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go an extra day before filling up. In addition, the fuel filter’s life span will shorten, forcing drivers to replace it sooner than they would need to if they simply kept more than the bare minimum in their gas tank at all times.

Stopping and Starting

When it comes to cars, drivers’ bad habits abound. Many drivers might have a host of bad habits but not even know it. Unfortunately, bad driving habits are not only detrimental to a vehicle, but they could be costing drivers money as well. The following are some of the more common poor habits that, if corrected, can add years to a vehicle’s life and dollars to a driver’s bank account.

Running on Empty

Fuel costs are still consider-

able, and many drivers try to squeeze every last drop out of their tanks before returning to the filling station. Unfortunately, this is somewhat of a Pyrrhic victory. While it might feel good to get an extra day’s worth of driving out of a tank of gas, the toll that running on empty takes on the rest of the vehicle is a hefty one indeed. The sediment from gasoline settles at the bottom of the gas tank, and when gas levels run low, the car must use the dirtiest gas it has as fuel. As that happens, the sediment that would otherwise remain at the bottom of the tank instead gets into the car’s fuel line and even its engine. The fuel filter likely won’t catch all of this dirt, and the engine will therefore be taxed unnecessarily just so drivers can

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Everyone has their bad habits. Whether it’s relatively harmless habits like biting your fingernails or potentially deadly ones like smoking cigarettes, some habits come in all shapes and sizes.

For some drivers, such as those who live in cities, constant stopping and starting is unavoidable. For others, however, this stopping and starting needs to be avoided at all costs. Drivers who enjoy accelerating and then quickly stopping between stoplights might like the adrenaline rush such driving provides, but their engines certainly don’t appreciate it. Nor do their wallets. Frequently flooring the gas pedal is wasting expensive gas and putting a heavy strain on the engine. And all those quick stops is taxing the car’s brakes, greatly reducing their life expectancy. Instead of stopping and starting, smoothly accelerate and anticipate stops. The engine will appreciate it and so will your wallet.

chise “Fast and the Furious” might love to rev their engines just like their favorite movie stars. But in real life, such a habit is pointless and potentially very harmful to a vehicle. This is especially true when a vehicle has just been started and the engine hasn’t had the chance to warm up. Revving the engine while it’s still cold means the vehicle’s oil is still down in the oil pan and none of the engine’s parts have yet been lubricated. This is certain to damage the engine significantly, and eventually, if revving is part of a driver’s routine, it is going to force an engine replacement, a costly repair if there ever was one. Let the engine wake up and put an end to pointless revving.

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Don't Be Blind to the Problem of Sun Glare While Driving

Snowy weather and icy roads may create their share of automobile accidents, but sun glare can be a hazard that few people anticipate. There are certain driving hazards that people often expect when getting behind the wheel, including slippery roads, an animal darting out or reduced visibility due to driving rains. But sun glare may not be something drivers expect to contribute to hazardous conditions. Sun glare can be a nuisance and make for dangerous driving, particularly in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is low on the horizon. The angle of the rays may render sun visors useless. Accidents due to sun glare do occur and more frequently than drivers may know. In October 2007, sun glare was responsible for at least two accidents in Colorado. In the first few months of 2010, data compiled by the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department showed the sun's glare was blamed for 22 minor crashes. Sun glare is a problem all around the world.

Use polarized sunglasses to help protect against sun glare.

To prevent sun glare from becoming a hazard when you're driving, consider these safety tips. * Delay driving times to occur before or after sunrise or sunset. * Use polarized sunglasses that can help prevent glare. * Do not use high-gloss products on the dashboard, which can contribute to extra glare. * Keep the inside and outside of the windshield clean.

* Make use of sun visors. * If glare is a problem, leave extra space between your car and others in the event of sudden stopping or other road hazards. * Drive slowly and be mindful of obstructions. * Try taking another route that goes in a different direction than the one from which the sun is shining. * Leave extra time so that you don't feel rushed getting to your destination. * Eye exams or surgery can make eyes more sensitive to the sunlight. Avoid driving after these appointments.

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Tires Gain


With Farmers

And Drivers

(NAPSI)—New kinds of tires are putting farmers and drivers on the road to increased safety, better performance and opportunities for bigger markets as well. The tires, which are made using some surprising ingredients such as sunflower oil and sugar, can also mean good news for the environment. For example, Michelin North America now uses sunflower oil produced by American farmers to help make one of its luxury tires stop faster in wet weather and deliver safer handling and great ride quality in all weather.

Tires and the Environment “One of Michelin’s core values is respect for the environment,” said Michael Vandel, marketing segment manager. He

believes that the environment is everything to farmers and to their equipment supplier and that the choice of a tire can make a difference to the environment as well as their bottom line. irerch to improve fuel economy and traction and reduce soil compaction, which combine to reduce soil erosion and runoff into waterways. Ag tires, for instance, are designed to run at lower air pressures so they spread out to create a wider footprint. This spreads the weight of the tractor or combine, improving traction and reducing compaction. While the tires may look flat when properly inflated, this can actually help seeds take root. It can also help to prevent erosion and runoff, while letting the

an additional market for their product, closing a circle of life that benefits both the environment and the farmers’ bottom lines by incorporating what they grow into what they use to harvest the crop.

tractor grip the ground, traveling more efficiently and getting better fuel economy, thereby cutting carbon emissions. Said Vandel, “Little engineering details can make a big difference in tire performance and in field and environmental health.”

Sunflower Oil and Sugar The performance advantages the sunflower oil delivers to the tire aside, it also provides North American sunflower farmers

And this is just the first of many technical advances the research-driven company is making. It is now including sugar in compounds for tires that could be on the road in three to five years, according to Chemical & Engineering News. ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO FIND YOUR NEW HOME RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS

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Maintenance Applies To Your

Vehicle’s Interior, too

Recent studies have estimated that many Americans spend as much as three hours a day in their cars. Over the course of a typical week, that’s almost one entire day behind the wheel. That not only translates to lots of face time with your vehicle’s interior, but it also provides ample opportunities for the buildup of dirt, grime, coffee, and food stains that can leave a car’s interior appearing haggard and worn. In addition to robbing a car’s interior of its aesthetic appeal, the buildup of dirt and grease can also cause the vehicle to degrade over time. Though it’s common to associate vehicle maintenance with what’s under the hood, drivers should also make maintenance a priority for the vehicle’s interior. When cleaning a car’s interior, address each and every nook and cranny.

Practice Preventive Care

Much like humans, a car is susceptible to UV rays. Whereas a human would apply sunscreen to his or her skin to protect against sunburn, drivers can apply a UV-protectant product to their vehicle’s interior to guard against problems that often result from overexposure to the sun. There are many products that are specially formulated to protect a vehicle against UV rays that typically lead to fading, cracking, and aging. It’s best to find a non-greasy formula that will leave surfaces with a film-free finish, ensuring the car’s interior will look and feel like new without suffering any harmful side effects of sun exposure. It is also beneficial to have an anti-static repellent, which helps keep the instrument panel free and clear of

dust for safer and easier navigation is also.

Consoles & Cup Holders

Perhaps no part of a vehicle's interior is more susceptible to dirt and grease buildup than the center console, which is typically home to a vehicle's cup holders. Spilled coffee or soda is something every driver can relate to, and cleaning such spills is harder than it sounds. Automotive detailing mousse is specially formulated to remove not only stubborn stains, but also older ones, making it ideal for taking care of that long-ignored yet unsightly residue at the bottom of your cupholder.

Dashboards & Door Panels

In order to drive a vehicle,

An interior car care product like No Touch® Interior Detailing Mousse from Permatex can help motorists easily and effectively combat dirt and grease buildup.

motorists must look out over the dashboard. Despite that, dashboards are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning a car's interior. Automotive detailing mousse is formulated to remove unsightly dirt or grease buildup from all interior surfaces, including plastic, rubber, vinyl, and leather, while drying to a satin sheen to minimize dashboard reflection on the windshield. What's unique about detailing mousse is that it applies as a mousse, meaning there won't be any of the messy overspray and seepage into components and vents that drivers typically worry about when cleaning the dashboard and door panels.

Address the Upholstery

When buying a new car, many auto buyers are concerned about

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the car’s potential resale value. That’s a genuine concern, as resale value is often influenced by more than just the number of miles on the odometer. Dirty upholstery is an instant turnoff for most used car buyers, so drivers should be diligent and clean their upholstery regularly, including immediately after any spills. Be careful when using water to clean the upholstery, as you don’t want any water getting into places that can damamge electrical components or create a moldy smell.

Clean Under the Carpets

Particularly after a long winter, a vehicle’s carpets can be a major eyesore. Remove the floor mats and thoroughly vacuum any dirt buildup that might have multiplied with each winter snowstorm or spring shower. Your carpets will look better and last longer.

Overcome the Odor

cern for many vehicle owners. While some spring days are ideal for rolling down the windows, spring showers are often a force to be reckoned with during the spring season. For drivers trapped inside a car with its own distinct odor, find the right detailing mousse that has a new car scent that ensures both driver and passenger won't be stuck holding their noses on those long commutes to work.

Masking odors is another con-

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