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The taj mahal is one of the beautiful places in the world it is located on Agra the city of India and was built on 1631 to 1654 it had to pass 23 years to finish this place.

The person who built this place was th musulman Sha Jahan he built it to her favorite wife her name was Mumtaz Mahal she died giving to the world the 14 kiid.

The taj Mahal was built by about 20000 persons Sha Jahal died on 1666, To make this beautiful place they had use 1000 of elefants to carry all the Material.

The Taj Mahal had lot of materials but inside it has jade, cristal, turquesas and safiros they had use like 28 precious rocks. The coast in that time was about 50 millions of rupias but now it was like 500 millions of dollars

Actually the Taj Mahal is recognised like a symbol of India the UNESCO had recognized it like patrimony of the humanity


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