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Topos Architects, Inc. 450 Kipling Street Palo Alto, CA 94301 (650) 327-7573

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Design Services Topos Architects works to help you realize your goals. We depend on your input to create sketches, plans and drawings describing spaces that you want. Our experience in residential design gives you a variety of unique and graceful possibilities. Below are design services you can expect from Topos Architects during the development and construction of your project. • • • • • • • • • • • •

Zoning and building code review. Measured drawings of existing structures. Schematic plans based on your program, site characteristics, code requirements and aesthetics. Detailed cost estimates. Itemized review of sustainable building considerations, including resource & energy conservation, health, and life-cycle costs for both the immediate household and the world at large. Schematic drawings of building elevations. Perspective sketches. Scale study models, as needed. Interior sketches showing the design of rooms, cabinets, and other interior architectural elements. Detailing of materials and architectural elements such as lighting plans, color selections, equipment and plumbing selections. Energy efficiency analysis and structural analysis. (Consultants may be required, at additional costs) Construction permit application and monitoring. Detailed construction documents and specifications for competitive bidding and construction. A fair and thorough bidding process to obtain the best cost for your project. Construction contract review, plans interpretation, shop drawing review and supplemental construction details.

Construction Monitoring Services Topos Architects can monitor your construction project. Detailed site inspections and lose communications with the contractor and workmen give you assurance that your project is being built as designed and on schedule. Below are additional services available from Topos Architect during the construction of your project. • On-site construction inspections. The actual frequency of inspections will vary with construction progress, but will average four inspections per month. • Material and workmanship verification to ensure that the quality of work is per the plans & specifications. • Final Inspections to generate punch list and verify completion.

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