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Inter – American Center of Tax Administrations                                                  

Master of Tax Administration and Public Finance

Int er – American Center of Ta x Administrations 

Master of Tax Administration and Public Finance Complementing and strengthening tax administrations’ programs

Objective: to train a group of professionals, preferably from the public sector, on issues of Public Finance, Tax Administration and Public Management to improve their qualifications in designing and implementing tax policies, as well as to contribute to the institutional strengthening of Ibero-American Public Administrations by the exchange of information and experiences through a practical approach. Language: Spanish. Candidates:  Professionals who work in the Tax Administrations of CIAT-member Ibero-American countries (25 vacancies). 

Active professionals and university teachers and researchers from the public or private sector of Public Finance in Ibero-American countries (5 vacancies).

Tuition Fees:  Officials from the TAs of CIAT-member countries: €2.250,00  Individuals: €5.000,00 Topics: Virtual Class Modules Public Finance and Tax Law. Tax Institutes. Tax Systems and Integration Processes. International Taxation. Tax System Management (I). Tax System Management (II). Tax Administration Management. Instrumental Module Accounting, Mathematics, Finance and Statistics. Classroom Seminars Seminar in Ibero-America. “Tax Policy and Tax Administration.” Seminar in Spain. “Trends in Tax Administration: Adapting to the New Environment.” Individual Papers Individual report on the national Tax Administration. Research paper or dissertation/White paper.

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