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Tax gap and equity in Latin America and the Caribbean / Juan Pablo Jiménez, Juan Carlos Gómez Sabaini, Andrea Podestá

European Commission

"Taxation trends in the EU" – 2010 edition

International Monetary Fund IMF

Fiscal Monitor May 2010: Navigating the Challenges Ahead Tax Administration in Small Economies / Maureen Kidd Revenue Administration: Taxpayer Audit Use of Indirect Methods / Edmund Biber Revenue Administration: Taxpayer Audit Development of Effective Plans / Edmund Biber Revenue Administration: A Toolkit For Implementing A Revenue Authority / William Crandall and Maureen Kidd

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CIAT Specialized Library

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development -OCDE

World Bank

Promoting Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes (June 2010) Tax Administration Guidance & Information Series, May 2010 (Forum on Tax Administration) Recoupling or Switchover: Developing countries in the global economy / Otaviano Canuto

Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations P.O. Box 0834-02129 Panama, Republic of Panama Telephones: (507) 269-1270 / 265-2766 Fax: (507) 264-4926 Web: For further information Library

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CIAT Specialized Library