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Local Woman Fights Back Free Speech/

August 1970 Volume 27,



Former Teacher Starts Local Organization’s around the world for the education of African Americans. Many local people may be familiar with Ms. Cassie Logan the woman that was born and raised in the time were people didn’t have the right to the simple things in life like we do today. Born and raised in a time were night riders controlled the night and anybody that wasn't colored controlled the day .A time when your pride and humanity was the only thing some one could not rip away from you in a split second. Her family stood strong with pride and only hoped for the best. Ms Cassie Logan a former teacher of University of Mississippi began teaching at the age of 14 in a country school. Was just punished for her actions when she was found teaching young colored children behind an old church their ABC’s with out authority from the board of education. This was just one of the many things that Ms. Cassie Logan has decided to take part in, going back and forth from Britain and Mississippi to speak to groups and educate them on the rights for African American children getting the proper education and encouraging them to finish high school. Ms. Cassie

Logan has found herself in a rough situation should she stay and suffer the consequences for helping young African American children or should she flee and just be proud of the things she has done in the past. Our local Post office is proud of Cassie Logan over all and we feel that a woman with this much pride would take feeling as a punishment not a way to be free so here at Free Speech were making a petition to drop all charges to Ms. Cassie Logan. She is a strong woman who was just trying to do the right thing and does not deserver what was handed to her, all we need is your signature to help this poor lady now stop by the post office in your free time she would greatly appreciate it,

Tribute to Cassie Logan Her at Free Speech we would like to make a small tribute to Ms. Cassie Logan because we know that all though we have tried our best there is a chance we will not get enough signatures needed, and Ms. Cassie Logan needs to know that all her life’s hard work as not been over locked and underappreciated. Through the years Ms. Cassie Logan has been a strong woman and we thank her for all of her hard work and we show her our appreciation so once again we make a tribute to you Ms. Cassie Logan. .

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Free Speech

Free Speech  

Education and telling people about Ms. Cassie Logan and what she did for the rights of African American children.

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