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News > Archived News > CIAT News > Italy - 2008 Budget, Law Tax rebates and Local taxation

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Home | Use and Privacy Terms and Conditions | Site map | Contact Us | Frequently Asked Questions Italy - 2008 Budget, Law Tax rebates and Local taxation

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March 3, 2008 - The 2008 Budget law has been

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promulgated. Measures concerning tax issues include a further deduction from the Imposta comunale sugli immobili – Ici (Municipal tax on immovable property) for owner-occupied dwellings and deductions from Imposta sul reddito per le persone fisiche – Irpef (Personal income tax) for large families, for lowincome tenants and for young people who leave home and live on their own.

Some provisions have been introduced in order to simplify the rules for determining the taxable income for the purposes of Imposta sul reddito delle società – Ires (Corporate income tax) and Imposta regionale sulle attività produttive – Irap (Regional tax on business activities), as well as to decrease tax rates. In fact, Ires rates for the enterprises drop off from 33 to 27.5% and the Irap rate from 4.25 to 3.9%. Another novelty is the introduction of tax incentives for R&D investments in Southern Italy and improvement of anti-tax avoidance rules.

A simplified and more favourable treatment for the so-called contribuenti minimi has been introduced, implemented with a subsequent Ministerial decree. For individuals engaged in business, craft or other professional activities, who ave earned receipts or fees not exceeding 30,000 Euros and have opted for the new regime, a substitute tax is introduced in place of Irpef, Irap and regional and municipal additional taxes with a 20% rate. Moreover, they are granted simplifications in terms of obligations and accounting and are exempted from sector studies.

The European Commission has authorized the so-called “Visco-Sud” tax rebate, introducing a tax credit for enterprises making investments aimed at purchasing new capital goods such as machinery, equipment, facilities, computer programs, patents in Southern Italy regions.

From the government portal, Municipalities can directly update the data on their resolutions on Ici (the municipal tax on immovable property) and on the approved rates for the municipal additional tax to Irpef (personal income tax), by accessing a reserved area for dialogue with the Tax Policy Department. Access is gained through the Siatel system - Sistema interscambio Anagrafe tributaria Enti locali (Taxpayers’ registry-Local authorites Interchange system) simplifying the communication and exchange procedures between the Tax administration and the local authorities.

Mrs. Luisa Perrotti Correspondent

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677 italia ley de presupuesto 2008 reintegros impositivos y tributaciocal

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