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CIAF Art Club Newsletter April 2012 After few months of running the CIAF Art Club, we have achieved a fast growth on member basis. Alongside with our business partners, we bring together art market professionals, leading academics and art investment professionals into our dedicated programs, from VIP sale preview, opening reception to guided tours, members are benefited from an all rounded and sophisticate platform for the development of knowledge and skills in art collection. CIAF has developed strong presence in China with culture officials, art institutional investors, art institutes and notably, build strong association with the Chinese collectors groups which helps to reach hundreds of most top end Chinese collectors. Moving to April, we are delighted to offer our members extremely valuable experiences in the art world. Alternative asset classes, not limited to fine art, but also collectible wine, antiques and much more will be brought to satisfy your diverse interests. We will also further lift the moment of the successful CIAF exclusive collectors dinner reception, where top end established European collectors will host our members in their private residence in a exclusive setting, thus create a truly memorable experience. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CIAF Art Club April Highlights China Focus, London International Book fair, 16-18 April

CIAF is delighted to offer our members with complimentary admission (ticket costs ÂŁ30 pp) for the London International Book fair 16-18 April 2012. Take this opportunity to participant the Market Focus Professional and Cultural Programme, China: New Perspectives, New Concepts, which will showcase Chinese publishers and writers at The London Book Fair, including four high-level, half-day forums at Earls Court Exhibition Centre. Click here for the timetable. Places are limited, please register here, we will email you the confirmation of your complimentary admission

1. China and Europe Publishing Forum - featuring keynote speakers the Hon. Ed Vaizey, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Communications, Culture & the Creative Industries and Liu Binjie, Minister of GAPP of China 2. China-UK Digital Forum - featuring keynote speakers Liu Binjie, Minister of GAPP and Rod Bristow, President of The Publishers Association

3. CLT (Chinese Language Teaching) and ELT (English Language Teaching) Publishing Dialogue - featuring keynote speakers Wu Shulin, Vice Minister of GAPP and Martin Davidson, CEO, The British Council 4. Professional Publishing Forum Cooperation and Win-win - featuring keynote speakers Wu Shulin, Vice Minister of GAPP and Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint, Minister of State for Trade and Investment. A further 35 seminars will take place at the Fair covering all aspects of the Chinese publishing industry. There will also be a pavilion with over 180 Chinese publishers. For full details of the four forums and the high-level speakers, please visit Official Website.

Exclusive VIP Opening Reception

CIAF is delighted to invite our members for an exclusive VIP opening reception of "The Revival of Tradition: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition". Please join us together with some of the critically acclaimed artists from the Central China Academy and culture officials from China. Click here for more information of the exhibition. Address: La Galleria Pall Mall, 30 Royal Opera Arcade London SW1U 4UY Time:17:30 pm on 16th April Drinks/canapĂŠs will be served Chinese contemporary art has been shocking the world in past few years while we hold a question that whether the superficial, symbolized marks are able to represent China? All things have to go back to their roots while facing such questions that Chinese arts has its sides formed of criticism while more are transformed from the ancient essence. The Revival of Tradition is trying to present the other important side of Chinese contemporary art which is necessary for promotion of Chinese culture. The spirit of art is consecutive, especially for a country of thousands of years. China expects her own renaissance which must start from a Renaissance of traditions so that wisdom of great times and the true strength can be revealed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CIAF Art Club May Program Forecast It is All About Wine CIAF VIP wine tasting reception and wine collection & investment lecture

CIAF is delighted to offer its members with an exclusive VIP wine tasting reception and wine collection & investment lecture in association with Christie's. Increasingly, collectible wine investment has become an alternative asset class both from a personal and investment perspectives. This event will offer our members with the most up to date knowledge in the wine world, from identification of the quality of wine to how to invest in collectible wine, what is a wine exchange, wine fund etc. Please join us to share this exclusive evening with industrial specialists, investors and professional from Christie's, and what-more, to enjoy quality wine in a earlier summer night. For more details, please keep track of our upcoming newsletter. Click here to join our mailing list to benefit from our exciting programs.


CIAF Art Club March Program Summary "China Night" - VIP reception for Chinese high end collectors TEFAF, 19th March, Maastricht 19th March Maastricht, hosted by TEFAF, The prominent European art and antique fair, alongside with some leading Chinese art market professionals, CIAF attended the first ever "China Night", a VIP reception dedicated for Chinese high end collectors. The event attracted more than a hundred top end Chinese collectors from China, many had been very active in art investment in recent years. China has overtaken the United States as the world's biggest market for art and antiques ending decades of American domination. At this historic turning point, in respect of the driving force by Chinese collectors in the global art market, TEFAF devoted significant effort in relationship development with Chinese collectors. It launched a strong marketing champion in China, more than twenty press from China were invited to the fair. In total, Chinese collectors ramped up more than USD 10mm worth of art works, most loved antiques, jewellery and paintings. Two largest diamonds were bought by a Chinese couple, adding some romance of the fair. A bronze object from Dongzhou (771 BC-475 BC) priced at $3mm was acquired by a Chinese collector. TEFAF was extremely satisfied with

the turnover by Chinese clients, it envisaged that China orientated programs will be run on a regular basis and increased investment in marketing and client relation will be devoted to capitalise the purchase power by Chinese collectors. Its anticipated that more Chinese top end collectors will visit leading European art fairs in future. CIAF has developed strong relationship with many leading organisations in China that helps to reach out some of the most serious collectors and top end investors in China. With its ambitious plan, collaborate with European business partners, CIAF envisage to bring sophisticated and exclusive art programs to Chinese collectors through tailor made programs and events, thus benefit our members with the most up to date industrial movement and professional services. Please keep track of our newsletters and CIAF hopes to see you again in our future events. Here are some facts of Chinese art collectors: • China overtook the US for the first time in 2011 to become the largest art and antiques market worldwide with a share of 30% based on both auction and dealer sales. • The US share dropped by 5 percentage points to 29% while the combined total for the 27 European Union countries was also down by 3 percentage points to 34%. Among the EU nations, the largest markets were the UK with 22% of the global total and France with 6%, both unchanged. • The Chinese art and antiques auction sector was the strongest growing market worldwide with a dramatic rise of 177% in 2010 and a further 64% in 2011. ?? • The global art market continued to recover in 2011, increasing by 7% to ?46.1 billion, an increase of 63% since the market crisis of 2009. The volume of transactions also increased by 5% to 36.8 million. • The driving forces behind the recovery were strong sales in the Chinese auction market and the rise of fine art sales (over decorative art). • The Modern and Contemporary sectors combined to account for nearly 70% of the fine art market. Both continued a strong recovery in 2011, leading them to levels in excess of the boom of 2007-2008. • The art market took nearly a decade to recover from the recession of the 1990s whereas the contraction in 2009 has been relatively short-lived. This is due, in part, to its increasingly global nature. • The art market has more than doubled in size in the 25 years since TEFAF Maastricht was founded and grew over 575% from its lowest point in 1991 (just under US$10 billion) to its highest in 2007 (US$66 billion/?48.1 billion). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CIAF on Press London Contemporary Arts Auction CIAF Arts Market Development Strategic Summit CIAF Arts and Finance Seminar Let Chinese Art Collection Enter the Age of Reason Behind Successful Arts Fund: Risk and Temptation To find out more about CIAF's future event, please join us on FaceBook or email to For CIAF past newsletters, please click here. For CIAF past event photos, please click here. Click here to forward this e-mail to a friend! Click here to view this e-mail as a web page.

CIAF Art Club Newsletter - Apr 2012  

CIAF Art Club Newsletter April 2012

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