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Canadian Hadassah-WIZO Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW) is Canada’s leading Jewish women’s philanthropic organization. Founded in 1917, CHW is non-political, volunteer driven and funds a multitude of projects for Children, Healthcare, and Women in Israel and Canada.

CHW Projects: Helping Children, Improving Healthcare, Supporting Women

A B C • Providing a safe-haven during the day to a child of working parents. Children receive nutritious hot meals and snacks, ensuring they can focus on learning, playing and growing.

• Creating a secure space for children to hang out and have fun, while their parents are at work. Children enjoy recreational activities with their friends, as well as receive tutoring and a wholesome meal.

• Giving a student the opportunity to prepare for a bright future. CHW schools offer each student a range of educational programs and services designed to meet their specific needs.

• Sending Canadian children to a Jewish summer camp. Open up a world of opportunity as they explore their Jewish roots, make friends, participate in outdoor activities, and discover their hidden talents.

• Providing a home away from home for a child at-risk. Children receive counselling in a stimulating, supportive environment. Help them to discover their own unique gifts and give them the support to flourish. • Helping children discover their Jewish identity. Children participate in Bar/Bat Mitzvah classes, the March of the Living program, or school enrichment excursions and special activities.

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• Helping to heal a patient who has experienced a stroke. Patients have immediate access to lifesaving surgery and a chance for full recovery. • Providing our healthcare teams with the modern tools needed to perform today’s complex surgeries so that patients facing urgent care are never turned away.

• Supporting a single-mother who is concerned about her child. A specially trained volunteer will offer her a listening ear, support and direction, ensuring that both she and her child thrive.

• Supporting a woman who is struggling day-to-day to feed her children. She receives guidance and job skills training, empowering her and her family. • Helping families reach their full potential through social programs, recreational activities, and support groups so that they can lead productive, independent lives.

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