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ISSN 1684-9833 • Year 3 / Special Edition / July 25, 2012

Publications New edition of the CIAT / AEAT /IEF Tax Administration Review The No. 33rd. edition of the Tax Administration Review CIAT / AEAT / IEF is already available to all MiCiat community members. CIAT is a public international organization which groups the tax administrations of 40 countries, (31 Amarican countries, 6 European countries, 2 African countries and one Asian country), for the purpose of providing an integral service for the modernization of those administrations, by promoting their evolution, social acceptance and consolidation through the exchange of knowledge, experiences and the rendering of specialized technical assistance.

Executive Council

This edition includes strategic issues for our Tax Administrations such as international taxation in Panama, information exchange in Argentina, the fight against tax havens, communicative actions in tax education in Brazil, the border analysis in the process of monitoring and control in Peru, the return of improper payments in Latin America, the experience of fiscal printers in the Dominican Republic and a proposal to use a predictive model for determining the risk profile of taxpayers in Argentina.

Executive Secretariat The e-CIAT Newsletter is published and distributed electronically biweekly.


Contact us: CIAT Executive Secretariat / e-CIAT Newsletter P.O. Box 0834-02129 Panama, Republic of Panama. Phone (507) 265-2766 / 265-5994 Fax: (507) 264-4926 E Web Site:

As you can see all the topics are of great interest for the development and continuous improvement of our Tax Administrations which goal is to be an organization of excellence and a reference for both the public and private sector. As always, our review can be downloaded for free from the CIAT site on the Internet.


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