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The Magical Door Writing Project Miniature, colourful, magical doors are beginning to appear in schools all around the country. Where do they lead to? What magical mysteries lie behind these doors? We hope you enjoy the creative stories and poems written by the pupils of our local schools who have discovered and opened the Magical Doors. Lucy Maginn Aine Lavery McKeown Fionnuala McGuinness Junior Leadership Team (Primary Links, St Ronan’s College)


St Ronan’s College Primary Partnership St Ronan’s College has formed a partnership with its primary schools to create a forum where everyone involved works together to make transition from Primary to Post Primary as smooth and stress free as possible. All those involved have continually reiterated their commitment to high quality learning and teaching in our schools without the need to promote or engage in selection. This year, in the true spirit of our partnership, the schools involved, worked together on a collaborative Literacy based project. The Magical Door project was designed to further develop the writing and communication skills of all pupils. In March this year, miniature, magical doors mysteriously appeared in all our schools. These immediately captured the imagination of pupils who then launched into writing their magical door stories! Pupils were inspired to write poems and stories about the magical worlds that lie behind the miniature doors. It was a fantastic way for the pupils to express themselves and unleash their creativity. Behind these magical doors anything was possible… A selection of the stories from each of the schools has now been collated and the publication of our book celebrates the hard work and talent of our local children. Children from primary 1 right through to year 8 have contributed to the collaborative book. St Ronan’s College St Mary’s Primary School, Derrymore St Patrick’s Primary School, Aghagallon St Teresa’s Primary School Tannaghmore Primary School St Patrick’s Primary School, Magheralin St Francis Primary School Carrick Primary School St Patrick’s Primary School, Aghacommon St Mary’s Primary School Derrytrasna


Primary 1-3


The Magic Door I opened the magical door and I saw a pot of yummy sweets. I ate some and all of a sudden the room turned into a magical sweet land. I saw lollipop trees and a Galaxy swimming pool. It was the best day ever! I opened the magical door and I found a pot of gold. I went home and bought lots of toys with the gold. I bought Num Nums. It was fun. I opened the magical door and I was in Disneyland. I saw Elsa and Anna and we played hide and seek and sang songs. I had fun and I loved it. Sean, Ella May and Eva P1

Inside the Magic Door The Easter Bunny lives here. There are four rooms in this house. In the kitchen he makes buns. He takes a bath in the bathroom. He hides his eggs in the living room and sun room. The Easter Bunny loves his baby bunnies. Some of his baby bunnies help him make the eggs. Sometimes the baby bunnies eat the eggs for themselves. Rose Tallon P.2 St Patrick’s PS Aghagallon


The Magic Door I opened the door and raced round the magical world. I met Flash and the Green Lantern. I made friends with Flash and then something happened! I turned into a Ninja. Ninjas are strong. They are the best. I was able to jump really high. I had magic powers. The bad guys tried to explode the whole world. I disabled a giant bomb and I saved the world! George P2

The Magic Door.

One day a magic door appeared in school. It looked like a door to the forest. It was a little brown door with ivy covering it. I slowly reached for the handle. I went in and found a cat. It was very cute and small, I ran to it. It spoke to me and I loved it. But then a dragon came to the cat. I was very scared. I ran and ran and ran! But I was too late. The dragon had gotten her. I ran as fast as I could. But eventually I found her. I was very happy. We went out of


the door. Elise Kerr P2

Inside the Magic Door The Easter Bunny lives under ground in a burrow. He makes lots of eggs. The Easter Bunny has long ears. He is very fast. The Easter Bunny makes all the Easter eggs in the kitchen. He has a big bathroom. The Easter Bunny has four rooms in his house. A bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and a living room. He is very fast at giving Easter eggs to other children. The Easter Bunny has Easter eggs all over his living room for all children in every home. Orla Mitchell P.3 St Patrick’s PS Aghagallon


Mysterious things have been happening in St.Francis Primary School. A blue wooden and tiny door has been appearing all over the school. We went to the woodlands yesterday and found the mysterious door hidden behind a tree. On the door it said DANGER DO NOT ENTER! but we decided to open the door. Suddenly when we opened the door I saw a lovely ice cream tree and pink and purple grass. At the bottom of the tree were some gummy snakes on a bush. I saw my sister in the Gingerbread house. She made me a brilliant breakfast. She invited all my friends. I was so so happy and so were Clodagh, Ronan, Sian, Meghan, Olivia and Megan. After the party I met a girl called Rosie. Before we went home I played with her. She was a lovely girl. She gave me a skateboard and for safety she gave me a helmet and stuff to keep me safe. By Aisling Eagers

Mrs McClarnon’s P3 class


Behind The Magic Door in Derrymore! I stepped through the door and spotted lots of people I knew! Come and take a look and see who is who! Annie the amazing angel. Barrai and Bethany as Batman and Batgirl Ciara, Cormac, Cara and Caitriona as cool karate kids Dylan dressed as Darth Vader Finn the fantastic fishing farmer Gemma and the gymnastics giant Hollie and the haunted hamburger Jack and Jack with jaguars at the jump box Liam the lion living in Liverpool Megan the magical, mysterious, mystical mermaid Oscar and Oscar and Oscar and Oscar and Oscar (they were all clones) Peadar playing with the popstar penguin Ruby and Ronan, the robot, rebel rockstars Sophie and Sophia surprising the super heroes Zach and Zoe and the zippy, zoopy Xylaphone! Primary 3


The Magic Door One beautiful sunny day I was walking through a flower garden , suddenly it began to pour with rain. A mysterious door appeared as if by magic. It was small, brown and covered in leaves. I wasn’t sure whether I should enter. I decided

I would

and I opened it slowly and crept in. I was


by what I saw. L saw a

beautiful land and it was covered with flowers and filled with sunshine. Suddenly I saw a group of fairies, The fairies were playing tig . The pink Fairy was It .The blue fairy was caught. Then a fiery dragon came The fairies tried

to escape through the

ice cream river but the Dragon was Really Quick . He nearly caught me but I escaped, I never went near the magic door again. The end. Lily P3.


Mysterious things have been happening in St.Francis Primary School. A blue wooden and tiny door has been appearing all over the school. We went to the woodlands yesterday and found the mysterious door hidden behind a tree. On the door it said DANGER DO NOT ENTER! but we decided to open the door. Then it was silent and dark then I saw a slide I thought for a minute, but I decided to go down it. When it was over I walked for a bit and then I teleported to a staircase. At the end of the staircase there was a sign that said that way, it was pointing right. So I followed it. Suddenly an incredible thing happened to me .I was in the Easter bunny’s house!!! It felt amazing. I saw the Easter bunny and I said to myself this is amazing. He said he had been expecting me in a weird voice. He was sitting on a brown and green chair. There was an orange table beside him. I saw a beautiful light shining in the distance. We played all day until it was time for me to go home. I felt really sad when I had to go home so I decided to stay. We had a lot of fun. Then we stuffed are faces with chocolate .The end By Ella Harte Mrs McClarnon’s P3 class


In our class our teacher Mrs McClarnon said Tommy the caretaker found the mysterious blue wooden door. So we went down to the woodland to find it. Someone found the blue wooden door on a tree trunk. I was wondering what was behind the magic blue door. When I opened the door I saw the FLASH he ran so quick round me I couldn’t see him. FLASH and I went to Candyland to eat in the sweetie cafe. Then we went to the marshmallow Trampoline Park, but too quickly it was time for me to go back to St. Francis primary school. Before I went back FLASH gave me one of his suits so then I brought the suit back and showed it to my class. When it was two o`clock it was time for me to go home and wear my new FLASH suit. When I put my new suit on I went outside and ran as fast as I could back to the woodland. I jumped through the blue wooden door and back to Candyland. Then I met FLASH again so then we went back to Candyland to play and eat lots and lots of sweets. After that big fun and long day FLASH invited me for a sleep over in his gingerbread house. In the morning we were on his candy cane bikes. We rode the bikes to the blue wooden door and I said bye bye to FLASH and went home.

Mrs McClarnon’s P3 class


Mysterious things have been happening in St.Francis Primary School. A blue wooden and tiny door has been appearing all over the school. We went to the woodlands yesterday and found the mysterious door hidden behind a tree. On the door it said DANGER DO NOT ENTER! but we decided to open the door. When I opened the small door I suddenly saw a very bright light in the beautiful magical room. As I walked on through the amazing door I smelt so much bubble gum. Then I saw a fantastic rainbow house and I could see candy outside of it so I ran over to it and looked in through the diamond windows .I knocked on the heart shaped door. There was an Easter bunny answered the door and he said hello and I said hello back. He invited me to come in and said he would give me lots of Easter eggs . He gave me I do not know how many Easter eggs he gave me. By the time I put the eggs in the basket it was 5.o.clock so I ate some Easter eggs and went home through the magic blue door.


Through the Magic Door, by Hannah Willis P3. One bright, sunny morning I went down to the Woodland. Flowers were blooming and the trees were swaying in the gentle breeze. I listened to the birds singing their sweet spring songs. I walked along the muddy paths following fox tracks though the woods. Leaves rustled and every now and again I heard snapping of twigs. As I walked through the dappled shade, I noticed something unusual. There, on an ancient oak tree was a small, blue mysterious door. The sign read, “Danger, do not open” It was so mystical it gave me goose bumps. I opened the door slowly and carefully. As I stepped through I felt sacred and dizzy. Suddenly there was a POW! And I was in a whole new world. I was in a magical kingdom. I saw an elf’s shopping bag broken. There was a very mean witch. The witch was very, very, very mean I didn’t want to go in anymore. The witch saw us, I tried to run away but the witch got me and said, “Hahaha,” to me. She locked me in the highest tower in fairy land it was scary being all alone. My friend elf was sad and all alone he had to search for me in the tower. I wanted to ask myself why she was so mean. One day I looked out of the window I was so shocked because my best friend was coming very close. The witch could hear me shouting his name, “Mark, Mark”. The witch was shouting back to me, “Be quiet you fairy,” and I shouted back, “There is someone at your door.” I convinced the witch to let me free she decided to let me free. The witch wanted to have a massive feast tonight I said I couldn’t go so she and changed it to tomorrow. We were all best friends. The witch promised she be good from now on. The End.


Primary 4-5 15

The Magic Door


ne sunny, summer’s day, the twins, Amber and Twilight, were outside with their loveable labrador, Katie. They were preparing to celebrate their 7th birthday. “I wish I could be a superhero one day and save a huge city!” yelled Twilight. Just then, as the sisters were racing with their dog, Amber tripped over a little twig and landed in front of a tiny door. “Look at this!” whispered Amber amazed. Slowly and carefully, the girls opened the tiny door and squeezed in through it. The next thing they knew, they were flying over a big city in cool superhero costumes with Katie their Labrador! “Wow, my birthday wish came true!” cried Twilight. Katie, the dog, barked suddenly and the girls looked down. They spotted a man all dressed in black. He was running from the bank carrying a huge bag of money. “He must be a robber, let’s get him!” shouted Amber loudly. The girls flew down quickly and landed in front of the robber. The man looked worried, really


worried. He didn’t know where to go! “What do you think you’re doing?” Twilight demanded. The robber tried to escape but the police had arrived on the scene and were right behind him. Katie gave the robber a nasty growl. The brave police arrested the man and took him back to prison in a fast police car. The robber was put in a little cell at the police station and the money was returned to the bank. The super heroes were thanked for getting the stolen money back and for capturing the robber. They felt very pleased with themselves but said that they had had enough excitement for one day! The brave super hero sisters and Katie decided it was time to find that magic door again and return home! The door was hidden at the bottom of a huge oak tree. The girls and their loveable Labrador squeezed back through the door and as if by magic, arrived safely back home. “That was the best birthday ever!”

shouted Amber and Twilight together. “Woof, woof!” agreed Katie.

Pokémon Token Quest It was a sunny Friday afternoon when I asked to go and get a drink. I met my friend Ceran coming out of the toilet and that is when we saw it. “What is it ?”asked Ceran . “A magic door of course.” I said rather sternly . “Ah, it’s probably a set up, come back to class with me,” Ceran called. “No” I bellowed “Look at all the glitter” I exclaimed “I’m going to in.” I announced. I ran towards it and … THUMP! I hurt my head so much! Then Pikachu opened the door and pulled me in! Then obviously Ceran came running in too. The next thing we saw was the clear blue sky and then I realised we were falling!!! BACKWARDS! I heard nothing but Pikachu shouting, “PICA!” He yelled (he has got a small mouth but a big, loud voice). Luckily we did not die when we landed but it did knock us out. Trainer Gary was the first to see us. He didn’t know who we were. “Professor Sycamore knows everything,” He thought out loud. So he brought us to professor sycamore who did know who we were because he was the one who sent Pikachu to get us. Knocked out? asked the professor. “Yes sir,” said Gary , “Do you know who they are?” asked trainer Gary

“Yes,” he realised “Brian and Ceran are from the human world.” ”How did they get here,” Gary asked. ” I sent Pikachu to get them.” The reply was “Oh” said trainer Gary. “I hope they get the healer token.” A little later we woke up. Professor Sycamore explained all about the broken healer. “You two will have to go on such a dangerous quest, he shivered.” You have to break into team Eclipse’s headquarters and steal back the healer token. But be careful, Team Eclipse has the only mewtwo in the world.” He announced. “You mean the pokemon world.” Me and Ceran joked. “Very funny boys,” sighed the professor. “Now here is Dragonite and greninga. They will help you with your mission. Goodbye then!” chattered Professor Sycamore, “Oh, and dragonite will hunt down the eclipse’s headquarters for you!” shouted the professor. It was a long journey but eventually we arrived. We told dragonite and greninga to go mental and use all their moves to destroy their headquarters whilst we snuck in and hunted down the token. Eventually we found it but unfortunately Team Eclipse found us. We were so scared. Then dragonite swooped

down and used hyper beam on all of them. “GO DRAGONITE!” we screamed. ”I wonder were greninja is?” wondered Ceran. “Yeah,” I also wondered. “Let’s go straight outside and see.” So we went outside to see where greninja was. There he was lying on the ground knocked out!! “Greninja return!” Ceran ordered. Ceran put the pokeball into his pocket and we both got on to dragonite’s back and flew to the pokecentre. “Congratulations!!” Professor Sycamore said. “Well done. You can go back to your own time now.” “Really??” All we did was get that token back for you!” I questioned. ”Yes, and that’s all we need from you!” the professor snapped. “Well you’re rude.” I mumbled. “I know,” he said “My father was the same. NOW GO!” he yelled. ”Ok” we sighed. And we moved towards the little green door in the corner. We climbed in and…”COOL” we yelled. There stood a massive climbing frame to another green door. We scrambled up the frame and burst through the little green door. It was break time. But the weird thing was that no one had noticed we had we were gone. And no one ever will! :)


land of fire When I went into school one morning I saw a strange brown door with ivy growing over it. It was a magic door. I went into the classroom. I asked the teacher if I could go to the toilet. I wanted to go and explore but I really did not go to the toilet. I went to the magic door, I opened the door quickly and fell in behind the magic door. It felt like I was falling and falling forever! Suddenly, I felt a hard bump. I had landed on a very hot, red bolder. I jumped of it quickly and then I realised I had landed in the ‘Land Of Fire’. I wanted to go back up to the magic door, but I did not know how to.

of me. They were dark haired and very strong. I had a water balloon in my pocket. When I threw it at them, they evaporated. I noticed when the biggest and strongest fire person burst, a key fell onto the ground. All the trees stopped burning and all the grass turned green. I climbed up the tallest tree and opened the magic door back into the school. Everyone was gone. No teachers or children! I thought I was now in the future. I went back through the magic door and climbed down the big tree. I must have got the wrong key.

ground. I ran quickly and picked up the key and I saw a hole in one of the big trees. I got inside the tree and started to climb. There were times and dates carved on the inside of the tree. I looked for 2017 but I couldn’t see it. I climbed up further and suddenly right at the top I saw it, 2017. I touched the date with the key and the whole inside of the tree Lit up very bright. I couldn’t see for a moment but as the light dimmed, I realised I was back on my classroom sitting on my seat. The End

I saw a big giant man. I was As I looked all around me I scared. Then all the fire started up saw burning trees, flames of grass again and the trees and grass were and red hot sand. In the distance in flames. I had an idea to lead I saw something move behind giant man into the fire. I lured the the trees. I could see small figures giant man into the trees by getting move swiftly through the trees. him annoyed and then he started Dancing like flames, the small to run after me. When I got into figures came running towards me, the burning forest, he burnt to I stopped and stayed very still. death. As he burnt, I could see Ten little fire people stood in front a big red hot key falling to the

The Old Broken Door

There it was just sitting there That old door broken and tore. Nothing to do no things to share, Dreams and Dreams opened and bare, It looks freaky but it really is not . I don’t know what to do open or lock, I opened the door and what did I see ……..Skittles beyond me I am finally free.


The door and the monster On a lovely Tuesday morning and I was walking slowly to the computer room and there was a mysterious door with a green front, a “caution” sign with a letter on stuck on it. I was very curious so I asked Mrs. Starrs. Apparently two P7 girls found it first so they interviewed Mrs. Mc Grath. Nearly all of the classes looked at it. “Mrs. Starrs can me, Cillian, Ceran, and Brian try to open it!” I asked Mrs. Starrs. “OK but be careful!” she replied. We tugged and pulled it with force, then Brian had an idea. “Why don’t we push it?” “That’s a good idea!” all of us shouted. So we pushed and…. “Ahhh!” I screamed. “I’m getting sucked in!” I screamed. I grabbed Cillian’s leg and he grabbed Ceran’s and we all disappeared. “Um, where are you guys?” asked Brian to himself. “Ahh!” Brian suddenly yelled, and he got sucked into the portal. All of us got up and we saw a whole world we could hear people talking and birds. It was all green and colourful, then we saw a little

monster he said “Hi” to us. “Hi, little monster what’s your name,” giggled Ceran. “It’s Bob,” said the monster. I’m getting hungry.” moaned me and Cillian. Oh, I know where to eat, there’s a place called, um I forgot, but I’ll lead you there.” “OK let’s go,” I said. So we went to the restaurant, on the way there we found more friends Lucas, Mark, Jack and Buddy but they already had lunch. But then all of us heard a thump, then ROAR and everyone started screaming “Ahh!” it was a giant black monster! Then I heard Bob say “Aadit, humans can wish for anything.” So all of us said “I wish that everything will stop!” and then it stayed still. BOOM, in a split second it disappeared. “Oh My Gosh!” Bob screamed “It worked, It worked” he repeated. “Ughh, I’m still hungry,” moaned Cillian. “Do you not care that we nearly died and got eaten by a black monster?!” The rest of us said “Uhh, no,” Cillian also said. “Let’s just go eat now, we’re nearly there, Bob said. “Yeah, let’s go” Cillian said.

So we went over to the restaurant. We ate chicken nuggets. When we came out we slowly walked back down the way we came. “Wait, guys do you want to go to the park,” asked Bob. “Sorry Bob, we have to go back to class.” All of us said. “OK, that’s fine, it was nice to meet you, all of you,” Bob kindly said “I’ll lead you back”. So we followed Bob, we saw Lucas, then Mark followed by Jack and Buddy then finally the door. We pushed it “Wait, it’s locked!! sighed Brian. “Wait, WHAT!! Are we ever going to leave this place?!!” yelled Ceran. “Oh, wait I have the key.” laughed Bob. So he opened it. “I’m scared,” chuckled Brian. So I kicked him in. Then Ceran got in and finally me and Cillian jumped in. Plop, we all ended up in the school again. “Kaitlin what time is it?” I asked her “Oh it’s two o’clock” she said “it’s only been 20 mins, really!” I exclaimed. “I’m going back to class” I added. “Me too” the others called.


The Magic Fairies On Tuesday something magical happened… When it was lunchtime I found a tiny green door! I thought it was an April Fools prank but then I thought no one could have done this. I rushed to tell Mrs. Starrs about this odd, maybe magical door. When she finally came with P.5 the magic door was gone! “Now, where has that ‘magic door’ gone?” chuckled Mrs. Starrs. The next day, when I went to get a drink. The door had reappeared and I tried to push the door open and out of nowhere…POOF!. Pink smoke was everywhere! “Hello” whispered a voice and the door opened. I saw a tiny fairy with rosy cheeks, brown curly hair, a nice tan and a pink skirt. “Wow!” I cried “help us, please?” begged the fairy. “Em ok” I stammered “Come with me,” said the fairy. Then I shrunk tinier, and then I turned into a fairy! “Come on then” called the fairy, “and by the way I’m Queen Mina, just call me Ming though.” When we arrived, at our destination, the place she took me to looked like Magheralin only the horses and shops were mushrooms! “Come meet my


husband, he’s called King Borb just call him Blob, he he he.” Mina chuckled. They went into the huge castle and saw three thrones instead of two. “Excuse me Ma’am but why are there three thrones?” I asked cautiously asked. “Well Claragh, I brought you here to rescue my daughter!” Mina mumbled with a tear rushing down her face “ After all I don’t think we have time for you meeting Blob, we’re better off to saving my daughter” when they got to where her daughter was taken they had to be prepared. Outside of the castle they had horses and swords and some magic wands. “LETS GO GET HER!” shouted Mina. “Why was she taken?” I asked curiously. “Because King Rupert, my evil twin brother wants to take over the WHOLE LAND!” Mina replied angrily. “What’s the princess’s name?” “Princess Puff,” then the rest of the ride was silent. When we got there it was and each plant was dead. “It’s very gloomy round here.” I said while chattering my teeth.

“Because,” Mina replied “he put a curse on the castle, (sigh).” When we got to the castle there were dogs EVERYWHERE! “lets sneak around the back.” Whispered Mina. When we got to the back of the castle there was a lake “I guess we have to swim!” I moaned “no, we fly over. We saw sharks, killer whales, piranhas and lots more on the ride, I couldn’t imagine swimming through that.” Mina replied. At the end I saw a cage with a crying girl. “MY DARLING!!!” Screamed Mina. She waved her magic wand and… POOF! She was out! “Thank you so much Claragh” she said. When we flew back over the river and made our way back to the castle Mina and Princess Puff said I had to drink a teleportation potion. I asked where it would take me. “Your home,” they replied. I said my goodbyes and in a second I was teleported back into class. I tried to tell everyone what happened but they all said “Of course you did.” THE END

the easter bunny One Tuesday morning a magical green door was found. I joined the crowd around it. Then someone went into the P.5 classroom and found Mrs Starrs and told her. Mrs Starrs went and told Mrs McGrath who came out of her office and she tried to pull the door off but it doesn’t come off! Everyone goes to class, but, me, Mia and Aimee hang back. Then the door slowly opens. Then the Easter bunny steps out. “Come through the door,” he says. “It will take you to Fairyland where you can go on an Easter egg hunt.” Me, Mia and Aimee step through. Then in Fairyland we become fairies. Then we see more fairies. They fly over and then one fairy flutters ahead. She says, “My name is Clara the chocolate fairy.” Then she clicks her fingers. More fairies fly over. They are carrying baskets. “Every fairy take a basket,” Clara orders. Me, Aimee and Mia take a basket to share. We find fire chocolate eggs, eight tiddly pots and three packets of pen pals. Then Clara calls everyone over. “I think you’ve all found the eggs,” she says looking pleased. Then there is a flash of light and Jack Frost appears with his goblins. “Ha Ha Ha foolish fairies!” he shouts, “Did you think you could have an Easter egg hunt without me knowing!”

Jack Frost began casting a spell! Suddenly there is another flash of light and the chocolate disappears and Clara’s necklace is around Jack Frost’s neck! “The eggs are now at my Candy Castle,” laughs Jack Frost. “What Candy Castle?” asked Clara. “My Candy Castle which is made of sweets and chocolate,” Jack Frost replied. “My goblins are making it right now and you,” he shouts pointing at a tall goblin, “Hide this fairy charm.” He shouted. The goblin runs off into a forest which no fairy has went into for ages. “It leads to my Candy Castle” Jack Frost said smiling, “Because no pesky fairies ever go into the forest; I get to keep the chocolatecharm forever,” he says grinning even more. Then Jack Frost disappears. Clara turns to Me, Mia and Aimee. “Will you please help me to get my coco charm back?” she pleads. We agree to help Clara get her necklace back. “Without the coco-charm all chocolate will taste horrible in fairyland and the human world.” “We can’t let that happen,” Aimee gasped. “Where is your coco-charm now?” I ask Clara. “In Jack Frost’s Candy Castle,” Clara replies gloomily. “Then let’s go immediately.” Mia says. “But my charm is in the Candy Castle and to get there we have to go through the forest,” she said. “We don’t have to go through the forest,” Aimee says, “We can

go over it.” “OK,” Clara says. We fly up to the top of the forest and fly over it. We see the castle. We follow the goblin into the candy castle. Then the goblin runs into a room of chocolate. He stares around greedily. He starts eating the chocolate. But then he throws Clara’s charm over his shoulder. Aimee catches it and gives it to Clara. We fly out of a window. Clara flicks her wand and there is a flash of white light then all the chocolate goes back to fairyland. Clara flicks her wand again and we are back in Fairyland. Then it begins to get dark. “Goodbye,” Clara says to us. She gives us each a magic bracelet so we can visit Fairyland whenever we want. Then the green door appears and we say thank-you to Clara and the door opens. We walk through and then we are back at school and the bracelets the fairies gave us are still there. We were in Fairyland for a day. But we were only gone from school a second. We go back to school and don’t tell anyone about our adventure.


The Lego Kingdom One normal Tuesday morning me and my friends were walking down the long corridor to go out to play, when I saw something out of the corner of my left eye. What was it? “You guys go on,” I told my friends. I quickly walked over to it. It was a small green door! I sprinted over to our P.5 classroom to tell our teacher! I told her about the small green door and she said she’d be down in a minute to see it! I started walking up the long corridor to get outside, but slipped on a banana skin and fell through the door!! I tumbled through the door and fell on something that looked like a giant Lego block! Looming above me was a big, magnificent Lego castle! I had a sudden desire to explore everything, but before I could, a strong Lego guard shouted “Come with me, Captain Lego will want to see you!” Then the guard snapped, “Come on I don’t have all day!!” He hauled me off the ground, before I could even say ‘Where am I?’ And I really want to know who Captain Lego is. I was very scared. Was this man called Captain Lego going to do something bad to me? Suddenly I heard something CCCCRRRREEEEAAAAKKKK! It was a big, old, rusty gate. The Lego guard was opening it! Right then, I see the Lego castle in front of me! “OK that’s it, let go of me!!” I shouted at the guard. The guard still kept a firm grip on me. He walked me up two stories of stairs, and then shoved me into a massive hall made of Lego. At the end of the hall there was a Lego Throne and sitting on the throne was


a Lego person wearing a badge saying ‘I am Captain Lego’. ‘That must be Captain Lego’ I thought. He looked like a pirate and he was wearing an eye patch. He had a wooden leg, a wooden arm and a ginger beard. He looked at me thoughtfully then asked his guard who I was. The guard explained that I was a skeleton warrior. “I’M A SKELETON WARRIOR!? WHAT’S A SKELETON WARRIOR!?!?” I screamed confused. “I’m very surprised that you don’t know what you are!” said the puzzled Captain Lego. “A skeleton warrior is a man who died and then comes back alive as an evil skeleton. They destroy Lego cities and ours is the only one left. And we are not going to let it get destroyed too!!!!!!” shouted Captain Lego! “NO!!!” I yell! “Captain we see skeleton warriors on the horizon,” said the Lego guard. “Knights at your battle stations!” screams Captain Lego!!! The knights go to their battle stations. Suddenly there is clang of bone against Lego sword. After about 15 minutes it looks like the skeletons are winning. “What are we going to do,” shouts Captain Lego. “I have an idea” I screamed from the back of the room in the prison cell. “I can trap the skeletons if you let me go!” “Do you promise?” asked Captain Lego. “Yes. OK” I said. “Ok” said Captain Lego. Five minutes later me and captain Lego are in the treasure room, we hear the skeletons running up the stairs. “The skeletons also like treasure,” explained Captain

Lego. ”The skeletons will go for the treasure, and fall into my trap” I explain. Suddenly we hear the skeletons open the door. Quickly we dive behind the chest. “Let’s steal this treasure before we wreck this place!” screams a skeleton warrior! But when they are about to take some treasure they fall into my trap! Gotcha! “Well done Ethan!!” shouts Captain Lego! “You’ve defeated the skeletons! Captain Lego says, “You can have any wish you want,” explained Captain Lego. “I wish I could go home,” I say. “Just jump through this Lego teleporter.” I jumped into it and returned to the other side of the magic, green door!!! I could hear my Principal. “Ethan, back to class this minute!!!”

The magic door to smurf kingdom A beautiful Tuesday morning had just arrived. I went into my Cloakroom , put my coat on the coat -hanger, put my bag on the hanger, got my homework out of my bag and zipped my bag up. I was just about to go into the classroom when someone yells, “A MAGIC DOOR!!!” I thought to myself first of all how does the person who said that even know that it is a magic door or not and second of all ……THAT WAS LOUD! Me and Katie asked to be excused. We sneaked over to the green door. We pushed it but it doesn’t work. While we aren’t looking somebody pulls us in. We look up and see Smurfette! She says “papa’s missing!” She asks us if we can help her find him. Me and Katie obviously said YES! I found a smurfydust trail to Gargmel’s castle. We followed the smurfydust trail. When we were about to reach Gargamel’s tower we meet a fork on the road. Smurfette just remembered we only have until sundown to rescue papa. Suddenly Katie and me started turning blue, and we began to shrink!! Our school clothes turned into white dresses. I yelled “I am a SMURF!” HURRAY di,da,dooo,di,da,daaa,la,la,lala,laaaaaa!!! We sing and dance. Smurfette yells “WAKE UP ERIN” !!! My eyes open and I am back in the classroom. It wasn’t Smurfette that said WAKE UP, it was Mrs Mc Grath and Katie didn’t go on an adventure with me she was just beside me helping me with my maths work. I was so confused, so I said to Katie “Did you come with me on an adventure with me?” “No, what adventure? Katie replied. “Never mind” I said quietly. I don’t know if it was real or fake and I still don’t know to this day!


Green door and smurfs One Tuesday morning, me and Aimee were doing a message to Mrs Canavan, when we saw a little green door. “What’s that?” Aimee asked, “I don’t know” I replied. We went to Mrs McGrath’s office and told her about the door. Mrs McGrath came and looked at it. She tried to pull it off the wall but she couldn’t. “Did this door just appear?” asked Mrs McGrath “We don’t know” me and Aimee said. Mrs McGrath went back to her office and told Bernie about it. Me and Aimee tried to get it opened but we couldn’t, so we walked backwards and ran at the door, we shrank as we ran! The Little Green Door opened. We went tumbling down some stairs. We saw a small sofa, a small table, a small tv and a normal sized dog bed. The dog bed was quite big because we were small because we shrank. We spied out more stairs and went up them. “What’s that noise?” Aimee wondered “I think it’s snoring” I whispered We tiptoed into a room with a blue Smurf sleeping in a bed, snoring and a Doberman with horns on the floor. The Doberman jumped up and we fell down. Then the Smurf woke up, we ran down the stairs and out a different blue door and the Doberman came out and barked at us. The Mad Hatter was outside dancing on a table and there was a cat sitting on a teapot singing ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’. Then a blue Smurf was standing behind us and we turned around and Aimee screamed! “Sorry if I scared you” the Smurf said “I’m Jimmy” “I’m Aimee and this is Ella” Aimee announced “Would you like some tea and biscuits?” Jimmy asked “Yes please” Me and Aimee said at the same time. “This is Houndoom, my dog and I’ve got another dog, it’s the same type and she is called Belldoom”. We went out the back door again and out the gate and there was a theme park called Blue Bolly. We all went in and there was a Walzer so we went on it. Jimmy felt dizzy but me and Aimee didn’t. After we went on a real Shetland Pony. Then we went on the Bumper cars. Me and Aimee were in one and Jimmy was in one. There were lots of other Smurfs. The last


thing we went on was the Free Cut rollercoaster then we went back to Jimmy’s house. When we got back to Jimmy’s house we said bye and went out the green door. It felt like 2 hours but it was only 3 minutes! We went back to class, we thought Mrs Starrs would shout but she didn’t so we kept it a secret.

The evil emperor Two boys called Paul and Jesse were walking to the shop one day and on the way they saw a mysterious red door. It had spiders’ webs and some graffiti of toadstools underneath the windows. “That’s an odd door.” said Paul. “Yeah I know” Jesse said. “Do you want to go in?” Jesse asked. “Okay,” said Paul. Jesse pulled the handle. “WOW.” they said. “This is a strange place “ said Paul They kept pointing at the strangest things they had ever seen. “ Look at the purple skies and the dark blue clouds. “ “And look at the yellow grass.” “Look at the size of those mountains!” Jesse yelled “I know and look at those birds that are screeching and look at that green dog barking.” Paul said excitingly. I know it’s really loud.” “And just look at those pink trees. As they were walking through the world they saw two strange creatures. They had only got one eye but they had two legs just like humans and they had five arms. “They must be able to make things quickly.” “Who are they? “ Paul whispered. “I don’t know.” Jesse whispered back. “Hello. “ One of the creatures said. “Come with us, we will help you get back home. “Okay. “The boys said frightened. So the aliens took the boys to their house. “You need weapons to defeat the evil emperor. “The evil emperor? Who’s that?” said Jesse.” “The evil emperor is the person who has the key for the magical red door” said the alien. “But we

need to kill him first.” “You need to wear diamond armour to keep you safe,” said another alien. So the aliens made laser guns, diamond armour and diamond swords.” We’re ready” Jesse said. “ Let’s go get that emperor! “ So the boys and the aliens went to the emperor’s castle. “Wow” Jesse said “That’s big “said Paul. They knocked the giant door. “Who goes there?” screeched the emperor. “We want the key for the magical door.” “Well you have to kill me first,” the emperor said. “Let’s go get him.” Jesse said. The emperor kept knocking them back with his guns while their guns weren’t doing any harm to him and their swords weren’t any use either. But the aliens had idea, “We made some mini bullets to bring just in case.” “Well let’s try them out.” So they blasted and blasted and finally they got him “Yes!” everybody shouted except from Paul. “But where’s the key?” asked Paul. “I don’t know, “said Jesse “Hahahaha” chuckled the emperor. “But how is he still alive?” exclaimed Paul. But the aliens had another plan. They would go back home and get bigger bullets. “Right let’s go.” said Jessie. So they went back home to get the big bullets. Later they got back to the emperor’s castle.” “We need to try and get these in.” So they snuck in and got the bullets set up. As they came out the emperor blasted

a gun at them. But they quickly started blasting back and they finally got him. “Yesss” the boys yelled. ”Let’s go find the key” Paul said. “Found it!” Jesse shouted. “Thank you.” the boys said to the aliens. “Maybe we will see you in another day.” the aliens said. The boys went through the door. “Do you think we will be on an adventure like that again?” said Paul “I don’t know, but that was an exciting one.” answered Jessie.


inside our fairy door Inside our fairy door, I fear The witches and wizards are creeping near. There is an old castle tall and wide The witches are making mischief inside. A wizard is thinking of some spooky spells A crab is searching for shiny sea shells. In a dark, cold corner, there’s a tiny fairy house Hardly big enough to fit a mad mouse. A friendly, eight legged spiny spider Sits all by himself drinking apple cider. An angry dragon is breathing fire and flames The king and jester are playing silly games. Don’t believe me? Come and take a look You might catch a glimpse of Captain Hook. Or maybe you’ll see Peter Pan taking flight Now that would be a glorious sight! Step through the door and you will see A world full of magic for you and for me!

the old door A class found a door It was old and tore They said is this a dream All they could see was a magical bean Sweet bushes and sweet trees The buzzing of the bees They tried to get through But it didn’t do There were a couple mice But they were nice The magical door was more Than old and tore


Wonderland Open the door What is it for? I took a peep I look and see. A wonder land before me. Puppies everywhere I got one, I think she will be lots of fun. However she was as bold as brass This is a dream that I now want to pass. Maybe next time I will get one as good as gold And she will do what she is told.

a black hole The magic door is here, at this time of the year? But what’s behind the magic door? Maybe some magic dust on the floor? I must make an effort to see, what is behind the magic door. I can take my doll and see, if I can find out more? But what could be behind the magic door? Maybe a beast? No,No! I would not like to hear it’s ROAR! It might stand on me with it’s big toe!! But what is behind the magic door? I don’t know, let’s open it and see... A black hole, just a black hole, No,No! It is leading somewhere but where could it be? If I step inside I will see….


The door of life My day started of pretty normal. My mum called me three times before I finally got up. After I ate my breakfast and got dressed, my mum drove me to school. Throwing my bag onto my chair I sat down. That was when I realized we were doing the horrible, dreaded, atrocious……… MATHS!!!!! Why, oh why maths, how could life be so cruel! Oh um sorry. Anyways my teacher asked me and my mate Harry to get the maths games from the storage room and my other mate Mia to get the tens and units. Now once we got to the storage room we saw a light through a crack in the door. “Now that is weird with a capital W-E-I-R-D.” I said. We all went in and found a door that looked very peculiar and without a doubt very strange. “Am I the only one seeing this?” asked Mia. “No.” said me and Harry at once. I approached the door and opened it. That was when a very cold gust of wind sucked us up and pulled us in. That was when my day got not normal, that was when we advanced to the strangest place I’ve ever been in my life. The lands of time and space. After the ten seconds I thought we were going to die, we arrived at a very strange, very peculiar place (cough the lands of time and space cough). This being a normal person is probably not part of your everyday life. Suddenly there was a rustle behind a starry blue bush. Of course it had to be some monster trying to turn us into lunch. Yep it was a humanoid, neon pink creature that was called


something like a domonoid (yeah that’s what their called) and guess what? There were 50 of them (with a few outside buying hot dogs) after another ten seconds I thought we were monster meal, a huge…………….. KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knocked the monsters flying. Out of the smoke a guy who was probably a wizard came walking towards us. “Who on earth, oh yeah we’re not even on earth, are you?” Harry asked. “Why, I am Sanus, councillor to king Mykon, slayer of the mighty Bonesk, lord of time.” Said the wizard guy. I didn’t notice his robes until now. They were starry blue and looked awesome. “And I am Caneesh” said another wizard guy out of the blue. “Also councillor to king Mykon and lord of space.” His robes were neon pink/purple “And a little bit tired of coming

in second place to Sanus.” Said Caneesh under his breath. Now I was utterly bamboozled, well then again, you would probably be too. But seriously? Two wizard dudes come out of the blue and say that they are the lords of time and space? Ok back to the story. “This is the weirdest day of my life.” Said Mia. “So you make the clock go round?” Harry asked Sanus. “Yep.” Said Sanus. “Now we’ll get some shelter and get some weapons in the morning.” “Weapons?” I said. “Yes” said Caneesh. “We’ve got a war on our hands here!” War? Weapons? This is not good. I thought. “Come, we have much to do.” Said Sanus. So after a few hours of walking through this awesome parallel universe we arrived at the mouth of a cave. “Here we are, the forges of the Gungans.” Said Caneesh. We went in. Inside there was loads of

reptilian creatures dressed in full battle armour and looked a little stupid (not that I would say that to their faces of course). “Here we will craft you some weapons.” Said Sanus. About a moment later a sword and a shield came flying over, I caught them. “Good choice Joe, one metre of amethyst and a stygian iron shield.” Said Caneesh. “Does the sword have any magic powers?” I asked. “You bet, slash it in an X and see what happens.” So I did. As soon as I did this big purple X came up, shot forward like a rocket and probably injured a by standing domonoid. Next a golden bow and one arrow came flying over. Harry caught them. “Another good choice, that Harry is a babalin gold bow and an arrow of eternity. The bow never misses and the arrow lasts forever.” Then a dark blue axe and a silver helmet came flying over. Mia caught them. “The Gungans must be on fire today, that is a sapphire axe and a Vanak silver invisibility helmet. When you throw the axe it comes back and when you put the helmet on you turn invisible.” “CO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Shouted Mia. “In yo face Zyroc!” Shouted Caneesh “Hawaii owns yo faces!” “Whoa whoa whoa, who’s Zyroc?” Asked Mia. “King Zyroc, the warrior king. The conqueror of the land and all round meanie.” Said Sanus. “The only way we can defeat him is space time, me and Sanus’s true potential. The most powerful thing ever, now here’s your battle armour, we have the battle of Rusunun to worry about at the minute.” Sure enough there

was a whole army, the last thing I did before we charged was say “This is not gonna end well.” Then we charged. I saw giants, domonoids, Minotaurs and much much more. I killed a minotaur one shot with my amethyst blade and saw Mia taking on a giant. Then I saw Harry shooting his arrow at a centaur and killing it. Then I saw him, the big man himself, king Zyroc, full green battle armour on a skeletal horse with a two metre long scythe. He caught my eye and charged. Stupid me, so did I. When we were about a metre apart I rolled under his horse and jabbed upwards and vaporised it. It was one v one and veeeeeeeeeeeeeery tense. He came right at me and swung his scythe which I jumped over and kicked him in the face. Stupid idea Joe, this made him even madder. “I’ll crush you, you stupid boy.” He said. I did the only logical thing…. Start trash talking him. Zyroc said “Take your mask off it ain’t Halloween yet.” I said “Well at least I can, yours is permanent!”#burned. That was when we stopped fighting with words and started fighting with swords and scythes. Using all the bravery I could muster I charged with Bessie (yes I decided to call my sword Bessie). “For my throne!” shouted Zyroc. “For Mykon!” I shouted. When I wasn’t looking Zyroc slammed me to the ground using the flat of his blade. “I GOT YA NOW!!!” he shouted. Then up in the sky I saw a starry blue and neon pink/ purple fusion shining then I realised it was Sanus and Caneesh

in their full potential. Space time! They knocked Zyroc aside and vaporised him. Then I saw what was left of the enemy retreating. “Now I believe we have to get you three home.” After another hour of walking through the awesome parallel universe we finally arrived back at the door. “Goodbye!” we all said and walked into the door. As soon as we were back in the normal world I noticed that in my pocket I had a marker. I uncapped it. Instantly it turned into my metre long amethyst sword Bessie and a water bottle that turned into my stygian iron shield. Mia had a bobble hat that turned her invisible and a lighter that turned into her axe. Harry had a pack of chewing gum that turned into his bow and arrow. The magic had turned our weapons into normal disguises! We made it back to class with the equipment for maths. And after all that, maths wasn’t so bad after all…….


The magic fairy door

I opened the magic door and…… I didn’t expect what I saw, I was just walking down the street and a door, that I’d never seen before, the door was covering up the entrance to the alley way I had to go down to get to my I opened it up, and that’s I saw it, a swirly colourful portal. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me, to my surprise it disappeared, so I was stuck inside. I wasn’t sure what to do so my only option was to go through the portal, so that’s what I did. I felt dizzy and a bit sick in the portal because it turned round and round. I came to the end of the portal, when I got out I was amazed, it was beautiful. I stared in amazement, all around me I could see fairies, there were streams of clear water and a beautiful waterfall. There were flowers of all kinds everywhere I turned. It was all so beautiful but I knew I had to go home, so I went up to one of the fairies and asked if she could make the door appear again. My mum and dad would be expecting me. She said that time doesn’t pass here so I could have all the fun that I wanted. So I played with the fairies, dipped my feet in the stream and threw rocks off the water fall with the younger fairies. I had all the fun I wanted all day long, but I knew it was time to go back once again. I asked the fairies to make the door appear, they gave in. The Fairy Queen would come with me. She made the door appear again and I said goodbye to the fairies and went home.


the three unicorns One day two girls named Sophie and Grace were in school walking down the stairs to go outside to play. When they got outside they found a strange red door with a semi-circular window, a spider’s web and some mushrooms graffitied on the door. “Shall we go in?” said Grace, “I don’t know. It looks creepy Grace?” Sophie said. “Ok then I will open the door and you can follow behind me.” Grace said nervously. “Ok then,” Sophie said feeling very scared. So Grace opened the strange looking door and stepped in. Grace fell down into a strange looking world. She looked around and she could see rainbow clouds, a river and an enormous castle with a unicorn horn on top. It started to rain and Grace didn’t know what it was. Some drops fell in her hands and they were like sweets and then it started to hail stones like bubblegum millions. After she looked around Grace couldn’t see Sophie so she shouted, “SOPHIE WHERE ARE YOU?” “Who’s there? Nobody is welcome in my land?” a strange voice replied. And then Sophie said, “Grace what’s down there? I am scared to come down.” “ There is nothing to be scared of. There are unicorns everywhere. Come down please.” said Grace “Ok then.” Sophie said. So Sophie went down and saw Grace. The door was still there but there was no key to open it, so there was no way out. “Hello is anybody there?” said a

strange unusual voice. “Yes we are here” “follow this voice”. said a strange voice. “Ok we are coming now.” said Sophie and Grace. They followed the strange sounding voice which led to a castle. There they saw the people that had the strange voices. They looked like horses with blue sparkly horns and a light purple manes. Sophie and Grace thought they hadn’t seen anything more beautiful in their lives. They said to Sophie and Grace, “We are the three mean unicorns and we are called Dark Rainbow, Darkness and Midnight Sparkle. “What are you doing in our kingdom”? said the mean unicorns. “We found a red door outside and we thought that we could go in and see what was in it and now we are in this strange world and we really want to get out.” said Sophie and Grace.

mean unicorns. “Yay we win!” they screamed with excitement. So they got the key and opened the red door and they went back to school and break time was over.

If both of you fight us and you win we will give you the key to open the magic door, but if we win, you will never get out of here. We will give you some help. We will give both of you two nice unicorns named Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle to help you.” “Thank you.” said Sophie and Grace. And they started the fight. Sophie, Grace and the nice unicorns punched the mean unicorns in their faces and the mean unicorns gave up straight away because it hurt so much. “We give up you really hurt us so we will give you the key because you won.” said the


a door to the future It was a hot day and I was inside doing my maths. It was nearly lunch and I could hear my stomach rumbling. I was so relieved when the lunch bell rang. After I had eaten my lunch I went outside and I sat around for a while and then I went to play football with my mates. I was playing in GK (Goalkeeper) between 2 jumpers and when the other team scored, I went to go and get the ball which had landed between two branches in the tree. I started to climb the tree to get the ball down. When I had reached the ball I saw that in the trunk in the tree had a strange marking on it, it looked like… a door? Suddenly a loud shout made me nearly fall out of the tree, it was one of my mates saying “Oy! Hurry up and stop taking your time! Get back down here and give us our ball!” “OK, here” I said then I lobbed it down. “I don’t want to play anymore!” I didn’t want to play anymore because I wanted to investigate the so called “door”. I pulled at it and sure enough it opened up. There was no light in there so I stepped further in. The door swung shut behind me and I took another step in. when I did it was a big mistake I had only been on a ledge and I started to fall I banged my head on something and everything went black. When I woke up I was lying down on a forest floor. I got up and looked around. I saw some light through the trees. So I walked out. It looked like countryside. Then I saw a town so I started to walk towards it. When I arrived I saw


some people walking into some odd kind of glass box then vanish. I also saw someone appear in the glass box. I ran over to the man who had just appeared and said “WOW did you just teleport?” He gave me an odd look and said “Of course I just teleported.” “Really?” I said, “Really” he said. “Cool!” I said, “When was it invented?” “37 years ago.” “Wait, what year is it?” I asked “2345” was his reply. “Oh my god, I’ve come into the future” I thought to myself. “Thank you for your help” I said, no problem, and he walked off. In the next hour I made some other weird discoveries like when I walked into a house looking for food. I walked over to the fridge and a voice said “What would you like to eat” I jumped, and called out “Who’s there?” Then I realised it had been a voice coming out of the fridge. “Uh… what do you have?” “Everything” replied the voice “Really?” I said “yes” came the voice again. So I opened the fridge and looked. There was only baking ingredients, every kind of baking thing you could imagine, flour, sugar, bicarbonate of soda, baking powder, butter and margarine in 1 part and in another stuff like honey, nectar, sweetener, chocolate all that stuff and in another sweets crisps and in the last one fruit and vegetables. “So what would you like to eat said the voice?” “Uhh… a packet of salt “n” vinegar crisps?” “Please? “Coming right up” said the voice and the fridge opened up a tray was lifted out by a robotic arm and another grabbed the crisps, dropped them

on the tray and set the tray on a wait is that a … HOVERBOARD? It was! Awesome! And it zoomed over to me. I ate them then walked out of the house (without paying!) and walked down the street and then that was a funny discovery and when I tried to use the teleportation box was even funnier. I wanted to see what happened when I tried to teleport. So I walked into a box and a map appeared on front of me. “Where would you like to go?” another voice said. “Umm… Documan Town?” I said reading it off the map. “OK” said the voice “please select it on the map”. So I did tap it an then I disappeared It was like being squeezed through a rubber tube. When I finally landed, I felt dizzy and I had hurt my leg I walked out of the glass box I had landed in. I took a look around and saw 2 people… FLYING!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw a machine that was producing robots and I saw a sign saying “robot servants for £50‘s”. Suddenly the ground was hit by a shockwave. I saw some people in Black robes appear in the teleportation boxes and walk out with lazers and start shooting things and when the laser hit them they were turned to dust. I saw all the people running into the factory and coming out, leaping into the air and flying away, or teleporting away just as I started to run towards the teleporting box I saw a lazer hit the ground where I had just been standing. Then I knew who these people where. Murderers. I quickly ran to the teleportation box and hit

a random town and disappeared. I arrived and I saw a battle there where the bad guys in black robes and who must be the good guys in yellow. The bad guys where totally outmatched the good guys where shooting the same kind of guns but with much better accuracy and throwing bombs that disintegrated them. At last, they retreated. I walked up to one of the soldiers and asked him “Who were they?” He replied “They call themselves death bringers” “why did they just attack? I asked him “to bring deaths, of course!” “Will they attack again?” “Of course they will attack again”. And sure enough, a week later they attacked again. There were a lot of dust explosions and screams a man saw me and started

shooting at me. I saw a pile of dust with a lazer beside it. I leapt over to it, grabbed it and returned fire. I managed to hit him and he fell to the ground and turned to dust. I ran on into battle and started shooting and the battle went on for a long week of battling until we finally won! A soldier came over and said “Well done, you fought well.” “Thanks” I said grinning up at him.

been deciding if I was going to tell anybody about the door. I decided not to. It could be my little secret. I smiled to myself and walked into school.

I teleported back to the town where I had first appeared and walked toward the forest. I found the tree that I had appeared by and climbed up to the top of the tree and I saw the door and pushed it open. I saw my school so I walked over to it. When I had been walking up to the school I had


The Greek Mythology Door I woke up to what was going to be a cold, normal day at school, right? Wrong! Today was going to be the weirdest, oddest, strangest day of my life; I just didn’t know it yet. I got dressed for school and my Mum drove me into Lurgan. I just about got there on time. I got to my class and went into the cloak room to hang up my coat, but when I did, what I saw was really, really weird, I saw a door. OK, I know what you’re thinking “What’s so weird than a door?” And I don’t blame you for doing so, but this door, it wasn’t your average door. This door was standing up on its own (which, I know, isn’t really weird at all, but that’s not the point) it was a really, really bright shade of neon yellow, it had a black door knob (which, I thought, didn’t go with the bright colour scheme) but, what really caught my eye was the light that was shining out from under the bottom. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a little look.” I thought to myself, so I went over to the door and opened it… When I did I, was sucked into an endless-looking purple tunnel, but, fortunately, it wasn’t as endless as it looked, unfortunately, there wasn’t anything soft to land on, so I hit the ground with a loud THUD! “OK, that hurt.” I said. The first thing I noticed was that I could only see few yards in front of me, due to the dark blue mist, which I thought really did not go with the colour scheme. I also noticed that I was standing on an orange rock-thingy. I stumbled through the eerie mist. ”Looks like I’m


stuck down here.” I said. Then I ventured on to what looked like a wall. I turned to look for a way out of this place, but when I did, I saw another wall, “Oh, great, now I’m stuck in here!” I thought, “Hold on a sec, I can just climb over the wall.” So I tried, it was really easy to find footholds, but that wall seemed to go on forever, and ever, and ever, but, finally, a summit came into view. I climbed up to it, I seemed to be above the mist (which I was happy because that stuff smelled like rotten eggs and dead fish) “Helllllloooooo, stranger!” yelled a voice. “AH, WHERE DID YOU COME FROM!? I screamed. ”Sorry”, said a woman in dark blue and orange robes, “Sorry I really shouldn’t sneak up on people like that.” “It’s OK, you just scared me a bit, that’s all.” “Oh, thank goodness, I thought I gave you a heart attack.” “Nearly, well not literally, but that’s what it felt like” I replied “Who are you?” she asked “I was about to ask you the same thing” I said “Well I asked first, so you answer me first” She replied “OK, I’m Ryan, I come in peace.” I told her “Now tell me who you are.” I said “Alright” she said, “I suppose I did promise you, I’m Hecate” “Wait, you’re the Hecate, as in, Ancient Greek goddess Hecate” “Yeah, I know, magic goddess, everyone freaks out at first” “Well you’re the goddess of magic, right.” “Yeah, I am, and.” “And you might be able to send me back to where I came from” “Where do you come from” She asked “Uhh, Earth, I guess” I replied “Was that a question, or an answer?” she asked “Answer” I replied “OK, I think I can do

that” she said “Seriously?” I asked “Maybe, follow me” Hecate took me down into the wall-thingy, but it wasn’t a wall, it was some sort of fort (which I didn’t think was very magic-goddessy) “Oh, and what is this place?” I asked. “Olympus” Was her reply. “Olympus, as in Greek city of the Gods Olympus? I asked. “Do, you know any other Olympuses?” She replied. “Fair point,” I said “It’s just, it only looked like some orange world with blue mist,” I replied. “I know, but I’ve got a spell that will help you see the city,” she told me. “Uh, OK” I said. She brought me into a room that looked an ancient and abandoned Ancient Greek laboratory. “OK, here we go,” said Hecate. She started chanting under her breath in a language that I assumed was Ancient Greek, and, suddenly, the room began to spin, after that, it happened so fast, I don’t actually know what had happened. All I know is that my stomach churned, the room spun and that everything was just a blur. When it stopped, I was lying on the ground, Hecate was leaning over me and I was in some sort of grand hallway, the ceiling was gold, well, pretty much everything was gold, including the carpet, which looked like it had been woven from some sort of golden thread. At the end of the hallway, there were huge people sitting on thrones. I groaned. “I need some Nectar, I need some Nectar!!!” yelled Hecate. “OK, OK, we heard you the first time, Hecate,” said a man holding a lightning bolt. “Get over here and stop making such a fuss over a mortal,” he said. “OK, OK, fine” said Hecate, and she

walked over to an empty throne and grew to the same size as the other huge people. “You’re Zeus,” I said “Have we met?” asked Zeus. “No, I’ve just read about you in books,” I replied. “I just wanted Hecate to send me back to Earth, where I come from,” I said “OK, I will allow Hecate to send you back to Earth,” He said “YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS SS!!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled “But turn the volume down!” Zeus said “OK,” I said “Hecate, do your thing,” ordered Zeus “Yes, Zeus,” said Hecate, while she came over to me while shrinking. Once again, she began chanting in ancient Greek, and I woke up back in the cloakroom back at school. The first thing I noticed was that everything was exactly the same as it was before; as if time had frozen while I was in there. I looked behind me and the door was gone. I guess it was for the best, I thought. The End

five fancy fairies Though the magical door, now let me have a think, There may be little gnomes all dressed in pink. I’ll take a look and see what’s there Follow me if you dare! I spotted a deadly dragon’s den I quickly drew it with a magical pen. Some fluffy, friendly dancing sheep Were having fun with Little Bo Peep. There were five fancy fairies dancing reels and jigs, They were joined by twenty flying pigs. The very tiny gummy bears, Sat munching on some juicy pears. An energetic, enthusiastic, electric elf, Was perched upon a long blue shelf. Little ducks were swimming round in a pond, A wicked witch was waving her magic wand There was a cute little castle, clean and wide, For all the fairies to fit inside. I walked through that door and what did I see? Some strange little creatures calling to me! It was time to leave though I wanted to stay Maybe I’ll go back another day!


opposite land I woke up one morning very excited. My pet bird Barry was chirping excitedly for our new home. I found the quite perculiar looking front door. It was a blood red colour, it had red toadstools and a spider and her cobweb. I turned the little green knob and opened the door… When I got inside I was bewildered. I saw tiny oceans, gargantuan hills, extremely wide rivers, miniscule trees and weird dog creatures flying in the multicoloured skies. The first person I saw kind of looked like me. She had the same eye colour as me, she wore glasses like me and she had the same hair colour too. I was very scared, I didn’t know what she was going to say when I said, “Hi.” “Shuttup!” she said “What did I do wrong?” I asked. “I just don’t wanna talk right now.” she answered. “Why not?” I asked. “Don’t you know, something really bad is going to happen.” she answered. “Ummmmmmm, I forgot to ask your name.” I asked. “Pearscia, what’s yours?” she answered. “She’s even got a name like mine!” I thought. “Pearse, I replied. “By the way I want you to meet my pet Barry!!” I added. “Chirp chirp!!!” chirped Barry. “Well, I’ve got a pet too. Meet Batrisha!!” said Persicia. “Neighhhhhhhhh,” neighed Batrisha.


“Is that a unicorn?” I asked. “Yes.” answered Periscia. “Where am I?” I asked. “You’re in Opposite Land.” she answered. “Oh, so you’re my opposite self.” I said “Yeah.” Pearscia said. “Is Batrisha Barry’s opposite self?” I asked. “Yes again.” she replied. “Well, what was the really bad thing that was going to happen?” I asked. “Do you see that cloud over there?” Perscia asked. “Yes.” I answered. Then she said “When that cloud comes over here we will all die…” “Is there any way I can stop the cloud?” I asked. “Yes, but you’ll have to meet someone first.” Perscia answered. “Okay.” I replied. “Follow me.” she said. While we were walking I saw a gargantuan castle. It had purple windows, yellow bricks, a multicoloured door, orange smoke

coming out of the chimney, a pink flag on top and rainbows everywhere. “Is this where we are going?” I asked. “Yes.” she said. When we got inside the first person I saw was unbelievably hairy. “Wollef gnuoy olleh.” He said “What?!” I asked. “That’s Lord Opposite he talks backwards, forgive him.” said Perscia. “Well what did he say?” I asked. “Hello young fellow.” she answered. “Well can you ask him how can I stop this cloud?” I asked. “Yes.” she answered.“Duolc siht pots ot stnaw dal gnuoy.” “Ylniatrec.” answered Lord Opposite. “He said certainly.” answered Perscia. “Can you ask him how do I stop it?” I asked. “Yes again.” she answered. “Ti pots eh seod woh?” “Draws siht ekat.” said Lord

Opposite. “He said, take this sword.” said Perscia. “Wow!” I answered. “Thanks for the sword, c’mon Periscia.” But she just stood there so I dragged her out. When we got out I had to smack her in the face. “Wha wha wha wha wha?” she screamed. “I had to drag you out.” I said. ”What happened?” “Sorry, it’s just that sword!” replied Perscia. “What about it?” I asked. “That sword was made by Lord Opposite’s magical father. He could see the future so he knew the cloud will come and he built that sword to kill the cloud. He died in 1982 RIP.” she said. “So, should we just kill that cloud now?” I asked. “Yeah.” said Perscia. Perscia flew on Batrisha’s back and Batrisha used her unicorn powers to turn Barry big. So I could ride him. When we got into the cloud I shouted “Let’s do this!” The cloud kept zapping lightning but my sword blocked it. “This is so hard!!” shouted Perscia. “Not supposed to be easy!” I answered. Then I saw weird flying cat creatures that had massive fangs and that could shoot lasers out of their eyes. Then I saw a gargantuan cat that shot rainbows out of its mouth. But soon enough we killed the cloud and the giant cat. I got a very generous reward from Lord Opposite. I was just saying goodbyes to Perscia, Lord Opposite and Batrisha. Then door appeared, I stepped through the door and I was home in no time.

The Monster If you open that door you’ll have a great fright, As you will see a beast emerging from the night. It’s made from a shadow that has a terrible shape, If you open that door you’ll be sure to gape. If you open that door there’ll be nowhere to hide, That monster, it’s something that’ll make you cry. The door, looked like it was from medieval times, The monster, itself had dark pointy eyes. If you open that door you’ll regret it, Because if you open that door you’ll be sure to get it.


Sugarland Opened the magic door and saw a beautiful fairy Sugarland. I stepped in and admired everything around me. I couldn’t see or hear anyone else it was all nice and quite until I heard a little sweet and a soft voice it was FAIRIES at this point I was so amazed and I wanted to see I wanted to see more of the fairies. so they took me on a tour of the fairy sugar land after I found out more about this place I never ever wanted to go back home but I knew I had to. There was all sorts of amazing things like gingerbread houses, Fairy houses and the grass was made out of glitter too. There was everything I wanted. After the tour the fairies took me to play it was so fun we played a game I had never played before but it was very fun. It started to get late so I went home and got into bed I didn’t tell anyone the next morning because I keep it a secret. The next morning I went to sugar land it was changed to fairy tale land and after a while I invited my friends there and every time we went it changed to a different amazing world.


SPARKLE One rainy night, Caoimhe and Chloe were sitting quietly in the peaceful living room. One of Chloe’s teddies fell and so she went to get it. Suddenly, Chloe spotted a small little door and she said, “Caoimhe, quick, look what I found.” As Chloe was staring at the small door, Caoimhe ran over to her. As Caoimhe opened the small door with her pinky finger, the door grew bigger and bigger and bigger. After a while, the magic door was the full height of the roof. Caoimhe opened it nervously and they took one little step forward.

adventure like this one. They said goodbye to their new friend, dived into the magic door and landed back in the peaceful living room once again. I’m pretty sure they never dared to go through that door again!

Suddenly, Caoimhe and Chloe arrived in a bright forest. They met a fairy called Ashling. Ashling showed them all around the forest. As she was showing them around, they met a dog called Sparkle. Sparkle could talk. Chloe was shocked. Chloe shouted, “OMG! I NEVER KNEW A DOG COULD TALK!” Then Caoimhe asked Sparkle, “Where do you live?” Chloe, Caoimhe and Ashling followed Sparkle to his house. They were all shocked to find out that his house was made out of candy. Of course they all wanted to eat his house, so Sparkle quickly invited them inside. Sneakily, Sparkle made a trap while the girls were busy eating candy. Then Sparkle said mischieviously, “Come on, I want to show you more.” As Chloe, Caoimhe and Ashling walked out of the door, Sparkle suddenly pulled down a candy cane and the three girls became trapped by sweetie laces. “Oh no!” shouted Ashling. “We are going to die,” whispered Chloe. “Haha!” said Sparkle as he ran out of the house. He had trapped the girls for some strange reason. The girls were terrified! “I know how to get out of here,” said Caoimhe. “Start eating!” So Chloe, Caoimhe and Ashling gobbled up the sweetie laces and made their escape! They ran all the way back to the magic door. Ashling, the fairy asked them to come back and visit her again but the girls weren’t sure if they fancied another


Primary 6-7


Dear Mum and Dad

Aghagallon Co. Armagh Friday 26th May 1942

Today my teacher brought me to the train station and we got on the train. I was feeling scared because I was going to a new family for a while. The people on the train were sitting very quietly looking out the window like me. I sat beside my friend Katy. Then we decided to play a board game which was fun but after a while it got boring so we played I Spy. After that we had lunch, I had some crisps and a drink. Then after that me and Katy fell asleep. We had a good sleep but it took about 3 ½ hours to get to Aghagallon. When I got there I was feeling very scared. We had to stand in a line so our new family could pick us. I got picked by a woman and a man called Mary and Phillip and they were very nice. So I said bye to my friends and my teacher. On the way to my new family’s house I could see sheep, cows, dogs and cats which are all very cute. When we got to the house they showed me to my room. Their house was very nice just like my room at home with nice wallpaper. When I got my stuff unpacked we went for tea. I liked the meal, it was rabbit. The next day they brought me to my new school where I meet lots of new friends. At the weekend we all went to the park. After wards Mary asked me what I wanted for tea. I said goat’s milk for a drink then for my meal I got tripe. I didn’t really like the tripe. My new school teacher is very nice but not as nice as my teacher at home! I’m settling in really good here. Love you and hopefully see you soon when this war finishes. Lots of love from Abbie-Lee


Aghagallon Co Armagh 3rd April 1942 Dear Mum and Dad Today Miss Magee took me and my class to the train station. I was confused at first but Miss Magee explained to us that we were being evacuated to Aghagallon. I was very EXCAITED!!!!!! When I got on the train I sat beside my friend Abby-Lee. We played I spy for a while then played a board game and after we ate lunch. But the train stopped! I was very worried because I thought we ran out of coal for the train but we actually just stopped ‌. Miss Magee brought us outside and lined us up to get picked. I got picked by this man and women. She gave me a smile as she picked me. When I got out of the line with them we walked around the fields. Her name was Diane and her husband was called Bill. He brought me around the farm and I saw a white animal. He said it was a sheep. He also said that he had a dog that rounded up the sheep into their pens. I saw a pink animal called a pig rolling in mud too!!! It was a very cool day!!!!! Today Bill took me around the muddy farm again! He showed me a huge animal. It had a black and white coat and a big nose. He said it was called a cow. Bill also told me how to milk a cow too!! After that I helped Diane with some chores in the kitchen. Then Bill took me around the village to get me into a school. It took a while to pick the right school but we found it. The girl said I could start tomorrow .We went back to the farm and I tidied up my room abit then had chicken for dinner. Then I went to sleep. I am very happy staying here with Bill and Diane but I do miss you very much. I’ll get back to you soon when the war is over. Love you both dearly! Your loving daughter Katy xx


Aghagallon Co Armagh 7th December 1943 Dear Mum and Dad When I got to school we had to go to the train station .We all got there safely. When we got on the train and were seated the train took off like a bullet. I tried to read my book but the track was too bumpy and it fell to the floor. When I couldn’t read I just looked out of the window. Most of the children out the window but some told each other jokes and were chatting. The landscape was amazing. I think it took an hour to 2 hours to get there. When we got there I picked my book off the floor and got off the train. When we got off the train we all had to stand in a line for the families to pick us. My family was called the Gregs .There was a boy, 2 girls and obviously a mum and a dad. My school was called St Patrick’s primary school Aghagallon. Their food was a bit different but I liked it. I had to help out on the Greg’s farm. Even though it was difficult I managed to get it done. I have a lot of new friends here in Aghagallon. I think I’ve made 12 new friends. I’m settling in now and school’s great. I enjoy breaktime the most because we get to play football 3 times a week. The boy in the family is called Aaron and one of girls is called Poppy and the other one is called Ellie. Me and Aaron like to play football together. There are some amazing animals here which my new mum and dad told me are farm animals. I saw a cow, a pig, a dog, a sheep, a cat and a chicken. I wish you were here because even though I like living with the Gregs, I wish the war was over so I could see you again. Lots of love Jake


The magic teleporter It was time for us to leave. I felt really sad leaving all my friends in the street. I did not want to move house. My mum said it was a big house. It kind of freaked me out a little bit the way she said, ‘Big House’. Ugh I will miss my friends. When we were in the big house, I ran to check all the rooms because I wanted the biggest one. I always did that when we went to a new house. When all the stuff was moved in, I went to try to make new friends. I only made one so far; Bill. He’s the same age as me – 11. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t, there were strange noises from the basement. I will check it out in the morning with my brother David before school I thought. Most of the night I was thinking what could be the strange noises from the basement. I woke up early before school. I woke my brother and we crept down into the basement. It was a dark and scary basement, even though it was the morning. A big metal door appeared. It was red and it said ‘Danger’ in big writing. “Daniel, David”, shouted mum. “I think she thinks we are sleeping,” said David. When we came out, we tried to look as if it was nothing. “Oh, there you are boys, that was quick,” said mum. We walked to school as usual. “Daniel! How is the new house like?” asked Frank (he was my best friend) “It’s good”, I answered. When we came back from school, I was thinking if I should look inside the door. I was curious to know what’s inside it. That’s it I am opening the door, I don’t care what’s inside it. I asked David and he said “Yes”. We struggled to open the door but we made it. “The Magic Teleporter”, it said on the machine with lots and lots of buttons were it sent you to different places. “OH” shouted David “CandyLand” said David with a shocked face. “Vikings!” I shouted. I really liked the topic about Vikings. “Wait! You never know it could be dangerous,” said David. “Alien land?” said David “what’s that?” I asked, “I think it’s just a land with aliens”, said David. “A maze that never ends,” said David. I pressed the maze button and it sent us to a humongous maze. “Welcome to my endless maze,” said a strange. “If you want to escape, you need to find three elements”, said the strange voice. “1st one is in the middle of the


maze, 2nd one is on the ground and the 3rd one is in my hand “ said the strange voice. “And you didn’t introduce yourself, “ I said. “I am King Gloop” said King Gloop. And off we went to find the elements. David spotted a chest we ran and opened it and we found a bow, some arrows, a wooden sword and a RC camera drone. “Let’s use the drone’s camera to find the elements”. I knew it was a dangerous and bad idea to go through the door. After 2 hours of running and looking for the way to King Gloop we were really tired. “I think he meant for us to defeat him,” said David, so we went up to King Gloop and we asked, “How do we get the 3rd element?” “Defeat me in a battle!!!” said King Gloop. When we walked up to him, he gave up when we tried to look scary. So he gave us the element and we went back home and forgot about the door.

Candyland There was a bright light, what had happened? I was scared. It was dark. I nervously looked over my shoulder, it was a red door standing beside a large tree. I quickly called Anna so we could go and see what was behind the door. The door had the word ‘Danger!’ written on it. We cautiously turned the handle to see what was inside. It was dark and damp, with only a little bit of light shining through the trees. Suddenly a witch approached us; she said if we got the diamond from the snake’s cave, we would meet a fairy who would take us to a magical world. We accepted the challenge, so we crept into the jungle in search for the snake’s cave. We were told to follow the green river until we got to a broken bridge, then we will have to swim across the river and the snake’s cave will be beside a statue. The journey was hard, but after an hour of walking, running and swimming, we finally made it to the statue. The snake’s cave was dark and mysterious, we crept into the darkness. I saw the diamond sitting on top of a mountain of gold. Suddenly the snake jumped out from behind a rock, I was terrified; we quickly ran out of the cave and hid behind the statue. We had to make a plan. Anna suggested that she would distract the snake, and I could go and get the diamond. I thought it was a great idea! Anna found some shiny items lying outside the cave; the snake seemed to like shiny things so they should distract him. Anna stood at the entrance of the cave, waving the shiny items above her head. The plan was working! I could see the snake slowly slithering out of the cave. Once the snake was out I ran into the cave as fast as I could. It was really hard to climb up the mountain of gold because it was all slipping down towards the ground. I finally got the diamond so I quietly crept out of the cave. When I was out I saw the snake chasing Anna, wanting the items that she had in her hands. Anna threw them into the cave and the snake followed them. We were on our way to the magical world.

blonde, long and wavy and she had ocean blue eyes. She said, “Welcome to the magical world, it’s called ‘Candyland’, I’m Pixie and I will lead you through the world.” I replied, “I’m Eva and this is my friend Anna.” “Would you like to go to the Chocolate Lake, Marshmallow Meadows, Fairy Village or Strawberry Lace Forest?” said Pixie happily. “Strawberry Lace Forest please” replied Anna excitedly. “Ok let’s go!” said Pixie. We walked down the path beside the chocolate river for five minutes when we finally reached the forest.” WOW this is amazing, I LOVE strawberry laces.” shouted Anna. Although we didn’t know that the witch (who we had met at the start) had been following us the whole way to Candyland, until she appeared in the strawberry lace forest. She said “Give me that diamond or I will trap you in here forever!” We didn’t want the witch to get the diamond so we ran to marshmallow meadows when we realised Pixie wasn’t with us anymore. “The witch must have caught her”, said Anna. “We have to go back” I said. We walked back nervously. But it was too late…….

We met a fairy beside the golden gates (which was the entrance to the magical world) she was wearing a glittery dress and sparkly silver shoes. Her hair was


The Prehistoric Door Earlier today, 10am to be precise, a mysterious faded red door with a well rusted hinge, surfaced under a construction site at Carrick Primary School. The school has been undergoing some major construction work and during the course of digging the foundations the door was uncovered.

was able to speculate more on the door. “It seems the door has been under the school grounds for some considerable amount of time and it is quite a find. It may be too dangerous to enter but no precautions have yet been brought into action.” informed the experienced officer.

It is believed to be fairly old due to how deep it was under the earth. Some conspiracy theorists say that it is prehistoric and led the dinosaurs to safety. That is just speculation, however it is coming from some experts in the field and currently the door is being carbon-dated.

It has been suggested that a group of archaeologists and historians may enter the door in the coming days however health and safety officials need to examine the scene first. This certainly is a story that is only just beginning and we look forward to bringing you all the news as it happens. Follow us on social media for live updates on the ‘Prehistoric Door’. Something tells us this will not become ‘old news’ anytime soon!

Officer Lyness, a representative for the PSNI, responded quickly to the school’s call for help and

The Tailey “What’s that?” I asked myself. I was the last one in the line and my teacher had left door duty to pick up some books. It was a door. It had caught my attention earlier; it wasn’t a normal door. I thought it was probably a silly prop for the P1 and P2 classes, but still it was a fascinating and intriguing door. Eventually I had to investigate, I couldn’t ignore it any longer. My hand was on the handle I couldn’t let go. Now up close, I could clearly read the sign: “STOP DO NOT ENTER”, but it looked like it said “DO NOT STOP ENTER” Sneakily, I opened the door intending only to take a quick peek through it. I could see a library. I crawled on through a little further only to see a goblin. “AAHH, IT’S A GOBLIN!” I


yelled. “I’m not a goblin; I’m a Tailey the last of my kind. We were the book keepers for centuries,” he replied with a sob. “What’s a Tailey?” I asked inquiringly. “A fairy and a troll,” he replied in a snap. The Tailey was short - just one or two inches taller than the magic door. He had peach skin with pointy ears, a long nose and one white eye with a scar through it, the other eye a dark brown. His hair was grey and sat neatly on his head, he had small glasses and he had a pale green robe with bare feet. “Why is there a massive library in our school?” I asked. “You still don’t get it, do you? These aren’t your ordinary books…..” he said with a broad

smile. “What’s your favourite part of history?” he said curiously. “Oh, I love the dinosaurs,” I smiled back. “Just you wait there!” He went off with a little laugh. “Here you go,” he said as he gave me the book. It was a leathery hard back book with just a little label that read, “The Land of the Dinosaurs”. It looked like it had about three or four hundred pages in it. “And remember everything can be stopped with the close of a book,” the Tailey said with a broad smile and a twinkle in his white eye. When I got home that night I opened the book to see no words in it, I was very disappointed but a couple of seconds later the pages of the book moved gently but

uncontrollably at first. Soon after, it started getting more violent. Then the pages came right out of the book and started flying about the room, they started to circle me, like sharks would before attacking their prey. Now everything else was out of sight - I could only see pages from an empty book sitting in front of me. This went on for a couple of minutes before the pages cleared and went back into the book still opened at the first page, but it was different. Now it said something, it said, “Suddenly Caolan had appeared in the land of the dinosaurs…” I looked up to only see a brachiosaurus munching on leaves from the tallest trees in this forest above me. All the actions I made,were recorded in the book… I was the main character in this story.

closed the book and just hoped. A couple of seconds after the snarls and growls of the veloceraptors disappeared, I opened my eyes and there I was, back on my bed my soft, warm, cosy bed. I now looked at the book - it had three and a half pages of writing on it, I wondered if I could go back into the past while in the past. So I turned back to page two of the book and got transported back, but this time I was looking above me at the brachiosaurus again. I got onto the back of him as he was lying down and started to shout and wave my arms again. Just like before, the brachiosaurus started running again at the sight and fear of the veloceraptors, only this time I was still on the back of the running brachiosaurus. The book had flown open uncontrollably, and I had been transported back to my soft, warm… Library?

Suddenly a pack of veloceraptors were rushing towards the brachiosaurus - they were in danger! I sprinted towards the brachiosaurus waving my arms and making loud noises. I’d startled him and he started to flee as he saw the approaching foe. Without delay, I noticed there was a major flaw in my plan… having saved the brachiosaurus, how was I now going to escape?

”Great job!” said the Tailey enthusiastically, taking me by surprise. “Thanks!” I answered, still recovering from my adventure. “You can now go, but never forget the power contained in a book!” said the Tailey with a wry smile as he patted me on the knee. “If you don’t want any more adventures, leave… but if you do,

please come back tomorrow,” he giggled. That night I couldn’t sleep, I was tossing and turning and going over what the Tailey had said to me. Should I go back or should I leave it? Sure, it was an amazing adventure, but it was also so dangerous and life-threatening. I couldn’t decide. But I do like a good adventure...

The veloceraptors now had a new target - me! I was cornered against a rock. I had no chance when all of a sudden I remembered the little Tailey saying, “Everything stops when you close a book”, or something. I now shut my eyes,


Breaking news Secret door found under teacher’s desk in Carrick Primary School and the School iPads have gone missing. This mysterious door was found by a student called Dylan. Dylan was shocked to have found this door. He was sitting on the carpet behind Mrs Hamilton’s desk, when all of a sudden he saw a bright light coming from under the teacher’s table. Dylan reported, “The light distracted me from an extremely interesting Literacy lesson so I decided to have a closer look!” The door was supposedly a vivid shade of red with danger and do not enter signs all over it. This caused Dylan to become even more inquisitive as to the strange appearance. He instantly informed Mrs Hamilton, who had never seen the door before and didn’t know how it got there. She tried the door handle but it appeared to be locked so she told the class she would ask the school caretaker to come and have a look after school had finished. We spoke to some other eye witnesses at the scene. Matthew stated, “After Dylan spotted the door we were all wondering why it was there. I was washing the remaining healthy break dishes when the class phone rang. I answered it and happened to look under Mrs Hamilton’s desk where I saw that the door


was slightly open.” Matthew went on to describe how he tried to see inside the door but he had no hope as there was only a very little gap. He had an uneasy feeling about the door and decided to wait until Mrs Hamilton came back to the class before going any closer. Eoin claimed that there was some strange light and sounds coming from Mrs Hamilton’s desk. He also told us that he was feeling quite sad as there had been a recent loss to the school. The school iPads had been stolen, and he was looking forward to using them that day. He felt that perhaps the appearance of the door and the missing iPads could be linked. We spoke to Mrs Alison Lindsay, the Principal of Carrick Primary School, she stated that she had called the police to come and investigate so there was no need to worry. Although there seems to be some evidence to suggest the door will only open for children and when an adult is in the room it remains firmly shut. Hopefully the involvement of the police will help to solve the problem and we will keep you updated. However, the children feel that adults may be causing the problem and a lot of suspicion is on Mrs Hamilton. This may have to be investigated by the real experts in the form of the School Council.

what’s behind the door? Breaking News! Reports have reached us that a mysterious door has been spotted in the vicinity of Carrick Primary School. The Mail spoke today to a local girl, Caitlin, who appears to have been the first person on the scene when the door appeared in the school. Caitlin told our reporter “I was doing the healthy break dishes in my classroom and tidying up when it randomly appeared at the side of the sink cabinet!” At first Caitlin thought it was another of Mrs Hamilton’s silly ideas for Literacy but she quickly realised that this was not the case when she looked closely and tried the handle. Door to Another Land? When Caitlin pulled the handle she was surprised that it opened. Inside she reported that, instead of seeing the items under the sink, she saw a different land. We also spoke to Mrs Alison Lindsay, Principal of Carrick PS, who assures us that Caitlin is in fact one of the most sane pupils in the school and certainly wouldn’t be making this up. When asked what she did next, Caitlin replied, “I called my friend Nicola just to make sure that I wasn’t losing my mind!” Nicola told us that Caitlin was correct… it was a different land. There were fairies and mystical creatures that you wouldn’t believe existed! Carrick Primary School were about to inform the police about this mystery when the door totally disappeared. Now everyone it confused and Carrick are calling out to neighboring schools to check their classrooms to see if there has been a similar appearance. For more information please contact the school office and we will keep you informed of any updates.


at the helm There I stand at the helm The waves crash against her Everything on the ship is still But then they shout “Ice-berg” “Ice-berg” as big as a hill I do not know what to do I know this is my last I shout to the crew get the lifeboats out Get the lifeboats out and fast! I see the rip within her I know she will go down I feel like I’m going to faint For soon this ship will drown I can’t believe the size of the rip But the captain goes down with his ship And there I am drowning deep Lying at the helm falling asleep


a red door It all started on a sunny day, with me and my friends Eva and Niamh. When we got home we ran upstairs; when we got to the top of the stairs a great light was flashing and it was coming from the bottom of my bedroom door. We all crept along, until we got to my bedroom door. Then the flashing stopped.

a haunted castle. The next thing you know the witch lifts her wand and………… What will happen next? What did the witch do to the three girls?

I opened my bedroom door ever so slowly; I looked around the door to find…..a red door. I opened my door wide open to let Eva and Niamh see the mysterious door. We all said, “I’m not opening that door.” After about five minutes of arguments, I said, “I will open it.” Once I opened the door I could hear Niamh and Eva saying “Wow!” Then Eva said, “Anna you need to open your eyes like right now.” I opened my eyes and looked in through the red tiny door. I couldn’t believe what I saw it was a land of sweets. Niamh said excitedly, “Can we go in?” But without me or Eva answering, Niamh jumped through the door anyway. Then me and Eva joined her. When we arrived, there was a…..a….. FAIRY just standing staring at us (It was a bit creepy). She said happily, “Hi, how you doing there, my name is Butter-Cup, welcome to Candyland, I will show you around.” “Come on, I don’t bite.” said ButterCup. “Where would you like to go first, Sweetie Tree Meadow, Mushroom Village, or if you like you can go and meet some of the other fairies?” Eva said excitedly “Can we please go to Sweetie Tree Meadow?” “Ok, let’s go then!” “Wait is there a marshmallow tree?” said Eva curiously. “Of course there is” said Butter-Cup. “Ok, now we can go?” It took about 5 minutes to get there. (Eva ran the whole way there). There were marshmallow trees, fake money trees and lots more. Then just as I was about to get a marshmallow off the tree, there was screaming and shouting, “Oh, no she’s here!” “Who’s here?” said Niamh “The Witch! Now hurry up.” But they couldn’t run any faster, the witch landed in front of them. I was scared it didn’t know what was happening. Then witches guards took Butter-Cup by the arms and took her to this place that looked that


the elf is still here Saturday 18th March. The most idiotic day of my life. My best friend Kieran came to my house to play with me. We were playing a game of FIFA 17. The game was exciting and I had put some intense music on in the background. Then something strange happened. We were scared and frightened. The screen had turned black. I thought it was just a power off but it was not. Suddenly an elf appeared on the screen. The door in the room we were in locked and the keys disappeared. We were doomed. In a creaking, creepy voice, the elf said,” Do as I tell you! Now turn around!” We turned around. In the corner of my eye was a door. It said in clear bold writing, “Do not enter!” We turned back to the TV screen and the elf ordered, “Go through it!” We walked towards the door the door then falling out of nowhere came the elf. It said , ”If you don’t go through the door you will die. The door was multi-coloured with a picture of the elf and a red planet which I could not tell as I know nothing about planets. The elf climbed on top of the door. We entered the door, the elf going at about 100mph and we were going at about 0.0000001 mph. We finally reached the cool whirly slide. I did not know where we were until I realised that there was a red planet on the door and we were on that red planet.

fell off Mars and disappeared. The door appeared once again. We went through it. We landed safely in my house. We kept it a secret from my mum. It felt like we were away for days but we were only away for 1 hour.

lakes behind the door As I peer through this Green Door, hopping in to seeing what may lay ahead. Lakes, Lakes, Lakes and more Lakes. It seems as if it will never end. But this dead and dreadful, lonely land seems to have strange hopes. What are these lakes? Each has a rather odd picture and a KEY? Looking and turning I spot a piece of wood with a picture of waves on it. What will it lead to?

I wake up on sand. Feeling waves hit my feet. I ran as fast as I can go but I did not know what to do. I ran into a warm rock, looking up I see a volcano. Lava! That’s all I could think of running and thinking to myself what to do? I looked behind and I was right, LAVA. I jumped into the sea I saw the Suddenly a green alien-type thing appeared. He start- key hole. I remembered the key. I unlocked it I could ed talking. He told us that he was the king of Mars. feel the warm water. It all went back to me with the “What is Mars?” “Mars is the planet we are on,” said lakes. I will never go into those pools again. Standing the king. I said, ”OK!” I suppose I learned something on one spot, suddenly someone’s hand is on my new. “Fantasy a Mars bar?” the king said. “Oh yes! I shoulder… love caramel!” I bellowed. “Car…a…m…o…l?” said the king in great confusion. A Mars bar is a chocolate bar with orange juice in it!” I turned around and in the corner of my eye was the elf. We attacked him and through a blink of an eye he


the sweet volcano I peered through the door and what I saw was truly magical. There were lovely fairy houses, there was a pretty water fall but what really caught my eye was the magical castle and in the distance there was a beautiful garden. In the garden there was a huge enchanted oak tree and next to the tree there is a pretty pink river. Above the river there are butterflies fluttering, if you dive in deep down you can see a village. In the village you can see tiny little houses, each one shaped as a fish and there is a bridge that goes over volcano but instead of lava there are sweets. The sweets go everywhere and all the fish eat fairy dust, I forgot to tell you about the other magic door inside this magic door. It is on the sweet volcano it is a sweet storage.

Magical land I open the door and see a magical land. I can see a big waterfall trickling down the mountain. There are big stags drinking from the base if the waterfall. I can hear the roar of the stag in the distance. I can smell the fresh air. I can feel the grass swishing against my legs.

oh no OH NO! Everyone in bed Nothing ahead. The Captain said “I’ve a sore head.” “So I’m gonna snooze On the cruise.” “Who’s gonna mind the ship” “You my trusty sidekick.” OH NO! Hope it doesn’t take a blow From the iceberg below BANG, CLANG, SMACK, BOOM, AAAAAHHHHH! The 15th of April was the date. The Titanic had met its fate.


The famous magical door I had thought about exploring behind the magical door for days! Quickly I swung the door open and to my surprise I found an extremely long corridor. There were many doors along the side of the wall with names above each one of them. Suddenly I became really excited because some of them had famous singers, famous football players and TV stars names written above them. There were also some tiny fairy doors. I was excited to see some rare animals rambling around. I really wanted to enter the famous football player’s door and the famous singers. Without a minute to think I leapt through the famous singers door and this is what I found…. I could not believe my eyes! I was on the red carpet with Olly Murs, Adele, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and a whole lot of other people! It was extraordinary! I got to talk to Adele, she gave me her autograph and then posed for many photographs. Next I was led to a front row seat to see Olly Murs perform live! Afterwards we went for fancy food to an amazing restaurant and I got to sit beside Bruno Mars and Adele! It was unforgetable! Taylor Swift and I then sang a duet, we performed ‘Shake It Off ’ together! I have to admit I was terrible and she was a million times better. I also got to appear on a talk show with Katy Perry and Justin Beiber! I was so nervous!!! I couldn’t believe that so many great things could happen in such a short time! Sadly I realised that I could not stay there and so I leapt back through the door and ended up back in the corridor… Back in the corridor once again, I noticed five guards. All at once, they spotted me! I had to dart out of the way to avoid all five of them!! I was terrified! Out of the corner of my eye I spotted the Famous Football Players door and dashed straight through it. Thankfully I lost the guards, they didn’t catch me. Behind this door, another treat lay ahead. I had my own private meeting with Messi. I got a photograph with him and posted it for all of my friends to see. He also showed me a few tricks and in no time I was able to play football like a pro. It was a miracle! A kind lady came in and said that it was time to meet Ronaldo! I almost fainted with excitement! Ronaldo came in and I froze like a statue. After a while we


got into conversation and had a great time sharing football tricks and skills. I was then presented with a VIP ticket to see an amazing football match. It was the best football match ever! Finally, I leapt through the door again and ended up back in the hallway of my school. It all felt like some strange kind of magical dream. I didn’t want it to end! The best thing was that the memories of this magical day would stay with me forever!

My Last Family Trip My mum and I are boarding the S.S Nomadic Mum is so happy we are going on the Titanic We are now on the mighty ship Our room is second class Sleeping in a bunk bed Mirrors made of glass BANG! The ship hits something I wonder what it could be? My mum looks out from the deck She sees an iceberg in the sea Oh! The commotion getting to the lifeboats I get on the final one As we sail away I remember I forgot my mum! “It’s too late” says the passengers And I start to cry Then I look up and there it is, A new star in the sky My mum and I boarded the S.S Nomadic Mum is so happy I survived the Titanic

My Last Cup of Tea I’m in my bed Drinking my tea Far far away From my family

I am up on deck With no lifeboats left I start to worry There is one choice left

I’m going to America I have said my goodbyes Then the ship goes crash I hear lots of cries

I am swimming along As cold as can be Far far away From my family

I am only 18 I start to run I can bear it no longer I just want my mum

I think I’m drowning My toes start freezing I flap my arms And start wheezing

I am running along Without my tea Far far away From my family

I’m drowning drowning As cold as can be Far far away From my family

HE’S STILL HERE One day I was just exploring my fields till I found this unfamiliar path I had never seen before.It led me to a wooden door.Before I opened the door I could hear waves splashing against the water.On the door there was a stop sign saying ‘DO NOT ENTER’ I did not dare to open the door but I had no choice I had to see what was behind the door,so I opened the door and peered through it. I opened my eyes and I was in the ocean.i turned around and tried to open the door,but it had disappeared .I was in a small boat and I looked around and I saw lots of beautiful fish.Suddenly the fish went away and I wondered why.The boat shook till I realised that I am not ALONE.What caught my eye was a MASSIVE SHARK.I don’t even think it was a shark IT WAS A MEGLADON!!!! I tried not to panic but it was CIRCLING MY BOAT.I realised I had a knife in my pocket.

The Megladon jumped out of the water so I jumed on it and stabbed it with my knife five times.He finally died and floated down to the bottom of the ocean.I swam back up to the surface but when I got up I got stung by three jellyfish and I struggled to get back on the boat but I got back up on the boat. Suddenly the door appeared again so I walked through it and I was back.I was glad I got back home BUT I will never go on a boat again. NOBODY EVEN NOTICED I WAS GONE.


Do not enter The magical door sat at the bottom of my classroom wall, staring at me that day while I worked. I had never noticed it there before! It was made of tattered wood and a large sign that read: ‘ Do Not Enter.’ I glared at it until I could wait no longer, I had to know what lay behind this intriguing door. Where would it lead me? Why was it so small? What was it hiding? It was lunch time on Thursday afternoon, I waited to join the back of the line so I could slip away unknowingly. As my class walked into the cloak room and further out onto the ramp, I shut the door in front of me and waited until they had made it to the hall. It left just me and the mysterious door in the room. As I crept towards it, I felt my feet starting to tremble, my hands were starting to shake as I reached out to the handle. I watched the hinges as I pulled towards me, unravelling a world I had never seen before. I crawled through the tiny door, my knees scraping against the ground. I quickly stood up to brush off the dust that I had collected while entering. Slowly, I lifted my head, my eyes first settled on a medieval like scene. I was inside the crumbling walls of a castle, filled with people and barrels of hay for the horses that lay exhausted in the corner. The tables had white silk draped over them and baskets on top with fresh fruit and bread, almost like a market. The women wore a peach dress with frilly aprons and a silk bonnet with a lace ribbon to tie under their chin. As I stood watching in amazement, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. I turned around quickly, nervous that it might have been a mythical creature, or a loose dragon that had come from its lair. To my surprise it was a rich looking man, he had a large crystal crown with a red and white cape. “Hello, may I invite you to the royal dinner?” he asked in a low voice. “Umm, y-y-yes,” I stuttered, worried that I might say something wrong. He led me in through some large wooden doors which continued into a wide room. It had a long


metal table that had tall wooden chairs around it. A huge selection of food lay down the middle and glass cups and cutlery lay in front of each chair. I sat down and waited for everyone else to come in. The feast was amazing. There was music and dancing, jugglers and jesters. I was thoroughly enjoying every second! I looked down at my watch and realised that it was 12:59. Lunch time was about to end! I had one minute to get out and get back to class. I quickly jumped up and sprinted to the huge wooden doors. I used all of my strength to push them open and then ran straight for the tiny door. I crawled through as fast as I could, I could hear feet coming up the ramp and heading for the door. I immediately stood up and walked to my seat as everyone else sat down too. I had made it back just in time. I continued on with my day like nothing extraordinary had ever happened. It was a lunch time that I would never forget!

changing history As I walked to school everything looked normal, but little did I know this day would be anything but normal. The start of school was ordinary day, the same classmates, the same classroom and my teacher taking the roll. At break time the bell rang; everyone was excited to go outside. As I walked up the corridor, on my way to the playground I saw this strange magic door, it had never been there before. It looked ancient, very tall, and brown, strangled in ivy. I didn’t know what to do, should I open it or carry on with the day as normal? Before I knew it my hand was on the door knob. I guess I had made up my mind to go and explore. When I stepped inside, it was quite dark, before me stretched a long thin corridor. I immediately regretted my decision and decided to return to the safety of my classroom. I ran back and tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge, I was trapped. I knew there was only one option; I had to walk down the long spooky corridor. It was a bone chilling experience, I was shaking. When I eventually came to the end I saw a large grey metal door, with a strange circular handle, it took all my might to turn it and slowly push it open. When it finally opened it lead

me to a boiler room on a ship. It was hot and all the men were shovelling coal, with sweat running down their faces. They all looked strangely at me, like I had two heads, but they didn’t say anything. I knew I was on a ship, but how? Why? and what ship? It was then that I saw a badge on their clothes. It was covered in coal dust, but it looked like it said ‘White Star Line’. I knew that White Star Line built the Titanic and that it sank years ago. All I knew was that it definitely wasn’t a ship from this era. As I made my way up on to the deck I could see people dressed in Victorian clothes eating their fancy dinners. All of the staff had the White Star Line badges on their clothes, but surely I couldn’t be on be Titanic! When I finally reached the deck, I could see that there were four funnels but only three were working. Then I realised I was on the Titanic it all made sense! I was shocked, how could I be on such a ship? But then I became nervous because I remembered the Titanic sank! I had to find the Captain. I eventually I found him in the wheelhouse and tried to tell him the ship would sink. I shouted, “Captain, captain, listen to me I’m telling the truth” I tried to get

him to believe me. He told me I had to leave the wheelhouse and said his ship was unsinkable. He was very angry and asked captain Lightholler to take me out of the wheelhouse and that’s what happened. But I simply waited outside the wheelhouse hiding, watching the captain. Eventually he became tired and retired to his cabin. I seized my chance to change history. I grabbed the wheel and pulled hard to port. Slowly she turned and I saw a huge ice berg pass by. I was relieved and happy, I couldn’t believe it, I had changed history! I loved the Titanic, but then I thought of my family in the twenty-first century. I retraced my steps hoping to find the door, eventually I found it but it was impossible to open. I was giving up hope of seeing my family and class again. ‘Judith Judith’ I heard someone say. I opened my eyes and I was at home lying on my bed. I couldn’t have been more relieved. It was then that I saw my class novel Spirit of the Titanic, lying on my lap. I was so happy, it had all been a dream, I had imagined the magic door! Suddenly my happiness disappeared, “Get up, you need to get ready for school” said my mum. Those were the words I did not want to hear!


a different planet I was just playing football by myself and I kicked the ball. Suddenly it went behind the tree because I kicked it too hard against the fence. It was on the 6th of July my birthday just before I was getting my dinner. Then I heard stuff from inside the house. I think someone was calling me but I just ignored them, they started shouting loudly. I was being really annoying. Then I heard something that sounded like it was coming from the tree. It sounded like fairies and butterflies I was going to the tree then a packet of crisps came flying at me, I put it back in the bin because I didn’t want to litter the place. I came back to the tree and there was a sign that saying STOP DO NOT ENTER!! In capital letters I usually would disobey signs that said STOP in big, bold letters. I was scared but tempted I opened the door quietly and went through it bravely. It was before I knew I was being swirled in a blue and purple portal that went round and put me on a different planet. It was red and it had fluffy rock. It looked like a moon but only red. I travelled around and met a green and purple alien, it felt slimy and had his eyes on antennas. His language was strange and funny he was very clumsy or he had two left feet because he kept falling every 5 seconds. The alien was stinky and I realised that I was on the planet Mars. He kept talking but I didn’t understand what he was saying. He beeped again and another alien came. I think he talked and asked him to come. He was a translator he knew what the alien and I were saying. He was cool he talked mine and the aliens language. I said it was my birthday and I disobeyed the sign on the door. I didn’t know it was going to bring me to Mars!! They said they would give me challenges to tell me how to get home. Meanwhile, back at home everybody was on a big hunt for me they were scared, I knew this because the aliens told me they could sense it with their antennas.


So I decided to do the challenges quickly. The first task was to climb up the highest point of the planet and bring the special golden chocolate for the aliens it was hard to climb and it was tiring I done it in less than ten minutes. My next task was to was to dig down and get some diamonds I did that one easily, I breezed through it. Finally I had to fight one of the aliens I think it was the translator. It took more than ten minutes and I got beat. So they gave me another chance to beat the weaker one if I beat him I would still get home, I beat him in five minutes it wasn’t really a challenge. I got out by just running into the big rock, I completed it and I did get back home I was in my room. Everybody went outside except for Lorcan. He started crying for me and went into our room, he saw me there and stopped crying and told everybody. They all hugged me and I almost suffocated. I told them all about the adventure and I never went through the door again.

rms titanic I was saying goodnight to my mum as I was thinking of the day ahead. I walked up the stairs and got into my bed and fell fast asleep. The new day had arrived and the sun was beaming in my eyes. I got dressed and went to alter serve at mass.

it on the handle, so I did. As I done it my hand had sparkles appearing out of them. This was very weird. The door opened and I got a shock. I entered this door and inside the door was a big grand staircase witch looked quite familiar.

After mass I decided to go and play with my friend named Ethan . So I sped off in my new scooter I had got for Christmas. So I knocked on the door and he came out to play. We went to my garden to play because it was more spacious and it had a trampoline. We sat down on my trampoline and we started to get a we bit silly. Me and Ethan began to say very silly words and suddenly we heard a weird sound. We tried to discuss what it could’ve been. Finally we came up with a plan. We had to split up and search for any mysterious clues on what the sound was.

I knew where this was from. I was in the RMS Titanic. The banister had lovely red roses hanging from the top. I walked quietly up the Grand Staircase and at the top was an excellent laid out dining room with blue table cloth smothered over the table. As I was walking u the next set of stairs I had heard an enormous bang. I was wondering where the bang had came from so I went to the top deck to see if any damage had been done.

Ethan looked over at the flowers and I looked over at the trees. Out of the blue we heard the weird noise again and this time as I said the silly words again it created a path. What could be down this path. What mysteries can I come across. As I looked at the path it made me more curious to go down it. I crept down the path and at the end of this path I spotted a door. This wasn’t any ordinary door. This door had said DO NOT ENTER. Those words made me super curious to open this door. My mind told my hand to place

walking through the rain forest I saw an unusual funny looking tree with big long branches. As I approached the tree the leaves began to disappear and it began to pour down rain. The leaves disappeared and the same door I had walked through to get there was standing there right on front of my eyes. Meanwhile I opened the door and it took a while to get back but I landed in my garden and I must have been away for a long time because it was night time and Ethan wasn’t there and my mum and dad were in bed sleeping. In conclusion I had a great experience and I really enjoyed that day even though I really badly hurt my neck and foot.

When I reached the top deck had seen a big and huge iceberg sitting on front of the ship. I was terrified and I was thinking what could’ve happened next. I ran up and down the cabins trying to find an exit but suddenly I found a crack in the ship. I ran to the top deck and dived into the water and swam to a lifeboat. This lifeboat was number eighteen. Everyone in the lifeboat was working to get to shore but I just been quiet and curled up In a ball at the corner of the lifeboat. I finally spotted shore so I dived in the water and swam to shore. I was at shore and I must’ve been in Ney York or something. I had a soar leg and my neck was killing me. I was in a rain forest full of trees and I thought I was lost. As I was


dear diary Dear Diary

19th April 2015

You won’t believe what I did today .It started when Chloe and Zoe ,the meanest bullies ever (if you could measure their meanness on a scale of one to ten they would be eleven of the scale). Anyway they were running after me because I’d said I’d tell on them ( Big mistake ) I found an old door that I’d never seen before .I thought it was an old shed, it didn’t look very safe but then it was the only option I had, so I opened the door and hid inside .I turned around expecting to see old tools but instead I saw I was standing on a cliff made out of shiny purple stones. There was a very unsafe looking rope bridge leading to the other side. I stood still not knowing what to do when a voice said “Go on then! What are you waiting for, a green light?” I turned around to see an ugly, green, thing. “What are you?” I said. He told me that he was a goblin. When he told me this I felt really scared because I had never seen one before. So feeling a bit guilty because I had just got here, I ran out the door. But then remembered about Chloe and Zoe. I looked around for somewhere else to hide. Dear Diary

22nd April 2015

I went back to the door and seen the goblin again. Turned out he wasn’t mean like Chloe and Zoe but he was really nice. He didn’t get many visitors so he was really happy when I came. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was just hiding from Chloe and Zoe .He told me that I was his best friend I said he was mine too but really he was my only friend .I didn’t really fit in at school and Chloe and Zoe didn’t make it any easier for me . They told rumours about me so no one would want to make friends with me. I am so happy now that I came across that door. Dear Diary

24th April 2015

I have been spending a lot of time with Barry (that’s his name ) He loves it when I tell stories. I tell him stories about fairies and magical doors (kind of like


the one I found Barry and the other goblins in) and princesses who have fallen asleep for 100 years and brave princes who fight dragons. He likes all of my stories in a different way ( it’s strange because I’ve never really been good at story writing at school) Every time I finish one story he begs me to tell him another. Dear Diary

25th April 2015

I got a huge surprise today. When I came to visit Barry all the goblins were there wanting to hear me tell stories. When I had finished they all voted me queen of the goblins. Fancy that, me out of all people they choose me! It’s amazing! I cant believe it , even now that im writing it. I will be so busy being queen and telling stories I might not even have time to write in this diary


Last Wednesday I headed to the beach for the fourth time this week. But this time it was a whole different experience. I was going to the beach because it was roasting. I went with my cousin Claire, my sister rose. Oh and I also went with my parents. I was setting out my stuff and putting on my chocker. Then my mum told me to go and get us some smoothies from the beach bar. At this time I was in crutches and they got stuck in a bucket of wet sand. I fell over a beautiful sand castle and I was groaning in pain, although when I opened my eyes I saw a small door. There was a huge sign over it saying DO NOT ENTER Obviously I ignored it; I had a green knob and tiny silver post box. Of course it had two lovely looking toadstools. It was a lovely looking shade of yellow. I felt brave and also qute adventurous. I really was confused

and I didn’t know whether or not to enter. It was tempting. I sat there for ten minutes with millions of questions and answers jumping round my head. My mum must of thought I got lost because she came running over, helped me up and starded mumbling. Then she went and got us smoothies. When I finally built up the courage to open it, I slowly turned the handle …….. Before I got time to get excited something pulled me in before I got time to get excited. I was in a room with no furniture and it was white all around me. I then saw another door and this time it was even smaller than the last one and I noticed that I could fit through . Now I was feeling home sick and tired. Now I was up on the clouds. I walked round and then I saw a big yellow button. I was too afraid to pursh it incase I fell through the clouds. I purshed it and nothing happened but then


One normal day my friend and I were playing in a big field. We were playing a game of donkey. As the ball bounced on the ground we heard a big noise. We ran out of the field. Then we heard the strange noise again. It was getting dark so I left my friend john home. I had to walk home on my own. It was so dark I couldn’t even see my feet. I woke up in the morning and straight away went to call for john. We went straight to the field. As we went into the field we heard the big noise again. We didn’t want to go over but we just had to. When we went to it there was a rope bridge. At the other side of it there was a colourful bridge. We opened it and there were lots of dinosaurs. We had been back in time a couple of million

a yellow fairy came over and said fries. Then it started raining fries. I asked her a few questions. 1 why was everything yellow and she said it represented the fairy colour, 2 what her name was and she said it was Emma. She also said there was 4 other fairies and their names were Cadhla, Clodagh, Saoirse and Cara. The last one was how many others and she had already answered that. I saw one of the other fairies and she was called cara. Emma told me Cara was actually nicknamed crazy cara and that explained why her dress said crazy all over it. I told her I better go because I was there for 5 days. She gave me a stick and I banged it against the clouds and I was threw onto the sand. It had actually only been 5 minutes and my mum was coming back with the smoothies. I limped away and suddenly disapeared………. I had a great orange sherbet smoothie.

years ago. We played with the dinosaurs. They all were talking to us. There was a big massive one that took us to the other side of the river. It took us back to the place where we started at. We did not know were the door was but then we found where it was. When we went to the field it was dark the both of us ran home. Our mums where looking everywhere for us.


THE MAGIC & MYSTERIOUS DOOR It started off as a normal day. I got out of bed got dressed and went off to school. After school I was walking home taking a shortcut that no-one else takes so I go on it to get some peace.

When I was walking home I fell and hurt my foot. I got back up I saw a person who helped m walk back home. I asked him what his name was and he said John. He also said that he was elven years old. The next day I saw him we spotted a door but we thought that it was just the tree. We squinted to see if we were seeing things but we still saw a door and I was thinking how I never saw this before. I was so scared I did not want to open it. So I said ‘open it’ ‘Ok’ said john. He was about to open it until he saw a sign saying in capitals STOP DO NOT ENTER. ‘Are you scared?’ I asked but he said no so he opened it very slowly. When he opened it he said what is this. I did not answer because I did not know either. I saw a mansion that looked creepy but I said it will shelter us and keep us warm. We went over but while we were going john told me of his lost sister called Jane. When we went in

the mansion we saw a thing that looked like a statue. We ran over to it and it turned around. I fell down in shock. John was so happy that I was surprised. He was shouting JANE and the lady said ‘yes,’ I said ‘it can’t be.’ The girl walked over to John and said ‘hello again.’ He was so loud he made me fall to the ground and hurt my foot again. He said sorry and I said that it was ok because he was just so happy to be reunited with his lost sister after so many years. Jane said that she had found a door hidden in a tree but then I interrupted her saying that’s how I got here. I said ‘john remember when we didn’t understand what was in the door. ‘yes?’ said john.. ‘well I seen a door that I thought was the exit so should we go now?’ ‘YES!’ they shouted. When we were about to go Jane said can we take something to remember this. I said yes and then we went to the exit. I seen an obstacle and it was like parkour. After that I seen the exit ad I jumped through. I did not see anything but the forest I found the door and john and jane were so happy they ran off after they said bye. I shouted bye and went to my own home.I was so happy that I started playing my computer but when I logged in I fell asleep.

twinkle in the night Walking home from boring school I wish I was at the pool It would be way better if I was at home Because I`m alone It`s really windy I got a fright Then out of nowhere I see a light I see a window and a door Then there`s a fairy that looks very poor I see a twinkle in the night Then I shrink out of sight I look up and seem weird I get pulled in a hut with a beard I thought it was a beard but it was a dress


What could this be? Give me a rest!!!!!! I turn around and see a fairy It was going crraazzzy Next I see one with loads of goo Then another throwing up in the loo Another one shouting about On the other hand ones cooking trout One`s a mother I feel sorry for her So I just asked if she wanted help she said sure! I became a nanny And a part of this family They said goodbye I don`t know why I`m feeling bad Leaving is sad

All of a sudden I woke up Then I was so gutted I screamed and shutted up I woke up the next morning and saw a door Then I saw a little fairy soor It was the real deal That I know that it was real!!!!!! I went over and did a little knock Then I heard a tiny voice saying its blocked They said I`m real you have to know that For safe keeping they gave me a cat They gave me a kiss and a hug Then the said tomorrow I`ll have a bug

magical journey Through THE DOOR One day in a little girl’s bedroom there lived a little girl called Lauren and she had beautiful long blonde hair. She had blue eyes. She was in her room playing on her phone. Then there was a knock on her door and it was her best friend Saoirse. Saoirse had long brown hair and a short fringe. She was also very adventurous. Saoirse was Laurens best friend and because of their great friendship they both wore a friendship necklace. They were just playing a game on their phone’s and then like a sudden strike of lightning a door appeared out of nowhere. This was not any old door it was a magic door and better yet it was made out of rainbow slime and the knob was made of haribos. The girls couldn’t believe their eyes. Then Saoirse said excitedly “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.” Saoirse was about to open the door when Lauren said “ Wait.” She ran to her desk grabbed a pen and paper and wrote a note it read I’ll be back soon mum.

CURSED. The listened to Clodagh’s advice and then went and played together. By the time they had to go they were all great friends, including Clodagh. Then they finally found the door to go home the all said goodbye and then the girls opened the door and stepped in. Then the door closed itself, then started to shake and then the door opened and they weren’t back in Lauren’s bedroom they were at the NORTH POLE. They were excited but also scared to what might happen them. They could see Santa’s sleigh and better yet Santa. He noticed them and asked them how they got here and why they were here. They told him all about slime world. Then Santa offered them a tour of the north pole and then he brought them home. And that was Lauren and Saoirse’s magical journey through the door.


They held hands, opened the door together and jumped in. The door closed itself and then they started to shake. Finally the shaking stopped and then the door opened and they couldn’t believe their eyes. They must have been in the land of slime. The flowers were made of slime, the trees were made of slime and everything around them was slime. So that’s why the door was made of slime. Then out of nowhere the door disappeared and there stood a little girl and her name was Clodagh. She was wearing a pink jacket with green slime on it. She had long blonde hair with pink stokes. Clodagh said that she would be the girl’s tour guide through this magical, slimy world. She warned the girls about the slime queen. She can kill you, turn you into on of her many servants and turn you into a glob of slime. They saw a gigantic slime castle. That’s where the slime queen lives. The girls asked Clodagh could the go and play in the slime and she said okay but Clodagh warned them that the slime might be


the magical dreamworld It was the 18th of March when my parents divorced, right in front of me and my brothers, Matt and Sam, we were devastated, so much that we ran away. We sprinted without stopping. Tears trickling down our cheeks. It was a terrible night, thunder and lightning was zapping down on the soaking grass and rain descended violently from the sky. Now coming to think of it running into a forest full of trees was a bad idea in a storm, but we were lucky to survive.

fired from his job because he kept taking ‘off days’ to see them and he had none left. This caused us to lose a lot of money, then Mum and Dad were always fighting and eventually they divorced. It was very sad, but our discover changed EVERYTHING.

in it. It was as bare as a fruit tree in Winter. I stepped in the room and wondered how this place was built. It was too big to be built by regular humans, maybe it was built by wizards or witches, those were my thoughts then.

……….The log Matt tripped on was surprisingly well carved, but it was old and dusty. I used the tip of my sleeve to wipe of the dust and on the log, were the words 24K MAGIC LANE

Anyways back to the story. We had been running for ages when Matt stumbled upon a log. That’s when we found it……….

I moved the log over a bit and it revealed a big hole, because Sam is the smallest he went in the burrow first. Then Matt went down and finally I went down. The burrow was full of old cobwebs and mould, the planks on the floor were creaky and fragile, nails were sticking out of every nook and cranny on the floor. The place had an eerie aroma emitting from it.

Suddenly a massive piece of chicken appeared out of nowhere and made us all jolt. We were speechless, both amazed and afraid. Matt said that he was just thinking of something to eat. I tried thinking of something of else, like a football, then a giant football appeared, at this moment I think we made the best discovery ever, but we vowed not to tell anyone because if everybody knew it would cause World War III

I’m guessing you’re a bit confused as to who me and my brothers are, so here is a bit of information about ourselves. My name is Emmet, I am 11 years old and I am the oldest out of my brothers, Matt is the middle and Sam is the youngest. My hair is a brownish black colour and my brother’s hairs are the same as mine. I am 148 cm tall, Matt is 132 cm tall and Sam is the smallest at 127 cm tall. So that is some information on our appearances and ages, so now here is some information on our backstory. We always used to be a happy family before but it all came crashing down when Dad’s parents came down with a very serious illness call Cancer, this made Dad stressed and depressed, he also got


Sam was examining the room when he found a big metal handle, he wiped the dust off around the handle and it unravelled a vast, rusty door. He pulled the handle and it exposed a colossal white room with nothing

We decided to make a gigantic ‘holiday-place’ that we could go to during the Summer and Winter breaks, so we laboured using the power of our minds, until something really bad happened. Two really big versions of our parents appeared and there was a repeating scene of our parents divorcing. It seemed this apparition was coming from Sam’s mind, I thought this because he was crying and he was probably the most hurt from the divorce because he was the youngest. Then I think he let all of his fears out because killer clowns, ghosts

and darkness started flooding the room, this was bad, and what made it worse was, they were all super-sized. First I dreamed up a big light to get rid of the darkness, and then I conjured up a huge strip of sharp pins to burst the tyres on the clown’s unicycles. Finally I imagined one of those blasters from Ghostbusters (but in my size of course) to evaporate the ghosts and save the day. Matt stared in awe while I singlehandedly beat a whole army of ghosts and clowns, in the dark.

After all that commotion Matt and I started rebuilding the ‘holiday world’ while Sam rested in a luxurious silk bed. Eventually we finished the ‘holiday world, and it was looking very good, then we went back home because our parents must have been worried sick about us, even if they weren’t together.

outside it looked like we were away for a day outside. When we got back home we were delighted to see both of our parents together with our grandparents too.

So we went back through the burrow and through the forest, it seemed like we were only away for an hour in the dreamland but

Moon pool One day 3 girls Cara, Carly and Sophie went in the lovely sunny day for another adventure on the boat out to sea. In the middle of the ocean they ran out of fuel and broken down but luckily, there was an island called Make Island, the girls has never saw this before so they wanted to see what it was. So they used the paddles from the boat to get to the island. Carly suggested phoning our parents but there was no service They walked over a couple of leaves and suddenly there was a door it said “DO NOT ENTERS”. But when it is Carly does what she’s told. She went in and had tumbled down a tunnel she was ok, as soon as she got up the place looked formula. She went up the stairs Carly saw, when she got to the top she found a moon pool she got in and when she got in bubbles started to form. So she got and mates up with Cara and Sophie and went home. The next day Carly took a bath and ten seconds in the water she grew a fish tail, she said, “no this can’t be happening, not now”. She went to the beach for a swim but as soon as she hit the water she had transformed into a mermaid . Carly had swum back to the moon pool and that was her new hang out.


Dear diary, Wednesday 4th 2016.the best day ever my birthday party Aedan, Kieren, Micheal, Jacob and me all went petrol go-karting in Banbridge We were racing then something really good happened. After school I went up to my house until 4o’clock when I walked to school to meet Aedan and because they are both at SGR .We walked to my house and played down my garden because I have a Gaelic net and it turned into a football net .Around 5 o’clock we got on the way to the petrol go-karting. On the way we got kfc for dinner after we got there and the man gived us instructions for how to drive the karts. Then we raced but on our fifth lap something epic happened. I was zooming around past the finnish line and we were in a convoe. Suddenly we saw a door. It said “DO NOT ENTER” We got closer and tried to stop but we couldn’t stop then the door opened and we flew threw it and came out in a dream that I had a couple of days of days ago and it happened we were racing in super cars around a track called poo it was a massive track at the edge of the world. I was racing a bugati veron super sport ereryone else was in a lamboghini huracun lp40 or a farrari 458 special. We went around it 4 times then came to the finish line and turned into motorbikes and went around 4 times and went through the door again and we were back at the petrol go-karting .Then we went home and my cousin had a sleep over at my house and we had a football cake. It was the best day of my life.


underwater world As I walked into school I saw a strange door, It had never been in my school before. I stood and stared, what should I do? Then it creaked and opened and I peered through. Into a tunnel, then over a ridge, Soon before me stood an old stone bridge. Should I cross it? What would I see? , Bang! The magic door slammed behind me. There before me was a strange green lake, My mouth was dry, my legs began to shake. Suddenly I’m falling; it was all a blur, Into the water, a magical underwater world was there.

I couldn’t cry but I felt sad. My friend the mermaid spoke to me, You are sad it is plain to see. To go back home just make a wish, And you will leave your home with the fish. I wished so hard to be free, With a bang and a flash I awoke to see. Daddy, Eimear Liam and mummy, No tail, no fins, I am free I am free!

Blinking and gulping, my eyes began to stare, Swimming before me, a beautiful mermaid was there. It was so amazing I could not believe, Under the water I could breathe. My legs were replaced with a tail so fine, The body of a mermaid suddenly was all mine. I could talk to the fish and dolphins too, The world of mermaids was so cool. There was a castle made of shells, Sharks guarded the entrance so well. Multi-coloured fish so beautiful to see, Darted quickly all around me. I could swim like a dolphin and move so fast, I had almost forgotten about my past. Around the rocks through the weeds, Flipping, diving and swimming at great speed. Time passed quickly this was such fun, But with a tail I could no longer run. I thought of my mum, my sister and my dad,


four doors One bright, glowing day I was walking home from my dreadful school when I decided to go through the park. A few minutes later I tripped over a tiny rock and fell on the wet, soggy grass and saw a tiny door in a discoloured tree. I quickly got up and walked towards the tree. I knelt down very low to see the door fully. I opened the door and I got sucked in. It took about one minute for me to hit the ground. I looked ahead to see four scratched doors. The first door opened by itself. I walked in but a there was sudden tingly pain in my throat from screaming outside in school, but I walked in anyway. The room was the scene of a dreadful Viking battle. I tried to scream but I couldn’t. So I quickly ran out of the battle. I thought that the door must have sucked me into there to help me with my history exam. The second door opened so I gracefully walked in and the room was covered with swords on the wall. Then out of nowhere a tall, strong Roman appeared and started chasing me with his frightening sword so I sprinted out of the room. The third door opened slowly but when it opened


I saw sunny Egypt. I looked around and saw Egyptians and tall pyramids. I carefully walked around because I didn’t want sand in my shoes. Then a weird pyramid called my name so I went in. The exit door was there so I sprinted towards it. The fourth and final door opened and it filled with slimy skinned dragons and dinosaurs having a brilliant battle. There was smoky fire, burnt grass and dead, discoloured trees. So I ran out before I got burnt. I looked around. I saw that I went through all the doors but one, the exit so I went through. I climbed, out of breath, out of the tree. Everyone was looking at me weirdly because I was trying to get out of the tree but I didn’t care. At least I wasn’t in the tree and I was safely home.

mysterious door - bbc news Hello, I’m Finbar from BBC News. Our main story tonight is about a mysterious door. I’m here at Oxford Forest and it seems that this door used to belong to a big mansion, lived in by an old lady called Mrs Jenkins. However she said that her house was knocked down many years ago.

a mushroom and I and everyone here can tell you that it’s not pretty. Also do not go near the Brazilian spider or you will die very very slowly.

We went in and explored with police, Mr Philips and Mrs Jenkins and it seems to be Mrs Jenkins house. It looks as good as new, like someone has been cleaning The man to discover this mysterious door was a it for years. hunter called Mr Philips. He talked to us about when Well this is BBC’s main story; I’m Finbar Mallon and he stumbled across the door and said that a monster goodnight. Back to you at the studio. jumped at him but he caught a glimpse of a giant house when the door was open. Also Mrs Jenkins wants to give us all a warning about when we are near the house to not pick a mushroom or you could vomit a lot and could also give you the runs. One daredevil has tried this out and ate

Wonderland Through the wonder land door!!!! Through the wonder land door Through the wonder land Come on in there is more to explore When you walk in there is a lot of fun The big bright world is wrapped in sun You will see puppy dogs flying about And also you will see a fluffy pig without a snout White rabbits playing the violin PERFECTION, PERFECTION PUT IT UP TO YOUR CHIN!!!!

We have a lot of animals that are pink and fluffy We have a troll he is black and scruffy We have a lot of pretty things What about you could give us some bling Through the magic door A wonderful magic world to explore

You’ll wear a sparkle in your eyes When you open your eyes there will be a surprise When you open up you will find enchanted treasure Oh my goodness I can feel the pleasure Now wonder land is magic Nothing happens it’s not tragic When you see this wonder land door You want to walk in and see more and more


NEWs REPORT Hello, this is Mary McGowen at the 6:30 news, reporting from Lurgan. Yesterday at 3:47pm a ‘magic’ door was found at Oxford Island. When people started to crowds around to observe it, it disappeared. Scientists called in before it disappeared were lucky enough to get some photos. They are baffled at why the door suddenly disappeared. The door had mushrooms growing outside it. A small toddler called Jacob touched them; he is currently in A & E. The door was rediscovered at 7:19pm and scientists managed to capture it and bring it to the lab where they will study it. While the scientists were probing it, a magical being came out. She introduced herself as Una Corn. Una said she was a shape-shifter and meant no harm. Scientists were very startled but decided to send someone through the door. They called a stuntman called Peter Rundal to go in. He reluctantly said yes. He went in at 9.23am. He spent 1 hour and 35 minutes inside. When Peter came out he was asked what was on the other side. He said it was ‘Candy Land’.

He was made to go in again to see if anyone lives there. He came back 2 hours and 16 minutes later and said yes, there’s a village. He went back in again and wished he was at home. He found himself at home. He quickly wished he was back at the lab and he was. Scientists could not explain this but Una Corn could. She said it was magic. Then Peter went back in and found a dead body. Scientists think Una is a murderer and challenged her to explain herself. Over to John to interview Una. Thank you Mary. Una, why was there a dead body in there? Well, my mother died and she didn’t like the idea of being buried so I don’t know what to do with her. I’m going back to Candy Land. Goodbye! And goodbye from me too. Have a good night and thank you for watching.

One dreadful morning One dreadful morning I got out of bed and was searching in my old, rotting away attic for stuff to sell. There were mice everywhere, chattering their teeth at me as if to eat me. I saw a mysterious door lying on the ground. I had never seen it before. The door was a pasty brown and scratched and looked centuries old. It was ugly too. I wanted to shout ‘Dad!’ but I didn’t. I just stared at it. I was a bit scared but I opened it anyway. It was taking me somewhere. This door took me into another world. I could hear a high pitched, evil laugh but I couldn’t see who it was. Then I saw it was a woman dressed in nothing but black. She looked very old. She continued laughing and with a flick of a finger she shot me up a wall and chained me in then left. I must have been chained there for hours. Then I saw fire and a dragon appeared. At this stage I thought I was dreaming. But I wasn’t.


This dragon was chained up just like me. I could see it trying to get free and it was a sickly brown colour. It broke off its chains then my chains too. When the old woman returned she was in shock that I and the dragon were free. I knew the dragon hated the old woman too as it started to fight her. The fight finally ended as the dragon finished off the old woman. We left to find the door but I couldn’t. I was getting really worried but I finally found the door and we escaped that terrible place.

THE MISSING MAN Just a normal day, floating clouds making lovely shapes in the light blue sky. But I was sent up to the attic to get a book. As soon as I got up to the attic there was a red, crooked door just left neglected and rotting. I thought it was just an old Christmas decoration but it really wasn’t. It had a signature on it. It was the name of the past owner of this old home, Alfred Jankinson, who disappeared in this very attic. No-one knows how it happened but it wasn’t normal for a man to just disappear out of nowhere.

He told them to take me out and we left. When we got out of the island and back to the attic Alfred asked “What happened to my house?” So I told him that his wife moved out because she thought that Alfred had died. I told him that my family and I bought the house and that his wife moved out to a cottage in the country. So we took the axe and destroyed the door so no one else would disappear into the island.

I thought it might have been magic but no-one else thought that .The door that he’d made looked like it was made of dark redwood with silver for the handle but it was revoltingly dirty and covered in moss. So I decided to open it, but to my surprise an island appeared through the door and I nearly fainted. So looked behind but nothing was there. I looked in front again and I could still see the island so I went through the door and it closed shut behind me so there was no turning back. I walked slowly around the island and found a strange camp and they had a leader named Alfred Jankinson. To my surprise that was the man who went missing. I went up to him and tried speaking to him but his tribe caged me so I shouted to Alfred “I know how to get us home!”


THE MAGIC DOOR MYSTERY Where will this so called “door” appear next? On Monday 27th of March 2017, a variety of staff from St. Francis Primary School discovered a “Magic Door” in the corridor….

Lots of primary 6 children report seeing this door on the stairs and have tried to open it but couldn’t because it was mysteriously locked…

We interviewed Gina, the school librarian, because outside of her library is where the door first appeared. Gina reported: “I just caught sight of it at the corner of my eye and shouted wow!”

The door soon moved to the woodland and pupils and staff from St Francis Primary School told us that they think that the door is now resting in the woodland. The person who found the door in the woodland was Tommy and Tommy stated: ”I was in such a shock when I saw it!“

The next place the door appeared was Mr Mc Morrow’s office. Mr McMorrow announced: “I was just doing some paperwork when I saw the door. I was so surprised.”

Even today pupils and staff report that they are currently investigating the “Magic Door.”

[Mr Mc Morrow shivered.] Mrs Lavery’s class was it’s next destination.. It was discovered by Mary the cleaner. Eve Heaney from Mrs Lavery’s class has been interviewed and replied: “I was sitting in the classroom and didn’t see a thing. I can’t believe it !”


The Magic Door in the woodland area

MYSTERIOUS MAGICAL DOOR On Friday 30th March, a mysterious blue door appeared in the woodland in St Francis Primary School. This mysterious door came from St Ronans the whole way to St Francis Primary School. The first place this door went was Miss McGrann’s Library and Miss McGrann said, “I don't know where it came from, I just was about to lock up the library when I saw the little blue door, I thought someone made it so I left it there and the next day it was gone.” Then the next day it was at Mr McMarrow ’s office, He told us,” I was just working then I had to go somewhere then at the corner of my eye I saw something blue so I looked to see what it was it was a small blue door with some pictures on it.”

Tommy is confused by where it came from

The following day P3 children found the door under the P7 and P4 staircase. One P3 boy said,” We don't know where it came from ,we just found it under here.” The next day Mary the cleaner found it in Mrs Lavery’s class room and she said ”I just walked in to clean more and it was in here. I don't know how it got here it got here it was not in here when I was brushing.” Lastly, Tommy the caretaker found it the next day in the woodland. He reported, “I was coming to see the birds when I saw something blue but I thought it was a bird so I went closer and there was a tiny door.” Where do you think it will go next? We’ll maybe find out in next week’s edition .



There has been a wonderful discovery of an assumed magical door in the amazing St Francis P.S Lurgan! RECENTLY, there has been a jaw-dropping discovery of a wondrous door in various destinations about the school. Our fantastic P3’S have spotted it in the oddest of places including the woodland, Mr Mc Morrow’s office, Mrs Lavery classroom and even at the bottom ofa rainbow! Well… a painted rainbow! Meanwhile, this mysterious blue door has been appearing in a selection of work spaces including Mrs Lavery’s classroom! Is this why stationery have been missing? We interviewed the caretaker to find out!


freezing Monday morning, I came into the classroom and it was like an iceberg had been planted here overnight! Not only that a magic sky-blue fairy door! I ventured over to see if Tinker Belle had really answered my prayers to bring me to Neverland! I opened the door to see a slight sparkle and a Smurf and BANG! It closed immediately…’ says the cleaner. This door could be a lovely, dreamy life-long discovery or could be filled with our worst mares of all time… For more information visit :

St. Patrick’s P.S. News MAGICAL MYSTERY DOOR IN ST. PATRICK’S P.S. On Tuesday 4th April, 2017 St. Patrick’s Primary School reported a mysterious green door,-said to be a fairy door-outside their computer room. Nobody knows why it is there or what it is there for. Our strange events reporter, Lilly Forge went to St. Patrick’s Primary School to find out more.

On Tuesday 4th April, 2017, Rebecca Hamill and Jessica Blaney were on their way to the computer room to get an ipad to film the P7’s award-winning violin performance. When the girls came out at around 9.45, they saw the mysterious green door which was 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Once they saw the door they were both shocked and surprised, they both ran to Mrs. Magennis who was watching the P7’s practicing their violin performance. Jessica and Rebecca told Mrs. Magennis but she thought that they were just being silly

and pulling a late April Fool on her. After the violin practice Jessica and Rebecca showed Mrs. Magennis and the P7 class the mysterious door. When interviewed the principal, Mrs. McGrath was shocked and surprised. She had to ask the school’s secretary, Bernie, if there had been any workmen in school doing any school repairs, which there wasn’t. The door didn’t do anything else mysterious the rest of the day. On Wednesday 5th April, 2017 the pupils of St. Patrick’s Primary School came back to find that the magical door had disappeared and had been replaced with a pile of glitter. From the pile there was a trail of glitter leading to the playground. The pupils in primary 7 were thinking that the magical creature living inside the door was taking its toll on the p.7 teacher Mrs. Magennis because on Wednesday she forgot her phone, lunch and she wore her P.E. gear on the wrong day. At break time the pupils rushed out into the playground to find that the door

had moved to the infant’s playground. When interviewed Erin Crawford– a primary 7 pupil– said “It is all fake it is just to make people have an imagination to write a good story! I personally think it is ridiculous!” If you have any further information on this mysterious door please contact our information desk or St. Patrick’s Primary School, Magheralin at 056 321 69826.

The Magical Door


St. Patrick’s P.S. News Knock Knock Who’s There? In St.Patrick’s pri-

mary school there

has been a strange sighting of a small door beside the computer room. Nobody knows who put it there but most people think that it is a fairy door. Two primary 7 pupils [Rebecca and Jessica] were the first people to see it. They saw it while they were getting an ipad for Mrs. Magennis to video the p.7 violin perforAs soon mance . as they saw it they told Mrs Magennis as quick as possible but she didn’t believe them and thought they were playing a


trick on her. On Wednesday 5th April everybody thought that it had disappeared until it was found in the infant’s playground and in it’s previous place there was a trail of glitter leading outside. The p.7’s all thought it would be a good idea to interview all of the staff. Two of the p.7’s [Rory and Caolan] interviewed Jacqueline and asked her a variety of questions one of them was, ”Who do you think put it there?” Jaquline’s answer was, “I’m not sure but I think it might have been faries.” Later on that day Mrs.Corbett was interviewed and she said that she had received an envelope from Olenka Bell that was cov-

ered in glitter. Mrs.Canavan was also interviewed and she said that the p2/3’s were learning about the Spell Hound which is a magical creature that appears out of nowhere. Miss Oliver thought that leprechauns were behind the door. If you can help us solve the mystery of the small door please contact us as soon as possible.

A picture of the mysterious door

St. Patrick’s P.S. News

On Tuesday 4th April an obscure, green door designed like a fairy door was reported to be seen just outside the computer room in St. Patrick’s P.S. Magheralin. Everyone in the school is shocked, amazed and traumatized. No one knows why or when it came here. The strange, green door was found by P.7 pupils Rebecca Hamil and Jessica Blaney while collecting the ipads. This was around 9.45am and they heard and saw nothing suspicious. Right beside them in the computer room was Ann with three P.4s. They sprinted straight back to Mrs Magennis the P.7 teacher but she didn’t believe them and thought that they were joking. Rebecca and Jessica were disheartened by this and immediately brought her to see the door. She was baffled to how it got there. Jessica said when she was interviewed that she thought that the Easter bunny was behind it. Many others also think this . Others think that the school has been talent-spotted and fairies want to come and see us. However, what is actually behind the door is yet to be revealed.

Everyone thought that the fairy door wasn’t going to do anything else but the next day, which was Wednesday, they were proved wrong as the sup-

posedly unearthly door was moved inside the infant playground! There was also explosions of glitter everywhere! Sophie Blaney and Emily Gibson in P.7 noticed this when they came in at about 9.00am. They were surprised and in shock. Katie in P.7 said it was extremely suspicious and she hoped nothing serious would happen next. More effects of this fairy door as it’s being called is that Mrs Magennis forgot her purse, lunch, phone and wore her P.E. uniform on the wrong day. Are there more of these strange events to come? The door appeared unarmed and in full working condition. Everyone is still confused and stunned as to why this mysterious door is here. After that Rose Crawley, our strange events reporter interviewed Grace Heaney who was in the computer room when the incident happened. She noticed the door coming into the computer room at about 9.00am. She also claimed that the only other people in the room were Albie, Emma and Ann. She also reported that she thinks that it’s for the Easter bunny and the Easter bunny’s helpers to make Easter eggs. Grace also commented that they were doing a topic on the Spellhound. Could this

Of drawn the fairy door here? Not everyone thinks it’s magical though. Some pupils think it’s fake and it’s just there for a joke. Are they right? The fairy door is still here after five days and nothing has changed. The school is still completely flabbergasted to why this door is here. If you know anything please call the school office at 089321 56750. Whether this door is mystical or real is yet to be detirmened.



St. Patrick’s P.S. News Fairy Magic On Tuesday 4th April , a mysterious door appeared in St. Patrick’s primary school, outside the computer room. The most frequent questions are: how did it get there and what is it doing there? The first people to spot the door where P.7 pupils, Rebecca Hamill and Jessica Blaney. They were on their way to get an ipad to video the P.7 class playing violin. When interviewed, they said, that they thought it was a fairy door and that it was magic. The next day, on


Wednesday 5th April the door disappeared to be replaced with a pile of glitter, that some people are describing as fairy dust. The door was then discovered outside in the playground at playtime.

any details about the door but everyone has agreed it is mysterious and puzzling. Some people are even calling it magic. Will we ever know the truth?

If you have any information about Emma Stewart was the door please conone of the first people tact us at: to spot the door. When 07802674507 interviewed she said she spotted the door on Tuesday 4th April at around 9 0’clock. She thinks Easter bunnies live inside and at first glance she thought it was dangerous because it had a caution sign on it. The magic door Nobody is certain of

St. Patrick’s P.S. News FANTASTIC FAIRIES Recently a mysterious green door was found outside the computer room in St.Patricks P.S. Teachers are baffled by its appearance. Everyone is full of both questions and suspicion. On Tuesday the 4th of April 2017 the pupils of St.Patricks P.S. noticed a green door with a red handle outside the computer room. The first people to find the door, Rebecca Hamil and Jessica Blaney, were collecting an Ipad to video the violin performance (read about this on page 47) from the computer room and on their way out spotted the door. They immediately reported it to Mrs G.Magennis, the P.7. teacher, who thought it was a prank.

On Wednesday the 5th of April students were surprised to see the door had vanished and in its place a trail of glitter leading to the playground. Many people believed it had gone for good but to their amazement it was on the wall in the infants playground. This caused a lot f excitement and astonished the teachers. On Thursday the 6th of April in assembly ,P.2. student Lorcan Hoy, complained “ The door is fake! It fell off the wall,” some thought he was lying some thought he spoke the truth. Garrett Cowan a P.7 student stated,“ Karl and I found it lying face down with white tack stuck on each corner.” Since then the door hasn’t moved and many questions are yet to be answered.

If you know anything to help us with this mystery please call us onNo:1530620297

The Fairy door that appeared at St. Patrick’s P.S. Magheralin


Willy Wonka’s Candy Land Breaking news has come in from Carrick Primary School in Lurgan. On Monday all pupils arrived at school as usual. Everything appeared to be normal but some eagle-eyed children felt something was different. Eye witness, Jamie reported, “I arrived in school at the normal time and headed to the playground. I couldn’t put my finger on it but something felt strange.” It was only when the bell rang that the pupils realised what was different. A confused Primary Seven pupil, Caitlin stated “When the bell rings we line up and our teachers come to the playground to collect us. However, this time we stood in our line for ages and no one came!” The children were shocked to find that their teachers were nowhere to be seen. Many then realised that the uneasy feeling they experienced as they came in to school was due to the lack of adults altogether. Other pupils said that something like that had never happened before and no one really knew what to do. We have been informed that another Primary Seven pupil, Ellie, went off in search of the missing teachers. She tried the staffroom and was amazed at what she found.


Ellie reported, “I looked into the staffroom and there was a big red door. This was just like the ones in our school but it was simply standing there right in the middle of the room.” When asked what she did, she was able to describe going timidly up to the door and pulling on the handle. As it opened she saw what could only be described as Willy Wonka’s Candy Land. Cautiously she stepped inside and looked around. Ellie couldn’t believe it when she spotted all of Carrick’s staff happily swimming around in what looked like some sort of chocolate river! The staff have all been recovered and the police are investigating the appearance of the door. Staff members are reportedly keen to keep the door in the staff room so that they can access it when they have a sugar-low. Surprisingly, the children are not so keen to have an adult-free school again!

What’s behind the magic door What’s behind the magic door? Maybe a wet floor, Or a magic world, Maybe that’s behind the magic door. What’s behind the magic door? It says ‘Danger’…. So maybe there’s a stranger, Maybe that’s behind the magic door. What’s behind the magic door? Maybe creatures small and tall, Or nothing just a plain wall, Who knows what’s behind the magic door. What’s behind the magic door? Maybe fairies or elves that want to play, Or evil witches and goblins, That will turn you into a frog for a day, Do you know what’s behind the magic door? Well I don’t know, So I’ll have to find out, So here I go, Just open the door and then I saw, Something no one ever saw. There were sweets and lots of happiness, I met I friend named Ed, We played all day and night, Sadly, when the sun rose up, I had to go so I opened the door, ZOOM… to my world I came, So now I know what’s behind the magic door. Then I closed the door and they disappeared, My mum came in, “time for bed” she said, So I cuddled up in my blanket and fell asleep, I dreamed about the magic door and to be honest, If I where you I would go on that adventure too!!!




The old creaky door I woke up today with a smile on my face I couldn’t wait to see my friends I walked in through those green gates We played games, gymnastics and bends I walked up the stairs And to my surprise I saw a little brown door That looked like it had eyes It sat outside our classroom Just outside our door And every once and then We heard a long snore At the end of the day When everyone was gone I decided to knock to To see what I would come upon

Then she started humming a lulliby She held my hand firmly I felt her soft skin Possibly an angel I hope so within “I am Ada.” She said softly “I am sorry but you have to leave” “Why?” I whispered “Because if our emperor finds out there is a human I will have to pay a terrible deed” “What is this place?” I said curiously “This is Elf Land, the only Elf Land to be!”

I knocked and knocked Is someone there? But next thing I felt was a tug on my hair I saw different colours, shapes and people Then what flew past me was a horse in a stable! My head is soo dizzy I’ve been caught in a twirl My stomach is in knot’s And I feel like I’m going to hurl I landed on my face On a soft fluffy mat Then I looked up and saw a rat! I screamed for my life then I heard a soft hush I turned myself around And I saw an elf watering her bush She looked very young She looked very smart And she had a collection of beautiful art She said,’Do not worry.’ Then she smiled


Things are not what they seem It was a dull, dark and dreary Wednesday afternoon it was raining cats and dogs and our conversation topic was in maths did you get 2x or 2xx, our day got could not get any more boring, or so we thought, but we were wrong so wrong. As we came down the hill and entered the sacred heart building there was a doubt at the back of my mind, a single doubt, telling me to beware of the blue nun. I quickly shook it off as we entered the distressed, deteriorated and damp building we called the dungeon. As I walked up the cracked, marbled and creaking tiles I could hear the flutter of giggles and the flitter of laughter, I smelt the sweet scent of our school uniforms, freshly sweetened by the dinner halls unique fragrance. I felt the air suddenly grow colder, the aroma developed into a sickening stench and the flitter, flutter of giggles and laughs had stopped to a halt. As I creped through the crowd and slipped through the school bags I began to imagine the most abominable near future. I was beginning to become more and more inquisitive and intrigued. One more step and I would be looking at it and in one more step I would no longer be intrigued. As I stepped the step that changed my life, I knew in my heart of hearts that it wasn’t going to be something nice, happy or joyful. I knew it wasn’t a good idea. I knew I should’ve turned back. But I was reeled in. I breathed deeply. And stepped, out of the crowd. My eyes slowly opened, like a flower opening its petals on the first spring morning. I guess deep down I was scared, inside I was trembling with fear. I was frightened of the unknown. When I saw it, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I stood like a rigid scarecrow. I tried to be as brave as a lion but instead I cowered away like a mouse. Something then in an instant changed, it’s like something deep down suddenly clicked, my conscious was in control and he was daring me on. Daring me to do it. Daring me to open the door. As I was sucked towards the


door I saw a slit in the door it blinded me with light, I thought that this could be the end I felt like I was looking death in the eyes and he was blinding me, my eyes began to go starry I was looking at a night’s sky and then suddenly nothing. I blinked a few times until my eyes came into focus, I was outside Miss Hamilton’s form room again, I assume I fainted, or so I thought. I knocked the door and went in. To my surprise, it was just a usual lesson I sat down at my usual seat beside Rosie, our class was just as straight, neat and tidy as Rosie’s handwriting even Kate’s candy floss hair had lost its bounce. The scary thing was everyone’s expressions were as blank as a piece of paper but behind everyone’s eyes was absolute fear and nothing but it. I was drawn immediately to the tables there were markings such as S.O.S, HELP ME AND R.I.P, I took no notice though I wish I had of. Miss Hamilton then said aloud in the same librarian tone, “line up.” We were then all marched down to the bottom of the hall way and we then turned right, like a synchronised army, as our regiment marched it seemed to me like the hall was growing smaller, like it was closing in us, like it could swallow us up in one bite. We then marched past a room full of statues, all their beady eyes stared right at us, I felt like they could see through me, it was like I could feel them searching through my soul I could see it in their faces they knew all my secrets and they knew I was scared, so I promptly evacuated that area, but what I came to was worse, a lot worse. It was a door, another dreaded door. I could hear the shuffle of the children’s feet as we came to an abrupt stop, we all knew better than to chat, so a silence ascended on the group. The silence was broken by Miss Hamilton as she announced her rehearsed speech, “we will be back tomorrow to visit my friend the blue nun.” As I heard that I turned on my heels and tried to run the other direction, but I couldn’t get past the clone army but I wished I could’ve, it was like all my nightmares rolled into one!

“Shh!” I heard a faint whisper in my ear spraying me with saliva, “Tomorrow we will all be sacrificed to the blue nun, we have no choice.” “What” I said looking for more answers. “I have said to much already” replied the mystery whisperer. I don’t know what this means but I know you’re my only hope, their coming I must go please don’t ignore me, please listen you’re the only one that can. HELP ME PLEASE! This letter was found in 2016. When a deserted building was renovated, a builder found this letter in a doors letter box, but the door led straight to a wall. Since then, this letter has been typed and sent for scientific examinations, these tests found that the original letters ink dates to 1843 which means this letter was wrote 173 years ago, according to further examinations there has be over 100 letters found worldwide, but what seems to be baffling the scientist is every letter that has ever been found is in children’s handwriting. This means that this letter is not alone, but I’m asking myself is it the last?


The Blue Nun! I had always heard terrible rumours about this old, haunted building that our form room was in, from all the Blue Nun stories to sitting in a triple English class with Miss Hamilton and hearing creepy noises even when there was no one else in the building! Well if you think that’s scary let me tell you a story. It was one dull afternoon as I was walking on the dusty marble floor up to maths I spotted a strange, scary looking door. As I shuffled up closer the door seems to be a mustard colour with a gloomy spider web in the corner but my eyes were almost glued to an eary sign saying KEEP OUT! I dreaded the thought of what was beyond but I also urged to know. As I twisted the ruby red door handle I step inside the door, it is very bright almost too bright, my eyes twitch, when I get my sight back after a few minutes I am astounded by what I see. It is the very person herself, it was the Blue Nun! That was the least of my worries because in the Blue Nun’s arms was a St.Ronans past pupil who had been kidnapped, this is how the Blue Nun story came about. It was one dark, stormy night, Hannah was strolling out from an afterschool activity when the school caretaker heard a scream, he told us he had seen Hannah walk by but when he ran rapidly to see what was going on it was like Hannah had just gone in a puff. The reason we had all speculated that the blue nun had kidnapped Hannah was because that day before we had all heard the news about the blue nun had died, she had never liked us and she had always said she was coming back to haunt us ! I stopped at a halt, I didn’t have time to go off into wonderous daydreams. I shuffled back a little, I was very frightened, mostly because I was alone with no friends. I couldn’t call for help or run back now, the Blue Nun would probably swallow me up. I just stood speechless. I began to get into a frantic panic, my heart raced then suddenly everything went black, I had fainted. What seemed like an eternity later I heard a faint voice in the distance calling my name, at the start I shivered with fear but Hannah told me not to be


scared because she had actually found the door before me and this person I thought was he blue nun was not her at all, it was actually a school cleaner that had found Hannah wondering through this magical door, of course I had many questions for Hannah, I asked her why the caretaker had heard a scream, Hannah told me it was because when she had went through the door it lead to another door which lead to a funfair, Hannah had screamed with excitement but I had not time to go and see this funfair as I wanted to get back and tell everyone about my exciting adventure, and as for Hannah well she came back with me to tell everyone that she had not been kidnapped at all.

Should I do it? As I was walking to my English class, I came across a mysterious door. I looked at my friends to see if they had also noticed the door but it was clear that they hadn’t as they just walked past it and kept on chatting to each other. Standing in the now empty corridor, I decided to be brave and approach the door however I was still a bit freaked out as to why this mysterious door had just appeared out of nowhere! The door was yellow in colour and had a spider and a disgusting cobweb on it. It also had a sign saying ‘KEEP OUT’! After seeing the sign, I started to wonder whether it was good idea to even go near that door but curiosity got the better of me so I put my hand out and placed it on the door knob. As soon as I touched the door knob, a sharp pain flew up my arm and my heart started to feel like it was beating out of my chest. As I started to open the door, it creaked which made me wonder how long this door had been here and how come I just hadn’t seen it until now?

By the time Sugarplum had shown me around the whole of Candyland, it was starting to get dark. I realised that I must have been there for hours! I told Sugarplum that I would have to go back home now as everyone was probably wondering where I was. Sugarplum just smiled at me and wished me luck. Looking back on it, I probably should have asked her why I needed luck but instead I just thanked her and walked to the door. As I opened the door I expected to see the corridor in my school again however I didn’t and this time what I saw didn’t look so nice!

As I opened the door wider, I was astonished to see a magical land appear. I was totally stunned because the outside of the door was really spooky and scary so I wasn’t expecting to see such a magical and joyful place behind it. I didn’t know what to look at first as there was so much to see! The luscious trees were made from candy floss and chocolate. There was a river of mouth-watering milk chocolate and on it was a tiny marshmallow boat on which a fairy was lying. It was like a sweet, sweet wonderland! Suddenly another magical fairy appeared on a pink unicorn and as she approached me, she introduced herself. Her name was Sugarplum and she was the ruler of this sweet wonderland which was called Candyland. She asked me if I liked her home and whether I’d like to get a tour of the place. I just nodded my head as I couldn’t speak. As Sugarplum showed me around, I just couldn’t believe my eyes! The houses were made from sweets, chocolate buttons and lots of other goodies! They looked like houses that I had only ever seen before in fairy tale books. The flowers were made from sugar paper, the grass was made of green jelly strings and the park benches were made of chocolate flakes. The entire place seemed to be made from sweets and chocolate!


Lily On a very unusually warm day, I decided to go to the lake to cool off after lunch. It was just at the bottom of the lane where I live. As I wandered past the blackberry and honeysuckle bushes that line the lane on each side, a strange feeling came over me. I was drawn past the turn I take for the lake. Strangely the bushes and hedges had seemed to have grown and made the lane cooler. There it was. At first I thought I was seeing things but it was definitely a door. Nowhere in this lane could you see roses and yet there were bright yellow roses around this small door; just the right height for a child. As I reached my hand towards the door it started to glow. I was frightened but curious so I touched it again. It glowed as bright as the sun and clicked open easily as I gently touched it. I stepped through very nervously, and jumped as the door slammed behind me. It was deadly quiet. Imposing tall trees stood like soldiers along the path. I felt like something was watching me or someone was inviting me towards something, but what? There it was - the most beautiful, magnificent garden I had ever seen, birds singing, butterflies fluttering and showing off their spectacular colours. In the middle of the garden was a circle of bushes with flowers. That’s unusual. Fireflies don’t come out during the day and there are always more than one. However, nothing in this world was normal. I was in a fantastic place. “Hello!” I looked round and it was a fairy. “I’m Lily,” she said. Lily wore a yellow dress made with flower petals; she had a wee friendly smile and tiny wings. She needed my help to get back to her friends and the fairy ring. She explained that the magic of the fairy ring gives the fairies their powers. Lily got lost when she had been sent out to get the special soil and plants to repair the fairy ring because humans had tried to cut it down. She then told me that she had


lost her fairy gemstone and needed to find it as it was her only way back. Suddenly the beauty in the garden began to fade; a fog was slowly swallowing up the surroundings. I began to panic. We quickly searched but we were seriously running out of time. We found it; it was in the shape of a star, pink with the power of millions of years so I was told. It was good and bad news for me. I was happy for Lily and her friends but sad that I would have to leave. Time wasn’t on our side so we said goodbye. In a flash Lily was gone and for some reason I was back on the lane at the turn for the lake, no door to be seen. Had I heat stroke? Would I ever see my little fairy friend again?

God’s Kingdom When I looked through the magical door I saw a Third World country When I looked through the magical door Something had changed? When I looked through the magical door No one was dying, there were no wars When I looked through the magical door Everyone showed mercy When I looked through the magical door There was equality between everyone When I looked through the magical door I saw God’s Kingdom where everything was right.


The Magical Door Have you ever felt like butterflies are running up your stomach 100 miles per an hour? This is how I felt walking across the beautiful west coast beach of Hawaii. The birds were singing delightfully. The calm crystal blue sea was crashing against the solid grey rocks. The sun was warming my bones and the mild blue sky was as still as a historical statue. My feet were gliding through the soft golden sand. If you asked me…… this was surely one perfect day. Enduring the heat, I really needed an Ice cold drink. Fortunately, there was a wooden cabin up ahead which I hoped served drinks. I told my mum I would be back soon. Running up to the wooden cabin I noticed a drink dispenser I hurriedly put the $1 into the machine. I hit 701 for a bottle of Fanta Exotic. I couldn’t wait to get the lid opened. As I was gulping down the refreshing drink I couldn’t help but notice a small metal multi-coloured door in the distance, my curiosity took over me. I ran up to it as fast as an Olympic runner hoping it was something interesting. There was a small keypad nailed to it. I tried to turn the handle but to my surprise it was locked. I tried everything but was forced to walk away disappointed…… Then I heard a click sound in the distance. I spun my head round like a spinning top toy….. The door had opened. What was I to do? Of course I had to investigate. I walked in mysteriously shocked at what I saw. There are beautiful crystal white chandeliers hanging from the pale white ceiling which was about 20 feet up into the air. As I walked down the never ending stairway I heard a loud party music blasting on the 2nd floor to the door to the left. What was this place? I peered through the half opened door I got a big blast of cold air on my face. There were dancers everywhere and people enjoying the music. There was a rainbow shining in the sky. It looked a bit like Hawaii beach only more louder and entertaining. But why was everyone here?


I went over to the table were everyone was enjoying themselves and heard a loud voice shout, “Little girl come and join our fun”……. Why is everyone so small? He started telling me that there was no way out but to be fair this was way better than Ireland and I suppose Hawaii. I thought to myself what about mum and dad? Was this going to be where I was for the rest of my life? So I asked what would happen if I drank from the glass and the same man answered saying “Until the sun stops shining you will join our festival activities and you will laugh like a hyena and you will dance like a ballerina, nothing bad will happen, do you see anyone here sad?”. “No”, I responded. “Will they have all drank from this special glass”. As I slowly drank from this special glass, he told me before I leave I was to get three wishes granted. I have to say so far this is the best ever!!!




The Magical Door - eBook  

Primary-Post Primary shared literacy project work book

The Magical Door - eBook  

Primary-Post Primary shared literacy project work book