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Challenges at home and abroad for North America’s financial sector The financial crisis starkly demonstrated the interconnectedness of global financial markets. The political and regulatory response to the crisis has been swift and unprecedented. The deluge of reform has created enormous challenges. It is happening not just in the US but in nearly every other major financial center globally. It is no longer enough to follow only a single domestic policy agenda. To keep your business ahead of the curve, you must track a staggering array of international organizations – from the

supranational bodies implementing the G20 agenda, to foreign regulators who set international standards and make decisions that impact your lines of business.

offering less intrusive supervision

Outside the US, the European Union is undertaking an ambitious and extensive program of reforms which have broad implications for those engaged in banking, insurance, investment and securities markets.

the possibility of regulatory

Equally there is a growing possibility that emerging financial centers chart their own course, looking to attract business from traditional rivals by

and lighter-touch rules. A public debate has broken out between major economic blocs, particularly the US and EU, about arbitrage as policymakers attempt to balance the need to remain globally competitive against political pressure to crack down on the financial sector. This international dimension is non-trivial for US firms: thinking about the world outside the Beltway is no longer a luxury, it is essential.

How Cicero can help you navigate the policy landscape Cicero Consulting has the experience to help financial sector organizations navigate the road ahead with a diverse range of tools and skills. Above all we are an international team who bring our creativity and intellectual rigor to bear helping clients to answer diverse questions like: • How will the implementation of Basel III differ across international jurisdictions? • How can I make my case on Solvency II in Brussels as a non-European firm? • What does international rulemaking mean for my business? • How does Dodd-Frank differ from EMIR and MiFID in Europe? • What does the future of retirement look like in 17 countries? • How can we make the case that well-regulated offshore financial centers have a key role to play in global capital markets? • Where do G20 central bank governors stand on financial reform? • How can I make my financial services business a thought-leader in Asia Pacific? • How can I track global financial policy in a streamlined, cost effective way? Few people think as deeply about the policy and politics affecting financial services on a global basis as us. We are proud to have a perspective that is informed by the dynamic markets of the East as well as the mature markets of North America and Europe. With professionals covering the issues 24 hours a day on 3 continents, we offer you the ability to look beyond the Beltway in a way few others in Washington can.

Our Toolkit Cicero offers financial corporations

financial reform. We offer a

services to strategic counsel for

streamlined solutions to meet

range of services from turn-key

senior business leaders.

the challenge of international

subscription news and monitoring

Customized reports and analysis - page 3 Written specifically to meet the needs of your organization to help you keep on top of the constant flow of information and regulatory reform from across the globe.

Research - page 3 Cicero’s Research Division, Cicero

marketing and sales strategy and to

Insight, helps clients produce

inform the financial policy debate.

dedicated research programs to raise their profile in key sectors, feed

Government Relations in Brussels and London - page 4 Cicero Consulting is Europe’s

Our team can help you navigate

leading provider of government

European policy: from our Brussels

relations services to the financial

Explained package for executives


through full engagement programs in Brussels and London.

Online news, monitoring and intelligence services - page 5 Powerful and cost effective online information on global financial regulation. Cicero’s news, monitoring and intelligence services are used by financial services companies worldwide to get the latest financial regulatory and public policy developments.


Customized reports and analysis Global clients utilize Cicero’s expert

Cicero’s customized reports and

teams throughout the Americas,

analysis are created specifically to meet

Asia Pacific and European Union to

the needs of your organization and to

create value-added reports

help you keep on top of the constant

tracking policy on financial reform

flow of information and regulatory

across financial jurisdictions.

reform from across the globe. Cicero’s Dodd-Frank Tracker

Research – Cicero Insight Detailed customized research

Cicero Insight’s research helps

and analysis has been proven to

clients produce dedicated

establish companies as leaders in

engagement and communications

their field and bring about positive

programs to raise their profile in

industry and policy change.

key sectors, feed marketing and

Cicero’s research division, Cicero Insight, specializes in financial

sales strategy and to inform the financial policy debate.

services research, conducting both B2B and B2C quantitative and qualitative studies across Cicero’s global network.

Research Case Study – HSBC’s The Future of Retirement Global Report HSBC is one of the largest banking

The report was then launched across

and financial services organizations

a number of different markets,

in the world, with a network of around

securing significant media coverage

8,000 offices in 88 countries and

and raising the profile of HSBC’s

territories in Europe, the Americas,

senior management.

Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

HSBC’s now iconic global research report has run for 7 years and

Cicero conducted a global research

plays a vital role in helping HSBC

project, surveying over 17,000

understand how best to develop

people in 17 countries and territories

tailored products and advice for

worldwide and combining this with

their millions of customers across

demographic analysis.

the globe.

Cicero conducted detailed analysis

The report has established HSBC

of the findings which fed into HSBC’s

as the thought leader in this field

sales and marketing programs.

and has won a number of awards.


Government Relations in London and Brussels Cicero Consulting is Europe’s

delivered effectively, and at the

We help you develop the right

leading provider of government

right time. Our specialized team

strategic approach, for example,

relations services to the financial

has an extensive track record of

timely engagement in the legislative

sector. Cicero’s government

working within the legislative

process and development of solution

affairs and regulatory consulting

process, working with both retail

driven strategies; strong interaction with

practice provides counsel on

and institutional financial clients

key stakeholders and legislators such

lobbying, campaigning, crisis

across the globe to contribute to

as worldwide financial regulators, the

management and thought leader-

and influence the development of

European Commission and European

ship generation to the financial

financial policy.


sector, throughout the UK, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Cicero’s European public policy teams help you effectively navigate

Cicero’s London and Brussels

European policy: from the

policy teams combine expertise

dedicated Brussels Explained

and first-hand experience in both

package to guide executives

the financial sector and European

through the European regulatory

institutions – a unique advantage

maze, to full engagement programs

to help you get your message

in Brussels and London.

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister, speaks at Cicero event.

Brussels Explained Cicero is unique in the Brussels market.

sense of European financial

Through an exclusive focus on the

policymaking in a truly time-efficient

financial sector, Cicero, like no other,

way. Through meetings with key

can answer the questions raised by a

European policymakers, regulators

fast-changing regulatory landscape.

and industry stakeholders, one-to-

The Brussels Explained program was developed to help clients make

one walkthroughs of the European institutions and detailed Brussels Explained reference materials, Cicero will guide you through the

Brussels Explained gives you a

European financial policy maze.

clear window into European financial

Dedicated, one-to-one guidance

regulatory policy and the opportunity

gives you the opportunity to get to

to make a difference on the matters

know key EU regulatory players,

affecting your business.

make your views heard, and build Othmar Karas MEP, key legislator on CRD IV, at Cicero EU Parliament event.

relationships at the right level.


Online news, monitoring and intelligence services NovaRes - Financial services public policy monitoring portal The speed of change from regulators, governments, treasuries and supranational organisations has never been greater. NovaRes, the leading online policy and regulatory monitoring service, keeps you on top of the ever-changing world of global

NovaRes Articles

regulatory reform. NovaRes users currently span 22 countries. NovaRes is a unique web-based information service that provides real-time monitoring on global financial services policy and regulatory developments, split by jurisdiction; US, APAC, UK, EU, Supranational and Rest of World. NovaRes monitors thousands of global financial policy sources including governments, legislatures, regulators, trade bodies, supranational organizations, NGOs, think tanks and consumer bodies. From dedicated banking, insurance and securities teams working from

Washington, Singapore, London and Brussels, NovaRes analyzes regional policy and regulatory developments, delivered in client-customized format through the online client portal, direct to your inbox or mobile device.

Key Features • • • • •

Alerts – the latest updates to your inbox in real-time or online in the NovaRes portal Articles – Policy-focused news articles providing exclusive coverage of key developments Planner – Forward planner tracking major policy events on a weekly and annual basis Database – A fully searchable archive of articles and policy documents – a powerful research tool at your fingertips Knowledge Center – Constantly updated dossiers on major global reform initiatives consolidating all key documents, dates and articles on specific topics

GFS - Financial services regulatory news and analysis service Global Financial Strategy is an online news and analysis service for the financial sector covering regulatory and policy developments around the world.

It provides global news, interviews with key players in financial services regulation, technical analysis and opinion pieces from leading commentators.

GFS News covers global regulatory developments in finance; macroeconomic issues; monetary policy; world politics and legislative change.

GFS News’ readership includes central banks, regulators and supranational authorities, as well as the world’s leading financial services

companies in banking, insurance, asset management and taxation.

Key benefits for subscribers • • • • • • •

The latest news, views and interviews from around the globe Interviews with key financial regulators and policymakers Regions covered include the US, EU, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America Access to an extensive back catalog Subscribers receive a daily alert, weekly round-up and breaking new alerts Weekly alerts categorize news by region: US, EU, Asia Pacific and Rest of World Breaking news alerts are sent out on exclusive stories before anyone else


Cicero Washington Team Iain Anderson, President Iain has over 20 years’ experience in government relations and communications, initially as a business journalist and then as a founding shareholder at Incisive Media. He has also worked for a range of UK politicians, including former UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kenneth Clarke, on his leadership bids. Iain was part of the founding team at Cicero and focuses on public policy, regulatory and corporate communications strategy, working for a range of organizations including banking, asset management, consumer groups and life and pensions. He regularly contributes to national and international media. Iain is Chairman of CIPR Public Affairs Group and is a member of the Management Board of the Association of Professional Political Consultants. He was ranked in the top quartile of the 2009 Total Politics Top 100 Lobbyists and appears in the 2011 and 2010 PR Week Power Books.

John Rowland, Senior Country Officer John heads up Cicero’s Washington team, having worked in London and Brussels as a consultant for the firm since 2006. Before transferring to the US John was responsible for building Cicero’s global online information business, NovaRes, which now has clients in more than 20 countries globally. He has extensive experience advising a range of US-based blue-chip clients in retail and investment banking, insurance and pensions, bringing particular knowledge of the interaction of politics and regulatory policy in the EU and G20. John writes and comments regularly in trade press on financial services policy and politics. He holds a BSc in Government (With Honors) from the London School of Economics and an MSc in Public Policy from University College London.

Matt Kamisher-Koch, US Associate Matt joined Cicero from the International Government Relations team at JP Morgan Chase. He also worked previously in the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance at USAID and in the Massachusetts state legislature for a member of the House of Representatives. He is responsible for US and Canadian coverage and focuses on offshore tax issues, trade, and financial regulation. He is a graduate of the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University where he graduated with special honors. He also studied at Sciences Po in Paris, France, where he focused on Political Science and French.


Financial sector government relations, research and information services Washington - London - Brussels - Singapore

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