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WALWIN DANDAN WALWIN Lurkier Lurkier crushcrush of of the rail the rail 11.06.2017 – 27.08.2017 11.06.2017 – 27.08.2017

bell / bulle dinky dinky bell dinky / Dinky bel/ Dinky / bulle bel dinky odessa/ /Odessa Odessa / Odessa odessa / Odessa rail / ral / ral rail / ral / ral pit / pit / fosse pit / pit / fosse face / nieuw gezicht /visage nouveau visage new face /new nieuw gezicht / nouveau crush, aberration / Verliefdheid, crush, aberration / Verliefdheid, afwijking /afwijking /

L’amour, l’écart green river / groene Rivier / green River L’amour, l’écart / zoontje green riversonny / groene Rivier//fils green River sonny / zoontje / fils heart peace border heart peace border heart peaceMy border Sometimes My heart peace borderthe pull SometimesThe the feeling pull that you The feelingThe thatfeeling you that you believe says thebelieve bottom of your dreams! The feelingHe that you He says the bottom of your dreams! Mutestrangled guy withstrength strangled strength Mute guy with Can you find… Can you find… the angry bees? the angry bees? border town? the borderthe town? the dirty mask? the dirty mask?

Future piece, 2016, SD video, 6’ 46” continuous loop, Sony Triniton monitor, DVD player Grounds of a hotel, 2017, SD video, 6’ 31” continuous loop, Sony Triniton monitor, DVD player  gibraltar, 2017, HD video, 6’ 43”, 4K flatscreen monitor, USB drive, glass, threaded rod, bolts, plywood, marker, fabric tape  

hd live tame, 2017, HD video, 14’ 11” continuous loop, 4K flatscreen monitor, USB drive, powder coated steel, pipe clamps, LEDs All works are courtesy of the artist.

Dan Walwin (Frome, GB, 1986) works with sculptural and video installations or environments that have consistently been engaged with ideas about infrastructure and an architecture of experience. They have often transformed an exterior landscape or site into a sensorially intimate, choreographed and contained one. His installations evoke associations with pop culture, scientific research and speculative fiction, while employing scale and imitation as means to structure the atmosphere of a viewer’s encounter with the work.

Walwin studied Fine Arts in Goldsmiths College London and was a resident at the Rijksakademie (Amsterdam) and Triangle France (Marseille). CIAP, Lombaardstraat 23, 3500 Hasselt (BE), +32(0) 11 22 53 21,,

Works made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Fonds

This show is for my sweet and argumentative sister, Jessie. Sincere thanks to Dennis McNulty for contributing careful synths.

20,000, 2011, 2017, maps, pencil, inkjet prints, acrylic sheet, MDF, threaded rod, bolts (edition of 2)

CIAP / Dan Walwin: Lurkier crush of the rail (11.06 - 27.08.2017)  
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