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Debbie Porter has launched a Kickstarter campaign to build her "Fabulous Phebe" brand.

Katy Anderson

Porter published her first book, Fabulous Phebe Dreams Big last year. Phebe believes it’s on-trend to be an individual and equally important to dream big. Another one of Phebe’s missions is to show kids how seemingly unfortunate situations can yield positive results. Earlier this year Porter published Tino’s Tail in which Tino was embarrassed by his long tail. By the end of the book Tino learned to proudly “own” his tail. Porter has trademarked Phebe now and is working with a group of children on a third book in her Tales of A Fashionista series. “I had a client who needed images for their fashion line and they knew I was doing a book. They knew that in the first story Phebe dreamed of being a fashion designer, so they approached me and asked how I’d like to do a fashion line and said they’d barter with me if I wanted them to make me some samples.” Porter agreed. “ The clothes are beautiful and the kids love them.” When she unveiled the first fashion samples to a group of kids there were screams of excitement. “I went to the Dallas World Trade Center and the response was great. A showroom picked up the line within two days, “ she said. In her first book Dreams Big, Phebe dreams of designing a fashion line and now showrooms have welcomed her fashions. In today’s society, kids need good positive messages that teach them how to embrace each other’s differences. The Phebe brand which includes books, a song and a clothing line gives every child a way to take Phebe home. Ultimately, Debbie Porter plans to

Debbie Porter

expand Phebe’s popularity so that she can spread more inspiring messages to children. Phebe has only been around a little more than a year and is already exhibiting the kind of star power a brand needs to be successful. “That’s pretty inspiring and continues to motivate us towards creating additional Phebe products.” In her Kickstarter campaign Porter is seeking to raise $3,500 to continue the Big Hair book that her first group of little “Phebenistas” created with their story ideas. “Every time we do a book or when we have a dilemma we bring kids in and let them be part of the growth. I get the most out of it when I see the kids get into it. Having them come together and write future stories with me gets them excited. I get to hear where they’re coming from, their thoughts and what their looking for,” she said. “There’s so much potential here. I can’t believe how far we’ve taken this in a year and a half and the best part is the reaction from the kids,” she said. Porter enjoys seeing the enthusiasm on each kid’s face as he or she relates to dreams coming true. Judging the from reception that Phebe has received, Porter foresees unlimited possibilities, “Phebe

parties, a cartoon series, anything is possible. Porter has started a Kickstarter campaign. "We believe investors can become a part of something big if each person plays one small part and in doing so, they can own items that could become valuable collectibles. This is an opportunity to invest in the next generation and to educate them in a fashionable way, while igniting big dreams. It’s ‘way ‘fabulous!’” she said. Pledge amounts range from $10 to $800 with different creative rewards for each pledge level. For example, for a $10 pledge an investor receives a PDF of a Phebe book. Original rewards are designated for each level, all the way up to $800 which allows the investor to name one of Phebe’s eight closest friends who show up periodically in the series. • Stop by Porter's Kickstarter page at http:// and support Debbie Porter, Phebe and all the children to “Dream Big.” Visit the following websites for more information about Fabulous Phebe and Porter:, and December 2014 | 21