for over 20 years. Typically, we work with development offices to provide design, print mail and electronic communication services. We are proud to bring to you this case study of one of our illustrious clients, The Perse School, based in Cambridge. The Perse School is one of the UK’s leading independent schools. It was founded in 1615 through the will of Stephen Perse MD, a Fellow of Gonville and Caius College. Its alumni include two Nobel Prize winners, several actors, many distinguished academics, a leading Communist, and several musicians. We spoke to Eddie Copland, the school’s Development Director, who is responsible for the creation and direction of its major fundraising campaigns.


Q: We see that The Perse School will celebrate its 400th Anniversary in 2015, and that you intend to run a major fundraising campaign to promote its future success. What is involved in creating so important a campaign? A: Our challenge is to create a campaign that will have a lasting and positive impact for the School and its pupils; which will inspire the whole Perse community, including pupils, teachers, alumni and parents. I’m currently spending a lot of time getting out to speak with as many people as possible to hear their views on what they would like to see the School doing. We hope that by obtaining this participation at an early stage, we can maximise the support we will receive when the campaign launches.

Do you find that any one mode of marketing works better than others? As with all marketing, in fundraising a ‘one size fits all’ approach simply doesn’t work. Social networks and online media can help us reach certain demographics; paper-based communications serve an important role for others; and faceto-face contact is better still. The most important rule is that however we communicate, the School’s core messages and values should remain the same. When planning a campaign, how significant is the ‘internet factor’ in your thinking? The internet is invaluable for our research, staying in regular contact with our community, sharing stories, and obtaining rapid feedback. Younger alumni appreciate the convenience of being able to donate online, and it’s important to have a great website. That said, most potential donors seem to prefer communications they can touch, so postal communications will always be needed.


message is even more relevant today. I know I owe a huge amount to the education I had at The Perse School, and I want to make sure that others have the same opportunities. What personal qualities are required to be an effective fundraiser? Perseverance, a huge passion for the organisation you support, and a love of meeting new people.

With the recent addition of VAT to Royal Mail services you were facing a potential increase of 20% on postage. Was Ciconi able to make a difference? Ciconi was superb in alerting us to the price rise and explaining how we could zero-rate VAT on the design, print and postage of our communications. As we mail around 18,000 magazines a year, Ciconi’s advice saved us thousands of pounds. When you’re in fundraising, that matters! Over the medium to long term, how do you see fundraising techniques evolving? What challenges will fundraisers face? How do you plan to address them? I think fundraisers are going to have to develop increasingly interactive relationships with donors, and involve them in ways that go beyond simply giving money. Donors want to feel that


they are part of a solution, and will want more information on how their gifts are used. The real challenge will be that different donors will expect to interact with organisations in different ways, and this will create greater communications demands on fundraisers. The only solution will be to get to know each donor and build great relationships – something we are already achieving at The Perse. The money you raise for The Perse School will help to provide facilities for future generations of students. How important is it to you as an Old Persean that the School maintains its tradition of teaching pupils regardless of their backgrounds? It’s an absolutely vital part of the School’s DNA. Our founder wanted The Perse to be open to children no matter what their circumstances, and we believe that

A significant part of your role involves maintaining good relations with School alumni. However, you also need to build bridges with other opinion formers and potential benefactors. How do you go about this? It’s not just alumni who care about a school – parents do as well. We’ve recently started a regular magazine for former Perse parents to help them stay in touch with us. Ciconi handles the distribution of the magazine, and has helped us to do that cost-effectively. Finally, we hear that you are a budding guitarist and the writer and director of ‘Henry VIII The Musical’. How else do you relax? I’m currently working on the musical’s London debut (www.henryviiithemusical. com) which takes place in December at the Royal College of Music. To be honest that’s taking up virtually all my free time, but it’s hugely rewarding.

November 2012 / Memo 24

MIXED UP A well-known saying has been split up into groups. Rearrange the groups to form the saying. What is it? CTI GER NFI ON RAN SST THA THI TRU

Supermarket Sweep At the supermarket FIONA has in her basket FISH, PIZZA, NOODLES, PEANUTS and PASTA. Who has DOUGHNUTS, SOUP, VINEGAR, BEANS and MUSTARD in their basket?

LONG AND WINDING ROAD A car has travelled 30 miles at 60 mph. It started its journey with 8 gallons of fuel but its tank has been leaking throughout the journey and is now dry. The car completes 40 miles per gallon. How many gallons of fuel does it leak per hour?


Coffee Break Time to test your skill against this issue’s questions. If you get stuck, the answers can be found on the Memo web page. Why not enter this issue’s competition too?

What number should replace the question mark in this sequence? 7






SAVING UP A piggy bank contains £7.02. It is made up of coins of four different denominations and the largest denomination is £1. There is exactly the same number of each coin. How many of each coin is there and what are their values?


November 2012 / Memo 24


November 2012 / Memo 24

Exposé John, did you realise you had been at Ciconi for eight years? No! I thought it was about six! Wow! What do you do at Ciconi? It’s quite a mixed bag. I set up the insertion machines for mailings, and run them. I also run the polywrap systems, which batch shipments together, as well as other machinery, such as forklift driving and scanning software. There’s also the Goods-In part of the job, which includes accepting deliveries from suppliers, helping to load and unload lorries, despatching orders, receiving stock and booking it in. I also maintain Ciconi’s stock system. It’s a pretty broad range of general production work. And how have things changed over the last 8 years? Well, I first joined as a temp for two weeks and it was at the peak time, there were a lot less machines and a lot more people. I remember thinking that there were so many people all doing the same thing.

All about John Addis, our longest serving Production Assistant.

I then applied for the job and went through the open day and got it! I’ve seen lots of people come and go and had new machinery to get to grips with but it’s all good. If money were no object what three things would you buy – and why? I’ve always fancied life on a river so I would buy a Dutch barge. They’re larger than most British narrow boats. Then I would buy a lifetime’s supply of travel tickets. I really like the idea of travelling, and I would love to go to countries such as Greece and Russia and see sights such as the Great Wall of China. I watch travel programmes and often think I would really like to go to some of the places I see! Finally I would buy a full set of chain mail for my Viking hobby. We had heard about your Viking tendencies. Can you tell us more? Yes, I go with a group of friends from around the country. We get together a few times a year to re-enact battles from the Viking or English Civil War period.

Last year we went to York, Western Super Mare, and Guildford. I also walked ten miles round Grafham Water in full Viking costume to raise money for charity. Even though you have worked here for a while I bet there is still something we don’t know about you, would you like to share anything with our readers? There is something that no one may know, that I was once pulled to one side at Gatwick airport and tested for explosives which my wife found funny. I assume that they didn’t find any then? Well it’s been great talking to you John, but lastly could you let our readers know what your biggest achievement within Ciconi is and why? Lasting 8 years without getting the sack! (Only joking.) It is probably passing my forklift test, as I have a real fear of tests and also getting the new insertion machine running smoothly, which is no small task when you have a new machine and a full schedule of work to put through it!


November 2012 / Memo 24



November 2012 / Memo 24

ight from the Source Working with a preferred supplier for creative thinking, mailing services and back-office support can raise market profile, streamline the organisation, and save money. anagers can never relax. Either they are told that they are operating in tough economic conditions and have to streamline their departments; or they are told that they are operating in a boom and have to maximise profit. Sometimes they are told that, despite a challenging environment, they have to do both at the same time. At a time when headcounts are being pruned, finding a middle way through all this is no easy matter – especially when managers are denied the human and other resources they need to investigate solid options and make evidence-based decisions. Instead,


they have to examine best practice, see what other organisations are doing, and hope for the best. It’s a high-risk approach at the best of times. When it concerns external communications and customer relationships, the risk is less high, more stratospheric. This is not the only scenario. Many organisations decide to move their marketing and customer communications outside the business as a positive, proactive way to move closer to the market. They are driven less by external factors; more by a determination to reach the market more effectively for longer-term growth.


November 2012 / Memo 24

These challenges have been put into context by DLA Piper: ‘Customers are focussing on the rationalisation of their supply chain. Rationalisation brings the twin advantages of reducing cost (by using fewer suppliers with higher volumes) and being easier to manage (which is important now that there are fewer people available following internal headcount reductions).’(1) Expertise Whatever the reason, and whether as part of a strategic plan or a reaction to crisis, moving marketing operations outside the business can deliver qualitative and quantitative benefits. This is particularly true in the increasingly complicated world of mailing. Once a simple matter of creating a package, applying postage, and despatching, mailing today can be a bureaucrat’s dream and a business person’s nightmare. Designs that have been researched well can breach the rules and lead to unforeseen tariff increases that leach away profitability. The wrong choice of distribution can further mitigate returns, as can a slight error in dimensions or weight. Steering a course through these complexities is where an expert partner can help the marketing manager to optimise every mailing. This is especially true if that partner can offer a seamless service from creative concept to distribution and the analysis of any survey results. As well as making the entire process simpler and more accountable, this sort of partnership can also deliver attractive cash savings. As Accenture


puts it: ‘The financial benefits of utilizing fewer suppliers can be as much as 2228% on an annualized basis.’(2) Quality – both process and creative – is another factor that determines profit and customer reaction. In the words of Franchisor News: ‘The fewer suppliers there are, the fewer mistakes or inconsistencies you would expect in return. Choosing a single, cost-conscious and capable supplier who has good technological support and an innovative approach to the future needs of their customer is ideal.’(3) Relationships The ‘future needs’ that are mentioned by Franchisor News can be planned or unplanned. What is required in the partner is the ability to react dynamically,

whether taking forward a strategy or reacting to a sudden change in the business climate. This is where trust comes into the equation. The chosen partner has to earn this trust through consistent service delivery in the good times; then, when a crisis occurs, both parties will be able to work together through mutual understanding and confidence. Trust brings so many benefits. As it grows, so both parties feel free to share ideas and test new approaches. As a design style rolls-out, so trust ensures that its implementation will be consistent and used to enhance the value of the client’s brand. As urgent needs arise, so trust ensures that they can be addressed creatively and profitably. As provider costs increase, so trust between client and partner ensures that overheads can be reviewed and adjusted without prejudicing the strategy. Needless to say, ‘hard’ benefits also emerge after the learning curve has been completed. Working with a single supplier ensures that the client can streamline contract management, shorten lines of communication, reduce room for error, and benefit from other economies of time and scale. The contractor, of course, similarly benefits from a secure source of business and the peace of mind that comes with it. Both parties, in fact, have greater freedom to explore new opportunities to cut costs and improve the quality of results. This has certainly been the experience of Ciconi clients. We are always happy to show the benefits we can deliver to new clients seeking to improve efficiency and address overheads.

Summary Working exclusively with a third party is not a risk-free decision. It should only be made when it is appropriate for the organisation and competitors for the business have been evaluated for their stability, creativity, technical skill and other areas of compliance. Once, made, however, it can bring a remarkable combination of benefits for the client that, ultimately, can reduce overheads and improve the quality of every campaign.

Light up Papworth this Christmas with

Dedicate one of our thousand Christmas Lights to the special someone in your life and help us help young people with heart and lung disease.

Sources: (1) www.dlapiperoutsourcing. com/knowledge-centre/ pages/2012/technology/uk/ global-sourcing-portal-knowhow-trends-for-2012.html (2) Microsites/it-optimisation/ITVC/ Documents/pdf/Accenture_ Application_Outsourcing_Cost_ and_Complexity_of_ADM_ Relationships.pdf

Minimum donation ÂŁ10 with all proceeds going to the Shining Stars Campaign.

(3) info-franchisors/advicemarketing-pr-franchiseconnect

For more information go to: or call the Charity Office on 01480 364 237 T. #shiningstars F. If you have an android phone you can download a QR reader app and scan this box which will take you straight to our Shining Stars webpage.

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November 2012 / Memo 24



Welcome to another edition of Short and Sweet wherein Rob Glasper offers you a veritable potpourri of articles for your amusement. In this instance, we bring you up to date on issues such as the values of education, sex in the city and, as the festive season approaches, a review of King’s College’s world famous Nine Lessons. 16

Cambridge: it’s worth the cash If you actually read the last Memo, you will recall the article Cambridge tops Guardian league table. Well, it seems that other league tables are available. Cambridge also tops the table for the second consecutive year in the Sunday Times University Guide, but has lost the top spot in the QS World University Rankings, being overtaken by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

November 2012 / Memo 24

Cambridge dropped from 6th place to 7th in the Times Higher Education World University rankings but gets a triple A (AAA) rating from Moody’s, the renowned credit rating agency. Despite all this and making allowance for the recent introduction of higher tuition fees (Cambridge is to charge the full £9,000) applications to study at Cambridge University are on the up. National figures show an overall fall in applications of 9%, yet Cambridge has seen a rise of 2%, suggesting that university entrants are rightly concerned about VFM.

An honest politician, a kind lawyer and Father Christmas were walking down a street and saw on the ground a £20 note. Which one picked it up? Father Christmas! The other two don’t exist!

Safe sex Yes, I thought that headline would catch the eye! Preventative measures have been around for many years in many different guises. Lots of things have changed since the barber (as he then was) would raise the question “Anything for the weekend sir?” Nowadays, according to the Cambridge Varsity News, students at Cambridge can register for a C-Card which can be used to obtain free, gratis, a ‘packet of 6’ at various pharmaceutical outlets throughout the city. Varsity reports that this gives each student

a potential usage of 60 (!) per week, prompting a spokesperson of the organising body to say “There has been a positive response to the scheme, lots of students have already signed up.” This of course reminds one of some very old jokes but with the advent of information technology, keyboards and the ubiquitous text messaging, the “PS: please excuse the shaky handwriting” joke has long passed its SBD. Nine Lessons One thing that never changes as the season of goodwill rapidly approaches is the festival of Nine Lessons and carols from King’s College Chapel in Cambridge. First held on Christmas Eve in 1918, the format has virtually remained unchanged ever since. The service always begins with Once in Royal David’s City and was first broadcast in 1928, continuing even throughout the Second World War, though the ancient glass windows (and the heat) were removed and the name of ‘King’s’ could not be mentioned for security reasons. As a result, the service has almost become public property with similar services being held worldwide including Father Christmas’s sledge broke down on Christmas Eve. He flagged down a passing motorist and asked “Can you help me fix my sledge?” “Sorry” the motorist replied, “I’m not a mechanic, I’m a chiropodist.” “Well, can you give me a toe?”

Father Christmas: “I thought I asked you to go out there and clear the snow!” “I’m on my way Father Christmas.” “But you only have one welly on!” “That’s all right, there’s only one foot of snow!”

the Far East and the West Indies. One correspondent even wrote that he heard the service in a tent on the foothills of Everest! Wherever the service is heard and however it is adapted, whether the music is provided by choir or congregation, the pattern and strength of the service derive from the lessons and not the music. “The main theme is the development of the loving purposes of God seen through the windows and words of the Bible.” Many of those listening to that first service must have recalled those killed in the Great War on hearing “all those who rejoice with us but on another shore and in a greater light”. The centre of the service is still to be found by those who go in heart and mind and who follow where the story leads. A festival of Nine Lessons and Carols is broadcast live on BBC Radio 4 at 3.00pm on Christmas Eve. As well as the ‘Nine Lessons’, the Papworth Hospital Charity is hosting its Carol Service at Ely Cathedral on Saturday 8th December at 2.30pm. Tickets start at £12.50 and are available online at or call the charity office on 01480 364237.


November 2012 / Memo 24

The Ciconi Substrate Guide The modern mailing industry offers a huge choice of substrates to marketing managers and print buyers. They come from different sources, are certified by different organisations, and have widely varying environmental credentials. Each one offers significant advantages if chosen correctly and used wisely.


November 2012 / Memo 24

n this article we will give you a summary of the choices available when you next consider paper, envelopes, bags and cartons.


Paper: accreditations Most paper is made from cellulose fibre extracted from wood pulp. When this pulp is extracted direct from forested trees it is called virgin pulp. Papers are often identified by the initials of the organisation that certifies the origin. The best known of these are ‘FSC’ and ‘PEFC’, auditable organisations that provide global assurances of sustainable forestry. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) The FSC ( is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forest management globally. It is supported by high profile organisations such as WWF and Greenpeace. The FSC trademark guarantees that the forest of origin has been independently inspected to comply with an internationally agreed set of environmental, social and economic standards. PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) PEFC ( is an independent, non governmental organisation that promotes sustainable managed forests through third party certification. It assesses and recognises individual national forest schemes built on intergovernmental processes for the promotion of sustainable forest management. Currently

these mechanisms are supported by 149 governments responsible for 85% of the world’s forests.

Other accreditations Other labels you may come across include the EU Eco Label, Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF), Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) and Carbon Neutral. Many of these can also be sub-categories of the main FSC and PEFC accreditations.

Paper: recycling and beyond ‘Recycled’ paper is more complex than you may think. There is no official industry definition of recycled paper, although the Waste and Resource Action Programme ( has published guidelines for ‘recycled’ status. For printed paper the guideline is a minimum 50% recycled content. For copier/office papers the figure is a minimum 70% recycled content. For tissue the guideline is a minimum 100% recycled content. Print buyers should note that fewer papers

satisfy WRAP criteria for digital or litho printing than under FSC or PEFC schemes.

Paper: pricing Paper prices vary according to the type, weight and certification. Papers divide very broadly into uncoated and coated, with the latter including silk and gloss. All come in various weights, sizes and prices. As a rule of thumb recycled paper is usually the most expensive. It can cost up to 60% more than standard paper. Why? Recycled stock requires more time and effort to de-ink and prepare the incoming paper for processing. The exact price differential will depend on the recycled content and processing used, which might feature chlorine-free technologies or solar power. Each ‘green’ credential for paper has to be certified, and each certification adds to the price. FSC and PEFC papers can typically be 10-20% more expensive than nonaccredited paper. Having said this, a lot of paper – even FSC qualified – can now be bought at a competitive price.


November 2012 / Memo 24

Cartons Cartons are perfect products for the use of recycled material. Most are made of post-consumer waste and contain high levels of recycled content, with only the outer layer being virgin pulp. Cartons which are not to be printed can be made entirely from post-consumer waste.



Although many polybags are still made from traditional materials which do not easily break-down, ‘environmental’ polybags are becoming widely available. The choice is typically:

These come in four main grades: Standard


Made with virgin pulp. Windows are made using standard polymer.

These have a relatively short shelf life (no longer than 6 months from manufacture) and start to degrade as soon as they are made.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited These comprise 75% post-consumer waste and 25% FSC accredited virgin pulp. Windows are made using standard polymer.

Oxo-degradable The mechanism of the degrade is different but the bottom line is the same as with biodegradable bags. Maximum shelf life is 6 months.

ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) These comprise 50% each of ECF manufactured pulp and virgin pulp from sustainable sources. Windows are made using standard polymer. Fully recycled These are made entirely from postconsumer waste. Windows are made using corn starch material.


100% recycled These are recommended for heavy items.

Polywrap There are some excellent 100% recycled polywraps on the market which do not disintegrate, change colour or smell, and cost little more than the conventional alternatives. All can be recycled, although there are not many economically viable facilities for handling them, especially for low-volume users.

Summary: the Ciconi view Ciconi seeks to source and supply paper and packaging that meet our clients’ requirements and needs. Whether it be 100% recycled, FSC, totally Chlorine Free, Carbon neutral, we continually strive to ensure that the client gets the best price. Ciconi has seen an exponential increase in direct marketing campaigns and we are very much aware that cost is a key factor for organisations that wish to achieve their targets and grow their profits. To find out more about the issues and products discussed in this article please contact us.

November 2012 / Memo 24

Competition Get into the Christmas spirit by entering our latest Memo draw

We have a Waitrose Festive Selection Box to win! Whether you’re at home or away for Christmas you will be able to enjoy these delicious treats. Containing biscuits, truffles, fudge, Christmas pudding, nuts and wine, there’s something for everyone. To enter the competition, visit the Memo web page and send your answers to the following questions before Wednesday 12 December:

1. In the song “The 12 Days of Christmas”, what did my true love give to me on the 12th day? 2. Who wrote the Christmas Story “The Snowman”? 3. What is the connection between “Comet”, “Cupid” and “Vixen”?

To be entered in the draw, your entry must be correct and reach us on time. All qualifying entries will be put into a hat (or similar article) and one of our impartial team will draw the lucky winner’s name. Sorry – Ciconi employees or business partners cannot enter. Ciconi reserves the right to change the prize for a suitable substitute dependent on availability.

Enter now at


November 2012 / Memo 24

Customer Services update Pawan Sheemar Using a single source supplier to get design, print and postage services VAT free


Opening Hours

Well the Customer Services Team are gearing up for the Christmas period and we’re all really excited about this year’s calendar. Hopefully you have ordered yours!

Ciconi will be closed for the Christmas period from 12:00 on 21st December and will re-open for business on Wednesday January 2nd at 09:00. Merry Christmas

Busy Times We’ve just gone through our busiest period and have really enjoyed the challenges that this gave us. It gives us an opportunity to test our processes and systems under pressure, and they really worked for us.

As this will be the last Memo before Christmas, I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! The Customer Services Team will be back in 2013, refreshed and ready to provide the support and advice as always.

From left to right Paul Humphreys Customer Services Account Manager 01487 825082 •

Not for Profit and VAT exempt organisations could benefit from a zero VAT rate on design, print and postage services by using a single source supplier.

Pawan Sheemar Customer Services Manager 01487 825094 •

Contact Ciconi now on 01487 823546 or to request a complimentary mailing and marketing review and find out how much you could save.

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