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Case study: KBS Corporate Supporting a leader in business acquisition and disposal

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Issue 28 / Winter 2014

Digital or litho? Print technologies can make a difference

Response Management The gateway to good customer relationships

Ciconi Ltd In a busy office, you need to be able to rely on people that will offer a first class service. Here, we know Airfield Industrial Estate that Ciconi will provide us with that service. For over 15 years they have worked with us in a professional Warboys and friendly manner to provide a printing and mailing service to our Members. Huntingdon Assistant Development Director, Educational Body PE28 2SH 2 | Memo 28 | Winter 2014




Issue 28 / Winter 2014





Editor’s Note Elisabeth welcomes the New Year


Digital or litho? Print technologies can make a difference


Case study: KBS Corporate Supporting a leader in business acquisition and disposal

12 Response Management The gateway to good customer relationships 14 Top Ten Tips: direct marketing Get these basics right and success will follow 18


16 Exposé: Kimberly Rowland We grill one of our accounts team! 18 Competition You can win a 2GB iPod Shuffle plus £25 iTunes vouchers!

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Editor’s Note

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4 | Memo 28 | Winter 2014

Editor’s Note We wish you all a prosperous 2014


t is hard to believe that just fourteen years ago we celebrated the new millennium expecting our computer systems to grind to a halt, planes to fall from the sky – and (according to some) the end of life as we know it! Yet here we are, gliding into another year with all its opportunities and challenges. For Ciconi, this is the year we celebrate 25 years of trading. To the many clients whom it has been our great privilege to serve, we salute you. To the new clients who have come to Ciconi in the past few years, we say thank you. I say all this with real sincerity. You make all our efforts worthwhile. The messages of commendation you send are the ‘food’ that inspires us to serve you even better. A special thanks to those who recommend us to other businesses. We have won many new clients in this way over the years.

Last year was a good one for Ciconi. We saw a real growth in business, with many new clients coming on board. As we enter our 25th year we are excited about the prospect of delivering the Ciconi ‘more excellent way’ and giving each of our clients a service that’s rather special: truth, honesty and good old-fashioned hard work. I look forward to taking-on the ‘giants’ that are sure to come along: they are sure to make us stronger! I also look forward to the ‘mountain top experiences’ that inspire our work and stimulate our vision. Most of all I wish each and every one of our clients and suppliers a successful and prosperous 2014. I am sure we will enjoy the year together. Elisabeth

Print: Digital or litho?

Digital or litho? Ciconi offers the full range of modern print technologies. Which will be right for your next project?


he next time you discuss a direct marketing campaign with your account manager, the chances are that the discussion will turn to the optimum print technology. The route you take will either be digital, Indigo digital, or lithographic. It could also be inkjet. Each of these systems has a role in maintaining the desired effect or quality and controlling cost ‌ but which one, and for what? We are often asked these questions, and this article gives you our answers. Vive la difference! Until recent years, choosing a print technology was straight forward. Digital print has come a long way producing sharper, brighter clearer images and so can be compared to the traditional lithographically produced print. If cost is the priority for large runs then litho would be the way to go, however sending those short run, personalised letters with your latest publication would be more cost effective if produced digitally. The ultimate choice though is down to you and how you want your product to look and feel.

Memo 28 | Winter 2014 | 5

Print: Digital or litho?

Making the right choice Of course cost is not the only consideration, so how do we choose between these technologies for your projects? Here are the factors we consider: • How many? Digital printing is usually more cost-effective for smaller quantities because the cost per printed sheet is fixed. This is why, above a certain quantity, litho becomes more cost-effective. • How personal? Digital is the most affordable way to customise marketing materials, direct mail pieces, letters and other content. • How fast? Digital is faster to set-up and run than litho, so when the timeframe is tight, it’s the better choice. Litho presses, on the other hand, can output well over 10,000 sheets an hour once they get going! • What medium? Digital presses cannot handle as wide a range of paper weights as litho. For example, HP Indigo digital press is excellent running papers between 100 and 350gsm – but a litho machine can handle much thicker materials, even metal! In addition, digital paper must be receptive to toner and sometimes may have to be pretreated. Textured stocks can also cause technical issues. Each of the leading technologies has a different cost profile. With litho, a metal plate is created for each colour to be printed. The costs of plate making and setting-up the press (‘make ready’ costs) are fixed. With digital print, plates are not required, so set-up costs are low.

• What size? Litho presses come in a wide range of sizes and can print from A4 up to around 150 x 180cm, known as Ultra Quad. Digital presses cannot compete with this, and are usually capable of no more than SRA3, although newer models are now printing up to B2!

The underlying technologies are also distinctive. A litho press uses a chemical process to transfer ink to the selected medium. Oil-based inks ‘stick’ to the metal printing plate, are transferred to a rubber blanket, and are then printed onto the medium. Digital presses, like office laser printers, use toner (either liquid or powder) which is transferred to the substrate (paper) by applying an electrostatic charge to the toner particles.

• How many colours? Digital printing is great in mono or full colour. Some digital presses can handle special colours – at a price! Toners have to be specially mixed, and that’s not cheap. If a job needs a special colour, then litho is the way to go. It is also perfect for metallic colours: digital cannot do this.

6 | Memo 28 | Winter 2014

Print: Digital or litho?

• How do you check it? Digital wins here, because you can run-off a copy at any time to see how your piece is coming along. With litho you have to wait for the press to be made ready … or incur the costs of running the plates on a proofing press. • The final product? We use our experience to look at your design and the type of publication to advise on the process that will give the best printed result for you. In some cases digital print when printing on uncoated papers tends to give a much sharper and brighter result. However just because a certain type of print gives a brighter result this may not be what you are looking for. You may want to produce a product that feels a certain way once printed, something that stands out from the crowd of glossy brochures so something on an uncoated stock might be preferred for your publication here. The subject matter will also guide you towards the type of finish you want to achieve so you may want to consider a high gloss finish or a subtle matt effect. It is not an exact science and what works for some printed items may not work for others or it may be a personal preference. As you can see, there’s more to choosing than you expect! We are always happy to help our clients make the best choice for every campaign.

A technology for every project Digital printing help campaigns connect with readers more effectively. Personalisation is undoubtedly a powerful marketing and relationship tool, and this is where digital printing delivers. Even so, there comes a point when costs and benefits, as well as quality priorities, will lead you towards lithography or inkjet instead. Here is our quick guide to the different print technologies: „ Digital A digital printer is a basically an office laser printer turned up to 11, with a computer interface that allows you to design and input the things you want to print. It can be integrated into database and CRM systems so that variable and personalised content can be inserted into every document. „ HP Indigo Each Indigo press can have up to seven colour stations running CMYK plus special and spot colour inks. Indigo systems can produce special effects such as raised print and textured effects. We find that they give fabulous results with business cards and leaflets. „ Lithography The beauty (and affordability) of lithography reveals itself over long print runs, where the economics are better than digital. Although litho is usually associated with printed paper, the technology is enormously versatile, making it the standard choice for everything from a leaflet or brochure to high-end annual reports. „ Inkjet High-speed colour inkjets are perfect for demanding bulk applications, such as forms with variable data, instruction sheets and other content, such as credit card bills. Inkjet colour printing offers a very attractive cost per page, and the results are more than capable of projecting the credibility of a brand.

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Case Study: KBS Corporate

8 | Memo 28 | Winter 2014

Case Study: KBS Corporate

Case Study KBS Corporate


BS Corporate offers bespoke services to assist with company sales and acquisition opportunities across the UK. The company provides a ‘complete sale solution’ to business owners, from initial consultancy to final negotiations and legal completion. Over the last 15 years KBS has developed an outstanding track record, completing hundreds of successful transactions across most market sectors. This Bolton-based firm knows that business owners considering the sale of their companies can find the decision very sensitive and emotional. They want to work with a specialist adviser who can offer expert guidance and manage the entire sale process.

Memo 28 | Winter 2014 | 9

Case Study: KBS Corporate

“Deciding to sell a company is never simple,” comments Simon Daniels, Sales Director for KBS Corporate. “Many of the owners we work with have spent years developing their businesses. They want to work with people they can trust to handle the sale process with respect, energy and professionalism.” What makes KBS special is its proactive approach. The company combines international research with an extensive UK and global network to obtain the maximum value for a company. It relies on its pool of contacts and partners to get its clients where they want to be – and Ciconi is a member of this resource base. As Simon Daniels adds: “Ciconi has worked with us for a little over six months. It has provided a monthly mailing and fulfilment service which complements our email marketing campaigns to give us the results we want.” Research and marketing are two areas in which KBS Corporate invests heavily. The company believes that these elements are key when it comes to finding the best sale partner and highest offer price. Through its personal approach, KBS examines the credentials of each buyer and actively recruits the ones who will make the best partners for the company on offer. By combining all its insights, contacts and skills in this way, KBS maximises value for every owner seeking an exit strategy.

We asked Simon to tell us a little more about the KBS Corporate approach and the role of Ciconi. Q: Simon, please tell us a little about your role within KBS Corporate. A: With 10 years experience in the merger and acquisition industry on my back, I have great knowledge in the process of selling companies. Developing relationships with clients and assisting them with their exit strategy is a key part of my job. I oversee the sales team and am always on the lookout to maximise new business development opportunities.

10 | Memo 28 | Winter 2014

Direct mail is tangible – if it’s put to one side it’s also picked up again, studied and re-considered. We have found it extremely useful for winning new leads.

Simon Daniels Sales Director KBS Corporate

What are the benefits of mixing digital and hard copy letter mailings into your marketing strategy? It provides us with access to a wider audience and allows us to strengthen our brand image within the industry and to potential clients. Each mailing has its advantages and the benefit of sending hard copy letters is that you can target specific people in a personal way. We’re able to put the message of our services straight into the hands of prospects the instant they walk into their homes or arrive at work. Direct mail is tangible – if it’s put to one side it’s also picked up again, studied and re-considered. We have found it extremely useful for winning new leads. I know we are on the same wavelength when it comes to listening to clients. What other features of Ciconi attracted you to us? It was your experience and ability to come up with new and innovative ideas that initially drew us to you. From the outset you have remained professional and have provided top-quality services that meet our expectations. It’s important to us that our suppliers understand our needs and requirements. Ciconi has proved its ability to do this – and your staff are friendly!

Case Study: KBS Corporate

Among the data cleansing services we provide to KBS Corporate are PAF, MPS and NCOA. We also manage postal returns and update your marketing databases. What benefits do these services offer KBS? They allow our mailers to be more targeted and reach the right people. We all know that data from Companies House are not cleansed regularly. Since working with Ciconi we have also managed to reduce our returns. Now that everything is completed by machine, and resources purchased in bulk, the entire process runs faster and costs are lower. How important is it to have a team of specialists who can advise on postage, print and data management strategies? Very. Ciconi’s skills enable us to be more cost-effective because our own staff don’t have to process mailers. This gives them extra time to work on other tasks. We hold a large database of information and, like any data, contact details change and are never 100% accurate. Ciconi can pull-out any inaccurate data for us, saving us even more time. You recently tested our colour and variable print services. What did you think? Did they deliver what you wanted? They have had a higher impact on the number of potential leads, which has contributed to improving our success. The initial response analysis suggests an 18% increase for a

minimal cost! We’re looking forward to testing for a longer period of time to see what response we’re receiving from recipients. The first six months with Ciconi have seen a rise in response rates and we expect this to continue as we look at new and innovative ways to target clients. What are your marketing plans for 2014? 2013 was one of KBS Corporate’s most successful years and we are extremely proud of our achievements. This year we aim to increase the amount of interest we receive in our bespoke services, which in turn should generate more income for the company. We want to recruit more businesses for sale so we can use our expertise and knowledge across most industry sectors. We won’t just search for the right buyer, but want to achieve the maximum value for every company. We aim to make a real difference for our clients and want to expand and grow our UK and international network of potential buyers. What strategic advice would you offer to a business owner who’s considering a sale in 2014? We believe that 2014 is a great year to put a company on the market. There are a number of external influences that company owners may wish to consider when selling their business. The current tax regime dictates that now is the most tax-efficient time in recent years to sell. Under Entrepreneurs’ Relief many sellers who meet the qualifying criteria are now paying only 10% on capital gains tax compared with previous rates of up to 40%. The merger and acquisition industry is currently experiencing an increase in deal activity across all sectors, and overseas buyers are also showing a strong interest in acquiring UK businesses. At least one report asserts that the UK is a leading European destination for foreign investment. In 2013 KBS Corporate saw a 164% increase in the number of completed deal transactions across most industry sectors! We are confident that this year the level of activity will continue to rise. For more information about KBS Corporate and its services, contact Simon Daniels on 0844 38 77 352 or email

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Response Management

Response Management From first contact to enduring asset


hen properly designed and executed, response management – response handling to some – can become the gateway to good customer relationships. In turn, good customer relationships are key to long-term success and profitability. This is why good practice in response handling and management makes it more likely that a relationship can be built. In this article we explain the strategies, tools and techniques that are available to help organisations plan, create, execute and analyse their response-driven campaigns so they can benefit from more, and better, customer relationships. Planning and testing your campaign Of all the effort that goes into a campaign, a large part should be invested in design, to ensure that it achieves the desired responses. We don’t just mean the physical appearance,

12 | Memo 28 | Winter 2014

but also the design of the entire campaign – its strategy, and the means by which responses can be delivered. In turn, the choices taken at this stage will depend on your understanding of your market. So, for some markets, a written response may be preferred; for others, an online or email response. Coupons, surveys, vouchers, giveaways to promote response rates … all things are possible! However, they should be selected wisely and tested in a sample group, if possible, to fine-tune the campaign and optimise it. This stage is also the time to think beyond campaign execution and determine how to handle incoming data. The industry offers a wide range of standard data analytics and reports, and a good partner should work with you to design reports that address your needs, both for campaign monitoring during execution, as well as for post-campaign analysis.

Response Management

Capturing data from your campaign Having spent a lot of time and hard work to develop an outstanding campaign, the way in which you capture the incoming responses must be equally professional. Here, as at every stage, careful thinking and planning are essential. For example, if your top priority is absolute accuracy, then you will probably choose manual data capture, perhaps with doublekeying for higher accuracy. This option is the first choice when your campaign includes a space for a freeform (handwritten) response: as well as ensuring unbeatable accuracy, it enables operators to identify and delete unsuitable responses, such as bad language. Electronic data capture is a great option when you need to process large numbers of responses. A good data partner will work with you during the planning of your campaign to ensure that the forms are tailored appropriately and the electronic data capture systems are programmed for high accuracy as well as high speed. Today’s electronic systems are highly reliable across most types of response. Many campaigns require address capture as well as response capture. Your partner should have the appropriate software, known as PAF, to validate and cleanse the incoming addresses in a way that makes them easy to update, change and cleanse in the future. Verifying data from your campaign By the time your campaign reaches this stage, it will have been designed and executed. Your contacts will have sent in their responses, which will have been entered into the necessary databases and other applications. It is now time to make sure that all this information is clean, usable, and accurate. Your campaign partner should audit the data to give you the high accuracy and confidence you need when planning future campaigns and building relationships with respondents. Turning data into information You now have a database loaded with the verified information that has emerged from your campaign. What

are you going to do with it? This is where your initial design and strategy come into play. While the campaign has been running, you and your partner will have been optimising your reporting software so you know what types of reports are required, and for what purpose. As a general rule, our experience is that most organisations want reports that provide campaign management and performance information while the campaign is running. Business management information that enables them to fine-tune future campaigns and leverage their campaign investment in the long term enables them to run the organisation and serve customers better. Your partner should offer a range of tailored options as well as standard reports, and they should all be compatible with your IT systems and software. Naturally, rigorous Quality Control should be integral to everything that’s delivered so you can be sure that logic has been applied correctly and you can rely on the information. Storing and archiving responses for compliance and future use After helping you to plan, design, execute, monitor and assess your campaign, your partner should make it easy for you to store the responses, whether electronic or paperbased. Storage, which is easy to neglect, is required for future analysis as well as for compliance. Of course, it also helps you to reduce demands on your own premises if your partner holds the paperwork elsewhere, under secure conditions – and modern scanning tolls and database storage mean that everything can be digitised and stored securely in the cloud. The latest scanning systems work fast and at very high levels of accuracy, and output (usually in PDF) can be forwarded to you via secure route. Powerful OCR software and intelligent keyword selection mean that your archives can be correctly stored, indexed and searched. Ciconi has many years of experience across all aspects of response handling and relationship building. Our expert team will always be happy to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.

Memo 28 | Winter 2014 | 13

Top 10 Tips: Direct Marketing


lthough email campaigns have been the hot item in marketing and customer relations for a number of years, a lot of companies are moving back to traditional direct mail, despite the overheads involved. At Ciconi, we know that this is because the ‘opening rate’ for traditional direct mail remains high, proving that welldesigned and targeted postal campaigns can still deliver outstanding results. With this in mind here are our Top Ten Tips for your next direct mail campaign.

Know your audience Your campaign needs to consider your audience’s ‘personality’ – its likes and dislikes. Then there’s your side of the campaign: what are you trying to achieve? It can be anything from simple awareness of a product or brand to a sales decision or a limited duration special offer. Having a clear focus about what you are setting out to accomplish, and what will work for your target audience, will help you achieve better results.

Top 10 Tips Direct Marketing

14 | Memo 28 | Winter 2014

Tailor the content We instinctively adapt our conversation to the topic and the people we are talking to. The same goes for direct mail. If you have assessed the personality of your audience, then you can position your campaign to attract attention and address real needs.

Top 10 Tips: Direct Marketing

Offer a deal! Discounts or other incentives add horsepower to a campaign. From free trials, special offers, vouchers or collaborations with other organisations for entertainment venues, DVDs and other items, there’s a world of possibilities you can use to persuade your audience to respond.

Focus your style Campaigns have to work hard to attract the reader and maintain interest. People will not stay reading unless you combine elements such as short sentences, bullet points, handwritten text, and other visual highlights. Just as a movie cuts between camera shots every few seconds, your campaign piece needs to keep people intrigued and stimulated.

Make it unique You are more likely to achieve a positive outcome if your campaign feels personal and looks ‘right’. Design is going to help with this, and so is your brand. Personalisation is another feature of a good campaign. Ensure that you add names to your mailers and, when possible, tailor other content, such as illustrations, to each recipient. Finally, remember that paper can be cut to infinite shapes and sizes: you don’t have to stick to A4!

Build it into your strategy If you weave a campaign into the fabric of your communications, you will see the benefits. Use your campaign to draw people to your website, or remind people of your presence in social media. Remember, you are ‘relationship building’. That can be a powerful tool if you use it wisely.

Ask the reader to do something You don’t just want your campaign to tell people about your news, offer or event. You want them to do something. This is why the ‘call to action’ is essential. Terms such as ‘call now’, ‘scan this QR code’, ‘visit our website’ are all used because they work. Why not add a ‘PS’ to your text with the call to action in it?

Let the head talk! The headline in your piece will set the tone, so spend some time and effort on it. A great headline makes people read the rest of your text. Use dramatic news, ask a question, make a money-saving offer … there are plenty of ways to write one.

Do your housekeeping Behind every great campaign lies a huge amount of back-office effort, from list cleansing and checking to ‘pre flight’ testing to check different versions of text, headline and enclosure. Once the campaign has run, run further research and analysis to compare outcomes against predictions and assess replies and results. You can use all these data to fine-tune subsequent campaigns.

Be professional Never be afraid to ask for advice. You need to get everything right to achieve the best responses, and the agencies and consultancies that work in direct mail will be happy to advise you on making a campaign sing. Naturally, the experts at Ciconi would be delighted to sit down with you, discuss options and possibilities, and explain how our experience since 1989 can transform your campaign performance.

Memo 28 | Winter 2014 | 15


ExposĂŠ Kimberly Rowland We talk to Kimberly, the newest member of the Ciconi team, who works in our accounts department

16 | Memo 28 | Winter 2014


Q: Where did you work before you joined Ciconi? A: I worked for a roofing company in the purchase ledger department, where I was the main point of call for a number of roofing companies. I spent my day processing invoices and making sure that any queries on invoices were resolved. It was like working in a cupboard, as there were no windows. My partner works there and he calls his office a dungeon! I also worked for a famous bed making company. I started off making the drawers and then had to learn about all of the fabrics to be able to match to the drawers to the bed and this involved carrying a divan drawer on each hip – ouch! Give us a little background information about yourself and your role within Ciconi. I work in the accounts team, processing invoices, quotes, deal with stock orders, postage and tenders. I have only been with Ciconi for six months so I am still asking a lot of questions, but my colleagues are great and I am really enjoying what I do.

At the end of a week of number crunching, what do you look forward to the most? How do you unwind in your free time? This has got to involve wine. I like to socialise with friends and family and look forward to chilling out and doing anything that does not involve using my brain! I also enjoy cooking and trying new foods. Tell us something about yourself that no-one else at Ciconi would know. I am a qualified butcher. I really hated exams at school, so I was working part-time on a Saturday doing this job and ended up doing a full-time apprenticeship. My claim to fame is that I became ‘Apprentice of the Month’ and was pictured in a trade magazine! What would you say your greatest achievement has been? Buying our first house which involved Nick my partner selling his car to put towards the deposit, which I know was a big thing!

Quickfire Questions What is your favourite saying? ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ I get quite bored on long journeys and ask this question lots!

What was your favourite subject at school? History. It’s nice to know where you came from.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Lapland! I would be the biggest kid there and I think it would really get you lost in the Christmas magic.

Which historical period would you like to live in if you could go back in time? Ancient Egypt. We took my Dad to Egypt for his 60th birthday and it has fascinated me ever since.

Do you prefer blue or black ink pens? I actually prefer writing in pencil. It’s easier to rub out mistakes.

What is the most unusual thing you have eaten? Buffalo.

Is the glass half empty or half full? Half empty.

Do you like Marmite? Yes. But Bovril is better!

Which fictional character do you wish were real? One of the Minions from Despicable Me as it would be awesome to have one at home. If you were a superhero what powers would you have? I would like to fly because it gets you there quicker and I want to see as much of the world as I can. What famous person, living or dead would you invite for dinner? Maybe Roald Dahl. His books fascinated me as I was growing up.

Memo 28 | Winter 2014 | 17


Competition Let’s get 2014 off to a noisy start with the chance to win … a 2GB iPod Shuffle plus iTunes vouchers for £25! Your ears will love you and so will your audiologist! Little grey cells fired-up and ready to rock? Then here we go …

iPod Win an e Shuffl es + iTun ! ers vouch

1. The Caribbean island of Haiti gained independence from which country on 1 January 1803? a) Spain

b) France

c) Greece

2. Which of the following words does not mean snow? a) snijeg

b) eira

c) buz

3. Due to the lack of sunlight a dog’s nose can fade to brown in the winter. What is this called? a) snow nose

b) brown nose

c) anthracnose

Send in your answers to reach us no later than Tuesday 7th February 2014.

Enter now at

18 | Memo 28 | Winter 2014

The answers to last month’s quiz were chlorophyll, Ellis Bell and raven. Congratulations to Hilary Stimpson (Development Officer) at Churchill College, Cambridge who won the £100 Amazon gift voucher. Happy shopping!

Coffee Break

Time to test your skill against this issue’s questions. If you get stuck, the answers can be found on the Memo web page. Why not enter this issue’s competition too?

Coffee Break What number should replace the question mark?

When each of the following words is rearranged, one of them can be used to suffix all the other words to give 10 longer words. What are they?





















• I am cosy and warm. • Change one letter and I am a mollusc. • Change another letter and I am a reputation damaging statement. • Add one letter and I am a noisy drinking sound. • Change one final letter and I am a fall in value. What was I and what did I become?

Rearrange the order of the words and place one on each row of the grid. If placed correctly two types of mythical creatures will be read down the shaded columns. What are they? RAINBOW HABITAT LEGENDS CONDONE ALLERGY CLOSURE

Memo 28 | Winter 2014 | 19

Short & Sweet

New words in the O.D.

Short & Sweet

Rob provides some amazing alliteration to launch us into another awesome year. Greetings from Rob Glasper, hoping you all enjoyed the festive season and are fit and raring to go for the New Year. Welcome to the first Memo of 2014, in which S & S again offers you a selection of significant or startling soupçons, including additions to the Oxford Dictionary … and eager anticipation surrounding the resurrection of a dead parrot.

20 | Memo 28 | Winter 2014

The Oxford Dictionaries have named their ‘word of the year’ for 2013. It can be traced back to an Australian web forum in 2002. Usage has increased 17,000% since 2012, popularised by dignitaries such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Cheryl Cole and Justin Bieber. Yes folks it’s … ‘selfie’, a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website. Meticulous S & S research has uncovered the first use of ‘selfie’, attributed to a typical Antipodean in 2002: “Um drunk at a mate’s 21st, I tripped over and landed lip first (with front teeth coming a very close second) on a set of steps. I had a hole about 1cm long right through my bottom lip. And am sorry about the focus, it was a selfie.” Other additions include ‘bedroom tax’, ‘binge watch’ and even the infamous ’twerk’. My own suggestion is for a photograph taken of someone else using a smartphone or webcam. It could be labelled an ‘elsie’. Of course there are lots of variations on this theme and S & S has spared no expense in obtaining a splendid bottle of the red variety for the first emailer to identify the subjects that would be identified in a photograph of a ’onesie’, an ‘elfie’ and a ’whoopsie’! (send your guesses to

Short & Sweet

Python mania

Local pagan customs - The Straw Bear

On 1 July 2014 at the O2, the (in)famous Monty Pythons are to be resurrected, causing intense excitement at anticipation of their first performance together since 1980. Tickets were instant sell outs, resulting in the original one-day gig to be extended to 5 July, so I thought it timely to remind us all of the major role played by Cambridge University in their original formation.

As you may be aware, Ciconi is situated on the edge of fen country, a large flat area reclaimed from the sea and stretching out over East Anglia. The epicentre of this flat region is the market town of Whittlesey (Whittlesea!) which at this time of year celebrates ‘Plough Monday’, the first Monday after Twelfth Night. This was celebrated in the 19th century by dressing-up a ploughman in straw (i.e. The Straw Bear) and ‘taking him around the town to entertain the good folk who had provided the rustics with a supply of beer, tobacco and beef’. The local constabulary stopped the celebrations which were deemed ‘cadging’.

Michael Palin was admitted to read geography at Oxford but was rejected to read English at Cambridge, which suggested he take a less demanding course such as forestry! Palin (who is a lumberjack and he’s okay) immediately saw the wood for the trees and did indeed join Oxford, where he met John Cleese. The rest as they say, is history.

Nowadays the tradition has been revived and turned into a three-day music festival of international standing. Over 25 dancers take part and perform traditional molly, Morris, clog and sword dances - and the amber nectar flows just as much as in 1882!

Memo 28 | Winter 2014 | 21

Customer Services

Customer Services Update Welcome to a great new year!






Everyone at Customer Services hopes you had a great and refreshing festive break. We wish you a healthy and prosperous 2014 and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

25 years for Ciconi!

Forward thinking

We are really excited about 2014. Not only are we preparing for another year of excellent service, but we are also celebrating our 25th year in business. Look out for our celebration edition in the summer!

Planning and implementing each project can take a considerable amount of time and resource. We can help by organising all your print and mailing for the year. We will note your bespoke requirements and prepare a detailed schedule, carefully itemised with milestones for every campaign. The result for you is a seamless, painfree, campaigning year, with legendary Ciconi reliability and performance. Just give us a call to get the process started.

More than design We love taking your ideas and working with you to create something spectacular and we are thrilled to have expanded on our outputs to deliver your messages in various forms. Don’t wait, give us a call and we can help you express your message – there is no limit!

22 | Memo 28 | Winter 2014

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Customer Services

Memo 28 | Winter 2014 | 23

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Issue 28 / Winter 2014

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Ciconi Memo Issue 28 - January 2014  
Ciconi Memo Issue 28 - January 2014  

Memo, our house magazine, is written, designed, printed and distributed by Ciconi.