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In this discussion will investigate how effective the rebranding of a company is. I will do this by looking at the way in which the public, consumers in general and the brand’s customers, reacted to the new brand image. By looking at both successful and failed rebranding ventures, to discover what strategies make a successful rebrand and what companies can do to avoid failure. To investigate this discussion will look into rebranding which had taken place between 2000 and the present, 2012 including well known high street brands as these companies are mostly in the public eye and cause more of a reaction from a larger range of people. The reason for choosing this particular subject to investigate is a keen interest in branding and how the public react to brands. Chapter one ‘What is Branding?’ Gives a brief history of branding and how and why it was used in history and why that has affected us today. Chapter two ‘Successes in Rebranding’ looks at successful rebranding, Virgin Media, Marks & Spencer

and ITV, and why these rebrands were successful and what kept the consumer interested in them. Chapter three ‘Failures in Rebranding’, will look at three company rebrands which were not successful, how the public reacted and why, and how the company managed the unsuccessful rebrand. We live in the 21st century, a time where the market is saturated with different companies competing with one another to sell their products. One of the major factors in this fight for increased market share is how the company is seen, their brand and brand values. Each company wants to be the best, they want to be different, and so they want their brand to be significant. The brand needs to have a unique selling point to stay in the competition, it needs to gain customer loyalty and entice new customers into the brand. The following is an investigation examining how the rebrand of certain companies either helped or damaged their brand image.


High Street Rebranding  

Using my dissertation I created a book to show the success of rebranding within the high street.