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Reimagining Healthcare Through Technology for Good THE CHALLENGE

400 million people have no access to essential healthcare services

By 2035 there will be an estimated shortage of 13 million healthcare workers

214 million women lack information on modern contraceptive methods or have no privacy to access this information


We envision a world where women and girls can find information on modern contraceptive methods, decide which methods are right for them, and seamlessly get directions to nearby clinics or pharmacies at the touch of a button.

resource allocation, and supply chain management. We see opportunities for digital technology to predict what consumers will need in the future—from stocking HPV vaccines to preempting malaria outbreaks through increased resources—and make healthcare systems proactive to clients’ needs.

Where people can access lifesaving resources on HIV in the privacy of their own home, to learn and manage their status without facing stigma or violence. Communities where health workers can use tablet applications to proactively follow up with their diabetic clients to restock their insulin supply. Where patients with complex drug regiments—like tuberculosis which can require up to 40 pills a day—can access their health records and receive advice on adherence from digital companions with personalized knowledge.

Digital technology is providing solutions to many of today’s most overwhelming global health challenges. PSI is leading the way forward by:  Promoting self-initiated care through on-demand access to digital health information.  Improving decision-making for healthcare workers and pharmacies with digital tools that enhance quality care and better business.  Training healthcare practitioners on data analytics to deliver on consumer insights.  Building mechanisms to allow data sharing across different digital platforms.

Why Technology?

We know that technology can strengthen health systems through better decision-making in areas like diagnoses,

APPROACHES FOR INVESTMENT Virtual Assistants Embedding digital companions in popular mobile and online channels to provide on-demand access to health information, where to obtain health products and services, and ongoing support for adherence and side-effects management for medications including contraceptive methods, tuberculosis treatment, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and more. On-demand Access for Clients to Their Own Health Records Personalized platforms for clients to access their healthcare history, reminders, appointments, and lab results so they can be in control of their health care. Client Relationship Management Platform Developing unique profiles of a client’s engagement across digital channels to improve the quality of care received, linked with health records that clients can access through digital tools to improve their interactions with healthcare professionals.

WHAT WE NEED We need bold partners who understand that a “technology for good” paradigm requires: time; investments in innovation and R&D; and freedom to fail fast in order to incubate to full potential.

FOUR WAYS TO JOIN US We’re looking for the right partners to innovate with us through four key investment opportunities.



Leadership investments in initiatives and/or projects to accelerate and scale proven models.



A collective of powerful female changemakers investing in innovative pilot projects and solutions.


A two-year, curated fellowship of young philanthropists investing in on-the-ground solutions and their international development education.


Annual investments to fund acceleration around areas of greatest needs for research, testing innovation, and scaling proven models.



Interested? Contact our Deputy Director of Innovation, Malcolm Quigley at

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