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Annapolis, Maryland, originally known as “Athens of

Many people associate Annapolis with being the home

America� has been attracting visitors to its small seaport

of the United States Naval Academy, but it is not the old-

city for years, but today more than 4 million people visit

est college in town. St. John’s College is the third oldest

a year. It was given its name by Sir Francis Nicolson who college in the United States and has a specialized desired to honor Princess Anne. Prosperous merchants

curriculum based upon the study of the Great Books.

would travel to Annapolis and built mansions to reside

Though Annapolis is a very popular port for merchants

in, and our now considered historical treasures.

because of the location of the Chesapeake Bay, most

Annapolis has more original 18th century structures

people enjoy the water for recreational purposes such as

than any other city in the United States. Art is a focal

sailing, fishing, and racing. In the fall, the largest boat

point because performers and artists practiced their

show is held multiple weekends and an annual Maritime

trades there. Today art is still valued greatly in the area

Heritage Festival is also held on the City Dock.

and hosts many festivals and art shows throughout the

Annapolis is a well-rounded city that has much for offer

year. Maryland Hall for Creative Arts hosts multiple

for all types of people. The quaint and serene streets are

exhibits and performances each year.

waiting to welcome victors into their treasured home.


The main chapel was dedicated in 1908 and sits on a highpoint in the Yard providing a view of the beautiful Severn River.

The main chapel is open to the public and allows marriage ceremonies for both Protestants and Catholics.

Students practice their various physical activities such as the javelin on Ingram field.

The Naval Academy’s campus is filled with breathtaking scenery such as this runner’s view of Macdonough Hall.

Bancroft Hall is the largest dormitory in the United States and displays the famous “Don’t Give Up The Ship Banner” inside.


“To develop Midshipmen morall, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to graduate leaders who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and chracter to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship, and government.�

The Naval Academy Pipes and Drums is composed of Midshipmen that play the drums or highland pipes.

There is no experience necessary to join the Naval Academy Pipes and Drums, only a love for music.


The U.S Naval Academy is guarded 27/7 and all visitors must provide a government issued ID at the Yard in order to gain entrance.


The Towne Centre of Annapolis is peaceful and serene and many of the buildings are historic landmarks protected by the government.

The Annapolis Bookstore & Cafe is an independent bookstore that specializes in maritme titles, classics, and children’s books.

The cafe offers seating that overlooks a scenic Annapolis and season items such as Pumpkin Spice Lattes during the fall season.


The Annapolis Bookstore & Cafe prides itself on supplying a reading selection for St. John’s College students.

The Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial Statue reminds vistors of the story “Roots�, the life of a slave sold in Annapolis.


It is likely to find crisp-dressed students from the U.S Naval Academy exploring the city during their down time.


Visitors to the Maryland World War II Memorial walk through 48 pillars that represent the 48 states during the time of war.

The memorial took six years to complete after being commisioned during the administration of Governor William Donald Schaefer.

The names of the 6,454 Marylanders that lost their lives during World War II are etched in granite providing an eternally lasting tribute to their ultimate sacrifice and contribution to the United States. Twenty granite stones are also dispersed throughout the memorial to represent various milestones and key events of the year. Right: The World War II Memorial provides a uniquely breathtaking view known as Richie Overlook. 39


At the end of the canal there is a small dock where passengers decide to anchor and enjoy the view or exit and relax on nearby benches.

On the other side of Ego Alley, there are several water taxi stands

Ego Alley is a small, narrow waterway that leads to the heart of the city of Annapolis.


Ego Alley received its name from the endless parade of boats and yachts that travel down the dead end canal.

On one side of the waterway there is a Mariott Waterfront Hotel with outdoor seating perched to view the action of the boats.


Annapolis holds multiple festivals each fall that honor the town’s passion for boating, sailing, fishing, and racing.


Quiet Waters Park is nestled between the South River and Harness Creek of Annapolis. It is a large piece of land that offers various activities for tourists as well as natives to the area. Six miles of paved trails wind through thick forests and fields are available for people to jog, walk, or bike on. The scenic vistas of the South River can be enjoyed at the promenade. Prior to becoming a park Quiet Waters was apart of United States history. It was a valuable plot of land that was traded multiple times before its final ownership of Anne Arundal County. Quiet Waters Park also provides boat rentals for kayaks, canoes, pedal boats, row bats, and rowing shells. They also offer sunset and sunrise tours as well as kayak and rowing lessons along the breathtaking Chesapeake Bay. The park hosts various festivals, shows, and events throughout the year.

Guests at Art@the Park were able to enjoy watching artists creating masterpieces and request a painting with a specific theme as well.


All proceeds from Art@the Park benefit s educational programs for youth and adults and efforts to make facilities environmentally friendly.


The 23rd Annual Art@the Park was a music and arts festival held at Quiet Waters Park on October 19th and 20th. Over 70 unique artists participated in the event such as fiber, photography, ceramics, jewelry, glass, and consumable art. There was live music throughout the day including a band that specialized in Caribbean music. Craft beers and specialty wines were offered for adults as well as chalk games and storytelling for children.


I took a road trip to Annapolis, MD. This is what I saw.