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4 | Memo 28 | Winter 2014

Editor’s Note We wish you all a prosperous 2014


t is hard to believe that just fourteen years ago we celebrated the new millennium expecting our computer systems to grind to a halt, planes to fall from the sky – and (according to some) the end of life as we know it! Yet here we are, gliding into another year with all its opportunities and challenges. For Ciconi, this is the year we celebrate 25 years of trading. To the many clients whom it has been our great privilege to serve, we salute you. To the new clients who have come to Ciconi in the past few years, we say thank you. I say all this with real sincerity. You make all our efforts worthwhile. The messages of commendation you send are the ‘food’ that inspires us to serve you even better. A special thanks to those who recommend us to other businesses. We have won many new clients in this way over the years.

Last year was a good one for Ciconi. We saw a real growth in business, with many new clients coming on board. As we enter our 25th year we are excited about the prospect of delivering the Ciconi ‘more excellent way’ and giving each of our clients a service that’s rather special: truth, honesty and good old-fashioned hard work. I look forward to taking-on the ‘giants’ that are sure to come along: they are sure to make us stronger! I also look forward to the ‘mountain top experiences’ that inspire our work and stimulate our vision. Most of all I wish each and every one of our clients and suppliers a successful and prosperous 2014. I am sure we will enjoy the year together. Elisabeth

Ciconi Memo Issue 28 - January 2014  
Ciconi Memo Issue 28 - January 2014  

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