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Na’aleh at CHW Hadassim is more than a school; while it is a place of learning, it is also a home and a community. ‘Hadassim is Home’ rings true to the majority of teenagers who live there. Many discuss the difficulties they had in their home countries with making friends and fitting in. The majority of the issues they faced stemmed from their Jewishness: something they wanted to be proud of, but instead was used as a tool against them. Hadassim offers an opportunity for these teenagers to have a fresh start, embrace their Jewishness, and form new, long-lasting relationships. No longer do they need to leave their homes in fear. Schools, community centres, synagogues, are no longer places that instil fear. They are once again places where Jewish youth can feel comfortable; places where they can feel at home. In order to accommodate the students at CHW Hadassim, several new classrooms were built and dormitories were renovated through the generosity of CHW donors like yourself. However, our work is not done. We expect 20 additional students for the upcoming year, and by 2016 we anticipate the siblings of many of our current students to join the program. CHW Hadassim gives teenagers freedom. Freedom to be Jewish. Freedom to learn. Freedom to live. CHW Hadassim gives teenagers a home again.

About CHW Hadassim School and Youth Village The Hadassim Children and Youth Village was founded in 1947 for European Jewish refugee children. Hadassim is one of the largest residential schools in Israel. Today, Hadassim serves both immigrant and Israeli children from disadvantaged families. CHW Hadassim is a happy place even though many of the children placed there are in desperate need of support and attention. Some of the children have suffered traumas that no child should ever be exposed to, having experienced emotional, sexual or physical abuse. Through the intervention of social services, these children are brought to CHW Hadassim where they find refuge and a home. The unwavering support of CHW members and friends ensures that children leaving Hadassim are equipped with the skills for a successful life.

Na’aleh Program

Learn more about the French Na’aleh program, visit:

Hadassim is also home to the French Na’aleh program, an opportunity for Francophone youth to continue their education in their native language. The Na’aleh program has become increasingly important due to the rise of anti-Semitism, causing many European teenagers to seek out safety and security. ORAH Magazine Summer 2015 [ 16 ]

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