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Welcome to the Cicada 2013-14 Lakeshore Educational Products Catalogue. Cicada are pleased to extend the Lakeshore range for the UK market with the addition of many new products for Early Years, Maths and Literacy, including new Phonics items. With over 59 years experience, Lakeshore has been supplying the world’s educational community with the finest in learning materials. This catalogue is packed with a wide variety of top quality UK relevant educational products – from Arts & Crafts to Language and Science. We have even included products you won’t find anywhere else! Lakeshore share Cicada’s core values and vision, namely: Educational Relevance

Value for Money

Fitness for Purpose

On Time Delivery

Environmental Impact All the products we select have been designed in collaboration with professional educators and tested under the toughest conditions: in real school and day care centres by carers and teachers.

Partner Support. Our continued growth is built upon getting the right products to our customers and then to the schools at the right price. We do this by holding stock in our two UK warehouses and giving our customers the choice of a UK and Pan European drop shipment, direct to their customer or into their warehouse, should they prefer. Our job is to make your job easy. A full range of support is available to our customers, whether you operate a catalogue, sales force or website. All our product images and movies are available to you in print ready or web optimized formats, complete with full product descriptions ( in English ) ready to copy and paste into your pages. Our designers can even layout complete catalogues or individual pages for you.

Contents... Early Years 3-22 Arts & Crafts


Literacy 27-37 Contact us for further info... Tel

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Maths 38-44 Science & Nature


PSHE 49-51

Early Years - Sand & Water C1453 - Big Track Sand Rollers •

• • •

Explore shapes and texture with these easy to grip rollers which leave a variety of impressions in the sand. The set comprises 6 plastic rollers each with a different design. Each roller measures 21.59cms Age: 3+ years

C1547 - Super Sand Sifters • • • •

C1456 - Waterway Pipe Builders - Set of 50 • •


Create twisting, turning constructions that are perfect for water play with these easy to construct pipe builders. The 46 slide-together pieces and 4 funnels form a solid structure which children can watch as water flows through the translucent pipes. 20 plastic pieces; longest 12.5cm Age: 3+ years

Easy grip sifters to dig scoop, sift and separate Set of 4 sifters in 4 colours all with different sized holes Sifters measure 25.5 cms diameter Age: 3+ years

C1455 - Giant Sand & Water Fun Wheel • • • •

Children can explore sand and water properties with this gigantic sand and water wheel. Simply pour sand or water into the big funnel on top and watch as it falls from wheel to wheel. 71cm tall, sturdy base 33cm Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Sand & Water

C1474 - Sift & Find Number Shells •

Strengthen early number skills during sand play activities. These unique shells, printed with numbers 1-20 are a fun way to reinforce early math concepts. Includes 20 plastic shells, storage bucket with sieve lid and teachers guide. Dimensions: Bucket 16.5cms. Age: 3+ years

• • • •

C1473 - Sift & Find Alphabet Shells •

Reinforce early language concepts such as letter recognition, alphabet order and simple word building during sand play activities. Includes 26 plastic shells , storage bucket with sieve lid and teachers guide. Dimensions: Bucket 16.5cms. Age: 3+ years

• •

C1946 - Water Play Kit •

• •

Children have so much fun playing with the water play kit they don’t even know they are learning about properties of water. Includes 36 plastic pieces, funnels, beakers, spoons, eyedroppers cups and more all in a mesh storage bag. Age: 18+ months

C2078 - Scoop & Play Fishing Set • • • •


Children love scooping up these super realistic sea creatures. The fish are designed to float upright every time and each has a moving fin or tail to add to the fun. Includes 32 fish in 15 styles, 4 fishing nets. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Construction

C2013 Giant Clear View Water Play Table • • • • • •


Play table features clear lightweight, unbreakable tub Drain to easily release water Anti rust metal stand features anti slip tipped legs to keep the table secure Perfect height for young children Easy assembly Dimensions: 76.2 x 45.7 x 54.6cms +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Construction C1560 – C1565 - Multi Ethnic Dolls • • • • • •

These dolls will help promote understanding of different cultures. The dolls have been designed using real child models so they are super realistic from the facial features to the accurate skin colouring. Each doll features a soft vinyl body, lifelike nylon hair and a removable outfit complete with socks and shoes. Encourage discussion on different cultures Knowledge and understanding of the world Each doll is 41cms tall

C1560 - Black Boy Doll C1561 - Black Girl Doll C1562 - Asian Boy Doll C1563 - Asian Girl Doll C1564 - White Boy Doll C1565 - White Girl Doll

Adaptive Equipment • • • •


Improve children’s understanding of others and themselves with these adaptive equipment sets. The teachers guide will help dispel stereotypes about people with special needs. Dolls not included. Age: 3+ years

C1405 - 2 Leg & Forearm Braces C1406 - 2 Hearing Aids & 2 Pairs Of Glasses C1407 - Wheelchair C1410 - Guide Dog Harness & Cane C1411 - Walker & Access Bag +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Role Play

C1414 - European Block People

C1415 - Middle East Block People

C1416 - African Block People

C1417 - Far Eastern Block People

Block People • • • • •

Introduce children to the multicultural block play people family. The high quality vinyl figures feature up to date styling and authentic details. The play people are free standing with extra large feet for frustration free play. Includes 8 family member figures. Tallest figure 14cms Age 3+ years

C1412 - Block People With Disabilities C2019 - Kids Around The World Block People • • • • •


Encourage students to explore other cultures as they play with this set of diverse children from around the globe. The authentically detailed figures are made of durable vinyl and are designed to stand on their own. Includes 12 block play figures. Dimensions: Tallest figure: 11cms. Age: 3+ years

• • • • • •

Introduce children to the block play people with differing abilities. Made of tough vinyl the dolls represent a variety of ages and all figures have adaptive equipment. The play people are free standing with extra large feet for frustration free play. Includes 6 figures. Dimensions: tallest figure 14cms Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Role Play C1464 - Wooden Treehouse & Furniture Set • • • • •

Children will love this irresistible 3 storey play tree house with 6 spacious rooms that can be accessed from either the front or the back. The house is packed with details such as a fun rope ladder and built in slide to turn the house into an outdoor adventure. Made from hardwood the house measures 60 x 40.5 x 57cms and comes fully assembled. The 46 furniture set includes everything to turn the house into a home, sofa measures 12.5cms. Age: 3+ years

C2057 - Bamboo Building Blocks •

• •


Real bamboo building blocks inspire endless building possibilities from huts and villages to giant multilevel towers. The pieces are made of 100% bamboo so they are lightweight, extra durable and eco friendly. Set has 80 pieces. Dimensions: Tall cylinder 12.4cms rectangular platform: 20 x 10 x 0.6cms. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Role Play C2042 - Ocean Animals C2043 - Wild Animals C2044 - Dinosaurs



Soft & Squeezy Animals • • • •

Specially designed for young children these soft and squeezy creatures have soft bodies that are easy for small hands to grab and hold. The animals have charming details and friendly features. Dimensions: T.Rex: 17.1cms, Orca: 16.5cms, Tiger: 16.5cms. Age: 1+ years


C2084 - Asian Family C2085 - Black Family C2083 - White Family

Posable Families • • • • •


These delightful multi-ethnic dolls are squeezable soft and fully flexible. Each doll has big specially designed feet for frustration free play and fully bendable arms, legs, and torsos. Each family includes 5 dolls. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Role Play

C1928 - Lets Talk Community Helpers Puppet Set • • • • •

Build knowledge and understanding of the community with these delightful puppets in their work uniforms. The puppets have easy working mouths and arms plus detailed costumes which are sewn on. Includes 6 machine washable puppets. Dimensions: Puppet height: 30cms Age: 3+ years

C2056 - Learn the Alphabet Puppets Set • • • • • •


Stimulate letter recognition with this fun alphabet puppet set. The soft cuddly puppets have an upper and lower case letter sewn on the front so children will learn to associate each character with a letter. Puppets have working mouths and arms. Machine washable. Dimensions: 30.5cms Tall Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Role Play

Dinosaur Dress Ups • • • • •

For prehistoric adventures slip on these fun dinosaur costumes Soft padded dino feet with hook and loop closures to fasten around children’s shoes Matching elasticated masks Machine washable Ages: 3-5 years

C1484 - Brontosaurus Dress-Up C1485 - Triceratops Dress-Up C1510 - Tyrannosauraus - Rex Dress Up C1511 - Dinosaur Dress Up Complete Set

11 +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Role Play

C1461 - Bread Basket Food Set • • • • •

Great to use as role play food in a kitchen or for introducing nutrition concepts. This basket is full to the top with life sized bread pieces. The plastic basket has 16 play pieces. Dimensions: 10 x 21.25 x 27.5cms. Age: 3+ years

C1968 - Meat, Fish & Cheese Basket • • • •

Brimming with life-sized groceries this roomy basket comes packed with incredibly durable, vinyl food pieces. Ideal for adding a realistic touch to role play or for introducing important nutrition concepts. Basket measures: 28 x 21 x 12cms. Age: 3+ years

C1527 – Just Like Home Kitchen Playset • • • • •


Tough authentic and stylish this kitchenware resembles real life sets 29 Piece set includes pot, pan , saucepan, ladle, spatula, serving spoon, crockery and cutlery for 4 place settings Dishwasher safe Saucepan measures 23cms Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Construction

Giant Roller Ramps • • •

Use imagination to design and construct roller ramps by simply snapping together pieces Longest ramp piece measures 30.5cms Age: 3+ years

C1556 – Starter set 17 pieces and 1 ball C1557 – Class set 38 pieces and 2 balls

Stick-All-Around Geo Builders • • • • •

Create 3D designs and build in any direction Each block has a suction cup so blocks can go in any direction Made from rugged plastic Each block measures 7.5 cms Age: 3+ years

C1549 – Starter set 25 blocks in 5 colours C1550 – Class set 50 blocks in 5

Light & Colour Tabletop Blocks •

• • • •

Translucent plastic blocks to let the light shine through; perfect for exploring colour combinations Sized for tabletop play 7 Different shapes and 4 shimmering colours Longest block 9cms Age: 3+ years

C1482 – 50 blocks C1483 – 100 blocks

13 +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Construction

C1475 - Alphabet Activity Mats • • • • •

Explore letter concepts with these alphabet mats which can be used both indoors and out. Colourful and non slip each mat has a letter with its own corresponding image. Includes 6 activity cards and an activity guide. Mat is 23cms in diameter. Age: 3+

C1476 - Numbers Activity Mat • • • •


Build number and counting skills with a hop skip and jump on these non slip vinyl mats. Set includes 6 activity cards, 20 colourful mats each clearly showing the number and picture representation. Dimensions: Mat 23cms diameter Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Active Play

C1424 - Complete Beanbag Learning Centre • • • • •

Reinforce letter, number, colour and shape skills whilst improving co-ordination with this Complete Beanbag Learning Centre. The giant board has 5 big coloured targets holes in 4 different shapes and comes with 56 beanbags. A guide is included. Nylon board measures 70cm 91cm Age: 3+ years

C1423 - Movement Fun Activity Box • • • •


Improve balance and build gross motor skills with this activity box which contains a stopwatch an activity guide and 50 cards each showing a moving activity. The cards have simple illustrations with instructions to get the whole class moving like real animals. Dimensions of cards 15.3 x 20.4cms Age: 3+ years

C2080 - Sensory Ball Set • • • • •

Exciting textures and bright, eye-catching colours give children a stimulating, hands on sensory experience. Includes 10 balls with a variety of features including ridges, giant bumps and soft spikes. Made of tough, flexible vinyl that is super easy to grip. Dimensions: Largest ball: 11cms. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Active Play C1531 – Catch & Sort Fishing Set • • • •

Develop sorting and colour identification skills with every catch in this fun game Set contains 2 fishing poles, 4 plastic buckets and 12 plastic fish in 4 colours Each fish measures 17cms approx Age: 3+ years

C1537 – Buddy Bands • • • • •

Eliminate uncomfortable hand holding with easy to grasp rings made from stuffed vinyl Easy to wipe clean 5 Bands in 5 colours Rings measure 13.5cms Age: 18+ months

C1541 – See Inside Activity Balls • • • • •


Roll, toss and bounce the see through balls for a variety of sensory experiences 4 balls filled with different colours, weights, shapes and sizes Made from flexible plastic Balls inflate to 21cms diameter Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Active Play C1533 – Giant Alphabet Stepping Stones • • • • • •

Helps develop balance, coordination and letter recognition Made from durable plastic each stone has an uppercase letter Nonskid surface on bottom for extra stability Stones come in 2 heights Tall stones measure 20 x 23 x 13(h) cms Age: 3+ years

C1530 – Keep It Safe Traffic Signs • • • • •


Child friendly signs made of rugged all weather plastic perfect for indoor and outdoor use Easy to read and lightweight Bases can be filled with water or sand for extra stability Set of 6 Each sign is approx 79cms tall +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Active Play

C1470 - Alphabet Discovery Boxes • • • •


Encourage children to discover the alphabet in a fun filled hands on way. Each box contains a soft vinyl object that begins with the letter shown in upper and lower case on the box. Comes in a plastic storage bag with zip. Dimensions: Box 8 x 8 x 8cm. Age: 9+ months +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Infant

C1468 - Colour Discovery Boxes • • • • •

Explore and reinforce colours with these delightful boxes and textured objects. Each vinyl box has 4 objects inside and the images printed on the outside. Surface-washable accessories, storage bag with zip. Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5cm. Age: 9+ months

C1469 - Shapes Discovery Boxes • • • • •

Introduce basic shapes with this set of 4 vinyl boxes. Each box contains 4 familiar items including a labeled beanbag, an abstract shape and two everyday objects. Includes plastic storage bag with zip. Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5cm. Age: 9+ months

C2048 - Whats Inside Feely Box • •

• •


Find out what’s inside this brightly coloured box. The soft material box comes with 10 different sensory objects for children to feel and explore like a corduroy lion, a silky butterfly with crinkly wings and a shiny frog that squeaks. Dimensions: 18 x 18cm. Age: 1+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Infant C2022 - Cozy Corner Canopy • •

• •

C2068 - Washable Sensory Balls • • • •


These 6 brightly coloured sensory balls are ideal for helping children to build sensory awareness as they play. Each ball has a different texture and some make noises. Dimensions: Largest Ball 15cms. Age: 18+ months

This colourful canopy creates an appealing place for children to read rest and relax. The canopy has attached tiebacks at the opening and a handy tie on top that can be attached to any sturdy ceiling hook. Canopy measures 240cms tall 58.5cms diameter on top. Age: 3+ years

C1454 - Shake and Play Animal Buddies • • • •

Build sensory awareness with these 4 friendly animals. Young children can touch, rattle and shake as they explore each animal texture and distinct sound. Machine washable 17.5cm long Age: 18+ months +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Infant C1569 – Giant Knob First Puzzle Set •

Easy to grab and fit into place with matching illustrations on the boards Set of 4 puzzles in a storage rack Each puzzle has 4 wooden pieces Puzzles measure 23 x 23 cms Age: 3+ years

• • • •

C1573 - Our Class Soft Photo Book • •

The soft sewn book holds nine 10 x 15cms photos and has a mirror on the last mirror The 20.5cm album has soft extra thick pages and comes complete with labels

C1574 - Bamboo Rhythm Sticks • • • • •


Explore rhythm and beats with sticks made from high quality bamboo Durable, environmentally friendly and lightweight Each stick is 25.5cms long Set contains 12 sticks Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Early Years - Infant

C1439 – Children of the World Puzzle Set • • • •

Encourage children to increase awareness of cultural diversity with these fun photo puzzles featuring children from around the world. Each of the 8 wooden puzzles has 7-10 easy to handle pieces and highlight a different region from Mexico to China. Puzzles measure 30.5 x 23cms. Age: 3+ years

C1443 – All Kinds of Families Puzzle Set • • • •

Promote discussion on all kinds of families from interracial and single parent families to multigenerational households. This set of 8 families feature families from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and can introduce themes like adoption, abilities and family relationships. Each puzzle measures 30.5 x 23cms. Age: 3+ years

C1460 – Careers Puzzle Set • • • •


With positive portrayal of a variety of careers these child pleasing photo puzzles will build early job awareness. The set contains 12 puzzles which are free of racial and gender stereotypes. Each puzzle has 8-10 raised pieces and measure 30.5 x 23cms. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Arts & Crafts

C1924 - Inoor / Outdoor 3 Station Easel • • • •


Maximise space indoors or out with this durable easy to assemble aluminiwum frame easel. Each of the 3 clear acrylic panels can be adjusted from 87.5cms to 110cms. Attach paper with the 6 easel clips included or paint direct onto the wipe clean surface. Dimensions: 61.25 x 110cms +44 (0)1708 733388

Arts & Crafts

C1400 - Roll On Confetti Glue • • • •

Create shimmering effects with these tubes of vibrant glitter glue. The confetti shapes like bright stars and sparkling hearts dry clear. Each of the 8 coloured tubes has a gliding tip and is filled with 118ml of glue. Age: 3+ years

C1955 - Roll On Painters • • • •

Give confidence to young artists with these no spill painters. Easy for young artists to use as each big bright painter has an easy glide roller tip for painting straight lines, wavy stokes and fancy zigzags. Includes 10 2.2oz painters. Age: 3+ years

C1981 - 3D Bug Modelling Stampers

C1396 - Alphabet & Number Dough Stampers • • • •


Encourage children to practice the entire alphabet and numbers 0-9 with these easy grip stampers. Ideal for use with dough or clay the stampers have 10cm long handles and come in a plastic storage bag with zip. Letter stampers are uppercase only. Age: 3+ years

• • • •

Add a whole new dimension to dough creations with these big 3D stamps that create bold lifelike impressions. Each set includes 8 sturdy stampers with big chunky handles for little hands to hold and control. Dimensions: Stampers: 6.4cms wide. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Arts & Crafts C1481 - Collage Pots - 15 Pack • • • • •

C1567 – Family People Shapes

C1401 – Peel & Stick Mirror Sheets • • • •


Perfect for art and craft projects; easy to cut peel and stick Pack of 20 mirror sheets Each sheet measures 22 x 28cms Age: 3+ years

Create a unique design on these papier mache plant pots. Perfect as a gift, keepsakes or even to use in a science project. The smooth surface is ideal for collaging or add a liner and use as a plant pot. Dimensions: Pot: 9.5cms. Age: 3+ years

• • • •

Pre cut shapes in various colour shades 120 pieces in 5 shapes Tallest shape is 17cms Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Arts & Crafts C1559 – Classroom Collage Box • • • •

Complete collage box with assortment of textures shapes and colours for design and creative play Includes 30 shaped collage boards and 100’s of collage items Dimensions of rectangular board 20.4 x 26.8 cms Age: 3+ years

C1568 – 3D Collage Box • • • •


Classroom sized collage box 1500 ready to use collage pieces including wooden sticks, foam shapes and pom poms Cones measure 8cms Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C1432 - Alphabet Teaching Tubs • • • •

The alphabet teaching tub set is perfect for exploring letter sounds and inspiring children to learn the letters of the alphabet in both their upper and lowercase forms. Includes 26 stackable tubs with lids, labels and 208 letters and manipulatives. Tubs measure 11.5 x 7.5cms. Age: 3+ years

C1449 - Teaching Tubs Storage Rack • • •


Keep the teaching tubs neat, tidy and organised with this handy storage rack. The lightweight metal rack has a built in carrying handle and will fit up to 30 teaching tubs perfectly either with the lids on or off. Age: 4+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C1444 - Rhyming Sounds Teaching Tubs • • • •

Build essential language skills and learn to recognise phonic sounds and with the rhyming sounds teaching tubs. Includes 10 plastic tubs with lids and self checking labels, 43 assorted miniatures, teachers guide. Dimensions: 38 x 12 x 32cms. Age: 4+ years

C1445 - Blends & Digraph Teaching Tubs • • • • •

Children learn initial blend and digraph sounds and fine tune decoding skills as they play. Includes 12 tubs with lids and labels, 60 miniatures, activity guide. This set of 12 teaching tubs comprises of 8 blend and 4 digraph tubs. Tubs measure 11.5 x 7.5cms. Age: 4+ years

C1441 - Vowel Teaching Tubs • • • • •


Children learn and reinforce both long and short vowel sounds as they sort and explore the objects. Each tub has miniatures for one of the major vowel sounds. Includes 10 plastic tubs with lids, labels, 60 assorted miniatures and teachers guide. Tubs measure 11.5 x 7.5cms. Age: 4+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C1922 – Alphabet Mystery Box • • •

Reach inside the Mystery Box and pull out fun miniatures for each letter of the alphabet Game board measures 38 x 51 cms Age: 3+ years

C1921 – Alphabet Activity Paddles • • • • •


Hands on way to strengthen alphabet skills Each paddle shows the uppercase letter on one side and lowercase on the reverse Includes 26 durable plastic paddles and 10 cards with games and activity suggestions Each paddle is 24 cms long Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C2055 - Search & Find Alphabet Bags •

Explore letter sounds from A to Z with these soft velour bags. Each bag features a clear view window for children to peek inside plus lots of fun beads to search through. Discover fun miniature objects that represent each letter. Diameter: 17.8cms Age: 3+ years

• • • •

C2087 – Hear Myself Sound Phone • • • • •


Encourage children to focus on every sound they say As they hear themselves talk. Perfect for exploring letter sounds the phone is made from lightweight moulded plastic and is perfect for young hands to grip. Includes 10 phones. Dimensions: 17.5cms Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C1516 - Getting To Read Activity Boxes • • • •

Introduce and reinforce fundamentals of reading with these 4 boxes each features 5 different activities that target a specific language concept. The activities have a versatile open ended design so that they can be completed independently or in small. Box size 15.2 x 12.67 x 34.29 Age: 4+ years

C1918 – Light Up The Sounds Phonemic Awareness Kit • • • • •


Simply to use; just slide an activity card into the tray and light up the answers Flip the card to self check for instant reinforcement Set contains 32cm light up tray, 40 different cards covering 4 skill areas Batteries not included Age: 3 years +44 (0)1708 733388

Literacy C1917 – Storytellers Box •

Help children boost vocabulary and oral skills while telling their own amazing stories Ready to use box contains 45 colour card prompts with illustrations and the written word Box measures 38 cms long

• •

C1920 – Rhyming Is A Snap •

Build rhymes with picture tiles that snap together Each set has a starter tile and two picture tiles Set contains 36 tiles with images of familiar everyday objects Each tile measures 6.5 x 8 cms Age: 3+ years

• • • •

C2001 - Snap Together Letter Blocks • • • • •


Children master the alphabet as they snap the colourful cubes together and build simple words. Each block features the uppercase and lowercase version of each letter. Includes 48 assorted wooden blocks. Dimensions: 3.2 x 3.2cms. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Literacy C1517 Language Instand Learning Centres - Complete Set • •

This set of 8 activity filled Language Instant learning Centres come ready to use! Each set includes the materials children need to build beginning language skills from word building and rhyming sounds to sight word recognition. Each of the 8 sets are designed for up to 4 children work at once, each centre has a double sided chart that provides easy access to the activities with picture instructions that make it easy to work independently even for non readers Set Includes: Rhyming Sounds, Beginning Sounds, Ending Sounds, Letter Recognition, Building Words, Sound Switch, Sight Words and Simple Sentence. Age: 3+ years

C1518 - Positional Words Resource Box •

• • •


Children will recognise and understand positional words as they move the manipulatives according to the instructions on the cards, they can then check if they are correct by looking at the reverse of the card. Children’s ability to give and follow instructions will also strengthen. Contains 4 pairs of manilptatives and 24 cards with simple rebus style instructions. Bear measures 8.25cm. Age: 4+ years

C1923 - Word Building Boxes • • •

Master letter sounds with the focus on short vowel words Each box comes with a 16.5 x 18 cms mat, 6 objects and 6-9 plastic letters colour coded to the mats Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C1523 - Circle Time Songs Activity Tub • • • •

C2034 - School Card Library

Keep children engaged during circle time with fun to sing songs and hands on props that help identify colours, shape, letters and more. The tub comes with 5 popular songs which children can sing along to such as The Muffin Man and My Darling Clementine. Tub size 22.22cms Age: 3+ years

C2035 - Food Card Library

C2037 - All About Me Card Library

C2039 - Around Our Community Card Library

Photo Card Libraries • •

C2038 - Animals Card Library


• •

Designed to expand childrens vocabulary and to integrate students whose first language is not English. Includes 50 themed colour photo cards; on the reverse the word is listed in English and thirteen other languages with a simple Phonetic pronunciation for each. Dimensions: 10 x 12.5cms. Age: 4+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C1519 - Lakeshore Word Building Blocks • • • • •

Develop word building skills with these chunky letter blocks. Children can simply snap the plastic letters onto a base to form words. The set contains 4 bases and 78 blocks (20 vowels and 58 consonants) and comes in a handy tub. Block measures 3.17 cms Age: 4+ years

C1427 - Phonics Word Builder Magnet Kit • • • •


Identify common and irregular spelling patterns with this phonics word building kit. Includes 170 magnetic tiles colour coded by sounds, magnetic board. Dimensions: Board 30.5 x 30.5cms. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C1967 - Write & Wipe Alphabet Practice Cards •

Reinforce letter sounds with this set of 26 write and wipe cards. Each card has an image plus a ruled baseline and dotted starter line to print upper and lower case letters. The traceable word at the bottom reinforces letter sound. Board dimensions 22.0 x 30.5cms Age: 3+ years

• • • •

C1430 - Word Patterns Practice Cards •

• •

Develop vocabulary and identify spelling patterns by simply adding an initial sound to these handy practice cards to form words that share rhyming patterns. Includes 40 cards with write and wipe surface each highlighting a different word family. Age: 3+ years

C1965 - Story Wands • • • • • • • •


The safe, wipe-clean vinyl wands feature simple questions that explore plot, character, setting and more. Encourages children to consider story elements and build comprehensive skills. Set of 8 wands. Oral language development Recalling story details Listening comprehension Wands measure 25.4cms Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Literacy C1553 - Family Theme Box • • • •

Encourage children to learn about different types of families with this hands-on set. From a beanbag family to puzzles and photo cards the box is packed with materials that help children discover the importance of families. Includes an activity guide and plastic storage box. Age: 3+ years

C1964 - What’s The Rhyme Sorting Houses • • • •


Introduce rhyming sounds by matching the 50 picture tiles to the picture clues on the roof of these 10 adorable houses. Find the rhyme, post the tile and self check with the list on the back of the house. Dimensions: House 11 x 7cms. Age: 4+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C1994 - Magnetic Learning Numbers 1-10 • • • • •

Introduce numbers with these 10 big wooden number boards. Each board has a clear view plastic top with a metal ball sealed inside. Use the permanently attached magnetic pen to guide the ball along the lines and curves of each number. Dimensions: Board 10 x 15cms. Age: 3+ years

C2007 - Magnetic Counting Maze • • • •


Endorse basic counting skills as children use the magnetic wand to move the balls through the game and drop them into each bubblegum machine. Made from hardwood, the board contains 10 bubblegum machines representing numbers 1-10. Dimensions: 33 x 36cms. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C1972 - Button Sorting Centre • • • • •

Introduce shape colour and size sorting with the bright irresistible buttons. 15 different activities cards focus children hands on. The ready to use centre includes 120 assorted plastic buttons and a teacher’s guide. Dimensions: 22 x 28cms. Age: 3+ years

C1419 - Early Maths Match Up Pack • • • • •

Gain a solid understanding of early math concepts with these colourful sets. The 4 colour coded sets each contain 20 puzzles covering shapes, patterning, counting and addition. The cards have uncluttered simple images and are self correcting. Dimensions: 75 x 22 x 8cms. Age: 4+ years

C2096 - Number Sequencing Puzzle Set • • • • •


Encourage children to build number skills piece by piece with these fun themed puzzles. Each set includes 3 wooden puzzles all with simple colour coded pieces numbered 1-10. The 4 sets include Bugs, Dinosaurs, Sea Life and Farm animals. Dimensions: 15 x 25.5cms. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C1500 – Find The Number Counting Kit • • • •

Encourage children to associate numbers with quantities with this hands on set. The 60 piece tile set shows 1–12 number representations in 5 different forms. Also included in the set is an activity guide and a magnetic board measuring 20.5 x 27 cms. Age: 3+ years

C1586 - Count & Write Maths Mats • • • • • •


Practice counting and writing number 1-20 Each mat has a preprinted gumballs and numbers The back of each card is blank Set includes: 20 activity mats and 210 translucent counters in 5 different colours. Mats measures: 21.6 x 30cms Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C1587 – Jumbo Sorting & Counting Animals • • • • •

Encourage counting sorting and patterning skills with these chunky durable animals Each set comes with 27 plastic animals in 3 sizes and 3 colours Each set comes in a storage jar Large bear measures 7 cms Age: 3+ years

C1588 – Jumbo Sorting & Counting Dinosaurs C1589 – Jumbo Sorting & Counting Elephants C1908 – Jumbo Sorting & Counting Bears

C1590 – Lakeshore Size & Colour Cubes • • • •

90 Translucent plastic cubes to sort, count, pattern or use with a light box Explore non standard measurement or pattern by size and colour Cubes come in 6 colours and 3 sizes, largest cube is 3.3 cms Age: 3+ years

C1913 – Pop & Add Games • • • •

Add excitement and fun to maths practice using these pop up games Use the write and wipe boards with playing pieces to solve the problems Each game has 2 poppers, an 28 x 34.5 cms boards and 15-35 counters Age: 3+ years

C1914 – Pop & Add to 12 Game C1915 – Pop & Add to 20 Game C1916 – Pop & Add to 30 Game


C1551 Tweezer Tongs Colour Sorting Kit • • • •

Helps develop fine motor and colour sorting skills Kit includes 50 rubber balls in 5 colours, tweezer tongs and sorting tray with removable tubes Tongs measure 15.5 cms, tray measures 21 cms Age: 3+ years

C1555 - Fine Motor Tweezer Tongs - Set of 4 +44 (0)1708 733388


C1440 - Kid Counters • • • • •

Hands on counters make maths concepts easy to grasp. Measure, compare, sort and count this pack of 100 brightly coloured free standing counters. Includes 20 counters of each of the 5 designs. Dimensions: 3.7cms high. Age: 3+ years

C2069 - Count & Link Elephants • • • • •

Encourage children to practice simple maths in a fun way with this count and link set. Simply count out the links and snap them onto the elephant’s trunk. Includes 250 links, 20 double sided numbered elephants. Dimensions: 10 x 10cms. Age: 3+ years

C1548 - Counting keys • • • • •


Perfect to reinforce early maths concepts these colourful keys are fun to use. Simply slide the keys on to the rings by number, shape colour or size. Includes 120 keys, teachers guide and storage bag. Dimensions: Large Key: 4 x 9cms. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


Count On Maths Games • •

Simple counting games ideal for beginners to build math skills through play Each game comes with an 21.5 x 46 cms mat, 10 sided number dice and 20 wooden counters in a drawstring bag Age: 3+ years

C1583 - Count On! Space Game C1584 - Count On! Ocean Game C1585 - Count On! Park Game

Early Math Folder Game Libraries • • • • • •

Improve math skills with these fun folder games. With just 3 easy step instructions to complete the activity Each game comes with everything needed and ready to use. Each Library contains 10 games in a storage box. Folders measure 23.5 x 30 cms. Age: 4+ years

C1506 – Number & Counting C1507 - Beginning Operations library C1508 - Patterning and Sorting Library


C1909 - Fishing For Fun Maths Games • • •

Place the fish in the pond and follow the illustrated instruction cards Each box game has a 46.5cm pole, game mat, cards and fish Age: 3+ years

C1910 – Fishing For Fun Counting Game C1911 – Fishing For Fun Measurement Game C1912 – Fishing For Fun Simple Addition Game +44 (0)1708 733388


C1999 - Number Line Activity Centre • • • •

This number line activity chart helps students visualise maths concepts. Children can create a customised number line that focuses on any sequence of numbers. Includes chart, 115 activity and number cards and 6 frog counters. Age: 3+ years

C1450 - Place Value Practice Boards • • • • •

Understand place values into the millions with this brightly coloured and easy to use tool. The large free standing board features 7 sets of flip charts each numbered 0-9. Also includes addition, blank flips. Dimensions: 17 x 49.5cms. Age: 3+ years

C1526 - Student Telling Time Boards Set Of 10 • • • •

Explore time in both digital and analogue format at the same time with this set of 10 time flip stands. Match the analogue clock to the digital using the moveable hands or colour coded flips. Boards measure 8.5 x 27.3 cms Age: 3+ years

C1501 - How Much Does It Weigh • •

• • •


This hands-on centre gives students a visual aid to early measurement concepts as they compare and contrast the weights of items provided. The 24 illustrated activity cards show which objects to place on each side of the scale as children explore concepts like heavy, light, balance and more. 40 manipulatives and wooden card stand supplied. Cube dimensions 2.5cms Age 4+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Science & Nature

C1442 – Animals Up Close Puzzle Set •

• • •

From a tree frog to a beautiful blue butterfly these child pleasing puzzles feature photos of amazing real life animals. Each of the 10 puzzles has 8-10 raised pieces that fit into a study hardwood board Dimensions: 30.5 x 23cms. Age: 3+ years

C1577 – Dinosaur Exploration Centre • • • •

Five authentically detailed replicas are sized and textured allowing a tactile way to learn about dinosaurs Five corresponding information cards detailing fascinating dinosaur facts Stegosaurus plate measures 28cms long Age: 3+ years

C1534 – Science Discovery Chest • •

• • • •


The Science Discovery Chest contains hands-on experiments and materials for young children to explore basic scientific concepts. This easy to use chest comes with 6 subject draws and over 100 items including rocks, seeds, measuring cups and spoons, giant magnets, a prism, thermometers, balloons, feathers and much more. All items included have been carefully selected with young children in mind. Includes 40 double sided experiment cards. Dimensions: 32 x 31 x 49cms. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Science & Nature C2033 - Hands On Science Supply Centre •

This easy access science supply centre is filled with over 90 hands on science tools from magnets and magnifiers to thermometers and mirrors. The set contains enough equipment for the entire class to participate in observations and experiments. Dimensions: 24 x 27cms. Age: 4+ years

• • •

C1540 - Sink Or Float Exploration Kit • • • • •


Encourage children to forecast the outcome of the experiments. Select one of the 25 object cards and attach it to the chart, predict the outcome and then carry out the experiment. Includes 25 assorted objects, 1 laminated chart and 25 cards. Dimensions: Tub: 34cms long. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Science & Nature

C1578 – Science File Folder Games Library • • • • •

Explore earth, life and physical science with ready to use games for children to play independently Folder contains 10 games each with 3 step instructions, a fold out activity mat plus photographic game tiles. All games are self checking Topics include classifying solids, liquids and gasses, recycling, plant labelling and lifecycles Folders measure 23.5 x 29.5 cms Age: 3+ years

C1579 Classroom Kaleidoscope Centre • • • •

Super safe kaleidoscopes to observe light, colour and reflection Includes 3 ready to use kaleidoscopes filled with red, yellow or blue beads and 3 kaleidoscopes with removable plastic capsules Each kaleidoscope measures 15 cms Age: 3+ years

C1580 – Amazing Animation Machine • • • • •


Bring illustrations to life by simply placing a strip inside the drum and giving it a spin Easy to grip handle and simple to spin drum Comes with 20 full colour animation strips and guide Measures 24 cms Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

Science & Nature Science Instant Learning Centres • •


C1532 - Watch It Grow Greenhouse • • • • •


Explore and watch life science in action with individual greenhouses. Just fill the watertight greenhouses with wet paper or growing crystals, add seeds and watch them sprout. Includes 20 re useable vinyl greenhouses, 100 labels and storage bag with zip. Greenhouse measures: 20.5cms. Age: 3+ years

These activity filled Science Instant Learning Centres come ready to use! Each set includes the materials children need to build skills step by step from sequencing life cycles to experimenting with magnets. Designed for up to 4 children to work at once, each centre has a double sided chart that provides easy access to the activities with picture instructions that make it easy to work independantly even for non readers. Age: 4+ years

C1956 - Magnets Instant Learning Centre C1957 - Plants Instant Learning Centre C1958 - Weather Instant Learning Centre C1959 - Lifecycles Instant Learning Centre C1960 - Senses Instant Learning Centres C1961 - My Body Instant Learning Centre C1962 - Nutrition Instant Learning Centre C1963 - Colour Instant Learning Centre

C1952 - Wooden Magnifier Centre • • • •

Encourage up close discoveries with these 6 heavy duty magnifiers ideal for science projects or general classroom use. The magnifiers are set in sturdy brightly coloured wooden frames, have chunky handles and thick high quality lenses that enlarge without distortion. Dimensions: Magnifier: 20cms. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C1524 - Nutrition Mystery Lotto • •

Promote healthy living choices with this lotto game. Children choose miniatures from the mystery box and matching them on the double sided mats which have food groups on one side and healthy activities on the other. The set contains 36 miniatures 6 mats. Mat measures 24 x 25 cms Age: 4+ years

• • •

C1581 – Be Choosy Be Healthy Dental Kit • • • • •


Packed with tools and activities to build a foundation for dental health Ideal for role playing and discussion Includes detailed guide with activity ideas and teaching tips Machine washable puppet is 41cms approx Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C1535 - Children Of The World

C1425 - Families Poster Pack • • • • •

Inspire activities and discussions with these 20 full colour family posters. The posters provide a look at all kinds of families and a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Includes an activity guide. Dimensions: Posters: 28 x 40.5cms. Age: 3+ years

• • • • •

C1426 - Mood & Emotion Poster Pack

C2017 - Differing Abilities Poster Packs • • • •


These large full colour posters feature positive portrayals of people with differing abilities from the less visual to the more obvious physical abilities. Includes 18 numbered posters and a teacher’s guide. Dimensions: 28 x 41cms. Age: 3+ years

Make it easy to discuss the importance of cultural diversity with these beautifully photographed posters. The 20 striking portraits show children from around the world. Includes a teacher’s guide. Poster measures 28 x 40.5cms. Age: 3+ years

• • • • •

Encourage children to understand and accept a wide range of moods and emotions with this colourful set of thought provoking posters. The 20 posters are designed to get children talking about their feelings. Includes an activity guide. Dimensions: Poster: 28 x 40cms. Age: 3+ years +44 (0)1708 733388


C1971 Social Studies Photo Library • • • •

Inspire children to explore the world around them with this colourful social studies photo library. Includes over 260 full colour photos in 9 different categories, with simple descriptions on back of each card. Also includes blank cards to add your own images. Age: 3+ years

C1522 - What Would You Do? Teaching Kit • •

• • •


Help children resolve everyday conflicts with this valuable resource. The kit includes two 24cms puppets and 15 double sided activity cards each with supporting illustration on the front that introduces the conflict and a corresponding story and activities on the back of the card. A wooden stand is also included. Puppet measures 24cms Age: 3+ years

C1521 - How Are You Feeling Today? Display Centre • • • •

Boost emotional awareness with this display centre. The freestanding centre features expressive photos showing 5 different emotions, plus child-safe mirror to help children identify their own feelings. 20 wipeable name tiles are included. Age: 2+ years +44 (0)1708 733388

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