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Bibliographic News Jorge Eduardo Corradine Library February 2010

PUBLICATIONS CIAT Spanish - No. 4 / February (Advance) 2010

International Organizations and Institutions

International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation – IBFD

* Bulletin for international Taxation (Vol. 64 –Number 1 y 2 - 2010) * European Taxation (Vol.50, No. 1-2010)

World Economic Outlook Update International Monetary Fund

Global Financial Stability Report: Market Update The Global Integrated Monetary and Fiscal Model [GIMF] : Theoretical Structure

New Rules for Global Finance

*Debating the Tobin Tax

United Nation

*Revenue´s Role in the Quest for Inclusive Development. What works and what can work better?

World Bank

Bibliographic News

Building Countercyclical Fiscal Policies in Latin America The International Experience (Mario Gutierrez y Julio E. Revilla)

CIAT Specialized Library

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Bibliographic News

CIAT Specialized Library

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