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Woman of Valour

Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW) has long been a part of Lauren Bell’s life. Coming from a family that has supported CHW for four generations, Lauren’s commitment to CHW might as well be in her DNA. Lauren’s first involvement with CHW occurred when she was invited to bring her creativity to the organization in an active way. This positive experience exposed her to the benefits of CHW projects, a dynamic group of like-minded women, and the satisfaction of community “participaction”. Her introductory commitment to CHW intensified as she assumed more responsibility for Calgary Centre expanding her role from a local to a national leadership level. “It was motivating to continue what I was doing, and what I was learning. I wanted to explore the potential of what we could do to bring the value of the organization into the community in a broader way. It was a fun time, we weren’t only fundraising, but rather, fun raising,” shares Lauren. Presently, Lauren is a member of the CHW Board of Directors and The National Leaders Forum. She is a CHW Woman of Valour, Sustainer, and a Woman of Distinction donor. Gifting, specific or otherwise, is a privilege she and Sam share. Together they recognize cumulative giving as a worthy measure of loyalty. Becoming a Woman of Valour is just one more way Lauren has given back to CHW and Israel, and giving back is a crucial part of sustaining our projects. Lauren explains: “I think that is ensures continued financial support even when resources may waver, or be redirected at the governments discretion. Our continuity assures professional stability for Israel’s finest teachers, doctors, and professionals; and acts as a pillar of strength financially, psychologically, and emotionally.” “We’re saying to Israel that you’re not alone, we are one, and we are family.”

Lauren’s drive to become a Woman of Valour came down to her lifelong commitment to CHW. “It was a combination of the work over the past number of years, and the incredible inspiration and motivation received working with so many dynamic, exciting, intelligent, and responsible individuals,” shares Lauren. That reasoning, along with her strong desire to support Israel, made giving the gift associated with becoming a Woman of Valour an easy decision.

We’re saying to Israel that you’re not alone, we are one, and we are family.

Supporting Jews around the globe is an important aspect of why Lauren gives, “Israel is the bedrock for Jews and the Diaspora, and without it Jewish lives in particular would change dramatically” She continues, “through our Woman of Valour donation we can contribute to the lives of disadvantaged children by giving them hope and opportunity. We know they will be sheltered and taught at comparable standards to what we would want for our children.” For Lauren and her family, it’s about being supportive, and being able to do whatever they can to help; whether through volunteering or philanthropy. Lauren has been to Israel on a few occasions, and she looks forward to going back soon: “we’ve made sure that our children have been there and their spouses have been there. We’re expanding the opportunity for our family as well, so they too have an understanding of what we’ve been trying to imprint all these years.” Lauren also has visited many CHW projects including Calgary Bat-Yam Women’s Centre, Hadassim Children and Youth Village,

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