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COORDINATION & IMPLEMENTATION Group 4 Ross Anderson, Dean Atwell, Ciaran Doherty, Gillian Houston, Paul Jackson, Adam Smyth

Agenda •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Plans/Programmes to Date Action Areas Moving Forward Shared Education Community Sport Integrated Public Transport Achieving the Vision Community Planning Review of Public Administration Conclusion

Plans/programmes to date

Belfast Areas  of   Need      

Belfast Ac3on   Teams  -­‐  Early    



Laganside Corpora3on    

Making Belfast   Work  -­‐  Ward    



Neighbourhood Renewal      

2000 -­‐   present  



•  There is a distinct need for housing from the Catholic community •  However, most suitable land lies within protestant areas •  There is a need for more inclusive housing developments which are: •  Mixed tenure •  Socially mixed •  Affordable

Best Practice Housing—Delaware Shared Housing Scheme •  Collaboration between various different groups who worked in partnership to make the private redevelopment into successful crosscommunity social housing •  A first and remarkable achievement in North Belfast

Education •  Currently 3 types of school –  Controlled (Protestant) –  Catholic Maintained –  Integrated

•  Children are separated on a religious basis from a very young age •  Communities are not involved in education area planning

Segregation •  Small pockets of communities segregated by interfaces and buffer zones •  Genuine fear of the ‘other’

Deprivation •  42% of people in North Belfast are income deprived •  20% of the working age population in Belfast are deprived •  3 of the top 10 areas of deprivation in North Belfast •  New community and spatial vision for the area is needed Image credit: Sven Ellerbrock Photography, Flickr

Dereliction •  53ha of vacant land in the focus area •  Approx. 40ha brownfield

Disconnection •  North Belfast suffers from poor transport links and poor pedestrian access to the city centre


Our Vision—Short Term (0-5 Years) •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Collaboration Integration Participation Connectivity Desegregation more peace gates Improved public realm Integrated Education Job creation

Our Vision—Medium Term (6-10 Years) •  Shared housing •  Belfast wide rapid transit network •  Monitoring educational attainment •  Private investment

Our Vision—Long Term (11-15 Years) •  Removal of all peace lines •  Fully integrated education •  Vibrant, attractive place to live


Integrated Education" Education"

Vision of an ‘all through’ school, from the ages of 4 all the way through to 18." " Integrated and ‘not shared’" " 3 key sites within Belfast for a large integrated ‘super school’." " Opportunities to develop old schools into training centres." " Community involvement in education issues " " " " "

Community Sport & Recreation"


City Wide Rapid Transport

Rapid Transport Proposals

Rapid Transport Proposals

Proposed Rail Halt •  Existing stations •  Potential new station

Shared Bike Scheme •  Based on Dublin Bike Share and London’s ‘Boris Bikes’ •  Located at major train/ bus/rapid transit halts and in residential areas

Cycle Infrastructure -  Narrow vehicle lanes slightly -  Make way for separated cycle lanes

Antrim Road  

Antrim Road  



Crumlin Road  

Duncairn Gardens"

Duncairn Gardens"

Peace Walls •  Long-term strategy for removing interfaces (in conjunction with communities) •  Regeneration of areas around interfaces as a catalyst for change

Linking Future  Developments     2  

5 1   3   4  

Review of Public Administration •  “remit of reviewing the arrangements for the accountability, development, administration and delivery of public services in Northern Ireland”

What it means for development in North Belfast •  Planning powers given to local council (from DOE) •  Urban Regeneration (from DSD) •  Public realm functions of local roads (from DRD) •  Change from traditional land-use planning to spatial planning

What is Land Use Planning? Regulates land   use  

Planning authority  have   ownership  of   plans/ programmes  

Designates areas   of  protec3on  

Land Use   Planning   Discrete,  oUen   confronta3onal   process  

Series of  Policies  

Maps land  for   specific  kind  of   development  

What is Spatial Planning? Shapes spa3al   development   through   coordina3on  of   policy   Considers   social,   economic  &   environmental   impacts  

Holis3c approach  

Spa3al Planning   Allows   stakeholders  to   achieve  goals  

Con3nuous, collabora3ve   process   Shared   ownership   between  key   stakeholders  

Community Planning—Current Situation


•  •  • 

Planning in Northern Ireland has been land use based and has merely zoned areas of land for different uses. Need to introduce a wider spatial approach to planning. Impact of RPA. Relating community planning to spatial planning.

Image credit: Katy Wrathall, Flickr

Community Planning—Lessons From Cherwell District Council •  Belfast City Council must not see their role as merely to inherit the current planning system from the Department of the Environment. •  Cherwell considered a wide range of other government policy all under one overarching document. •  Community involvement at every phase of the project. •  Comprehensive delivery strategy.

Community Planning—Lessons From Coin Street Community Builders •  Empowering communities •  Community engagement •  South Bank Partnership could be replicated in North Belfast. •  Promoted local ownership •  Local people have formed and backed the overall vision.

New Community   Planning   Model  

Acknowledging the  Context   Effec3ve   partnership   working  

Civic leadership   and  ownership  

Evidence and   knowledge  

Inclusion and   communica3on  

Community Planning    

Assets and   building   capacity  

Focusing on   outcomes  

Integra3ng Services  


Community Planning—A Way Forward •  Belfast City Council will have the powers to create a new Spatial Plan for the City as well as a Community Plan. •  The Spatial Plan and the Community Plan should be closely linked. •  Prepared alongside each other to maximise the degree of coordination between the plans. •  Spatial approach linked with community engagement will enable integrated service delivery.

CONCLUSION" Business Development  

Co-ordinate & Implement A Spatial Development Strategy! Collabora'on &   Par'cipa'on  

Socio-­‐Economic Needs  

Employment &   Training  

Connec'vity &   Permeability  


Transpor t

Community Planning  

Housing Educa'on  

North Belfast Project - Coordination and Implementation