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Cicada Books Spring 2017 Catalogue

Cicada Books

It’s Springtime for Cicada! This season we have more fun from the bold brushstroke of Eleonora Marton (author of DIY ABC) with a foldout book of measuring fun. We also have some sinister musings from Sarah Tanat Jones, who’s Women Who Kill is chillingly lovely. Young illustration talent Shaun Parr uses his meticulous style to whisk up some intrigue with a collection of museum objects that only reveal their true nature when looked at through a cellophane magnifying glass. Last but not least it’s book number three from Sam Knee, who this time turns his attention (and his terrier-like picture research skills) to the phenomenon of countercultural festivals in Britain from the 60s to the 80s. Expect some remarkable amateur photography of blissed out space rockers, folkies and hippie kids. Like our list? Like us online! Our contact details are on the back of this catalogue. Any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Cicada Books | Forthcoming Titles

Memory of a Free Festival By Sam Knee Free music festivals were at the epicentre of countercultural movements in Britain for much fo the late 20th Century. With roots deeply embedded in folk history, they evolved from embryonic jazz festivals through the anti-nuclear protest marches of the early ‘60s, to the Rock Against Racism and Jobs for a Change gigs of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. They encapsulated the most radical voices of youth culture, reflecting the political schisms and social unrest that characterised the era. Memory of a Free Festival celebrates this wondrous world of bohemia. Hundreds of previously unpublished period photos capture the jazz-loving beatniks, flower power hippies and post punk indie kids in all their festival finery. A timely and inspirational photo book that draws light on a forgotten corner of countercultural history. Sam Knee is a fashion and music historian whose previous books include Vintage T-Shirts (Carlton 2008), A Scene In Between (Cicada 2013) and The Bag I’m In (Cicada, 2015).

Memory of a Free Festival

Sam Knee


978-1-908714-43-5 Hardcover £16.95 144pp 20x24cm June 2017

Cicada Books | Forthcoming Titles

Bigger: A Foldout Book of Measuring By Eleonora Marton A fantastic leporello book that serves as a height chart and a measuring tool to help curious kids get excited about mathematics and measuring. It can either be hung on a wall or kids can take it around the house, filling in the activities on the reverse; what’s bigger – your teddy or a box of cereal? Your mum or your bathtub? With bright, bold illustrations and immaculate design and packaging, this is both utilitarian design and practical math in action! 
 Eleonora Marton is an Italian illustrator and artist living and working 
in London. Her previous book, DIY ABC, was published by Cicada in 2016. 
 978-1-908714-40-4 Leporello in slipcase £14.95 14pp 30.5x23cm April 2017

Cicada Books | Forthcoming Titles

Hidden Museum: A Cabinet of Curiosties By Shaun Parr Hidden Museum presents an intriguing archive of items – from scientific specimens to antique objet d’art. Behind each intricate illustration in red hides another illustration in blue, which reveals the true nature of the item. Wave the red cellophane magnifying glass over the rock to reveal the geode beneath, or the skull behind the head of the bird. An index at the back explains the scientific significance of each object. A beautiful and thrillingly enigmatic gift object with a luxurious vintage feel. Shaun Parr is a recent illustration graduate whose painstaking pen drawings are inspired by forensic subjects ranging from taxidermy to rock collecting.

978-1-908714-39-8 Hardcover £9.95 48pp 12x18cm May 2017

Cicada Books | Forthcoming Titles

Women Who Kill By Sarah Tanat Jones There is nothing more shocking or fascinating than the story of a homicidal woman. We are told that violence is a man’s domain – that a woman is pre-programmed to nurture and protect. Women who break this taboo are hated and reviled; demonised in the press and imprinted upon our collective psyches. This book profiles 21 female murderers throughout history – from the political deviances Agrippina to the revenge killings of Ruth Ellis and Phoolan Devi to the outright psychotic butcherings of Mona Fandey and Juana Barraza. Beautiful and evocative illustrations by Sarah Tanat-Jones make their stories even more compelling. 

978-1-908714-34-3 Hardcover £7.95 48pp 12x16cm April 2017

Cicada Books | Current Titles

Read All About It By Alice Bowsher 978-1-908714-34-3 / Paperback / £12.95 / 80pp / 32x23cm / November 2016 Make your own headline news! 50 pages of tear-out newspaper layouts correspond to 30 sticker pages of partially drawn images and headlines. Kids are invited to colour and complete the stickers, layering them up so that volcanoes erupt, schools explode, teachers are sent to prison, and mums win Oscars. Column space alongside these headings and pictures gives plenty of room for hilarious accompanying stories. A great way of getting kids excited about creative writing.


10/08/2016 21:05

Adopt a Dog: An Illustrated Guide to Choosing and Caring for a Dog By Holly Maguire 978-1-908714-35-0 / Paperback / £9.95 / 64pp / 22x16cm / November 2016

Holly Maguire

What child hasn’t gazed yearningly at doe-eyed cocker spaniels and bouncy little terriers, dreaming of the day their parents finally consent to get them that longed-for puppy? But what does dog ownership really entail? And which dog is right for you? This book will teach you all you need to know about the different dog breeds and about the responsibilities of grooming, feeding, training and exercising your dream pup. A stickyscape at the back comes with reusable stickers, so that you can indulge the fantasy to the max!

cicada 05/09/2016 13:24

Cicada Books | Current Titles

Kick Off! By Joe Gamble 978-1-908714-36-7 / Paperback / ÂŁ12.95 / 140pp / 21x24cm / October 2016 A big, boisterous activity book for football-crazed kids all over the world. Draw, colour and customise your way through the world of football. Design your own uniforms, badges and boots for your fantasy starting eleven. Pick your friends alongside the greatest players the game has ever seen to create your perfect club. Complete league tables and predictions for the season to come. Let your imagination run riot with football fever!

Cicada Books | Current Titles

DIY ABC By Eleonora Marton 978-1-908714-37-4 / Boardbook with stickers and flaps / £12.95 / 56pp / 17.5x21.5cm / October 2016 A is for awesome alphabet! Engage with the alphabet by drawing, stickering or collaging the bold, vintage-style illustrations that relate to each letter. From drawing the ants in their anthill home to painting the zebra’s stripes, every letter is waiting to be completed…. by you!

Heroes of the Night Sky: The Greek Myths Behind the Constellations By Tom Kindley 978-1-908714-32-9 / Hardcover / £12.95 / 21x26cm / 32pp / September 2016 The Ancient Greeks found patterns in the stars, and told stories of the gods and heroes that lay behind these formations. This gorgeous book brings the tales of 12 key constellations to life, including Ursa Major, Andromeda, Orion and Hercules. Each tale unfolds over a double gatefolded page, to create a wide canvas for Tom Kindley’s striking graphic narrative. Luxuriantly packaged with fabric binding, gold metallic printing and a distinctive ‘graphic novel’ illustration style, this is a gorgeous gift book that will appeal to older children and adults alike.

Cicada Books | Forthcoming Titles

Playing with food: An Activity Book By Louise Lockhart 978-1-908714-31-2 / Paperback / £12.95 / 28x21.6cm / 200pp / April 2016 Have fun with food! From designing a menu for a café to decorating a dream ice cream sundae to filling in a bento box, this interactive book invites children to think about how food is grown, prepared, cooked and presented. Bold pantone illustrations by Louise Lockhart of provide a smorgasbord of creative treats for everyone from fussy eaters to budding chefs.

cicada PWF_Cover_AW.indd 1

24/03/2016 13:54

Disappearing Acts: A Search-and-Find Book of Endangered Animals By Isabella Bunnell 978-1-908714-30-5 / Hardcover / £11.95 / 21x28cm / 32pp / April 2016 A beautiful search-and-find book, featuring densely detailed illustrations of different habitats, in which are hiding threatened species ranging from the snow leopard to the numbat. A glossary at the back provides information on each animal, offering a delightful way in which to learn about our planet’s rich diversity and fragile eco-systems. Isabella Bunnell’s critically acclaimed watercolours will delight readers young and old. DA_Cover_front.indd 1

24/03/2016 13:51

The Bag I’m In: Underground Music and Fashion in Britain 1960-1990 By Sam Knee 978-1-908714-26-8 / Hardcover / £22.95 / 24x18cm / 330pp / October 2015







The Bag I’m In is a powerful graphic documentation of the evolution of Britain’s music and fashion ‘tribes’ throughout the latter half of the 20th Century. Starting with the rockers and mods, and progressing through the permutations of skinhead to punk and the indie scenes beyond, this book captures 36 underground youth movements in a remarkable archive of hundreds of previously unseen photographs.


23/07/2015 11:08

Cicada Books | Forthcoming Titles

The New Baby: An Activity Book for Soon-To-Be Big Brothers and Sisters By Lie Dirkx 978-1-908714-27-5 / Paperback / £7.95 / 22x27cm / 32pp / October 2015 Introducing a young child to the idea of a new sibling can be a tricky venture. This interactive book helps parents to talk to their child about the baby developing in Mummy’s tummy and what to expect when it comes out. By doodling, colouring in and engaging with Lie Dirkx’s delightful illustrations, the older child is invited to think about themselves, and in doing so, to think about what life will be like when baby arrives.

Glyph*: A Visual Exploration of Punctuation Marks and Other Typographic Symbols By Anna Davies 978-1-908714-28-2 / Hardcover / £9.95 / 12x18cm / 112pp / October 2015 This beautiful little book offers a typographic exploration of the punctuation marks, symbols and textual indicators that serve as the silent ‘fringes’ of our language. So often overlooked, the fascinating history of each one is explored… from the humble ellipsis to the exuberant exclamation mark! Elegant design and packaging will appeal to typographers and linguists alike.

The Doll’s House: A 3-D Foldout Book by Annu Kilpelainen 978-1-908714-25-1 / Hardcover / £14.95 / 27x22cm / September 2015 This deceptively slim book unfolds to become a large, threedimensional doll’s house. Children are invited to accessorise the rooms with their toys and let their imaginations run wild. Illustrated in Annu Kilpelainen’s distinctively buoyant style and printed in bright pantone shades, this is a delightful gift book/toy for design-savvy parents and their children.

Cicada Books | Current Titles

You Are Here: An Interactive Book of Maps and Worlds By Robin Jacobs and Kathrin Jacobsen 978-1-908714-20-6 / Paperback / £14.95 / 28x21cm / 160pp / August 2015 You Are Here offers young readers a playful, interactive introduction to maps and global geography. From comparing the populations of major cities, to designing transport systems to mapping out neighbourhoods and fantasy countries, this is a great way of introducing older children to the incredible beauty and complexity of the world we live in.

The Line: A Colouring Book By Alice Bowsher 978-1-908714-23-7 / Paperback / £7.95 / 24x17cm / 24pp / June 2015 In this charming colouring book, a red line runs through, turning from a tightrope to a washing line, to a ball of yarn to a rope bridge and a cable car. Playful characters dance and queue and climb and frolic in Alice Bowsher’s bold brushstroke. With gatefolded pages and an elastic fastening, this is a beautiful, witty book that will appeal to adults as much as children.

TheLine_blad.indd 2

05/11/2014 12:17

Passport: An Activity Book By Robin Jacobs 978-1-908714-24-4 / Saddle-stitched / £5.95 / 90x12.5cm / 32pp / April 2015 The exact shape and size of a passport, this delightfully designed travel activity book will offer children endless entertainment for those interminable hours waiting at the airport. Activities include drawing the logos on the plane tails, identifying different time zones, tear and stick stamps from around the world, saying ‘hello’ in 30 different languages and filling in a boarding pass.

Cicada Books | Backlist

A Book About Signs By Russell Weekes 978-1-908714-19-0 / Hardcover / £7.95 / 16x12cm / 64pp / April 2015 A Book About Signs by Russell Weekes

A Book About Signs is a whimsical look at the signs that surround us. From road signs to memorial plaques, and traffic lights to semaphores, different signs communicate in different ways. Russell Weekes’ sparkling wit and bold graphics play with the ways signs are presented and how we interpret them. A Book About Signs

Atlas of the Human Body By Kanitta Meechubot and Dr Vanessa Jessop 978-1-908714-17-6 / Hardcover / £19.95 / 32x26cm / 32pp / November 2014 A luxuriant, large-format book presenting a journey through the human body both figuratively and literally. With exquisite pencil illustrations by Kanitta Meechubot, the body is separated into layers on each page, and each layer is diecut to show the layers underneath.

Sunrise to High-Rise: A Wallbook of Architecture Through The Ages By Lucy Dalzell 978-1-908714-18-3 / Hardcover / £14.95 / 24x33cm / 24pp / October 2014 A concertina book that takes you on an exhilarating journey through the evolution of the built environment from neolithic times till today. Two metres of illustration by Lucy Dalzell covers over 70 iconic buildings, with brief texts explaining the significance of each one.

Evolution: A Colouring Book By Annu Kilpelainen 978-1-908714-16-9 / Paperback / £9.99 / 30x22cm / 32pp / October 2014


u uch s

n e et. of on

Evolution takes the concept of a colouring book and, well, evolves it a bit. As well as colouring in the pages, you can also colour in interactive elements such as flaps to lift and die cut holes. Clear explanations of the concepts of natural selection are brought to life by Annu’s big, bold illustrations. UK £9.95 / US $15.95

cicada 27/05/2014 12:42

Cicada Books | Backlist Forthcoming Titles

The Road Cyclist’s Companion by Peter Drinkell 978-1-908714-12-1 / Hardcover / £14.95 / 14x21cm / 144pp / May 2014

The Road CyClisT’s Companion

All sports have their quirks and rituals, but cycling has more than most. As the inexorable rise of the bicycle continues, many casual cyclists are stepping up their ambitions and stumbling straight into a minefield of form and etiquette. From how wear your socks, to pedalling technique, to the rules of a paceline, The Road Cyclist’s Companion outlines all the essentials for aspiring cyclists. by peTeR dRinkell


Illustrated Journals Nature Journal 978-1-908714-14-5 / Cooking Journal 978-1908714-15-2 / Gardening Journal 978-1-908714-13-8 / Paperback / £7.95 / 13x18cm / 104pp / March 2014 Three beautiful journals, showcasing the work of three emerging female artists. Illustrated hints and tips on the subjects of cooking, gardening and nature observation are interspersed amongst seed logs, recipe planners and sketch pages. Elegantly presented with exposed greyboard covers.

Wedding Cakes by Rosalind Miller 978-1-908714-08-4 / Hardcover / £24.95 / 27x20cm / 192pp / November 2013 Wedding-cake designer and cake stockist for London’s Harrods, Rosalind Miller presents a sumptuous source of inspiration for aspiring cake makers. Her stunning cakes are brought to life with crisp, daring styling and photography, accompanied by clear, concise how-to instructions.

A Scene In Between: Tripping through the fashions of UK indie music 1980-1988 by Sam Knee 978-1-908714-06-0 / Hardcover / £14.95 / 21x17cm / 196pp / September 2013 A Scene In Between sets out to excavate the sartorial treasures of the 1980s indie scenes in Britain, spanning Postcard Records, Creation, C86 and shoegaze. The book features hundreds of previously unpublished photographs of bands including Primal Scream, Spacemen 3, The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine and JAMC. A critically acclaimed must-have for musos and fashion aficionados alike.

Cicada Books | Backlist

Baby Journal: The story of… by Yasmeen Ismail 978-1-908714-05-3 / £14.95 / Paperback / 20x15cm / 128pp / May 2013 Baby Journal Illustrated by Yasmeen Ismail

The first year of parenthood is momentous – a tiny hapless being emerges and in 12 months turns into a fully-fledged human being. You can’t slow down the clock, but documenting the journey is invaluable. This baby journal makes a refreshing change from the usual saccharine fare. With bright, joyous illustrations, interactive suggestions, helpful tips and inserted envelopes for keepsakes, this is a beautiful gift for new parents. cicada

The Bike Owner’s Handbook by Peter Drinkell 978-09-56205-38-4 / Paperback / £9.99 / 13x17cm / 112 pages / May 2012 The Bike-Owner’s Handbook is a uniquely packaged manual of basic bicycle upkeep, taking you step-by-step through the essentials of puncture repair, brake and gear adjustment and cleaning and maintenance. Engaging illustrations, luxurious photography and QR codes linking to clearly presented video tutorials set it apart from the run-of-the mill bicycle manuals. A beautiful book for the beautiful machine.

Draw Me a House: Architectural ideas, inspiration and colouring in by Thibaud Herem 978-09-56205-37-7 / Paperback / £12.95 / 21x28 cm / 208 pages / May 2012 Draw Me a House is an interactive colouring book for children, budding architects and anyone interested in the built environment. Warm, humorous illustration from Thibaud Herem invites readers to engage with architectural elements in a whole new way, from drawing an alternative crown for the Chrysler Building to designing a fantasy doghouse.

05/03/2012 10:02

The Inspirational Moustache 978-0-9562053-5-3 / Paperback / £5.95/ 16x12 cm / 64pp / October 2011 The Inspirational Moustache

In design, in craft and on many a discerning face, the soup strainer, nose neighbour, lip tickler, mouth brow, or whatever else you want to call it is making a comeback. The Inspirational Moustache offers grooming tips, remarkable ‘tache facts, and glorious photography, celebrating a seminal moment in the history of facial hair.

The Inspirational Moustache

cicada 16/12/2011 10:11

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