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ON THE COVER Elena Carrillo & Raquel Tena

THANKS TO all the people who have helped us edit this magazine. We would like to thank especially Xaro Miralles and Ximo Pérez, who are teaching Mathematics and Physical Education in our school. Thanks as well to Francisca Terrón and Sebastià Rambla, a member of the band Turkey Snot, a huge thanks to Llibreria-Papereria MULET and finally, thanks to all the interviewees and collaborators.

The news Do you want to read about some of the most important events at school this year? Here you are a choice of them! Miguel Hernández’s recital

Elena Carrillo Anglés

On thelast 20th of April, a memory recital of Miguel Hernández was done at our high school. Lots of students participated in it. I participated too. And I can say that it was a great experience because we learnt about him in an easier way than in class: combining music with poems. We heard beautiful poems and songs like Para la libertad, Con tres heridas, El niño yuntero, etc. But the most important thing was that we learnt Miguel Hernández was murdered because of his ideology. I don’t mean that we must be anxious of being killed, NOT AT ALL! I mean that we should be proud of being who we are. So, in only one day, in an emotive and beautiful recital with musical melodies and nice poems, we learnt a lot about one of the most important author of the last century and we learnt something useful for our lives, too. I remind all the students who didn't have the chance of seeing the recital that, on Sunday 19th, it’ll be repeated. I hope all you come!


School Trips

Pepe Aguilera Alonso

Every year this high school organizes two fantastic school trips for the pupils. In 4th of ESO, students normally travel to Italy, and in 1st and 2nd of Bachillerato the trip is to London.

Bin Laden´s dead The USA killed Osama Bin Laden. The Saudi terrorist was assassinated by the USA because he had killed a lot of American citizens, and destroyed the World Trade Center with a very big terrorist attack that changed the world.

Guillemo Edo Garriga USA, this dead has been celebrated like a world victory and many citizens celebrated this assassination in the streets. The second of May was a great day for some NorthAmericans!

The USA had been preparing the operation to kill Bin Laden in his house for a lot of months.The USA army shot Bin Laden to death. In the 2

15-M movement

Guillemo Edo Garriga The 15-M Revolution of the indignant is a civil movement arisen in Spain on May 15, 2011 with the intention of promoting a more participative democracy removed by the practical of PSOEPP bipartisanship. It agglutinates unemployed people, housewives, immigrants and citizens in general. In Spain this movement has more impact on the big cities like Barcelona or Madrid.

Pacific coast Earthquake on Tohoku region This year an important earthquake hit Japan. Do you want to know more? Keep reading! Raquel Tena Cucala On March 11, 2011, at 14:46 Japan was hit by an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the scale seismic moment magnitude, the biggest earthquake on this country in 140 years. The earthquake's epicenter was located in the sea, in front of the coast of Honshu, 130 km east of Sendai. It caused a violent tsunami with waves of 10 meters. The earthquake lasted about 6 minutes according to experts. The magnitude of 9.0 MW has turned it into the most powerful earthquake in Japan so far as the fourth most powerful in the world of all earthquakes measured to date. After the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, Karangetang volcano in Celebes Islands (Indonesia) erupted as a result of the initial earthquake. It is estimated that the disaster has caused more than 14,070 casualties, 23,100 missing people and economic losses of more than 150,000 million euros.

According to data released by the Japan government, this earthquake has caused many problems at the nuclear power plants in Japan and has also caused large radiation leaks. One of the severely affected plants was central Fukushima. Now, the country is trying to recover and they have a lot of international help. The most important problem now is the radiaton leak. Three men have died because of their work in the nuclear power plant. 3


Guillemo Edo Garriga Pepe Aguilera Alonso

FC Barcelona, The Spanish and The Champions League Champion

Basketball This summer it is going to be played the Eurobasket in Lituania, and Spain will try to win this tittle again. In Europe, the best tittle was played in Barcelona -The Euroleague- and was won by Panathinaikos. And in the Final Four, the Spanish team, Real Madrid Basquetball participated as well.


In Valencia, on the 36th day of the competition, Barcelona FC won its 21st Spanish League with a drawn with Levante. They have won three straight leagues. This league is very important for Barcelona, because this season has been harder due to Jose Mourinho´s words and accusations of doping. Everybody wonders, WHY? And the fantastic football of Barcelona is the answer. This has been an important year because the FC Barcelona has also won the Champions League, the most important competition in Europe. We give Barcelona FC, Pep and all their players our congratulations.

The last weekend of May, Alberto Contador won one of the most important tours in cycling , the Giro d´Italia. This is the second Giro for Alberto Contador, who is the top favourite one to win the Tour of France.

Football European Leagues In United Kingdom, Manchester United won the Premier League and nowadays, it is the English team with more leagues won. In Italia, AC Milan was again the champion in the Calcio, like Ajax in Netherlands. In Portugal, the league was won by FC Porto without losing any match. 4

Football indoors

Benicarlo Aeroport Castello obtained a historic result because it passed to the semi-final for the football indoors national league. It´s a very good result for the youngest team in the league.

“Juvenil A” team of Benicarlo finally got the goal which they had been searching during all the whole season: being the winners. They are winners although it is the 2nd position. But this isn’t important, the thing that it’s really magic is scoring 30 goals in 11 matches, annd moreover, their great gameplay influenced by the great ball’s management.

Mission achieved!

They didn’t surrender and they make possible this brilliant result which accomplishes the objective they fixed when the season started.

Mourinho wins! Real Madrid defeated Barcelona 1-0 after extra-time to win Spanish Cup. An extra-time header from CR7 proved decisive to clinch their 18th King’s Cup. Last weekend, Mourinho’s Real ended a run of five straight defeats against Barça with a 1-1 draw in the league. At Mestalla Stadium, they were better than Barcelona. Real was the best of the first half before Barcelona took control but they were unable to find a way through. Finally, in extra-time, Ronaldo broke the deadlock with a powerful header. 5

Interviews Xaro Miralles and Ximo Pérez are both teachers at Ramon Cid high-school. Xaro teaches Mathematics and Ximo Physical Education. But apart from being teachers, they are also politicians. Xaro is the leader of the PSOE party in Benicarló and Ximo is the sports council head for PP . We wanted to know how they can lead a life so full of activity.



When did you start in that political party? Well, I never thought of being a politician. But since I was young, my father always taught me about voting left-wingers. So, 4 years ago, Enric Escuder asked me to become part of the 2007-2011 team. At that time, I was the number 4 of the political party and after that, the political party suggested that I should be the head of the list.

I joined my political party, as a member, 4 years ago.

Why did you choose this political party? Well, we could say that in fact, they chose me to be a member of the political party. Anyway, I would not have accepted a political posit for other political parties because I have always communed with socialist ideas.

I chose PP because it was the political party that offered better values and future projects to be carried out in the council.

What´s your job in your political party? Well, since the last term, we have been in the opposition, and the job of it consists of controlling the political party of the town and critizicing decisions that we don´t consider good.

My job is in the Sports Council and it consists of solving the needs of sports organizations and of enabling them to have proper facilities and promoting our city through sports. For example, we built the cycling track of Benicarlo, we planned it and finally we got it, among others. 6

How do you administrate your time for school, for your political party and for your family? I have 2 children who both attend university, so referring to the family, I don´t have as much work as if I had young children. At school I have also a flexible schedule, which allows us to go to the City Hall, and again, back to school.

Telling the truth, its extremly hard! Many times, you think about leaving your job, but it is the satisfaction of seeing that your work will have a positiv end and you will see how those facilities will be enjoyed by the citizens, what keeps you working there, because ,you know, that will be profitable for all.

Do you think your degree at the university helps you be a better politician? Yes, I think that any university degree helps you be a more prepared person when talking, making decisions or being better in your job. In my case, I am graduated in Mathemathics.

No, absolutely not! Because for being a good politician in a city council it is just neccessary to have enough experience to work in it.

Would you like to work in a more important job inside your political party? Well , I´m the first of my political party here in Benicarlo. Anyway, in the elections, my political party and I presented a really good list of people, and I was the candidate to be the mayor. I´d have liked to be it but it couldn´t be.

No, I wouldn´t because I have enough work now and I don't want to have more. Also, I do not have more political aspirations because I'm happy as I'm now.

Iván Romero Sanz 7

Iván Romero Sanz

Childhood Memories Of An Elderly

In this section, we have an interview to learn about the life in Spain in the 1920's, the Civil War and the postwar period. And who tells us her childhood is my grandmother called Francisca Terron, who lived in the south of Spain, Andalucia. When you were born and where are you from? I was born on the 28 th of July, 1924. So now I am 86 years old. I am from La Puebla De Los Infantes (Sevilla). When did you start working? I started working at the age of 10 picking olives in a farmhouse called “cortijo”, which is a kind of a mansion in the countryside where there are large olive groves. I worked with my fathers and my siblings, all together. Where did you live there? We had a house in La Puebla… but we were always working at the cortijos, so my father built a “chozo” outside the cortijo and there, we slept during the season of the olive harvest. Did you work in the same job all year long? No, we workes picking olives in winter, and in summer, we worked producing coal in other fields. How many hours a day did you work? We worked from the sunshine to the sunset. What did you usually eat? In winter, we always ate migas for breakfast in the Cortijo, and at noon, we stopped for one hour to eat cocido. In summer, we always had a coffee for breakfast. At midday, we ate a guiso or French fries… and in the evening, we always drank gazpacho.

You were 12 years old when the civil war started… What do you remember about it? I remember things I don´t like to remember… For example, the landlord of the farm told us we could sleep in his cortijo to be safer. I also remember that during the war, we continued working and both sides of the civil war came the to our workplace and they stole all the coal. When did you meet your husband? I met him during the Civil War. He was a soldier who was ordered to serve in Huesca, but he came to my village (La Puebla) weekly and we got engaged… 5 years later, we married. How many children have you had? I had 2 male children and 3 female children, but a girl died at the age of 7 months old and another girl died in a traffic accident at the age of 15. When did you come to Benicarlo? I came to Benicarlo in the 50´s because in Seville there was no work… First, we started working in San Gregori´s fields, where there were lots of olive groves, and we lived in a house nearby. Thanks for answering these questions! 8

Sebastià Rambla, member of the local band Turkey Snot! We have done an interview to Sebastià Rambla i Vidal, who has a rock band. We think that you must know their music, because it’s great and we go to the same high-school. So, come on! Search them in the Internet. They are great! ☺

When did you start with the band? After a recital at the IES Coromines, a friend asked me if I wanted to form a band with him and another boy. If I did it, I'd have to play the bass. I had always played the guitar but I knew how to play the bass.

What kind of music do you play?

Do you play your own songs or do you perform covers? Usually, we play our songs, but in the concerts we do a fifty-fifty, our own songs and covers.

Do you have any CD? How many songs do you have?

Progressive rock, but we define our style like post stoner rock.

No. But we have six songs.

Why do you have this estrange name, Turkey’ Snot?

How many concerts have you done? When will your next concert be?

At the beginning, we didn’t know how to call us. But one day, we were checking the drum kit and we used a stick resin called “Gorilla snot”. We said that we could be “Turkey Snot”. And we liked it, because our music is not “turkey snot”. So our name could be “This is not turkey snot”, but it was too long, so we thought it was better to be “Turkey snot” and our first song is “This is not”.

We have done three concerts, but we want to do more.

Have all the members the same music taste? Absolutely no! The guitarist likes Black metal, the drummer prefers ska and punk, and I love alternative rock. But we match in stoner style, like the bands which perform in the Bosc on Friday.

How many days a week do you rehearse? Well, before we practised two or three days, but now the other members are studying at the university, so we practice once a week. But in summer, we usually play three or four days a week.

Elena Carrillo Anglés

Raquel Tena Cucala

What’s the thing you love more of the concerts? Are you very nervous? The best is sharing with other people our music, its great! And if the public love it, much better. But in the first song, I’m very nervous, but then I’m Ok.

Elena Carrillo Anglés Raquel Tena Cucala


5 Songs to listen to while you're reading the magazine! Which are your favourite songs? Here you are ours, but it's very difficult to choose just five! You can listen to these songs while you're reading our magazine!! ☻



1- Hurricane- 30 Seconds to Mars

1- Five Colours in her Hair – McFly

2- Cryin’ – Aerosmith

2- Higher – The Saturdays

3- Mountains- Biffy Clyro

3- The Call – Regina Spektor

4- Everlong- Foo fighters

4- Remembering Sunday – All Time Low

5- Poison- Αlice Cooper

5- Hey Soul Sister – Train

TV Series Do you want to watch any TV series and you don't know which one to choose? We show you our favourite ones!

1 - Glee! Glee is a USA series broadcast in FOX. The TV series is about a choir whose members are marginalized. It's not the typical TV series, it has a lot of stereotypes but it develops different stories which are very interesting and very varied. I love it because it’s a TV series which mixes comedy, touching moments and very good musical performances. The covers of the songs they make are very good and this TV series has become very famous because of them. In Spain, Glee is broadcast by Antena 3 Neox. I really recommend it! 10

2- Gossip Girl

3- White Collar

2. It’s a USA TV series about the life of some youngsters in the Upper East of NY. The story is mainly focussed on Serena Van der Woodsen (Blanke Lively) and her best friend Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and their love to Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford). The series has a lot of other characters. This story is narrated by an anonymous blogger, Gossip Girl, who runs a blog of the same name. The series focuses on Serena's return to the city and everything that happens around this incident, causes and consequences. All the stories are about romantic adventures, drugs, alcohol...

White Collar is a USA Network television series created by Jeff Eastin. Neal Caffrey forger and a thief, is captured after a three-year being searched by the FBI. With four months left while serving a four-year sentence, he escapes from a federal prison to find Kate, his ex-girlfriend. Peter Burke, the FBI agent who had captured Caffrey, returns him to prison. This time, Caffrey gives Burke information about evidence in another case. However, this information comes with a price... At this meeting, Caffrey proposes a deal: he will help Burke catch other criminals as part of a work-release program. Burke agrees. This series is quite interesting and funny, I recommended it to you!

Gossip Girls catches you and it's very entertaining. And...some characters are really lovely!

4- Lie to me Imagine having the ability to tell whether or not someone is lying just by observing their facial or body movements. The Lightman Group, headed by Dr. Cal Lightman, work with law enforcement agencies all over the country to expose the truth in criminal investigations.

Specialists with “deception detection� skills, surround Dr. Lightman to uncover the most perfect crimes ever committed. While Lie to Me focuses on solving crimes, the series also deals with the deceptions these characters must face in their personal lives. But for me, is one of the most interesting series of the moment. 11

BOOKS We consider reading is very important, so we want to recommend some good books for you!

The Shadow of the Wind - Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The novel, set in post–Spanish Civil War Barcelona, is about a young boy, Daniel Sempere. Just after the war, Daniel's father takes him to the secret Cemetery of Forgotten Books, a huge library of old, forgotten titles preserved by a select few initiates. According to tradition, everyone who gets into this secret place is allowed to take one book from it, and must protect it for life. Daniel selects a book called The Shadow of the Wind by Julián Carax. That night he takes the book home and reads it, completely engrossed. Daniel then tries to look for other books by this unknown author, but he can't find any. All he comes across are stories of a strange man – calling himself Laín Coubert, after a character in the book who happens to be the Devil – who has been seeking out Carax's books for decades, buying them and burning them all.

For the people who hate Twilight Saga, leave the prejudice out! Wanderer is an alien, an invader of bodies belonging to a species called “Soul”.

The Host – Stephenie Meyer

On earth, Wanderer takes the body of a young girl named Melanie. The will of this girl is strong and she won't leave her body to Wanderer. Melanie is in love with a man called Jared and convinces Wanderer to look for him. What the two girls cannot imagine is that Jared is living with more humans who haven't been occupied by alien souls yet. This book is about how Wanderer gets used to a small society that initially rejected her completely. Warning: this book has the best love triangle I've ever read.

I love this book because of that. The book is a bit thick, it has 756 pages but it absorbs you in a way that seems to have only 3 pages. I encourage you to read it this summer, it will not disappoint you! 12

Saga of “The Mortal Instruments” - Cassandra Clare

Everything is fine until she goes to a disco called Pandemonium and she witnesses a bizarre murder committed by three youngsters. When she gets home, she discovers that her mother has been kidnapped by a creature she had never seen before. Since that time, Clary is swallowed by a dark and difficult world of fiction in their own New York. She is looking for her mother, but she will not be alone, because she has the help of the 3 youngsters she saw at the disco. I really liked this book because it has a very mature character, and it makes the reader delve into the dark atmosphere of New York. I highly recommend reading it.

Clary is a 16-year-old girl who lives in Brooklyn. She has a normal life: she likes drawing, she goes to school, she lives with her mother and has a close friend.

If you want to buy it, you should know that in Spain these three books are called “Cazadores de Sombras”. The Saga is formed by three books and now the writer is writing another story with other characters but in the same setting.

If you liked these books, you could also read the following ones:

The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins

Two Candles for the Devil Laura Gallego

Idhún Memories Laura Gallego


What sports to do this summer? Now is summer, and it’s the perfect time to do sport. But, if you don’t like getting tired and you don’t like sport, there are some alternatives that are really cool. •Running by the sea. You can prepare a race by the sea. It’s good for your body and good for you, if you win, the loser must buy an ice-cream to the winner☺. •Playing volley on the sand. It’s a good sport because you exercise your body and have a good time. • Playing football: It’s another alternative. But be careful, don’t hit anyone. • Swimming: Why not? Summer is the perfect season to swim: In the swimmingpool, in the sea, in a river… Come on!

Exercise your body! It would be grateful, and the bikini too!

Where can we go? Nowadys, the economy is not really well, but all the summers doing the same things is rather boring. So here we have some proposals for this summer. We hope you like them! ☻ • Going to Penyiscola: In Penyiscola, there are many things to do, like going to the beach, to the castle, to lots of shops, cycling and more things. • Vinaròs: Here you can do some shopping (remember that in our society section you have some really nice clothes), walking, meeting friends, etc. • Barcelona: If you’re tired of being here, take the train and go to Barcelona. In Barcelona you can do a lot lot of things. Visit the Gothic quarter ♥, triumphal arch, the Angel’s portal, the zoo, Güell’s Park.... Do some shopping, go to the Hard Rock Café and all the things you want. • Countryside: If you’re a quiet person or you don’t like being among a lot of people, we have the solution. A day in the country, a picnic, being with friends...


Elena Carrillo Anglés Raquel Tena Cucala


We know that in summer all the people want to be perfect. Perfect body, perfect suntan and perfect CLOTHES! Yes, you’re right. You should search a magazine talking about fashion and all these things. So, stop looking ofr it! Here it is! In this magazine, you have all the things you need to know about fashion ☻.

For girls: We have noticed that this summer the fashion will be very colourful clothes (flowery, coloured stripes…) and quite vintage. Here you have some selected pieces of clothing but keep calm!, in the other page you have hair styles.

We have only put some clothes here, but we'll give you all the links of these shops:

- - - - -


Summer hair styles! Do you want to have you hair cut? Do you want a new look for the summer? Or maybe do you want a special hair style for a summer party? We'll show you the hair trends of this summer!

1. Frankie Sandford's style

2. Blake Lively's Style

If you want to be fresh and cool this is the best haircut! Dare with the short hair and a long fringe! It's perfect for summer.

This hair style always wins. Blake combs her hair in a partly-tied up. This hairstyle is very stylish and suitable for the summer.

3. Rihanna's Style

4. Anne Hathaway's Style

It’s a fact! Gingers are trendy! Whether you have red hair or not, you can comb your hair like Rihanna: with a beautiful braid. It's so nice, comfortable and fresh!

If you have long hair and the heat is killing you, you can put your hair into a tied up. It can be both elegant and casual. You decide!

We think that these four haircuts are beautiful. Come on, decide which one and have it done!

Society girl's section has done a survey about what kind of hair styles girls have in our school. And the results are: Short hair (Frankie’s style) Long hair (Blake’s style)

11% 40,5%

Ponny tail/Ginger Tied up

32,50% 16,00% 16

For boys: We have researched for boys, too. Our conclusions are that the best style for men is the sailor style (lots of stripes), between a rebel and good boy. Here you have some clothes and then, models to know how to combine all this stuff! â˜ź



The biggest shopping centres in the world! From the magazine "News Are All in" we'll take you to a tour of the major shopping centres in the world ... Do you want to walk through them? 1. South China Mall in Dongguan (China): Opened in 2005, covers an area of 660,000 square meters and has over 1500 stores divided into 6 thematic areas. 2. Jin Yuan in Beijing (China): Opened in 2004, in an area of 560 thousand square meters. It hosts over a thousand stores in six floors and it’s also known as "The Great Mall of China." 3. SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City (Philippines): It was opened in 2006 and consists of four interconnected buildings. It occupies an approximate area of 386 thousand square meters. It has an ice rink, a center of scientific linkages and several cinemas. 4. Dubai Mall: It houses 200 stores in an area of 350 thousand square meters. It is part of a larger complex of entertainment buildings. There is a five star hotel with a theme park, an aquarium, an ice rink and 22 cinemas. 5. Mall West Edmonton: Opened in 1981, it occupies an area of 350 thousand square meters and houses 800 stores. It has 20 000 parking spaces, a covered swimming pool that produces waves and a hotel, among other attractions. 6. Cevahir Mall in Istanbul (Turkey): The largest mall in Europe. It was opened in 2005 and occupies an area of 348 thousand square meters. It has six floors, several hundred rooms, a theater and a roller coaster. 7. Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): It’s opened to the public since 2005. It houses over a thousand stores in an area of 320 thousand square meters. It has a theme park and 45 restaurants within. 8. Harrods in London (United Kingdom):It’s opened since 1834, it’s one of the most luxurious and expensive shopping centers in the world. They sell luxury items and it employs over 5,000 workers. 1.









Statistics at school

A few people in my high school have animals at home. The majority of them like animals. Most people have the dog as their favourite animal. Two of eight people prefer wild animals. Fifty per cent hate insects. No one hates cats. Mar Robles FerrÊ – 2n C

In this graph, we see that most people have played WoW (World of Warcraft), and some people have never played it. What about you? Eric Moya Bueno- 2n D


Express Yourself MCFLY CONCERT EXPERIENCE! McFly is a pop-rock group formed in London










Poynter (bass / vocals) and Harry Judd (drums). It is the youngest group in the world to get a number 1 with his song Five Colours In Her Hair. This

other side of the wall.

band released their first album in 2004 and they have continued their

The time flew quickly and at seven











published a total of 6 albums. The

gates for all the people who had VIP



tickets. Inside the pavillion, we ran, ran

change to his usual rock-pop sound

and ran and we got the 3rd row. We

and goes into the fields of electronic

couldn't stop jumping and screaming,


we were very excited. We didn't stop





repeating "We'll see them very well!" On the 6th of May I could fulfill one of my

Soon, the people with normal tickets

dreams of adolescentce: living a concert of

came and then, the cocert began. The

McFly. It was Friday, I went to school but

first to play were the supporting artists,

soon, I headed for the train station to leave


Benicarló to Valencia. When reaching the

Pitangú." Both bands did it great, but

station of Valencia, my godfather met the

we were preparing us for the main

four we were and took us to the show,


where we met three other friends.

people were very quiet and I could

At least 200 people were in the queue


when we arrived to the “Pavilion Fuente

unbearable. While the set designers

San Luis”-the place of the gig. But we had

were doing their job on the stage for

participated in a contest a few days ago

McFly, the tension was rising, it was

and we got VIP tickets, which means

noted in the environment.


McFly. well,

In but


the the



opening heat

act, was

entering earlier than normal people. About 50 people had won the VIP tickets too. In

Soon, after the set designers left the

the queue, the two girls who had arrived

stage and the music which introduces

first, were giving numbers to the people, I

McFly started sounding. Cries, pushes

was 114. We were sitting on the ground

and more heat started... The black girls

and suddenly, we heard some music, it was

chorus went on stage and I waved to

the McFly's sound check! All we turned a

them like a mad and they, nicely and

little crazy knowing that McFly was at the

smiling, wave me back.

Suddenly, more

to say goodbye" and we all scream:

and more pushing and cries and yes, they

"Nooooo!!", they looked each other and

were there, my four idols. Whether in

Danny, to get out of trouble, began to

pictures and videos are cute, live twice.

sing "Oeeoeoeoeoee" and we all sang

They exist, they were in front of me, they

with them while Harry and Dougie were

were less than five meters far. Danny

playing the rhythms with the bass and

approached the microphone and shouted

drums, accompaning us.



hysteria was maximum. I couldn't silence

At the end of the concert, they threw us

my cries and my hands were crazy. It was

their plectrums, drumsticks and towels

really great! When the first chords of "Party

and they spat water dipping my face,

Girl" started, people jumped and sang

haha. Leaving the premises I felt like

tireless. They were incredible. Listening to

waking up from a dream (and I had

songs live from your favourite band is


amazing. The concert didn't lack great

Really, it was like a dream.




songs, jokes from them, faintings in the public (thanks to them I could move myself


in to the 2nd row), madness...! Those

explained, details that I accumulate

moments when you think that they are

unreasonably in my head and I will

looking at you... ,I had a couple of them

never end up writing ... But what will

and I went crazy.

always be present in my mind are the






verses that McFly changed from his There







original song The Heart Never Lies and

favourite song "Five Colours in her Hair".

these words have a special meaning for

The bass of Dougie, the bassist, didn't

many of the fans. We will never forget

work, and the guy changed his white bass

Tom, in Valencia, singing with torn

into another blue one, but this latter didn't

voice: “Another year is over and we're

work too, so he left his instrument and

still together, it's not always easy ... but

acted as if he was playing his bass but with

McFly is here forever”.

no instrument. Then, he picked up the white bass because it had been fixed, but the song was over, so he did the final chords again, the other band members looked at each other smiling and repeated, this time together, the final chords for third time. I must confess I was so excited and euphoric that there are some parts of the concert which I don't remember, but I know how I enjoyed the concert and I'm looking forward to repeating my experience. Before the last two songs, Tom shouted "It's time

Raquel Tena Cucala – 1 Bat A


Cinderella Story From Another Point Of View Hello, I’m Cinderella’s stepmother and I’m telling you the real story because I’m fed up of listening always the same lies. When I got married with Cinderella’s father, I knew he had a problematic kid and we thought that my clever and student daughters would be a good influence for Cinderella and she would start behaving better. My girls got high marks and Cinderella was always talking about giving up school and falling in love. Then my husband died, therefore we had to save money for paying food and school. We fired the maid and Cinderella accepted the job for less money. She dropped out and she would spend all her money buying alcohol. We didn’t say anything to her about her kind of life because we were afraid of her possible reactions. Once, one of my daughters suggested Cinderella that she ought to break her bad habits. Cinderella almost killed her with her own hands. One day, we were invited to an important ball. My girls and I were all dressed up and we were waiting for Cinderella to be driven to the festival. Then, Cinderella appeared wearing a potatoes’ back, a pumpkin in her head and drunk. She even had her feet inside two glasses. We told her that we weren’t going to drive her to the ball that way, so we went without her. She started shouting that her friends the rats were kinder than us and that her (imaginary) friend “godmother fairy” understood her better than us too. While we were on the ball, many girls wanted to dance with the prince. However, he wasn’t interested in any girl at all. The whole court and all the people started thinking he was gay. Suddenly the door was opened, Cinderella had arrived. Everyone was looking at her because of her looking and I felt that I would faint right there due to the shame. All of a sudden, the prince stood up and ran towards Cinderella, he kissed her. We all get completely shocked. A week later we received a letter which explained that Cinderella was going to become the new princess. Eventually, we decided not to go to the wedding ceremony and we moved to another kingdom. We wouldn’t be able to stand Cinderella as the upcoming queen. Paco Villalba – 2n Bat


Can we change the world? Today the world has become a world where science advances steadily towards unbelieveble goals. Although thousands of solutions are studied, it seems that some sciences like economy are also affected by problems such as the increase of population, or the scarcity of resources, so it has to distribute them to everybody equally …,isn't it? Let's take a look around us! What do we to observe? We will see that we want to solve our problems but, it is almost impossible...problems are increasing while our solutions are not going at the same speed...Or isn't it true that some people have not the opportunity to eat? This world that we have created is not the world we want to create, it is a world we must change. Eventhough a possible end seems to be the chaos, for God's sake, let's join and do something together so that all people who live on Earth would be proud of the world we will change together. Because, even now, that is possible! Why don't we share what we have with the most disadvantaged people? They cannot be blamed of having been born in an under-developed country...I think that, with a good organization now, we can manage much better in the future, because when you want, you get it! Iván Romero Sanz- 1 Bat B


Yon Gracia Febrer- 1 Bat C

I believe that “Sinde’s law” is clearly necessary. The piracy is one of the most important problems of the society and it must be destroyed. The law “sinde” is a good proposal, artists and musicians need the money they earn with their job. If you are an artist, you want your job to be recognized and be paid. It is like if the people took advantage of your work, and they wouldn't pay you. The pirates must be judged because they are thieves. They steal the artists and incite the society to steal with the facilities in internet. I think that the government must begin to impose fines to the people who download the films and the songs illegally in their computers. In short, I agree with the “Sinde law” because I think that the society must be legal and respect the system. 23

Guillemo Edo Garriga Pepe Aguilera Alonso


ARIES: If you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, your relationship will finish this month.This month, you will have a lot of fortune. LEO:You can trust all the people you meet, but you will have a lot of bad fortune. TAURUS: You will have a normal life. VIRGO: You will find a partner at a party and you will be with him or her for a long time. AQUARIUS: You will have a lot of success in your sport and in the society. CAPRICORN: You will have a lot of luck with your job and your health.

GEMINI: you will start the study season luckily and you won't have any cold. PISCES: You will be lucky. You will meet a friendly person from other country and you will be healthy. SAGITTARIUS: You will have a lover this summer but be careful on the 14th of July! LIBRA: You will find some money in the street. BE careful with the police and don't waste it! CANCER: You will “go out from the wardrobe� this summer. This will be the best summer in your life. SCORPIO: You'll break up a relationship with your best friend but your relationship is very strong and you will apologise soon.


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