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ning Pain into Passion

Carole was quite surprised to discover that her life had become a literal nightmare. Her husband had become an angry, violent alcoholic, who would go into fits of rage seemingly for no reason. Daily, he would come home from work, drink beer and fight. He became increasingly more violent, often throwing beer bottles at the wall causing glass fragments to fall into Kathy’s crib. Carole would silently pray as she picked the glass out her baby’s face. Ofttimes, he would return and “rough” Carole up as well. One dreadful day, he came home extremely irritated. He beat Carole and became so irate he went one step further. He pulled a sawed-off shotgun on her nose and cocked it! He sat there tormenting her for 8 hours before we were rescued by the police! She left with 2 babies, 2 bottles and 2 diapers... literally possessing only the clothes on her back. Traumatized, she had a mental breakdown and could not function for 6 months! Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Women are like tea bags, you never know how strong they are until you put them in hot water!” Carole slowly began to recover. She returned to college and started working at the local bus station as a bus driver. She worked hard and was very determined. Her passion and driving spirit were noticed by her superiors and she was the first woman to work in the garage, repairing the buses. She worked long hours but made the most of her time with her 2 children. Over the next 8 years, she would work as a paraprofessional in the school system, an inspiring Girl Scout Leader and a mentor for single mothers that lived in the public housing apartments that she settled in. She never disclosed that we lived in the projects, just that we lived in new apartments. Despite our financial challenges, she refused to allow us to see ourselves as “Project Kids” or to have “Project Mentality”! She bought a little red VW Bug, that she would load up with as many kids as could fit. Continued on page 12


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Profile for Cicone Prince

NGS - Next Generation Speakers Magazine - June 2019  

NGS - Next Generation Speakers Magazine - June 2019