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It’s Spring 2020 and the world is still turning, more or less. Here at Cicada we are excited to introduce our first paperbacks – the critically acclaimed Sock Story and Born Bad are now out at prices that are affordable even in a post apocalyptic reality! We are also bringing out some brand new titles that feature our trademark cocktail of edgy design and illustration, humour, warmth, and yes… despite it all… optimism.

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SCRUFF ALICE BOWSHER I wanted a dog. Nobody wanted this one because he looked scruffy, but I’m a scruffy guy, so that suited me just fine.

But Scruff isn’t like the other dogs. He doesn’t want to catch sticks... or roll in the mud or swim in the pond. What could be the problem? It turns out that Scruff just loves being pampered! So the narrator goes along with it. They wash, brush, trim and polish together, until they are anything but scruffy! But have they done enough to win a prize at the dog show? A funny story about the perils of judging by appearances that is sure to charm dog-mad little ones and parents.

– What came first, dogs that look like their owners or owners that look like their dogs? –

978-1-908714-78-7 / Hardcover / £9.95 / $14.95 / 32pp / 21x22.5 cm (landscape) / April 2020

Alice Bowsher is an illustrator living and working in London. She has illustrated campaigns for Byron Burgers, Anna Credit Cards, Boden and Camden Brewery. She is the author of Read All About It (Cicada, 2016) and the illustrator of Fly Flies (Cicada, 2019).

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Louis is a street magician. He is setting up for his show but he can’t find his rabbit anywhere. He looks inside his hat but finds only a bouquet of flowers, which is caught by a bride as he throws it away in disgust. He looks under his cups, spilling out dozens of balls, which are pounced upon by a group of kids. An endless string of scarves comes out of his sleeve and is wrapped around the neck of a posh lady.... With each trick, his audience grows, and unbeknownst to Louis, the show is unfolding brilliantly... But WHERE could that pesky rabbit be hiding??? Clean, bold collage illustrations have a sweetly vintage vibe and are packed full of surprises that will delight toddlers and early readers.

– Meet Louis... every little thing he does is MAGIC! –

Lizzie Lomax studied Illustration Animation at Kingston University. Her collage-style approach uses made textures, found photographs and ephemera. This is her first book. Robin Jacobs is a Bristol-Based writer. She is the author of Earth-Shattering Events and Don’t Hug the Pug (2019).

978-1-908714-77-0 / Hardcover / £10.95 / $15.95 / 32pp / 22x27 cm / June 2020

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Upcoming Titles



SPECIAL DELIVERY ELLIOT KRUSZYNSKI Today is a very special day. Little Duck is expecting the arrival of her new baby brother! But Delivery Dude keeps bringing the wrong babies. First a baby mouse, then a kitten, a puppy, a walrus, a giraffe, and finally, twin baby elephants. ‘These babies are NOT my brother!’ shouts Little Duck – but Delivery Dude insists that he never makes mistakes. Little Duck is frantically trying to manage the chaos when the doorbell rings again. Thankfully, this time Delivery Dude is followed by his Stork boss, a load of very cross parents… and Little Duck’s Mum and Dad. Little Duck is delighted – and even more so when Stork presents them with one last special delivery.

– When you’re waiting for a new baby, expect the unexpected! –

978-1-908714-79-4 / Hardcover / £10.95 / $15.95 / 32pp / 21x27cm / May 2020

Elliot Kruszynski is a London-based illustrator who has worked with clients including the New York Times, Air BnB, Camden Brewery and Deliveroo. He illustrated and designed Bleep Bloop and Spot the Bot (Laurence King, 2019).

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Upcoming Titles

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It’s Phil and Dale’s favourite time of the week - the WASH! The two socks impress each other with their acrobatics, much to the disapproval of the other clothes in the washing machine. But why should they care? They’ve got each other and that’s all that matters, right? 
 When Phil goes missing, Dale has an encounter with a red shirt, and finds himself alone in the washing machine, lost and pink. When he is finally reunited with his buddy, the socks must decide what being a pair means if one of you has changed.... 
 A critically acclaimed story, written in comic book form, available for the first time in paperback.

– ‘Smouha and Marton wring genuine suspense and edgy humor out of this clever, colorful tale.’ ~New York Times –

Eleonora Marton is is the author of DIY ABC (Cicada, 2016) and Bigger (Cicada, 2017) C K Smouha is a children’s television writer and author living in Somerset. She is the author of Born Bad (Cicada, 2018) and Iced Out (Cicada, 2019).

978-1-908714-76-3 / Paperback with die cut / £6.95 / $9.95 / 32pp / 21x27cm / February 2020 / RS: Korean, Swedish

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Upcoming Titles

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BORN BAD C K SMOUHA, ILLUSTRATED BY STEPHEN SMITH Wolf doesn’t like what he sees in the mirror. He wants to change but he’s not sure how. He meets members of the animal kingdom who share their own experiences of transformation. With their help, Wolf challenges his own preconceptions and finally finds the courage to undergo a magnificent transition…. This is a timely, laugh-out-loud tale of identity and acceptance, packed with bold, vintage-inflected illustrations, now available in paperback.

– ‘If the world tells you that you’re bad, is your fate sealed? Or can you write your own story? … Smouha has an elegant hand and Smith equally elegant art.’ ~School Library Journal –

978-1-908714-75-6 / Paperback / £6.95 / $9.95 / 32pp / 21x28cm / March 2020 / RS: Chinese, Korean

Stephen Smith’s bold collage illustrations have featured in the Guardian, the New York Times and in site specific installations at the Baltic Centre and Coal Drops Yard.

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Upcoming Titles




Freddy is a skateboarding mouse, who lives with his friend, Pete. Annabel is a science-loving elephant. Despite their minor size differences, they become keen penpals. One day, Freddy’s letters stop coming and Annabel must go to the city to rescue him from the notorious Cheddar Gang. Freddy and Pete then go to the Savannah, where they save Annabel’s laboratory from some hungry termites. Just as they are about to leave, Pete finds a letter from a termite called Daisy, and anew penpal friendship is formed. This is a madcap tale of tolerance and acceptance that is brought to life in wild ‘80s comic style illustrations, complemented by flaps and letters that can be extracted.

– A likely story of an unlikely friendship! – Jürg Lindenberger is a surfer, skateboarder and illustrator living in Basel. His work has featured in Anorak Magazine, Google and Bobo Choses. C K Smouha is a children’s television writer and author living in Somerset. She is the author of Born Bad (Cicada, 2018), Sock Story (Cicada, 2018) and Iced Out (Cicada, 2019).

978-1-908714-71-8 / Hardcover / £12.95 / $17.95 / 40pp / 21.5 x 26.5 cm / July 2020

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Current Titles




EARTH-SHATTERING EVENTS ROBIN JACOBS, ILLUSTRATED BY SOPHIE WILLIAMS We humans take our domination of the planet for granted, but sometimes nature reminds us that this is an illusion. Tectonics rip open the earth, vast waves sweep away coastal towns, magma spews from volcanoes and hurricanes lay waste to entire countries.

cicada 24/09/2019 13:00

978-1-908714-70-1 / £14.95 / $19.95 / Hardcover / 100pp / 24x30cm / October 2019 / RS: Korean, Chinese

This book explores nature at its most destructive. Clear, coherent explanations break down the science behind phenomena including tornadoes, cyclones, avalanches, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. The information is brought to life in warm, engaging hand-drawn illustrations by Sophie Williams.

– An atlas of the most extreme meteorological and geological disasters that nature has to offer! –

Sophie Williams is a recent illustration graduate based in Cornwall. Her illustrations are reminiscent of Axel Scheffler in their warmth and humour. Robin Jacobs is a children’s author living in Bristol. She studied Environmental Science at the University of York and has a long-standing fascination with maps, atlases and geology. She is the author of Don’t Hug the Pug (2019).

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Current Titles

UNDERGROUND: SUBWAY SYSTEMS AROUND THE WORLD UIJUNG KIM A playful inside-outside, search-and-find book of 10 underground systems around the world. On the first page we see the exterior of the train, Hopand on board are and takepresented a trip through the trainwith tunnels of ten cities around the world! Discover what makes each subway system unique and then see if you can spot the things hiding pictures. From a pillar box in London to a bento box in Tokyo, you’ll learn about cities and fascinating facts and figuresin the about the transport system. trains from all corners of the planet. On the following, shortened page, we find the inside of the train and the platform, bustling with activity. On this busy page, young readers are invited to spot key items that are unique to the city in question; a pretzel and a Statue of Liberty headband on the New York Subway, for example.


ages N

3+ D E


Subway systems around the world



This book teaches young readers about transport and also about cultural signifiers of different cities around the world. Big, bold and interactive, this is a perfect gift book for children young and old. UK £12.95 / US $16.95


uijung Kim

– A search-and-find book of subways around the world. –

Underground_AW_Cover_220719.indd All Pages

Uijung Kim is a Korean illustrator living and working in New York. Her manga-inflected work is inspired by childhood visuals and experiences. Underground is her first book.

19/08/2019 16:48

978-1-908714-69-5 / Hardcover / £12.95 / $16.95 / 44pp / 23x282cm / November 2019 / RS: Korean

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Current Titles



GUT GARDEN: A JOURNEY INTO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF YOUR MICROBIOME KATIE BROSNAN Within our bodies hides an entire world of organisms called microbes that digest our food and protect our immune systems. Scientists are only just discovering the links between our microbiome and health issues ranging from Parkinson’s to mental health conditions. Through Katie Brosnan’s personable illustrations, we follow the digestive process from
the moment the food enters our mouths to the moment the waste leaves our bodies. Along the way we are introduced to a variety of microbes – good and bad – and gain an insight into the vast eco-system that exists inside us. A beautiful introduction to a fascinating frontier of science.


978-1-908714-72-5 / Hardcover / £12.95 / $17.95 / 44pp / 28x23cm / October 2019 / RS: Korean, Chinese

– Discover the universe inside your own body! – Katie Brosnan is a recent graduate of the Cambridge School of Art children’s book illustration programme. She is the winner of the Picture This! award 2018, and was highly commended in the Macmillan Prize for Illustration, 2018. She is the author of Keith (Child’s Play, 2019).

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Current Titles



Dear Kids, Did you know that all adults have a child inside them? They try to hide them by pretending to be busy and stressed all the time, but as you know, it’s impossible to keep children hidden. Sometimes they just have to come out and PLAY! This is a delightful little book that explains why adults behave in the strange ways that they do, and how important it is to preserve the place of playfulness and joy inside all of us. With a quirky, individual tone, this is a charming concept book that will strike a chord of truth with both parents and children.

– A book for children about what it’s like to be an adult. A book for adults reminding them what it’s like to be a child. –

UK £6.95 / US $10.95

Henry Blackshaw is an artist living and working in Melbourne. Having graduated from BA Fine Art at Chelsea, his captivating silk paintings have been exhibited at Islington Arts Factory and at venues in Australia. This is his first book.


TheInnerChild_cover_AW.indd 1-3

15/05/2019 11:10

978-1-908714-68-8 / Paperback / £6.95 / $9.95 / 32pp / 16.5 x 22.7 / August 2019 / RS: French, Simplified Chinese, Complex Chinese, Korean

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Current Titles



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FLY FLIES ZIGGY HANAOR, ILLUSTRATED BY ALICE BOWSHER Fly is happily practicing her flying in the park, doing some wibbles and some wobbles and some wavies. Blackbird, Seagull, Starling and Hawk take turns giving Fly advice about the best way to fly; fly in a straight line, glide on the wind, fly in a flock, dive onto your food.... Fly tries to take their advice, but each time finds that this is not HER way to fly. With a witty twist at the end, this is a funny, thoughtful book about staying true to yourself in the face of people who insist they know better.

– ‘Colloquial, pithy language teaches a lesson without moralizing… clear and bold illustrations convey a range of emotions and a lot of sass… An easy introduction to the joy of being oneself.’ ~Kirkus Reviews – 978-1-908714-61-9 / Hardcover / £9.95 / $14.95 / 32pp / 22.5 x 20.7 cm / April 2019 / RS: French, Korean

Wilfred Walrus and Neville Narwhal are the only kids in Miss Blubber’s class who are not seals. Life is tough being the odd ones out – lunchtimes and football matches and school photos all present challenges to the two outliers. And they don’t even like each other very much! When Betty Beluga joins the class, everything changes. Betty is smart and independent and amazing at football. As a friendship forms, Betty helps the two boys to recognise that being different isn’t always a bad thing!

– ‘The characters’ arc toward friendship and self-acceptance is refreshing, and the watercolor pictures by Bunnell … pair well with the low-key narration.’ ~Publisher’s Weekly – 978-1-908714-62-6 / Hardcover / £11.95 / $16.95 / 36pp / 21 x 28 cm / May 2019

And Sundays were horrible.



Mornings were tough

One Monday, there was a new addition to Miss Blubber’s class.

And she was awesome.

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Current Titles

We start with a single tree; 1. As we turn the page, we are presented with a sum doubling the number on the page before it: 1+1 = 2; 2+2 = 4; 4+4 = 8. In this way, we reach a million (actually 1,048,576) within 44 pages. Each sum is brought to life with a simple graphic illustration in the distinctive style of Sven Völker. The dots form the back of a ladybird, the bubbles in a cup of soda and the water in a swimming pool. The last two pages open out to a magnificent 8-page gatefold.

Baby likes to cuddle. He is allowed to hug the rug, the jug the bug and the slug... but NOT the pug! Why not? What could be wrong with the pug...?

– ‘Minimalist design meets math in this mind-boggling visualization of numbers up to more than one million... Volker’s volume succeeds at engagingly merging art and counting.’ ~Publishers Weekly –

Don’t Hug the Pug


Don’t Hug the Pug




You can hug the bug and the rug and the jug but don’t hug the pug

978-1-908714-66-4 / UK: £9.95 / US: $14.95.

Hardcover / £12.95 / $18.95 / 44pp / 21 x 28 cm / May 2019 / RS: Spanish

Written by Robin Jacobs Illustrated by Matthew Hodson



3+ DON’T HUG THE PUG ROBIN JACOBS, ILLUSTRATED BY MATTHEW HODSON Baby likes to cuddle. Grown-Up lets him cuddle the rug, the jug, the bug and the slug. But DON’T HUG THE PUG! Why not? What’s wrong with the pug....? A hilarious and deceptively simple story that will have little ones and early readers shrieking with laughter.

– ‘A smelly situation contrived to create an easily legible text for budding readers.’ ~Kirkus Reviews – 978-1-908714-59-6 / Hardcover / £9.95 / $14.95 / 32pp / 21 x 27 cm / March 2019

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Current Titles

FAMILY FLIP FLAP MAUREEN ROFFEY Family Flip Flap is a book by classic children’s illustrator, Maureen Roffey. The tops and bottoms of faces are bisected so that they can be mixed and matched to uproarious effect; Aunt Helen sucks a dummy, Tiny Tess mends a car, Mummy makes a mess and Daddy does his homework. A uniquely hilarious take on the flip-flap book that allows children to subvert traditional adult-child roles. Maureen Roffey, born 1936, is the author and illustrator of many classic children’s books including The Grand Old Duke of York, Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor, I Spy at the Zoo and Look, There’s My Hat.

Adjusting to life in a new city is tough… When a young boy moves from the countryside, everyone around him seems so unfriendly. Lonely and homesick, he watches the busy lives going on behind the lit windows of his apartment block, until gradually things start to change.

– ‘A great little book for some laughs… perfect for a preschool story hour.’ ~Youth Services Book Review – A heartwarming tale about fitting in and making friends, told in urban rhyme and brought to life in the joyful illustrations of Aart-Jan Venema.

But all I could see was endless grey, day after day, With no-one to talk to and no-one to play. It didn’t seem much fun to me.



978-1-908714-64-0 / Hardcover / / £9.95 / $15.95 / 32pp / 22 x 22 cm / March 2019 UK £11.95 / US $16.95



Great Aunt Maud Annie cuddles cat has lost athe tooth

My parents said, “Give the city a chance. At second glance you’ll find that the heat And the beat of the streets Will have you up on your feet. Wait and see.”

NIGHT WINDOWS AART JAN VENEMA Adjusting to life in a new city is tough. When a young boy moves from the countryside, everyone around him seems so unfriendly. Lonely and homesick, he sits on a bench outside his new apartment block and watches
the busy lives going on behind the lit windows, gradually connecting with the people he watches and throwing a big party to celebrate. This heartwarming tale about fitting in and making friends is packed with hilarious search-and-find details that will keep children young and old entertained for hours. 

– ‘Deeply colored illustrations are quirky and cartoony offering plenty to look at. Readers can spin their own stories about the characters as they hunt for objects and people.’ ~Kirkus Reviews –

978-1-908714-56-5 / Hardcover / £11.95 / $16.95 / 32pp / 21x28cm / October 2018

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Lead backlist




978-1-908714-57-2 / Hardcover with quarterbinding / £14.95 / $22.95 / 128pp / 18x25cm / October 2018 / RS: Japanese

978-1-908714-46-6 / Hardcover / £14.95 / $22.95 / 144pp / 18x25cm / October 2017 / RS: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, Polish, Slovakian

978-1-908714-48-0 / Paperback / £12.95 / $16.95 / 128pp / 28x23cm / October 2017 / RS: Italian

All around the world there are little known local festivals, rooted in ancient pagan traditions, featuring characters dressed in the most remarkable costumes imaginable. 40 festivals are documented in this offbeat, anthropological atlas that will delight children and travel enthusiasts.

Flags can teach us all about the histories and aspirations of the countries they represent. Robert G Fresson’s meticulous, vintage-inflected illustrations provide an elegant insight into the fascinating world of vexillology.

A big, bold, hand-drawn activity book that introduces the basic tenets of graphic design to young people. Conceptualisation, composition and typography are brought vividly to life. Poster Power won the 2018 British Book Design and Production Award for Chidren’s Trade Publishing.

DRAW LIKE AN ANCIENT EGYPTIAN JOE GAMBLE 978-1-908714-49-7 / Paperback / £9.95 / $14.95 / 52pp / 24x20cm / November 2017 The Ancient Egyptians believed that life on earth was just a brief interlude on the long road to the afterlife. Joe Gamble’s warm, sketchy illustrations invite readers to engage with such activities as writing your name in hieroglyphics, decorating a sarcophagus and designing an amulet. Unlock the secrets and mysteries that will ensure your soul’s eternal survival!

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Selected Backlist

Phone Book / 978-1-908714-51-0 / Paperback
 / £5.95 / $8.95 / 32pp / 82x152mm / March 2018

Bigger / 978-1-908714-40-4 / Leporello in slipcase / £9.95 / $15.95 / 14pp / 30.5x23cm / April 2017 / RS: Spanish, Complex Chinese

Kick Off / 978-1-908714-36-7/ Paperback / £12.95 / $17.95 / 144pp / 21x24 cm /October 2016/ RS: French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Korean, Italian

Disappearing Acts / 978-1-908714-30-5 / Hardcover / £11.95 / $16.95 / 32pp / 21x28cm / April 2016 / RS: French, Chinese, Korean, Polish

UK: £12.95

cicada PWF_Cover_AW.indd 1

cover flaps.indd 1

Passport / 978-1-908714-24-4 / saddlestitched / 32pp / £5.95 / $9.95 / 9x12.5cm / April 2015 / RS: French, Spanish

New Baby / 978-1-908714-27-5 / £9.95 / $14.95 / 44pp / 22x27cm / September 2015 / RS: French, Spanish, Dutch

Draw Me a House / 978-09-56205-37-7 / Paperback / £12.95 / $16.95 / 208pp / 21x28cm / May 2012 / RS: French, Spanish, Taiwanese

05/03/2012 10:02

24/03/2016 13:54

Playing with Food / 978-1-908714-31-2 / Paperback / £12.95 / $16.95 / 200pp / 28x22 cm / April 2016 / RS: Spanish, French, German

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Adult Lead Backlist

MOTHERLODE: A MATERNAL JOURNAL GEORGINA MCAUSLAND 978-1-908714-58-9 / Paperback / £9.95 / $14.95 / 128pp / 14x20cm / October 2018 Motherlode provides a canvas on which to explore the vast spectrum of emotions and experiences that accompany the birth of a child. Beautiful illustrations run alongside inspirational quotes and thought-provoking activities.

VAJOURNAL: FEMINIST INTERACTIONS AND INTERVENTIONS ISABELLA BUNNELL 978-1-908714-47-3 / Paperback / £9.95 / $14.95 / 128pp / 14x20cm / October 2017 / RS: Korean Vajournal provides a space in which to express your feminist rage at the injustices of the great gender divide. Draw your boobs, list all the people you’ve ever slept with and describe your experiences of everyday sexism. Let it all hang out!

RAISING A FOREST THIBAUD HEREM 978-1-908714-52-7 / Paperback with dustjacket / 
 / $14.95 / 48pp /14x20cm (landscape) / April 2018 Illustrator Thibaud Herem is nurturing a homegrown arboretum in his tiny urban garden. This is a documentation of his obsession, a selected atlas of trees and a visual exploration of the beautiful forms found in nature.

 / £19.95 / $29.95 /
260pp / 17x21cm / October 2017 A remarkable visual archive, documenting the looks and attitudes of women in independent music in the 80s and 90s. With hundreds of never-seen-before phtographs of Viv Albertine, Kim Gordon, Bratmobile and Bikini Kill to name a few.

Cicada Books S/S 2020 | Adult Selected Backlist

A Scene In Between / 978-1-908714-06-0 / Hardcover / £14.95 / $24.95 / 196pp / 21x17cm / October 2013

The Bag I’m In / 978-1-908714-26-8 / Hardcover / £22.95 / $29.95 / 330pp / 24x18cm / October 2015

A spoonful of crAft helps the Activism go down…

A LittLe Book of CrAftivism A little BooK of crAftivism

The Craftivist Collective is a group of people across the world reflecting on and challenging social injustices through the medium of craft. With their small, hand-stitched projects and public installations, these craftivists tackle issues of human rights, global poverty and social inequality in a provocative and thoughtful way, quietly encouraging people to engage with these issues on their own terms. This book by the Collective’s founder, Sarah Corbett, introduces some of the ideas behind the collective’s approach alongside how-to instructions and top tips for a selection of craftivist projects. Get inspired, get involved and get stitching!

“Craftivism is using your crafty skills to better the world. The Craftivist Collective’s approach is spot on, friendly, and perfect for the activist introvert in you. Don’t be fooled by its tiny size: there’s enough information in here to start your own craftivist revolution!” - Betsy Greer

UK £5.99


Baby Journal / 978-1-908714-05-3 / Paperback, £14.95 / $24.95 / 128pp / 20x15cm / May 2013

sArAh CorBett


A Little Book of Craftivism / 978-1-908714-07-7 / £5.95 / $9.95 / Paperback / 60pp / 16x12cm / October 2013

Women Who Kill / 978-1-908714-41-1 / Hardcover / £7.95 / $12.95 / 48pp / 12x16cm / June 2017

Glyph / 978-1-908714-28-2 / Hardcover / £9.95 / $14.95/ 112pp / 12x18cm / September 2015

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