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Some Think We’re At The End Of The Road

United By Nature Divided By Man

Canadian Investment In Maine

Canada – Our Economic Partners  1/3 of Maine’s Foreign-Bound Goods Are Exported To Canada  37,000 Maine Jobs Depend on Canadian-US Trade  Over 60 Canadian-Owned Companies Employ Over 5,500 People in Maine  Canadian Tourists Contribute over 230 Million to Maine’s Economy Source: Canadian-American & Maine International Trade Center – March 14, 2012

Six Economic Growth Paths 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Fill in the “hollow region� lack of intra-regional development Expand outward trade by positioning to take advantage of increasing global trade Become a link & transshipment point for Great Lakes to Atlantic trade Become a crossroads for N-S & E-W trade flows Capitalize on regional specialties (incl. energy, tourism, natural resources, aircraft & automotive manufacturing) Address broader international port access issues facing Southern New England & Great Lakes Region

We Are Positioned Perfectly! World Container Forecast From 2008 to 2024 85 Million to 243 Million TEU’s Source: CanAm Study

Major Transportation Routes What is Missing?

The Concept = Linking Trade Gateways East-West Transportation, Utility & Communications Corridor

Environmental Sensitivity – Wildlife Crossing

East-West Corridor Vision  Maine Becomes The Northeast Trade Gateway  Provide Economic Opportunity & Vitality to Maine, the Maritimes & Quebec  Develop Long-Term Transportation, Utility & Communications Corridor  Improve Connections to US & Canadian Heartland & Atlantic Ports

 Develop Demonstration Pre-Clearance Border Crossings

Why Is E-W Corridor Important To Maine  Improves Connectivity of Central US, Canada & Maritimes to Europe & Asia  Attracts Additional Investments to Maine’s Rural Communities  Reduces Travel Time & Carbon Footprint  Improves Utility Transmission & Communications  Revitalizes Maine’s Ports & Rail Systems  Creates Long Term Jobs & Expands Tax Base  Improves Access to Maine Tourism

About The Highway  Approximately 220 Mile, 500 ft Wide, 13,250 Acre, Toll Highway (Calais to Coburn Gore)  Avoids Negative Impacts on Communities  Maximizes Utilization Existing Right-Of-Ways  Privately Funded, Owned, Operated & Maintained  Constructed by Maine People & Maine Companies  Policed by Maine Law Enforcement Agencies Funded from Tolls

About The Highway  Canadian Weight Limits & Tandem Trailers  Improves Connectivity of Rural Communities  Will NOT Utilize Eminent Domain For Land Acquisition  Six Currently Planned Interchanges: Calais, I-95, Rt 15, Rt 23, Rt 201 & Rt 16/27  The Highway will be ISO-14001 Environmentally Compliant  Demonstration Wildlife Crossings Will Be Constructed

Community Considerations  Access For Multi-Use Trail Systems — ATV, Snowmobile, Hiking, Walking, etc.

 Access For Logging Roads  Route 27 Scenic Byway Connection

East West Corridor Presentation  

June 2012 Revision