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CIAF Art Club Newsletter: February 2012 We’re really excited that it’s 2012, the year of The Dragon. We are proud to launch the much anticipated CIAF art club, connecting the art world between China and Europe from an ambitious scope. Here’s how you can get involved in our exciting events. CIAF Art Club February highlights

London, UK Secrets Under the Hammer 10th Feb 2012

Sustaining the significant interests registered through our Jan art program, in Feb, CIAF is delight to offer an exclusive auction preview and lecture in how to buy in auctions. It would be a great opportunities to learn the knowledge, technique and inside stories from the expertises of a world leading auction house. The event is complimentary for CIAF Art Club members, refreshment will be provided. Places are limited, first come first reserved, to RSVP, please email to

Beijing, China CIAF Seminar – Art as an asset class, a financial instrument approach 23rd - 24th Feb 2012

In Feb, a group led by founder and director Helen Wang, CIAF will host a seminar in Beijing with art market specialists from the west and China, including Dr. Iain Robertson, Head of Art Business Studies, Sotheby's Institute, advisor of CIAF, Dr. Zhongtian Peng, head of Beijing Art Exchange and many art funds. The seminar will focus on how to bridge art and finance, explore opportunities in art as an asset class from a financial perspective and share experiences in art investment between the more established western art market and the booming Chinese art market. To register your interest, please email to

CIAF Art Club Jan program summary CIAF Exclusive Collectors’ Dinner Party: Lecture and Concert, Jan 2012

Iain Robertson, head of Art Business Studies, Sothebys’s Institute taught a lecture “the market of contemporary art”, followed by a

wonderful classic concert played by world class musicians and an

intimacy CIAF exclusive collectors social party hosted at the exclusive residence of Florian Leonhard, a prominent private collector, Fine Violin expert. CIAF Exhibitions: “China: Memories and Imagination” at Albemarle Gallery As one of CIAF's west end show in 2012, the exhibition attracted many art lovers and collectors. Vice Chairman of All Party Parliamentary China Group, Lord Tim Clement-Jones CBE (House of Lords Peer) gave his strong endorsement to CIAF and shared his insightful interview on how China and the west are influenced each other through culture and arts. Guests from a broad range of background attended the preview evening, including Chinese professionals in the financial service industry, Chinese academics and many London based Chinese artists. The exhibition had drawn broad interests and well received. “Chinese culture doesn't need the West” said the gallery owner, Tony Pontone. Or does it? An interesting subject in CIAF's view. CIAF Art Programs: London Art Fair VIP tour Guided by a few leading art market specialists, including the prestigious Fine Art Society. CIAF’s members enjoyed London Art Fair VIP preview and furthered their knowledge of art collection. CIAF is delighted to see many of its members expressed their strong interests in collecting the Western art, a true exchange between the West and China.

CIAF on Press (雅昌艺术网) XHSTV(新华社) Artinfo (艺术国际) Chinese Weekly(华闻艺周刊) BBC 中文网

To find out more about CIAF’s future event, please join us on Facebook Group or email to

CIAF Art Club Newsletter - Feb 2012  

CIAF Art Club Newsletter - Feb 2012

CIAF Art Club Newsletter - Feb 2012  

CIAF Art Club Newsletter - Feb 2012